61 Amazingly Cheap And Easy Pallet Projects

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Pallets are the trend now. Not only do they give a chic look to our home but also they’re inexpensive and easy to find (you can find them lying across the streets). They are easy to disassemble and convert into creative decors & furniture.

Here we have curated a list of pallet projects that are creative DIYs, pocket-friendly, and super fun to make! From small photo frames to a small bench, you can convert wood pallets into anything and everything as long as you have the perfect idea.

61 Easy Pallet Project Ideas

1. Pallet Plaque

Via Ohmycreative

Let’s begin with a simple pallet plaque. After some sanding and cutting, paint the pallet with gray chalk paint so it appears as if the wood grain is showing through. This gives it a nice rustic feel and more so if you attach a black and white photo.

2. Coffee Table Tray

Via Myrepurposedlife

If your coffee table is way too cluttered, a pallet coffee table tray is a nice way to organize your table and also a fun little DIY. The main job here is to chop the wood because you must do it with caution. Other than that, it’s simply gluing and nailing the pieces together.

3. Mini Pallet Coaster

Via Removeandreplace

We all have coasters but if you are looking for a fun little DIY project to add something creative to your table, this is a perfect choice. The catch here is that you don’t need wood. You need paint and glue to convert craft sticks into a mini pallet coaster.

4. Pallet Wall Mounted Candle Holders

Via Easypalletideas

If there’s one thing that can make any room look beautiful, it’s candles. It also takes us back to the ‘no electricity’ days and if that’s the vibe you want in your home, whip up this pallet wall-mounted candle holder. The entire thing can be done with pallet blocks and straight boards of pallets.

5. Pallet Laundry Basket Holder

Via Anawhite

The laundry baskets do help us store the pile of dirty clothes but what about when we need several such baskets? We need storage space for the baskets too. So here’s a great DIY solution for the storage issue. With reclaimed pallet wood and accurate dimensions, it’s a piece of cake.

6. Pallet Planter Box

Via Housebyhoff

This pallet planter box project is a nice way to begin your gardening journey or a great addition to your existing garden. It’s a simple 2-step process – cut two L-shaped pieces and four pallet wood pieces, and nail ’em together.

7. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Star

Via Mysocalledcraftylife

Pallets are so fun to work with! Here’s an upcycling pallet project, a wood star, that’s fun to make if you love to chop wood – it would look great on your porch wall.

8. Pallet Wall Bookshelf

Via Jennaburgerdesigns

There are always those small books or magazines that have no specific place, we just toss them here and there. For those poor books, whip up a wall-mounted bookshelf with a wood pallet. It’s a fun project to work on.

9. Pallet Photo Frame

Via Southernrevivals

We click millions (that’s right, millions) of photos but hardly a few of them get printed while most of them get lost somewhere in our gallery. Take up this pallet photo frame project and it’s gonna have you print out all those dejected images in no time.

10. Pallet Wood Sign

Via Bloominghomestead

A pallet wood sign with the words ‘Believe There Is Good In The World’ can be a cheerful decor item for your home or a wonderful housewarming gift for someone else. It mostly involves paintwork and very little woodwork (so no worries if you’re a newbie).

11. Tea Bag Box

Via Instructables

It’s probably something you never thought of crafting, but it is something you should craft for two reasons- a) you are a big tea lover or b) you know someone who is and would love a personalized tea bag box for their home. Warning: it’s not that easy to make so do it if you like yourself a little challenge!

12. Mason Jar Pallet Planter

Via Unoriginalmom

Greeting your guests with fresh flowers is lovely! So why don’t you make a mason jar pallet planter and hang it up on your front door? The only tricky part here is attaching the hose clamp to the pallet wood, the rest is super easy.

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13. Pallet American Flag

Via Shanty2chic

The 4th of July is near so here’s a project that’s dear to your heart- the flag of your motherland. It costs less than $15 so easy to make and frugal. You can do the project in less than an hour using wood strips and paint.

14. Pallet Wine Rack

Via Hometalk

Every wine lover’s dream is to have a classy storage rack for their favorite wine. Make it a little rustic and you got yourself an envious wine rack! Do this project only if you got some woodworking/chopping skills. Newbies, I’ll suggest you pass on it.

15. Pallet Wood Tree Shelf

Via Instructables

A wall-mounted tree that’s also a shelf? I LOVE it. Find the correct pallet that’s easy to work with, assemble them, get the wood screws and drill them together. Repeat.

16. Pallet Gardening Tools Storage Rack

Via Fixlovely

Do you love gardening but struggle with organizing your beloved gardening tools? Well, we got a lifehack for you! Repurpose old pallet wood and get yourself your very own gardening tools storage rack.

17. Pallet Kitchen Garbage Bin

Via 1001pallets

You can make anything with a pallet – even a garbage bin. Normal bins are fine but reclaimed pallet wood bins are even better! Trust me, you’ll love doing all the chop, nail, and glue jobs as much as you’ll love having a stylish garbage bin in your home.

