41 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas To Try

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A bed of flowers and plants provides your outside space with a springtime vibe as the weather warms up. Whether it’s a small green plot, a large and bland patio, or a large lawn, flower beds are a game-changer. Their splashes of color and texture are a great way to brighten up your home.

Speaking of flower beds, there are plenty of ways in which they can spruce up. This collection of 41 stunning flower bed designs can help you turn your yard from ordinary to extraordinary. This list will be worth your time so let’s get started. 

41 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas To Try

1. Curb Appeal

Via Hometalk

If you have a side yard, then flower beds have got to be added over there as well. Flowers like lilies look great in a flower box or around the border of a small bed right in your side yard. Plants of bright green hosta lilies will also contrast well, making your yard look stunning. This idea is easy to do and worth the try.

2. Hanging Flower Bed

Via Goodshomedesign

Who said flower beds have to be on the ground? Sometimes making them float is a fantastic method to spice up the garden. Well, not literally float but sort of! This floral garden hanging from the ceiling is an excellent way to recycle old gutter pieces and transform your garden to look new. This flower bed design is ideal for small yards or apartment balconies.

3. Old Tire Flowerbed

Via Addicted2diy

To make elegant flowerbeds, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or search across areas. By taking some inexpensive materials, you can easily make gorgeous flower beds. In this DIY, the person has used an old tire, a wooden spool, and a plastic planter tray to create a creative flowerbed. 

4. DIY Vertical Flower Bed

Via Theidearoom

A vertical flower bed made of a wood trellis is a great option for house owners with limited space. You can see in this DIY that between the slats, gloxinias, petunias, and their foliage cutely pop their heads out. In a box that runs the length of the house’s wall, beautiful flowers will surely give a great look.

5.  Zoysia Grass And Flower Bed

Via Imgur

Colorful flower beds are a must-have and this idea uses flagstones and grass to create a classy flowerbed pathway. The pathway around the flower beds looks much more natural and isn’t too difficult or time-consuming to construct. You’ll need flagstones, masonry sand, and a metal edge to complete this fantastic outdoor landscaping project.

6. Stencilled Cinder Block Flower Bed

Via Realitydaydream

Want to work on a DIY that won’t break much sweat or spill too much cash? If so, this is a simple, cheap, and effective flower bed idea. All you’ll need are some cinder blocks and a selection of stencils that you love. Then, using the stencil and spray paint, you’ll need to paint the cinder blocks in a random pattern to finish off the look. Working this one with your kids or spouse makes it even more fun.

7. Tiered Flower Bed

Via Anikasdiylife

For a nice touch of green and vibrant garden space, make a DIY tiered flower bed that you can move wherever – indoor or outdoor. To make this attractive planter box, you’ll need a drill, miter saw, nails, and other woodworking tools. Oh does the tool list scare you off? Believe us, this is the easiest three-tiered flower garden that anyone can create.

8. Flower Tower

Via Simplydesigning

If you don’t have a lot of areas to grow flowers, then this flower tower is a great option. It’s built of wire fence mesh that’s been zip-tied together, and fabric and soil. The tower will not only add beauty to your home but will also give blossoms! Once you do this DIY, all you’ll have to do is water it and watch it grow.

9. Topsy Turvy Flower Bed

Via Weheartthis

With just a few terra cotta pots and a few additional materials, you can create this lovely topsy-turvy towering flower bed. These are ideal for extending your lovely flowers up into the porch or deck, or if you don’t have enough space for a larger bed. It’s simple to make and you can add as many pots as you want – until it falls.

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10. Giant Rock Flower Bed

Via Instructables

Instead of simply planting the flowers, you can make this flower bed with rocks that you can easily find around. To hold them all together, you’ll need is a bag of concrete. This is a terrific method to cover a raised bed!

11. Flower Bed In Front Of The House

Via Imgur

Flower beds right in front of the house won’t fail to capture the hearts of all the guests and passers-by. To grow a wonderful flower bed, first mark the garden area to dig for the flower bed design, and then do all seeding and watering. Fill the dug-up bed’s perimeter with landscaping stone. Then, for weed control, spread down landscaping cloth over the entire bed. 

12. Recycled Flower Bed

Via Fourgenerationsoneroof

Instead of tossing out furniture that is no longer functional, let us transform it into a flower bed. This chair flower bed idea is a great way to reuse items. Simply place a flower pot on the seat of an old chair to get this look. You could also place the chair in a regular flower bed and let your other flowers flow around it.

