37 Superfun and Genius Glue Gun Crafts Projects

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Before the miraculous glue gun hit markets, my relationship with glue was born out of necessity. I found the sticks ineffectual, and liquid glue too messy. I tried using a stapler when I could, but resigned myself to sticky fingers when it came to using actual glue. That is until I came upon a glue gun.

Now I do not claim to be an aficionado, I have bought for my personal use an eminently reasonable model- one I wield often, and with pride. I have since then used the device on a few DIY projects ( mostly successes), and looked up several more for the future. 

A seemingly single-purpose contraption, a glue gun actually offers a plethora of uses, most of which are truly amazing.

37 Superfun and Genius Glue Gun Projects

1. Decorate a Vase

Via Homehaertcraft

There are two ways you can go about this; use the actual glue from the gun to trace designs on the surface of the vase. Or, for the artistically challenged, spray paint over your glue etchings to cover up any inaccuracies.

Either way, it works!

2. Write a Sign

Via Modpodgerocks

Use the hot glue from your glue gun to write on a wooden slab, you can later hang up in your home. Use spray paint to add additional designs or colors.

3. A Rope Basket

Via Designsponge

A rope basket to keep extra cushions and throw pillows in. All you need is rope and the glue gun. Weave and glue, as you go until you have achieved your desired shape.

Use paints to add designs of your choice.

4. Coiled Coasters

Via Thespacebetween

Use stringy rope and/or twine to make yourself eco-friendly coasters. Oil in a circle, and use the glue on the exposed edges of the rope. 

5. Glue Gun Snowflakes

Via Muslinandmerlot

A personal favorite and surefire success, make glue gun snowflakes to hang from your Christmas tree. All you need to do is etch out the snowflake in glue, and then fill the corners in. Use nail paint or sparkles to put on the snowflake after it is dry.

6. Glue Gun Corals

Via Ohohdeco

A glue gun is a perfect tool to fashion a sculptural coral. Easy and effective, this project is one that is sure to attract attention and praise.

Place hot glue around a wire framework and let it dry for a day.

Pro Tip: Use spray or acrylic paint to add color to your glue corals.

7. Dot Earrings

Via Mintedstrawberry

Use circular blobs of glue on earring posts, and wait for the glue to dry and harden. Use spray paint (color of your choice). Simple and fun, you can now have as many dot earrings as you’d like.

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8. Glue Rings

Via Dreamalittlebigger

A similar concept to the glue earrings, glue rings are made the same way, by spray painting on a circular/oval blob of dry glue.

Pro Tip: Upcycle your old rings that are missing the centerpiece by turning them into glue rings.

9. Headband

Via: Abeautifulmess

Use bits of scrap leather and spare fabric and glue them together to craft a custom headband.

10. Harry Potter Wand

Via Boxycolonial

As an over-enthusiastic Potterhead, I can verify that the price of a well-made wand is above rubies. And now they need not be expensive either.

Use the glue gun to cover the base of the stump you are turning into the wand. Let the glue dry. Use black/brown spray paint on the surface. The knobbly glue residue functions as the grip of the wand.

11. Glue Gun Bottle Art

Via Magiamia

Hot glue tracings make for cool and indelible etchings on old bottles and jars. You can paint over the designs with spray or acrylic paint.

12. Drop Earrings

Via Fourfrontdoors

Globules of hot glue, in a contained shape (hexagon, square, teardrop, circle). Once the drops dry, use spray paint to have your earrings be the color of your choice!

13. Style Your Clips

Via Agirlandagluegun

Wield your glue gun to add texture and design to plain old hair clips. You can etch a pattern of your choice, or simply put a light coating of glue and use painted glaze.

14. Give Your Candle Holder an Updo

Via Curbly

An easy and effective way to make plain glass candle holders look a little more glamorous, use a glue gun to trace designs of your preference. Let the glue dry, and use spray paint. Or not. 

15. Masquerade Mask

Via Klairedelys

Draw inspiration from Frozen, and “ice-queen” your way into the next costume party you need.

All you need is a mask mold, hot glue and silver glitter.

16. Hot Glue Heart Pendant

Simple and charming, you can make a heart-shaped pendant out of glue that does not look like it is made out of glue.

Pour the hot glue into a heart-shaped mold( use a glue gun). Let it dry. Over with a red or pink glaze. Take it a notch higher by adding sequins or little gemstones.

