50 Cool Crafts To Make For Less Than $5

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DIY crafts are the new black, and if you share the same love for creativity as I do you know how fun and frugal some of these crafts can be. These crafts come for all ages, they do no burn a hole in your pocket and no matter if you are a beginner or someone with experience. This list is curated in a way that, it has something for everyone.

So get your scissors, glue gun, washi tape, threads, needles……… and get started with these fun DIY crafts that will not cost you more than $5.

50 Crafts To Make For Less Than $5

1. Stenciled Burlap Candle Holder

Via Justcraftyenough

As much as I love bright colors I have balanced my color palette with neutral and pastel colors. These very millennial looking candle holder can be made without burning a hole in your pocket and customized with whatever prints attract you the most. You can even dye the burlap and paint the stencils prints according to your taste,

2. DIY Fabric Pots

Via Diyjoy

These trendy and spunky fabric pots are just what you need for your backyard. And why just stop at backyard these pots are ideal even for the indoors as well. Choose a pastel-colored fabric for a chic look or reuse your denim to get that spunky look. 

3. DIY Pom-Pom Baby Mobile

Via Thelovelydrawer

Starting with a baby’s nursery can be overwhelming. And if you are a new mom who loves DIY looking for some personal touches to add to your nursery, start with this cheap and cheerful baby mobile. 

4. DIY Photo Clipboards

Via Lovegrowswild

There are just so many things you can do with photos and so many different ways to enhance them. This photo clipboard is just another DIY that lets you show off some of your best memories in a fun unique way.

5. Confetti Tray

Via Delineateyourdwelling

Some things just bring out the child in you and one such thing is confetti. Bright, colorful and sparkly what else would a girl want ( a lot of things which they are capable to achieve but these also didn’t hurt anyone).

6. Birdseed Ornaments 

Via: Happinessishomemade

A fun little DIY to make with your little ones that the birdies will also enjoy!!

7. DIY ChalkBoard Calender

Via Hawthorneandmain

This minimalistic chalkboard calendar is what you need for your worktable/studio. It is a fun DIY to make and won’t be just sitting in one corner of the room once you have made it. 

8. Wooden Ball Hoop Wreath

Via Nestofposies

A Classy Christmas wreath for the minimalist in you. 

9. DIY Reversible Coffee Sleeves

Via Craftystaci

I believe normal is boring and these coffee sleeves which you will customize for yourself will be one of their kind while also helping you hold a hot cup of coffee. 

10. DIY Sequins Bracelets

Via Potterybarn

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, well they forgot sparkles, shine, and sequins should also be added in order to make a girl (no gender roles here, just felt like quoting a cartoon).

I love sequins and these gorgeous bracelets will make you fall in love with sequins too. They are sparkly and super easy to make. 

11. DIY Dried Orange Sliced Ornaments

Via Homeyohmy

Okay, so when I saw these I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make them. These are so cheap and give a pop of color to your tree.

Another advantage of these ornaments is the freshness that they will bring into the room. Its like potpourri but hanging on a tree. You can even try these with lemon or lime.

12. DIY Sunglasses Case

Via Positivelysplendid

Make your own case for Sunglasses. It is cheap but will surely be unique. And when you pull it out your purse, it is going to get praised by people around you. And the best part is how creative you can get with these cases.

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Use the tutorial as a guideline and put your own creativity at work to give these cases your touch. Try some pastel fabric or some sequined lace. Oh and a bow-shaped add-on is such a perfect thing to add. 

13. DIY Polka Dot Classy Mirror

Via Agirlandagluegun

Unique mirror frames are my weakness. Turning them to notice boards, jewelry organizing or revamping them the way I like it. That is the reason this DIY made the list. A very chic way to revamp a simple rectangular mirror. 

14. DIY Photo Frame Banner 

Via Sugarbeecrafts

Super easy to make party banners that are customized for the birthday boy/girl. You don’t have to use wooden frames, you can just use printed photos.

15. DIY No-sew Sequined Camera Strap

Via Sugarandcloth

A little sparkle never hurts anyone. Make this sequined camera strap that will make your camera stand out. Make your photography even more fun with this added accessory. 

Try these with felt or velvet if sequins are not your thing.

Tip – You can also use your old camera strap if you have one. 

16. DIY BFF Glittered Phone Colors

Via Ilovetocreateblog

Get your best friend quickly! This glittery DIY is a really good way to enjoy a summer afternoon for teenagers. So make these and start twinning with your best friend.

