41 Insanely Cute Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Are you planning on giving your room a makeover? But do not have enough time to go through the web to find the best fits for yourself? Well, we’ve got you covered here as we bring you the most interesting list curated especially for you.

Stay right here to get some insanely cute teen bedroom ideas for DIY decor. You can customize them according to your personality and style. 

So let’s reveal our sea of amazing ideas for you!

41 Insanely Cute Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. String Art Design

Via Instructables

A string art design can increase the show of your room. I won’t say they can be easily made but they will definitely add some value to your room decor.

To ease your labor work, you’re advised to use a cork board instead of wood. Create it into something that moves you when you wake up to it every day! 

2. Decorate Your Door 

Via I Spy DIY

Let your room’s door be the face of your dreams and persona. You can perform this DIY using an electrician tape and some basic utility tools.

Before this, I never thought an electrician tape would be this useful and interesting to work with. And I strongly recommend you to try it this weekend. 

3. Dyed Pillow Covers

Via Consumer Crafts

Try this DIY tie pillowcase project to decorate your room. Even if you haven’t tried dying anything prior to this project, you can easily take this up.

You’ll need fabric, dye, sewing machine, paper towels, plastic wrap, pillow foam and thread to execute this technique. It might sound like a hustle but it’s easy and organized. 

4. Frame for Polaroid

Via My Little Artichoke

It’s time to put your memories on display! A frame for your polaroids or photographs is what I’m talking about. You can easily construct it at your home with the help of a friend.

It will be the best use of your weekend and you’d be thrilled with the final result. 

5. Doily Lamp

Via Instructables

I never thought that a doily can be made into a potential lamp until I saw this on a blog. They’ve given an easy to follow tutorial to make this lamp. 

For this, you’ll need some doilies, wallpaper glue, round balloon (preferably 3 ft round) and a large paintbrush. 

6. Clothespin Mirror

Via Modpodgerocks

Another way to display your pictures is to hang them around a DIY clothespin mirror. It is a unique idea that I found after a lot of research. 

Just arrange your regular sized clothespins in a circular hoop or whatever outline suits your persona and attach your favorite pictures with it.

7. Photo Clock

Via Successfulhomemakers

I really love clicking pictures of people and things, they remind me that there’s always more to life than just a nine to five job. They remind me of the things we can enjoy despite endless worries. 

If you also have some pictures that you’d love to look at frequently then just grab them and try this amazing DIY to decorate and articulate something unique. 

8. Light Switch Covers

Via Successfulhomemakers

There might be hardly a switch cover in your room that reflects your personality. Well, instead of whining about not having any you can make one for yourself. 

All you need is a strong craft glue, some medium weight card stock and obviously your switch plates which need a makeover. 

9. Headboard Quote

Via Housetweaking

Print your headboard with an inspiring quote so that it’s always on your ‘head’. Try out this absolutely offbeat idea for room decor.

Your headboard is something that attracts the most of your attention and looking at a boring headboard would be the last thing you’d want after a long hectic day. 

10. Tape Photo Frame

Via Design Sponge

Yet another way to organize your pictures. This one’s comparatively easy and cheap. Just take out your photographs and grab a roll of crafts tape.

It’s so cheap that you can make a hundred frames at the cost of one conventional frame. Trust me it’s worth a try. See for yourself and you’ll love it. 

11. Napkin Garland

You must have heard and seen flower garlands a lot of times. It’s time to kick off the boredom of your room using a paper napkin garland. 

What’s the best part? They won’t get rotten or pale after some time and can be customized the way you like them to be! 

12. Ping-pong Ball Pendant Lights

Via Marieclaireideas

Use your ping pong balls as a pendant light to decorate your room! If you’re wondering why only ping pong balls and not any other kind of balls, try it out and see for yourself. 

For the rest of you guys here is the tutorial. Gear up yourself for the most amazing use of your ping pongs. 

13. Mason Jar Lights

Via Allthingsheartandhome

Brighten up your room using these sparkling mason jar! This would require a mason jar and some LED lights that you can easily get from any nearby dollar store.

Make sure to get cordless lights otherwise you’d remain stuck up in managing the cords all the time.