18. Pallet Wall Garden

Via Stylemepretty

You can make your own mini wall-mounted garden with just a pallet of wood and some mason jars. Save all the land you can, eh? Oh, you can even add some mason jar lights to glow up your wall garden!

19. Hanging Outdoor Mini-Bar

Via Cassiefairy

Dreamt of having your own mini-bar? Make it a reality! With the correct wood pallet and black paint and of course some woodworking skills, you can craft your foldable outdoor mini bar in no time!

20. Pallet Xmas Tree

Via Instructables

If you want to take it up a notch for Christmas, you can make a creative spiral tree with a wood pallet. Careful though, it’s a challenging project so make sure you got all the knowledge required. Once you’re through with the work, it looks so good with some tealights!

21. Pallet Coat Rack

Via Instructables

If you have an old pallet lying around, you can screw in some steel brackets and make a very useful and space-saving coat rack. You can even add a shelf to it for extra storage space.

22. Pallet Wood Deck Cooler

Via Foxhollowcottage

Disassemble to free pallets and use those pieces to make a pallet wood deck cooler for your next summer outdoor party. The process may seem a little complicated but once you’ve gone through the chop, nail, measure, and glue steps carefully, it’s so not difficult to make.

23. Pallet Side Table

Via Familyhandyman

Since pallet wood is the trend now in DIY furniture, why don’t you craft a small side table that costs only five bucks? It’s attractive and classy as well as a great way to practice lumber preparation and simple joinery.

24. Fold Up Pallet Desk

Not all of us are lucky enough to have big desk space for organizing all stationeries. Well, your luck’s not ill anymore! With a couple of wood pallets, a piece of plywood for the desk, and hinges, you can whip up this space-saving, great storage fold-up pallet desk in no time.

Simple DIY Fold-Up Pallet Desk | Thistlewood Farms

25. Colorful Planter Boxes


Make a bunch of cute colorful planter boxes for your garden by disassembling pallets and reassembling the pieces with screws. These have casters on the bottom so they can be rolled around when they’re too heavy to pick up, or simply for fun!

26. Greeting Snowmen

Via Sugarbeecrafts

Is it winter at your location? Is it snowing? Being all sweaty here I sure miss the cold weather but enough about me. You can have a little fun this winter with the greeting snowmen pallet project. Your guests are going to be amazed!

27. DIY Pallet Wall

Via Artisandesarts

Are you looking for a big pallet project that can bring a big change or transformation to your home while also not quite difficult to build? We have just the thing for you. A pallet wall that adds character to your room and is cheap and easy to build.

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28. Pallet Bar Stool

Via Easypalletideas

You can use a Bar Stool for those fun party times with your friends. You can add it to your bar station so you get an exact replica of a real bar. The stool is firm and spacious enough and can also be used for other purposes.

29. Pallet Wall Decor

Via Iseeidoimake

You can use a simple pallet (after doing a little bit of woodworking) and put it up on your wall as a decor item. Place candles and other cute decorations on it.

30. Mantle Decor

Via Thefrugalhomemaker

Everyone loves a good fall home decor and this one is the perfect rustic fall DIY decor for your mantle. The shutters are so easy to make with pallets and it costs only about $8 to $10!

31. Small Bookshelf

Via Southerninlaw

A mini bookshelf for that extra storage you need to store all the new books you can’t keep your hands off. It took the creator a long time though so do keep that in mind.

32. Pallet Welcome Sign

Via Homedit

A rustic wood pallet welcome sign is such a cheerful way to greet your guests. It also has a bouquet of white flowers for extra oomph.

33. Mini Pallet Valentine’s Day Art

Via Tarynwhiteakerdesigns

There’s nothing more heartfelt than a handmade Valentine’s gift for your special person. Although you can’t put a price on love, this cute mini Valentine’s pallet will cost you around $5.

34. Versatile Coffee Table

Via 1001pallets

This particular project reminds us how easy it is to build a versatile coffee table out of mere wood pallets. It has hairpin table legs for the vintage vibe and a deck to store magazines.

35. Open Bathroom Shelf

Via Remodelaholic

If you are like Monica Geller, you probably have 11 categories of towels! And you must need proper storage space for the insane amount of toiletries you keep. Build an open bathroom shelf from wood pallets that can also be used as a bookshelf.

36. Wood Pallet Sign Decor

Via Thinkingcloset

I love this romantic wood pallet sign. Not only are the lines so romantic but building the pallet yourself makes it all the more heartfelt.

37. Pallet Nightstand

Via Instructables

There’s no bed without a bedside table. They go like bread and jam. So take it up a notch. You make your own jam. It’s super easy to build with wood pallets and some other tools.

38. DIY Pallet Wall Clock

Via Hometalk

The creator said this is the easiest DIY clock ever and I believe her because there’s so little work to do in this project and is super cheap. Trust me, it would look so chic on your wall.

39. Simple Bike Rack

Via Instructables

Get two big wood pallets and join them together at an angle that almost makes an L-shape and that’s it – you have your bike rack! Sorted your bike storage problem in the simplest way possible.

