31 Cool DIY Project Ideas for Teens to Make this Summer

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There are 104 days of summer vacation,

And school comes along just to end it,

So the annual problem for our generation,

Is finding a good way to spend it.

So starting out with this article, the first thing that came to my mind was “Phineas and Ferb”. Even though I am a child of the late ’90s doesn’t mean I didn’t love that show. So if like Phineas and Ferb you too have no idea how to spend your summers than the big world of the internet has landed you in the right place.

And if you are a parent whose child is not going to the summer camp then this list of 31 Cool DIY Project Ideas for teens is a must-have for you this summer.

31 Cool DIY Project Ideas for Teens to Make this Summer

1. DIY Glass Marble Garden Globes

Via Sweetpaulmag

A perfect accessory for your garden which will be a great surprise for your mom. These beautiful garden globes are made of lamp globes and flat marble nuggets. Once done your garden will stand out because of these (And Imagine the Insta worthy pictures you can take with them). 

2. Paper Pencil  Box

Via Momsandcrafters

Summer will be over and it will back to school time, so obviously some back to school hacks were needed in this article. This DIY is very easy and suits best for young teenagers. The cost is an added benefit as well. 

3. DIY Comic Tin can

Via Organized31

Reusing old things and turning them into something amazing is a very satisfying experience. This craft does just that, you can turn an old cookie tin into a comic theme container. How cool is that? You could do the same with old tin trays and jars.

4. Galaxy Themed Mason Jars

Via DIYprojectsforteens

Mason jars made a comeback in 2016-2017 and they are here to stay. They are one of the many staples when it comes to DIY. A really fun activity for teens to do this summer will be to make this gorgeous galaxy themed Mason jar. 

5. No-Sew Pop-Tart Pillow

Via Awwsam

A bright pink pillow that reminds you of one of America’s favorite snacks. This DIY is easy-peasy one. Any rookie with a needle and the materials can make it. Once you do that you can try different snacks too like Oreos or maybe a subway sandwich.

6. Pineapple Print White snickers

Via FlamingoToes

White Snickers are so in, so why don’t we create our own summer-themed white sneakers. You can also draw other things that remind you of summers (like sliced oranges).

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7. DIY Crystal Geode Eggs

Via Sweetpaulmag

I love sparkles (yes I know I am basic, let’s move past it). And even if I didn’t I would have started loving them after seeing these gorgeous crystal eggs. This craft is pretty easy apart from getting a perfect eggshell without breaking it. Use them as small bowls to hold knick-knacks that are otherwise lying around the house or simply place them or the mantle as a decorative accessory. You can even use them on easter to put out candies or trail mix. 

8. DIY Cereal Box Organizer

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Organize your books and projects with these really cheap but cute organizer made of cereal boxes. You can use good quality wrapping paper and decorate them with small pom-pom balls.

9. Make Your Own Multicolor Crayons

Via Thenerdswife

Normal crayons can get boring. Make these Multicolored Crayons to bring a vibrant change in the way you color. There is a lot you can do with this DIY. Try different types of molds and combinations of colors. 

10. DIY Sparkle Ball Lighting

Planning an indoor,start-of-summer party, make these lighting balls and have a disco-like party at home. Don’t forget to clean afterward as being grounded for summers is the worst.

11. DIY Pom-Pom and Rainbow Oil Diffusers

Via Abubblylife

Make these cute oil diffusers in a very easy way. All you need is yarn, wooden beads, and any essential oil of your choice. The scent is put into the wooden beads. Yes, the smell may not be very strong so you might have to put the oil once in a while.

12. DIY Upcycled Demin Pouch

Via Curlymade

Make this really cool denim pouch by upcycling old denim. It is a great way to pass time during summer while also making a back to school accessory.

13. DIY Clouds Lamp

This one is so gorgeous that it will leave your friends awestruck. You could use lights in the order of rainbow colors or attach a small semi-circle rainbow-colored cardboard cutout to the top of the lamp to make it even more beautiful.

14. Earphone Holder 

Via Makeit-loveit

A cheap and cute substitute for expensive earphone cases. And the best part is that you get to customize them according to your style and taste. So get your friends and make these cute earphone cases. You can even use them for storing things like hairclips and paper pins.

