50 Best DIY Summer Wreaths

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No other season can match the sunny, spirited, and lively summer—this is usually that time of the year we can’t get enough of. Chilling in the pool with friends while sipping drinks and spending time at the beach are some of the things we look forward to as summer approaches.

So why not welcome this wonderful season by decorating your house? Decorate your front door with bright wreaths that match your joy and excitement for this upcoming season. Summer wreaths are a great way to pay homage to this season, and we’ve left no stone unturned in bringing you some of the best DIY summer wreaths that you can make at home.

So, fellow summer lovers, go ahead and check out 51 of the most beautiful wreaths we’ve listed below!

51 Best DIY Summer Wreaths

1. Banana Leaf Wreath

Via Persialou

If you want to keep up with the tropical foliage trend that’s the rage nowadays, then this wreath’s for you.

This simple, cute, and easy to make banana leaves wreath is made out of crepe paper. The vibrant forest green paired with some black leaves really makes it a summery, beautiful piece worth hanging.

2. Flower Wreath

Via 259west

A beautiful wreath made by attaching tulips and hydrangeas to a store-bought grapevine wreath will provide a warm welcome for the visitors. You can choose any color variation of these two flowers and customize this wreath as per your mood or taste!

3. Aloha Summer Wreath

Via Foxhollowcottage

So what if you can’t actually go to Hawaii this time? Bring the feel of the beach back home by making this wreath with a cheap pair of flip flops, a wreath form, and some fabric. Blue, yellow, and green are some colors that scream beach and summer.

4. Burlap Baseball Wreath

Via Howtonestforless

This one is for the baseball lovers out there. If summer season equals baseball season in your house, then make this sporty burlap wreath to show everyone just how much you enjoy the fun sport!

Get a straw wreath, some baseballs, ribbons, and other easily available accessories from the dollar store and get crafting.

5. Flip Flop Wreath

Via Etsy

With a cardboard base, cheap flip flops, fake flowers, and some fabric paints, you can easily make this summer wreath to adorn your front door. The bright colors and flowers will perfectly capture the essence of the season.

6. Pinwheel Rainbow Wreath

Via Simplejoy

A simple foam wreath, a bunch of pinwheels in the colors of the rainbow, and some ribbons can give you this colorful rainbow wreath. This wreath is simple to make and will give your front door a bubbly appearance.

7. Wooden Bucket Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

Take a wooden bucket and fill it with a bunch of colorful flowers—you can change them every day or choose fake flowers and succulents. Make sure you pad the bucket with a bunch of paper towels and floral foam to make it stand out.

8. Sun Hat Wreath

Via Wethreeshanes

Buy a cheap sunny hat and embroider on it a small message for the visitors. You can even use markers to write the message—whatever suits you. Decorate with a bunch of vibrant colored fake flowers and ribbons, and voila!

9. Seed Packet Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

This is the most innovative one so far, and we think you’d agree. Nothing says summer like flower seed packets, and that too vintage ones. Can this get any classier? Add some seed packets to a wreath form and top it off with jute ribbons and fake flowers.

10. Felt Succulent Wreath

Via Sarahhearts

If you are a minimalist and have a soft spot for all things elegant, this DIY project is for you.

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Take some felt and make succulents out of it, attach them to a metal ring, and you have yourself a gorgeous, lavish, wreath with minimal accessories that still looks classy.

11. Floral Wallpaper Wreath

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

We never imagined that a wreath could be made completely out of floral wallpaper! Amazing, right? And it looks pretty as any other wreath. All you need is some wire, craft supplies, and a floral wallpaper of your choice.

You can also add some greenery to this wreath.

12. Blanket Summer Wreath

Via Persialou

Look at this pretty wreath made completely out of a bubbly blanket with an amazing texture. You can add pom-poms or tassels to this wreath too. Get your hands on a foam wreath and other craft supplies and get to work.

You can keep this on your front door during winter as well!

13. Geometric Floral Wreath

Via Papernstitch

Make a beautiful geometrical wreath decorated with flowers to surprise your visitors and make your front door stand out from the others.

You can make this floral wreath in any geometric shape you want. Who said wreaths always have to be circular?

14. Floral Rainbow Wreath

Via Linesacross

Rainbow colors are everyone’s favorite. Buy a bunch of faux flowers the color of the rainbow and attach them to a foam wreath. The other supplies you’ll require are twine/ribbon, felt, hot glue gun, and other easily available materials.

15. Clothespin Wreath

Via Mommyevolution

Get a pack of clothespins, some colored tape, and cover the clothespins with the tape. Get a pre-made wire wreath and attach the clips. Add some ribbons for decoration and hang it up. Quick, creative, and pretty!

