21 Best DIY Fire Pit Ideas That You Need To Make

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Tired of your old, boring fire pit? Or have you just shifted home? You might be looking for a renovation in your yard. Whatever be your reason, this list of best fire pit ideas will have an excellent option for you.

Every home has only a few appliances that come in handy in the summers as well as winters. Fire Pits are such a commodity. They provide the perfect location for having a drink in your yard and chilling in the cold weather. You can also need a firepit for making the Sundays at home better by barbecuing some luscious meat and other foodstuffs.

Whether you love the village-style vibe or have a taste for modern decors, there’s a fire pit for all of you. Place some stylish wooden chairs, concrete seating, or a floating bench around the fireplace. You’ll find firepit ideas in this list that require the renovation of a large part of your yard. Of course, that is expensive.

Are you looking for a budget option? What about a DIY project with reusable or waste items? You’ll get some very affordable DIY options on this list too. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out 21 brilliant firepit ideas for your yard.

21 Best Fire Pit Ideas That You Need To Make

1. Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Via Houzz

This stacked stone looks as natural as any but it actually takes a good amount of effort to make it. It blends in extremely well with the garden pathways and flowers and enhances the aesthetics of your yard.

The secret to this fire pit is that you have to place stone-by-stone in the most scattered and natural way.

2. In-Ground Stacked Stone

Via Stylemepretty

If you are a sucker for family dinners and brunches in the yard, this fire pit is a must-have for you. The in-ground pit has a low retaining wall which makes the fire pit look just like a fireplace.

You can also cook your favorite kebabs and have a barbecue by placing a grille over the pit. An ideal arrangement for the chilly winter nights.

3. Trex Composite Decking

Via Boycedesign

If you are looking for an ultimate entertainment location in your yard area, this one is perfect for you. You’ll have a private space with custom cedar screen walls for low intervention from the neighborhood.

The concrete fire table is easy and safe to use as a bonfire and cooking food too. The cedar bench around the fire table makes it an ideal dating spot too.

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4. Stone Planter Gas Fire Pit

Via Junescottdesign

A good idea for the farmhouses or those living near rocky terrains, this seating area looks gorgeous, to say the least. The seating is comfortable and you can customize those as per your preference. The bowl style fire pit in between is a stone planter that fuels by gas. Save yourself some effort of getting firewood and lighting than with this fire pit. It’s also more eco friendly than the traditional one.

5. DIY Budget Fire Pit

Via Mommyskitchen

Looking to make a fire pit on a low budget? Brick Fire Pits and Stone Fire Pits look very elegant but are somewhat costly. A fire pit bowl, metal grate, fire screen, this one has it all. And you can make this through little effort and it won’t cost much over $100.

This fire pit is extremely safe to cook food and use a barbecue. If you want one just to use as a bonfire, you may skip the metal grate and screen.

6. Rectangular Stone Fire Pit

Via Thecraftyninja

This is a very simple, basic, and effective idea to make an ordinary rectangular fire pit. But most of the time, that’s all you want.

Instead of going for out of the box ideas, you can build something like this which just gets the work done. Of course, you can decorate it as per your preference, this is just foundation.

7. Washing Machine Drum Firepit

Via Instructables

Don’t know what to do with your old washing machine that has little resale value? Why not make a brilliant fire pit with it? The idea at first seems impossible. How can you do this?

But Dr. Qui’s Instructables gives an easy method to do this. Just beware that the steel fire pit can become very hot, so keep children away from it.

8. Square Fire Pit with Coloured Glass

Via Owntheyard

The square concrete fire pit is topped with granite stone slabs for sitting around. You can keep this fire pit in a shaded place so that the glow of the colored glass is visible. It adds a new dimension and makes this fire pit look very stylish.

9. Sunken Seating and Fire Pit

Via Englishoakdesigns

When designing your yard’s pathway, keep in mind where it takes you. A never-ending pathway is a common idea and so are the square and circle-shaped.

But what about this pathway that ends at an exotic seating with a fire pit at the center? The wooden furniture looks great around the brick fire pit. The decor is costly but very unique and stylish.