40. Rainbow Pallet Garden

Via Hellocreativefamily

The specialty here is the rainbow-colored pallet! I could not resist! It’s so neat, isn’t it?

41. Pallet Vertical Garden

Via Abeautifulmess

With wood pallets and a bunch of tin jars, you can have a vertical garden in your yard. Add some bricks to the bottom to keep the wood from rotting.

42. Pallet Trunk

Via Instructables

Need some extra storage space? Whip up a pallet trunk in a few simple steps that can also be used as a coffee table – two birds with one stone!

43. Pallet Kitchen Island

Via Notinggrace

Don’t have a kitchen island? Well, once you get one, you’ll realize you’ve been needing this forever. You can build one with a wood pallet for less than $50. It comes with decks – providing extra storage!

44. Sand Box With Built-in Seats

Via Anawhite

It sucks if you don’t live near the beach because playing with sand actually promotes gross motor development in children (also, it’s fun). Why don’t you make them their own sandbox to play in? This one comes with a cover that turns into built-in seats when open!

45. Pet Bed

Via Shanty2chic

Who doesn’t love to spoil their pet? I mean they’re such good boys/girls! Here’s another thing you can spoil them with- a pet bed. Instead of buying one, you can customize the most comfortable bed because your pet deserves the best. And it only costs $12!

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46. Pallet Shoe Rack

Via Rusticcedar

Love to buy tons of shoes but got no sufficient space to store them? A common problem with a simple solution. Whip up a shoe rack from wood pallets! Customize and beautify it to match your space.

47. Wall Shoe Rack

Via Naturallivinghomestead

And if you lack space for a shoe rack, use the empty wall space and make a wall-mounted pallet shoe rack instead. It’s even easier and cheaper than the previous one.

48. Pallet Mirror

Via Dwellingunhappiness

If you have a nautical-themed room, a whitewashed coastal-themed pallet mirror would be a great thing to add to your wall. And if you love to put up rustic decor, skip the whitewashing part and just make a pallet mirror for your room.

49. Small Dish Rack

Via DIYcandy

Turn the forlorn pallet you found across the street into a small dish rack by following a few simple steps. Well, the rack won’t probably give you a lot of storage space but hey – at least it looks neat!

50. Work Desk Decor

Via Portlandpressherald

Repurpose a wood pallet to add more storage space to your work desk that makes it more organized and neat. It requires little space on your desk while giving you a lot more space to decorate with photo frames.

51. Pallet Fence

Via Hometalk

You can put up a simple pallet fence for some extra privacy out in your yard. You can get the pallets for free and with a bit of drilling, you can get them ready in a couple of hours.

52. Pallet Pots & Pans Rack

Via Agreenpointkitchen

You don’t need to drill a lot of hooks on your wall and destroy it when you can simply put up a pallet rack where you can add as many hooks to hang your pans and store pots and other utensils on the top.

53. Pallet Bath Shelf

Via Practicallyfunctional

This is not even a project! It’s just upcycling a pallet into a bath shelf. It’s more like a life hack that’s very handy. It’s gotta be the easiest on this list!

54. Coffee Mug Holder

Via Easypalletideas

Got a lot of coffee cups but no sufficient space to store them? A wooden pallet can solve your problem! Add as many hooks to the pallet as you require for your coffee mugs and tada!

55. Dog Bowl Stand

Via Easypalletideas

The oh-so-good boys need to bend down their necks to eat their food. Has it ever occurred to you that they may get strained? Construct a dog bowl stand for your beloved pet and save them the pain of bending their neck.

56. DIY Pallet Sofa

Via Scraphacker

You can upcycle forlorn wood pallets into a piece of elegant, chic furniture. In 10 steps, you can make this cute little sofa that comes with a cubby.

57. A Simple Bench

Via Instructables

And if you want something for the porch, you can construct a solid bench out of wood pallets under 6 steps! It only involves drilling, cutting, and sanding.

58. Console Table

Via Kleinworthco

If you live in a small house/apartment, this little wood repurposing is great for small spaces. You can whip it up in a few hours with paint and a wooden board.

59. Pallet Entryway Organizer

Via Welke

Put up a pallet that acts as a coat rack and also a magazine holder to get some space to put up some cute decor items. A multi-purpose entryway organizer that only requires you to do some cutting, sanding, and drilling is perfect for that.

60. Pallet Laundry Sign

Via Littlebitofpaint

A pallet sign is cute but one with a ribbon on it? Beats any other sign! Not only does it add to its beauty but also makes it easy to hang up, therefore, more convenient to handle.

61. Home Sign

Via 504main

Let’s end the list with a HOME sign because home is where the heart is? You can use a wreath as the alphabet O and change it according to seasons & festivals.


1. What is a wood pallet?

It is a supporting structure that keeps the goods stable when they’re being transported or provides support when they’re being lifted by a forklift, a pallet jack, a front loader, a jacking device, or an erect crane.

2. Which pallet is best for DIYs?

Shipping pallets with HT (heat treated) marks are best for DIYs.

Who knew so much could be done with pallets! We hope you got some great ideas from this article! Let us know in the comments.