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17. DIY fall leaves

Via Craftyourhappiness

DIY fall leaves for your home- all out of foil, hot glue and powdered or liquid glitter.

Use your glue gun to add weight and height to the foil base. Once the glue dries, use glitter to cover it.

18. Hot Glue Centerpiece

Fair warning, this one requires artistic skills. A hot glue centerpiece is not only easy and inexpensive but also has a singular texture and consistency that is hard to duplicate.

All you need is a hot glue gun( of course). aquarium stones, plastic flowers, earthen pots, and cardboard.

Use the cardboard disc as the base and glue the earthen pot to it at an angle. Arrange the aquarium stones in a seemingly random manner, to give the impression of disarray. Glue them on, and let dry.

19. Toys

Via Everyday DIshes

Glue gun toys for a child, toys that you can make yourself. The included link contains a tutorial to manufacture fake food items. The dried glue is of a malleable texture with soft edges that pose no threat to a small child.

20. DIY Teepee

Via Thehandmadehome

A blanket fort that stays up in good shape and stead, thanks to strategic gluing together of fabric and stands. All thanks to your handy glue gun.

21. DIY Flower Letter

Via Everydaysavvy

You can use this as an art installation on your wall or hang it in your foyer. 

All you need is the base for the letter(s) of your choice, a selection of flowers and foliage and a glue gun. Glue the flowers onto the base, and let them dry.

22. DIY chair

Via Burlapandblue

Refurbish your old office chair or the stand-alone couch in the study using only a glue gun.

23. Floral Headband

Via Operationoverhaul

Use a glue gun to glue flowers and leaves onto a headband or a woven circle of twine. Let the glue dry before you wear it.

24. Fix a Hole in your Jeans!

Via Agirlandagluegun

A personal favorite, this one, use a glue gun and some scrap leather, lace or both to darn torn jeans, stockings or coats,

25. DIY USB cover

Via Instructables

Use a glue coating on your USB stick as a protective cover. The glue prevents external damage and possible scratching.

Exercise caution and use only a light layer of glue.

26. Flameless Tea Lights (Rose)

Via Smartschoolhouse

Use a glue gun to attach fabric rose petals so that they mimic the structure of a half-open rose whilst also leaving space for the accommodation of the tea light.

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27. Floral Lampshade

Via Thegoldjellybean

There are two ways to go about this- you can either sew flowers out of fabric or use store-bought cloth flowers. Use a hot glue gun to attach them to the outside of the lamp. Use sparingly and with precision.

28. No-Sew Necklace

Via Prettyprudent

Fashion a handmade necklace using a chain and a statement item as the centerpiece- a glitter bow, a floral item or an old pendant. Use a hot glue gun for attaching the item to the chain.

29. Wall Mounted Animal Heads

Via Pleasenotepaper

Install your selection of curios on the wall simply with the aid of a glue gun. Use a wooden slab to avoid damage to the wall.

30. Textured Clay Roller

Via Potteryblog

Use a hot glue gun to trace designs onto a lint roller. Once dry, the roller can now be used to roll on a slab of wet clay and obtain incredible etchings.

31. Crayon Drip Art

Via Littlethings

Insert a crayon into a glue gun, and use it to create drip art on canvas. Hang the finished product on your wall.

32. Seashell Mirror

Glue seashells (real/fake) onto the edges of your mirror.

[Source link: https://winterandsparrow.com/ ]

33. Stained Glass Art

Via Donnadowney

Hot glue, oil pastels. All you require to create stunning art on a piece of stained glass or your windowpane.

34. DIY Wings

Via Damianrules

A little more complicated than the others on the list, the DIY fairy wings might require you to invest time but does guarantee results.

The requirements include wire hangers, thin cardboard, glitter and of course, a hot glue gun. 

35. Embellish a Card

Via Splitcoaststampers

Use a hot glue gun to add texture and design to a plain old card.

36. Book Wreath

Via Parenting

A fantastic paper wreath, glue together rolled up pages of an old book and hang the finished product on the wall.

37. Embellish a Photo Frame

Via Mom4real

Picture frame embellishments with hot glue are guaranteed success, provide as they do texture and height.

Use spray paints and sequins as final touches.

Glue gun projects, I have come to realize, are as easy as they are fun. Armed with inspiration from these 37 ideas, you too can discover new ways to use a glue gun on DIY projects.

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