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10. Granite Boulders and Sunken Patio

Via Yelp

Most resorts, farmhouses, and hotels have one thing in common- a lovely gathering spot out in the yard. If you have a large garden outside your home or are looking for garden decor of your farmhouse, this stoned bonfire is ideal for you.

The granite boulders and the Sunken patio makes it an ideal place for drinking sessions and family gatherings.

11. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Via Apieceofrainbow

Having a fire pit for barbecue is cool and all, but have you ever thought of an outdoor pizza oven? This earth oven is made up of natural and often free materials. It uses an age-old technique without needing any special tools. Spend the weekend making pizzas and having and experience vacations in your own yard!

12. Fire Pit Coffee Table

Via Hayneedle

Here is an exotic fire pit coffee table, having special metal carvings over the diameter. It is easily available online at a low cost and has powerful heating abilities. It uses propane to fuel the fire and also comes with a side table to hide the propane tank.

13. Coral Coast Rubbed Bronze Fire Pit

Via Hayneedle

If barbecue is your thing or you love to grill a variety of food in the yard while sunbathing, this coral coast fire pit is a must-have. It is a large fire bowl above which you can place multiple skewers and such items. It comes with a free PVC grill grate and covers for safe cooking.

14. DIY Modern Concrete Fire Pit

Via Manmadediy

Concrete is a modern architectural material. It’s stylish, sleek, and affordable. This Modern concrete fire pit made up of concrete and gel fuel is sturdy and looks quite aesthetic.

It blends in well with the concrete floor of the yard area. It requires readily available, cheap materials to build which makes it a great choice for most homes.

15. Table Top Fire Pit

Via Youtube

Want to be eco-friendly with your bonfire and fire pit? You can try this stylish, modernistic tabletop fire pit. It uses clean-burning liquid paraffin and a fuel canister to burn fire. Insects like mosquitoes and flies are a pain in the ass while having fun in the yard. You can add citronella oil in the pit to repel insects.

16. Flagstone Fire Pit With Cold Steel

Via Houzz

An ideal fire pit for small yards or lawns with little to no grass around. This concrete fire pit has a thick steel slab on the top.

The comfortable wooden seating around this stylish fire pit makes for a cozy environment for drinking. Colorado Buff flagstone is used in making the pit along with some decomposed granite.

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17. DIY Wooden Fire Pit Table

Via Moderustic

Every fire pit table doesn’t have to be in the garden or yard. You can also place it in the porch or the small lawn behind. You shouldn’t spend too much on a fire pit in such a case. This wooden fire pit table is easy to make and very cost-effective.

The wooden top means that you can also keep your plates and eat on the table as it won’t radiate much heat.

18. Wash Pail Fire Pit

Via Renewredo

Here is a quick and cheap fire pit idea for the winters. You don’t need fancy stones, metal, grille, and more to make a fire pit. A gallon wash pail can do the job for you as effectively.

You may already have one in your house while if you don’t have one, it costs just about $15. A few bricks, logs, and you’re good to go!

19. DIY Burning Bowl

Via Evansvilleliving

This burning concrete bowl adds a dash of style and a lot of fiery glow to your backyard ambiance. Your friends and relatives will have a hard time believing that this bowl fire pit is actually a DIY project. Moreover, this portable fire pit is easy to make and readily available items.

20. Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Via Instructables

Arranging a few concrete rings of different sizes will create this exciting Fire Pit in about $50! You can add some pebbles and stones in between the rings to make it more elegant.

The red baked concrete rings give the village-vibe to your backyard. It’s close to nature and will be a great place for daily use as well as family gatherings.

21. Upcycled Tractor Wheel Firepit

Via Handimania

The best thing about DIY projects is that you can make use of almost anything, even a tire truck! Here they have used the inner rim of a tire to make the base of the firepit. Of course, it’s crucial to remove the rubber or it can get burnt and release harmful fumes. Use concrete slabs, stones or bricks however you like to cover the rim and complete the affordable project.

Fire Pits are made for daily use in heating and barbecue but as you must have realized now, they can take your yard’s ambiance to the next level. Choose from these exciting ideas and give them your personal touch for the best results.