15. Jungle Slime 

Via Buggyandbuddy

At the risk of sounding old, I just want to say that I did not understand the obsession with slime but my younger brother kept asking for it. And after making a couple of them I totally got why people lost their minds on this. So, of course, this was making the list, after all, we are talking about millennials teenagers here.

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16. Clothes Pin Lamp

Via Diyprojectsforteens

This is one of the easiest and inexpensive DIYs in the list but it really doesn’t look like it. Use some old wooden pins and make this really cool lamp. I would advise using metallic spray paint so that no one can tell it is made of old clothespins

17. DIY Sidewalk Paint


A really fun activity that kids could do (it involves their favorite part-time, getting messy) on a summer day. As this is made from pantry items it is not harmful in any way and the cleanup is also very easy. 

18. DIY Sea Shell Necklace

Via Momsandcrafters

Whenever I go on a beach vacation I take sand and some seashells as a souvenir of the trip. I scrapbook the sand and I thought this will be a great way to use the seashells. So if you have some seashells lying around or plan to go on a beach vacation you can also try these. You can even make some for your friends.

19. DIY Resin Flowers

Via Diyjoy

This is just the prettiest thing ever. The resin keeps the flowers fresh and the end result is just so pretty. You can even make decorative paperweight for your work table. Choose a flower of your choice and give it more character by adding different colored petals and leaves.

20. DIY Yarn Chandelier


Brighten up your room using colorful yarn with this DIY. You can also string into them some fairy light or a small battery operated bulb. 

21. Magnet Makeup Organizer

Via Laurathoughts

A really nifty way to organize your make-up. You can try the same with your art supplies and tools too.

22. DIY Star Photo Holder

Via Curlymade

There are so many possible ways of getting creative with this one. These photo holders are made from clay. When making one for yourself you can try different shapes. You can give them an ombre look or decorate them with confetti or glitter. You could also make them in the shape of puzzle pieces and gift different pieces to your friends. 

23. DIY Chalk Board Globe

Via Alittlecraftinyourday

Turn an old rusty globe into a funky chalkboard. It doesn’t cost much and I found it a very unique idea. In a world full of Mason Jars DIY be a Chalkboard Globe (No shade towards mason jars, I love them).

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24. DIY Mermaid Themed Box

Via Natashalh

This Chic and beautiful mermaid themed box may not be the easiest one in the list but the end result is so worth it. And nothing about the DIY is particularly difficult either, it may be a tad bit time consuming though. And summer is passing time without being bored. 

25. DIY Pineapple Beverage Cooler

Via Awwsam

Making this cute Beverage cooler is a piece of cake. An ideal addition to outdoor picnics with your friends or family and you will have a fun time making it too. Also, it just looks like it is made for summers. 

26. Marbled Votives


Any DIY list that I curate can not be complete without a marled effect DIY. What can I say I have a thing for them. They can make great party favors too. It can also be a great activity for a girls’ sleepover.

27. Glitter Globe Rings

Via Helloglow

Yes, you can make this fabulous looking rings all by yourself. I would use some vintage looking charm to put inside but that is just me. You can put in your creativity and make them according to your taste.

28. DIY Flower Magnets

Via Buggyandbuddy

Magnets that will give you summer feels. A pop of orange on your fridge. And why just stop at that, try with different shaped flowers. You can even make sliced fruits like sliced orange/kiwi shaped magnets. It really just depends on how good you are with paintbrushes.

29. DIY Word Bobby Pins

Via Mintedstrawberry

I am not much for accessorizing but the two things I love are funky rings and cute bobby pins. So of course when I saw this DIY I had to share it. Get creative and make your own cool bobby pins (I am planning to make some with the words “Sassy”, “and”, Sexy” on them).

30. DIY Mosaic Stepping Stone

Make a few of these for your backyard and surprise your parents. A perfect gift for your parents and a productive way to spend some of your summer afternoons. So get those creative juices flowing and start DIYing.

31. No-Sew Color Pencil Roll-up

Via Makeit-loveit

This cutesy No-sew roll-up is just what the artist in you needs. Try this DIY with different materials like felt and leather (leather ones are quite costly if you buy them online and are very much in trend right now). And not just color pencils, you can use them for organizing paintbrushes, makeup brushes, and even paint colors.

Make sure to pin it for later as you’ll probably need it again and again!