14. Flower Monogram

Via Decoist

Generally, monograms are the face of any brand or product. Make one for your room as well. And this is different from the conventional monograms. 

This is made up of flowers and love. It would add a touch of summertime madness in your room all year long because let’s be real we really want our room to be as lively as we are! 

15. Dreamcatcher

Via Thejourneyjunkie

Growing up doesn’t mean you can’t use a dreamcatcher anymore. They were used as a shield in childhood whereas as teens you can use them to get rid of the boring structure of your room. 

Well, maybe not the structure of it but you can definitely spice up the way it looks.

16. Instagram Coasters

Via Lilliesandloafers

To all the gram freaks out there, take prints of your favorite Instagram pictures and posts to make this coaster. This way you can embrace your Instagram pictures even when you’re offline. And can decorate your room with the best of your shots. Try this out and be your own designer. 

17. Furry Chair

Via Abeautifulmess

Furs are always lovely be it a furry friend or anything else. Try out this amazing DIY project to stand out in this game of thrones ( I’m talking about the chairs though ). 

Convert your rooms’ chair into insanely cute furry laps. Invite your friends over for a gossip session and show off these really awesome chairs. 

18. Yarn Chandelier

Credit: Libbylanepress

Chandeliers are an eye feast but unfortunately as a teen, you can’t afford them. No need to be sad because there’s something more fun and happening that you can afford and that’s a yarn chandelier.

The next time you go out on a shopping spree, bring some yarn, balloons, cornstarch, and vaseline to make a chandelier for yourself. 

19. String Artwork

Via Greenweddingshoes

Making into the list, next up is a string artwork. This would require a little effort and a whole lot of patience. It is an eye catchy and evergreen decor item for your room!

Here’s a tutorial of a heart-shaped string art for your reference, you can create it as per your choice. 

20. Plants Hanger

Via: Modcloth

If you’ve got a spare tee and you’re thinking of throwing it, then wait for a few moments before you go any further. You can use your T-shirt as a plant hanger.

Not only would it give an aliveness to your room but it will also decorate your room. 

21. Plastic Spoons Mirror

Via DIYprojectsforteens

You’d never thought of making something like this. Well, neither did I until I saw this on a blog. You can make it with your plastic party spoons within an hour. 

If you’re running out of money and are willing to do a change in your room, this beautiful flower-shaped mirror is for you! 

22. Make Your Customized Dream Jar

Via Instructables

Let’s be real, not all our dreams can come true! But, you can definitely collect them in a jar and make an attractive decorative item. 

Collect your wishes and other materials like a jar, spray paint, tape, glue and glitter. This is your wish jar so don’t forget to add your personalized touch to it. 

23. Photo Magnets

Via Popsugar

If you have old photos stacked up at your place, you can make some magnets out of them and paste them on your metal cupboard. 

All you need is some materials like magnet tape, black marker, scissors, holiday cards, and strong glue. You can easily find these materials in a nearby dollar store. 

24. Floating Flowers

Via Stylemepretty

This cool project of flowers is a must-have decoration in your room. It is high-spirited, full of life, colorful and what not! This is a little time consuming but the end result will leave you speechless (stunned to be honest). You’d need a fish string, a whole lotta flowers, scissors, and a washi tape to accomplish this project.

25. Fall Rustic Mason Jar

Via Sincerelyjean

Whether the fall season is right around the corner or not, this fall rustic mason jar decoration can be your go-to idea for DIY decor. It requires very few supplies and is easy to execute.

This will be the perfect addition to your room that would change the whole setting of it. 

26. Light Bulb Aquarium

Via Soapdelinews

Presenting you the most offbeat project to decorate your room. Make these tiny aquariums for your room using a bulb, rocks, pebbles, and beads. You’ll easily find these materials at a nearby dollar store. 

Make sure the stuff you buy is tiny enough so that they can easily get into the hole of bulbs. 

27. Soda Bottle Kitty Planters

Via Saltycanary

If you’re a cat lover but can’t afford to have one at your home ( ’cause after all you’re living at your parent’s home and they may or may not tolerate their mess ), then you must try these cat kitty planters in a soda bottle. 