16. Coastal Themed Burlap Wreath

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Make your wooden door look like the side of a ship with this amazing coastal themed burlap wreath. Use a styrofoam wreath form, burlap, and some rope to hang it up. Simple and innovative.

17. Flag Wreath

Via Redheadcandecorate

Are you a true American at heart? If so, you are going to love this one.

Make a patriotic wreath with some red and white checkered kitchen towels, thick white ribbons, and a metal wreath frame. Add blue ribbons with white stars to top it off.

18. Lemon Wreath

Via Createpraylove

Lemonade is THE ultimate summer drink, and a lemon wreath is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and admiration for summers. Buy some faux sunflowers, plastic lemons, wreath form, burlap, and yellow ribbon to make a perfect lemon wreath for your front door.

19. Flowery Garden Hose Wreath

Via Makingmanzanita

This one oozes with the essence of summers. Get a garden hose, some faux flowers, plastic butterflies and ribbons, and some other easily available items—that’s all you need to make this super easy DIY Summer Wreath.

20. Rainbow Paper Umbrella Wreath

Via Cfabbridesigns

These cute little umbrellas deserve so much more than just being thrown out of the drinks they come in. Get a bunch of colored paper umbrellas and a foam wreath to stick them on. That’s it. A cute and simple wreath!

21. Butterfly Wreath

Via Uptodateinteriors

Buy a grapevine wreath and some butterfly printables to make this beautiful butterfly wreath to embellish your front door. A whole bunch of colorful butterflies can really enhance the look of anything, be it real or fake!

22. Ice Cream Wreath

Via Etsy

Summers are incomplete without ice cream cones. Get some burlap and plastic mesh and wrap them to look like a nice cream cone. Insert floral foam and a bunch of colored faux flowers, and there you have it, your very own ice cream wreath!

23. Swimsuits On The Clothesline Wreath

Via Fynesdesigns

This wreath sure does remind us of the beaches, pools, and everything summer! Get a foam wreath, ribbons, twine, mini clothespins, swimsuit fabric, and needle and thread to make this extraordinary wreath.

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24. Boxwood Butterfly Wreath

Via Fun365

Butterflies make everything look magical and pretty. For this wreath, get a boxwood garland, plastic/feather butterflies, baby’s breath stems, and some ribbons. Follow the tutorial and end up with this masterpiece.

25. Flamingo Wreath

Via Missfrugalfancypants

If you want to give off some tropical summer vibes during your party, then this flamingo wreath is the right choice. A grapevine wreath, some plastic tropical palm fronds, and a flamingo welcome sign are all that are required for this.

26. Little Mermaid Wreath

Via Handmadecharlotte

You can make this mesmerizing Little Mermaid themed wreath by hand painting pasta. Use different pasta shapes and use shades of lavender, green, and pink to create this adorable wreath.

This can be a fun project for kids because of how easy it is, and who doesn’t love Disney’s Little Mermaid?

27. Wagon Wheel Wreath

Via Lydioutloud

Make this farmhouse style wreath with a wagon wheel, Peach Ranunculus stems and bush, Eucalyptus and Beach Basswood bush. Add in a mini metal watering can and hang the wreath with the help of a ribbon. Looks vintage and classy!

28. Nautical Wreath

Via Howtonestforless

Cover a straw wreath form with rope and add a small anchor along with some seashells taken from a seashell garland. This wreath requires minimal supplies but still manages to look fancy.

29. Beach Umbrella Wreath

Via Consumercrafts

Here’s another beach themed summer wreath. For this one, you will need Modge Pod, foam wreath form, styrofoam cones, and some craft paint. The various summer colors used for this will make this wreath the embodiment of summer.

30. Crochet Sun Wreath

Via Repeatcrafterme

If you are the crafty kind, this amazing crocheted wreath can light up your front door. All you need is a styrofoam wreath form, yellow yarn, and wood pennant flags for this sunny piece.

31. Summer Bike Wreath

Via Craft-O-Maniac

Summer is incomplete without biking, isn’t it? Decorate a styrofoam wreath with a piece of warm yellow fabric and add a little decorative bike to it with a flower basket attached. This wreath will surely make us want to put on shorts and go biking right away!

32. Cupcake Liner Wreath

Via Craftsbycourtney

Get a bunch of cupcake liners to decorate a foam wreath and add some small starfish here and there. The blue and white liners will remind you of the ocean but you can choose any other colors you like.

This wreath is pretty easy to make—all you have to do is fold the liners inside out, scrunch them together and attach to the foam with some pins.