17. Clothespin Catapult

Via Inspirationmadesimple

A little homemade game for kids that is fun even before they start playing it. Although keep an eye on them when they play this game (Kids alone with a catapult, not a great combination).

18. DIY Monogrammed Key Chains

Via Homeyohmy

One of the cheapest crafts in this article but it definitely doesn’t look like it. They are so easy to make and are ideal as party favors since everyone will get there own personalized key chain. Homey oh my has made some very classic ones but you can always give them your own touch. 

19. Capri Sun Bows

Via Gingersnapcrafts

Bows are timeless, be it as a tie for men or as a hair accessory for women. And this craft bows made of Capri sun wrapper, and some cheap studs. If you too want some silver bows to go with any of your dresses then you are going to love this craft. 

20. DIY Glitter Storage Boxes

Via Rosyscription

Let me just tell you that these are some of the easiest crafts that you would find on this list. But just because they are easy doesn’t mean they are any less cute, chic, or stunning than the others. 

21. DIY Cookies and Milk Candle

Via Candletech

This is such a cute candle to make if you like candle making. It is just what you want to decorate your Christmas mantle with (Also it is just so pretty to use any time of the year). You can also add some pine-scented essential oil while making it get that Christmas fragrance in your home.

22. DIY Fabric Book Cover

Via Craftandcreativity

All your dear diary moments will be extra special with this cute fabric covered diaries. Let it be your emo phase or one where you want to feel like a princess, just choose the fabric/color of your choice and get started.

23. Handprint Ornaments

Via Nestofposies

From imprinting your child’s first steps to handprints with your significant other. A great way to convert precious moments into memories, other than photos. It is super easy and cost you next to nothing.

24. DIY Light-up Mason Jars

Via Tarynwhiteaker

Here is a tip to save money if you think you want to start doing DIYs. Buy some mason jars online. Mason jars are so versatile when it comes to DIYs and so are fairy lights. Both are cheap but doesn’t look like it.

So these masons jar will cost you $5 a jar (maybe two if you get a bargain) and will look very cute on a mantle or a corner table. For a little more fun you can also paint them.

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25. DIY Macrame for Hanging Pots

Via Classyclutter

These Macrame hanging pots are super cheap and easy to make. All you need for this craft is clothesline rope. Just the right way to add some greenery into your home.

Classy clutter gives a step by step tutorial for braiding this rope. You can also see classy clutter painted these pots to make the whole craft come together in a very chic way. 

26. DIY Zipper Bow Pouch

Via Iheartnaptime

A little Zipper pouch with a little bow to organize your backpack or maybe to keep your makeup brushes from getting dirty. 

27. Mini DIY Shelves 

Via Papernstitchblog

I do not know how such cute shelves can cost less than $5 but paper stitch blog has done it. These shelves look so cute and chic. I am in love with them. The pastel colors and the designs just bring the whole craft together.

28. DIY Distressed Signs

Via Lovegrowswild

Want cute, cheap and chic that doesn’t take any effort but looks like it did. Make these signs at home by reusing old wooden blocks/slab or buy them from a carpenter. They look so effortlessly effortful. Paint a life mantra or your favorite quote.

29. DIY Dog Shaped Storage Caddy

Via Sawdustgirl

This dog-shaped storage caddy is ideal for your/your kid’s desk. It is very easy to make and can be customized according to your taste. Adding sparkle or giving them a rustic wooden paint is all up to you. 

30. Customized Cork Board

Via Sheskindacrafty

I have my own corkboard which I painted ombre and I love it so much. Make your own corkboard, stick some pictures, or border it with little fairy lights. You could also tie strings horizontally from one end to the other and use paper pins to hang notes or to-do lists. 

31. Paper Plate Clock

Via Momtastic

While cleaning spider web I broke a glass and frame of one of my favorite clocks. So I google and found this craft. If you too have an old clock with its machine working, then this craft will help you give that clock a completely new look without costing you anything. 

32. DIY Herb Planter Chopping Board

Via Themerrythought

Ok, so this just genius. A chopping board that has herbs pots attached to it. Genius!! You may need someone for this to drill holes if you are not comfortable. 

33. Baby Clothes Divider for a New Mom

Via Freshcrush

I recently had the pleasure of becoming an aunt and oh god my niece is the most precious little thing I have seen in my life. When I was looking for some gifts for my sister then I found this sweet DIY clothes divider. It is very simple but I found it cute.