I personally love this project as it is customized to suit the taste of cat lovers like me! 

28. Wooden Crate Bookshelf

Via Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

You may or may not be having any prior experience with woods and carpentry but this one is a must-do for everyone out there!

This crate-like bookshelf ( or simply a shelf ) will give a vintage look to your room. It will also save you a lot of space and appreciations of course. 

29. Cloud Light

Credit: DIYprojectforteens

Are you also obsessed with the night sky? I really love the clouds that run all over the sky during the nighttime. Here’s a simple DIY idea to take up your room decor to cloud 9. 

These artificial clouds will give you real vibes when lit up at night. Try this out and experience the unparalleled fun! 

30. Jute String Lights

Via Ellaclaireinspired

Give your room a classy look with these inexpensive jute twinkle lights. It looks vintage and will give your room an expensive-like setting.

Add some creative yet ‘easy on budget’ tips to give your room a makeover! You can seamlessly make it during your weekends with your family or friends. 

31. Gemstone Mirror

Via Designlovefest

Changing the style of your mirror might not change your looks but it will definitely change the face of your looks! Try out giving your anyway boring mirror a magic touch.

This won’t require much effort and supplies but the end result will leave you stunned. Stunned with its beauty obviously! 

32. Design Poufs for Yourself

Via Kristymurphy

These pretty little poufs will help you wherever you require extra seating. Although it is highly recommended to try for your room decor, you can use them literally anywhere around your place.

It will be easy on your budget but requires a little effort ( trust me, a little only ). 

33. Paper Rose Wreath

Via Liagriffith

You can make this simple mini paper rose wreath using some basic supplies. It is really a fun project to take up! With minimal efforts, you can make something so gorgeous and worth beholding.

Click on the link and get ready to explore the beauty of roses inside your room and that too without any extra maintenance. 

34. Octopus Art

Via Houseofjadeinteriors

Call one of your friends ( because it will be so much effort if done alone ) and try your hands on this really amazing DIY octopus art. 

On completion, this graphic will seem real to you. So what are you waiting for? Give your room an aesthetic look with this one. 

35. Shopping Bag Supplies Holder

Via Lezoemusings

What do you do with those unused shopping bags? Probably just throw them into the trash bin! Time to save your spare shopping bags for magic work. After going through this DIY project you’ll know how to reuse them and make your room a little less boring.

These cute holders will also help you to manage your small supplies. 

36. Gold Leaf Embellished Curtains

Via The Gathered Home

Golden color has some kind of charisma about it which attracts almost everyone. Imagine getting this golden color on your curtains as well! Sounds good, right? Well, it’s really fun and creative project to do.

Takedown your curtains for a glittery makeover and give your room the Midas touch! 

37. Create a Yarn Rug

Via Apieceofrainbow

I’ve always wondered what it takes to make a rug out of yarn. After reading this blog, I find this project really simple and amusing. 

You must try it too! Gather some interest and will power to make a yarn rug for yourself. And I’m sure you’ll love the result. 

38. Bohemian Trays

Via Jenniferrizzo

This is the most offbeat project I’ve come across while curating this list. And after finishing this work I’m going to try it right away!

You must try these trays to get yourself a cool dish and decorate your room as well. 

39. Wall Plant Pockets

Via Designlovefest

Make a plant pocket and hang it on your walls. These plants will add some liveliness to your small abode and purify the air in your surroundings. 

This will require a little creativity, so get ready to get your hands dirty in the clay soil. Also, choose your plants wisely so as to keep it alive. 

40. Fabric flowers

To reduce your maintenance efforts and vulnerability of your room, make some fabric flowers. Customize them according to your persona and mood setting. These flowers might be artificial but they will give you real feels. So get ready to decorate your room and change its outlook. 

41. Vintage Luggage Table


If you have old suitcases simply stacked up at your place, then put them on some work. Hire them for a job of room decor and a DIY Table. It will provide a vintage look to your room and most likely your room decor will be the showstopper to everyone else.

So now you see you can do so much to beautify and decorate your room. Get your seat belts fastened to try out these quick DIYs.