33. Fabric Buds Wreath

Via Thinkingcloset

Grab some pretty fabric that you might have lying around in the house, and make the buds by following the tutorial. Wrap the wreath form with fabric, attach the buds and you will have a beautiful piece!

34. Scraps Wreath

Via Onekriegerchick

Wait! Don’t throw away your leftover fabric scraps yet. They can be put to good use—make this unique wreath out of fabric scraps in summer colors. It will surely turn out to be a vibrant and textural wreath.

35. House Number Wreath

Via 1dogwoof

Make a wreath that displays your house number with ‘floofy’ felt flowers and some metal numbers. Take a twig wreath and add the numbers and flowers, and you’re done.

36. Hydrangea Wreath

Via Betweennapsontheporch

Hydrangeas are such beautiful flowers, and hence can be used for decoration. Make this hydrangea wreath with a grapevine wreath, floral wire, burlap ribbon, and of course, hydrangea blooms.

You can add in some daisy stems too.

37. Living Succulents Wreath

Via Prettyprudent

If you don’t want to spend money on fake succulents, make this DIY living succulent wreath that stays alive ALL YEAR ROUND. Chop off a bit of some living succulents, dry those pieces, and arrange them into a wreath.

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38. Moss Wreath

Via Livelaughrowe

Get some bags of floral moss, and cover a grapevine wreath with it. Finish it off with a cute ribbon. This is such a simple and unique wreath. Keep in mind though, that this can be a messy process, but definitely worth the end results!

39. Sunflower Burlap Wreath

Via Etsy

Make a sunflower wreath with yellow burlap and use coiled brown rope for the center. You can also add in green burlap for the leaves.

40. Pebble and Faux Succulent Wreath

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

You can get all the supplies for this DIY wreath at the dollar store—pebbles, glass stones, and faux succulents. It calls for some patience and hard work, but the result will definitely blow your mind.

41. Crochet Flower Wreath

Via Doodlecraftblog

Take a foam wreath form, and cover it with yarn completely. Crochet a bunch of colorful flowers (you can use a number of different colored yarns for the same flower), and attach them to the wreath.

42. Fabric Balls Wreath

Via Michaelmillerfabrics

Buy a bunch of styrofoam balls, get hold of that leftover fabric strips, and cover the balls with it. Glue them together in a circular shape to form wreath! This is a super fun and easy project.

43. Forest Wreath

Via Earnesthomeco

This forest-inspired wreath requires a grapevine wreath, assorted moss, twine, and some air plants. Wrap the wreath in twine, and use a hot glue gun to glue the moss to the wreath. Attach the air plants, pieces of birch, and feathers.

You can hang this wreath on your door during spring too!

44. No-Sew Watermelon Wreath

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

How can we not make a watermelon themed wreath when it’s a summer fruit everyone loves? And this one is really easy too! Use red, pink, green, and black felt and attach it around a styrofoam wreath form.

45. Paper Flower Wreath

Via Homemadeginger

Buy a bunch of streamers and use them to create small, colorful flowers to adorn the base wreath with. The base wreath can be in any shape you want. Cover it with the flowers completely. This one is a cheap, easy, and beautiful DIY wreath.

46. Spring Minis Wreath

Via Loveliesinmylife

Get a bunch of small colorful faux flowers and a twig wreath to make this beautiful boho themed wreath. Place the flowers on the wreath in whichever way you like using a hot glue gun. Now all that is left to do is hang up this creative piece! Check out DIY glue gun crafts.

47. Balloon Wreath

Via Etsy

For this one, take a whole bunch of balloons and—no, don’t blow them. Use them as they are and arrange them on a foam wreath form. You can use whatever color scheme you like (summer colors will look beautiful). This one has a patriotic feel!

48. Accordion Paper Wreath

Via Thecraftpatchblog

For this one, you will have to do a bit of easy papercraft. Make paper accordions with different patterned scrapbook papers and stick them together on a foam base.

49. Driftwood Wreath

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

For the supplies needed to make this wreath, you will have to go out on an adventure.

Get out of the house and look for driftwood pieces (this way you can also spend some alone time with nature (very much needed these days) and come back and assemble the wreath! Now THIS is what you call ‘a fun project’.

50. Lemon Wreath

Via Ordyandjoon

Here’s another one. When life gives you lemons, make a summer wreath out of it! Get a bunch of plastic lemons and leaves, and make this lemony wreath.

These were some of the really creative wreath ideas, and that’s why they’re the best! Pick the ones you like and get started with your summer wreaths.