34. DIY Christmas Ornament

Via Sheskindacrafty

Buying clear empty Ornaments and filling them with accessories of your choice so much cheaper than buying those costlier ones you see in malls. Also, it is a fun holiday activity to do with your family as you get into the spirit of Christmas.

35. Pottery Barn Inspired Number Tray

Via Tarynwhiteaker

Pottery barn introduced a numbered tray sometimes ago, and many people have tried to recreate it. The tray is not for sale anymore by pottery barn but if you like what you see you can make your own.

36. Hot Glue Snowflake Ornament 

Via Pitterandglink

This is a fun, frugal, and festive DIY craft, which makes it my kind of DIY craft. It can be used on a Christmas tree or as an accessory to keep on your mantle. Pitter and Glink, use gluesticks, printed ornament stencil,  and sparkles to make this ornament. 

37. DIY Winter Pom Pom Tree

Via Thelovelydrawer

This DIY is inexpensive and makes for an elegant accessory for your living room. For this, all you need is small-sized pom-pom maker, natural twine, Cream yarn (or colored yarn if you would like to give this craft a funky spin), and long dried twigs. 

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38. DIY Pop-socket

Pop-socket just became such an everyday thing without us even realizing it. This DIY is a fun and frugal way to make your own pop-socket.

39. Marbled Easter Egg Soap

Via Earnesthomeco

If you like to have that easter feel all over your house, why don’t you start by these marbled Easter egg soap to your bathroom? I have a thing for the marble effect but if you don’t then you can make these in pastels or bright colors too. 

40. DIY Mermaid Necklaces

Via Mamapapabubba

Make this cute necklace with you and your girlfriends, and make a day of it. You can even have mermaid themed skirts and top. And play dress up. 

41. DIY Pumpkin Wine Dispenser

Via Momtastic

If you love playing hostess and going all out for Halloween parties, then this will make a great party accessory. Customize it with your Halloween name or decorate any other Halloween themed stickers.

42. Small Balloon Lamps

Via Candletech

These lamps won’t cost you anything but they sure as hell look like they did. They are so easy to make and if you want yours to not look plain. Add some food coloring when you melt your wax. If that is not enough, paint glue over any stencil of your choice and put some sparkle on wet glue.

43. Marbled Clay Ring

Via Pitterandglink

For this craft, the supplies cost more than 5$ but you can make so many clay jewelry. So this particular DIY is for sure a bargain. This can be a fun activity to do with your kids on a weekend or a summer afternoon

44. DIY Animal Bookends

Via Hisugarplum

I am story mongers and have a lot of books. And I think these rustic elephant bookends are just so beautiful (You can use any other animals, personally I love Lions).

45. Paper Christmas Ornament

Via Freshcrush

As much as we like holidays, we all know how expensive that time of the year can get. Christmas is about spending time with your family and I would suggest you do this while making this craft.

The pretty ornament not just saves you from spending on expensive decorations but makes Christmas even more about you and your family. 

46. DIY Marble Run Track

Via Powerfulmothering

When I was a kid, I used to play a lot with marbles (more than playing, I used to collect them but its the same thing so do not judge me). So during one of my many DIY hunts when I came across this one than there is no surprise that the cheap stake in me wanted to make it. 

47. Washi Tape Bangles

Via Delineateyourdwelling

Yes, you read that right. Some really cute prints of washi tape and some really simple bangles, that’s all you need. Check out DIY washi tape craft ideas.

48. Magnetic Workstation Organizer

Via Earnesthomeco

Getting cuts from paper clip/pins can be painful and a daily occurrence if you are a goofball like I am. Get those things organized with this simple, super chic and cheap DIY magnetic organizer. 

49. Jingle Bracelets for Toddlers

Via Powerfulmothering

You know too much silence is a sign of trouble with kids (there was this one time when my brother when he was two years old, was too silent turned out he was and he ended up pulling out most of the alphabets from our laptop’s keyboard). These cute bright bracelets will let you know where is your little one. 

50. Faux Granite Coaster

Via Itsalwaysautumn

“Its always autumn” give a tutorial for a perfect inexpensive gift that you can make for your mother this mother’s day. These tiled coasters are so pretty and each one of these coasters is one of their kind.

Make sure to save this pin to Pinterest, as you will want to refer to it again and again!