13. Hanging Gutter Flower Bed 

Via Hertoolbelt

This hanging planter is simple to construct and features a swing-style frame with gutter planters tied on heavy-duty rope. To make this insanely good-looking self-standing planter stand, you’ll need 2x4s, 12 gutters, and potting soil. To hang the DIY planters on the self-standing planter frame, use eye screws, and s-hooks.

14. Hanging Rain Gutter Flower Bed

Via Makeitloveit

This hanging flower bed will adorn the entire exterior of your home. To make this hanging flower garden, you’ll need a 10-foot vinyl gutter and three sets of vinyl gutter end caps. It can be hung on any wall and once it is hung, it will add more vibe to the place. This is an easy DIY that can be done by almost everyone.

15. Kiddie Pool Turned Flower Bed

Via Themomstandard

An old swimming pool that you no longer use can be transformed into a lovely flower bed. You can easily buy round kiddie pools for about $10 each at the Dollar Store, or you can utilize an old one that may leak. It will make an excellent beginner flower bed, regardless of its shape or size. This is fun DIY to try out.

16. Whiskey Barrel Flower Bed

Via Foodfamilyfinds

Would you believe it if we say that a floral bed can be made out of an old whiskey barrel? Indeed it can! It not only does the job well but is also really unusual, giving your entire outdoor décor a rustic feel. You just need half of a whiskey barrel to fill the bottom of the container with rocks or gravel and add soil plus flowers.

17. Raised Flower Bed

Via Thenavagepatch

This elevated flower bed will keep weeds at bay while also serving as a large decor in your garden. The project is simpler to complete for beginners and will never fail to amaze anyone. To create this long-lasting raised flower bed, you’ll need cedar deck boards, cedar posts, and bespoke hardware. The best way to increase the number of people who see your garden is to do this DIY, of course.

18. Flower Bed In An Actual Bed

Via Myrepurposedlife

An old headboard and baseboard can be used in a variety of ways to create a gorgeous floral display. With that being said, we’re going to make use of them and make an actual bed for the flowers. Traditional flower gardens are best suited to beds, and this one is particularly fanciful and enjoyable.

19. Elevated Flower Bed

Via Instructables

To build robust raised garden beds that can be dragged to any outdoor site, this idea works great. The entire project will cost you very little money, and you will enjoy constructing and installing the raised beds. Paint and varnish the beds to preserve them, and then start planting your favorite flowers in them.

20. DIY Log Flower Bed

Via Hallmarkchannel

If you have a few old logs lying around the yard and want to make something truly unique (and gorgeous), simply hollow them out and plant your flowers inside. These are also ideal for use as a flower garden border. Simply select smaller logs and plant something that will not grow to be very tall.

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21. Boots Flower Bed

Via Rosinahuber

Want to make some crazy good and creative flower beds? If yes, this boot idea will capture your heart. You can make a cute flower garden just on the side of a fence using old rubber rain boots and a little color. Simply fill the boots with soil and flower, and hang them wherever you like. These are also fantastic for hanging on trees!

22. Pallet Raised Bed

Via Instructables

Build these long-lasting raised flower beds with free recycled pallets that look stunning with the lattice design top framing. To make these beds, dismantle the pallets and get creative with the free pallet wood slats. These raised flower beds can be customized in-depth, and they will serve as a large focal point in your yard. They last longer as well.

23. Tire Garden

Via Birdsandblooms

Instead of throwing old tires in the trash, let us turn them into a beautiful flower garden. All you have to do now is paint the tires (if you want to or you can just let the black shade stay) and arrange them as you wish. Then simply fill the center with potting dirt and plant your flowers there.

24. Cedar Box Flower Beds

Via Bitterrootdiy

With these lovely cedar planter boxes, you can dress up any patio, window side, or fence wall in no time. Get started with 1x6s to simply make these long-lasting DIY hanging planters that have been tightened in shape with flower box brackets, which also add a metallic accent to wooden surfaces.

25. A Vertical Pyramid Flower Bed

Via Removeandreplace

Not every yard is large enough for a typical flower bed, and not every vertical flower garden is the same. This vertical pyramid bed is the perfect one for little yards and balconies because it provides plenty of planting areas and adds elegance. The flowers grow upward, allowing you to make use of the available air space above.

26. Flower Bed Out Of Shipping Pallet

Via Diynetwork

Why not put the shipping pallets to good use and improve your yard and garden? To make this lovely rolling raised flower bed, you’ll need solid wood pallets, 2x4s, 1x8s, recycled plastic shutters, exterior-grade paint, landscape fabric, drainage stone, planting soil, and compost. One of the most creative DIY garden bed designs, indeed.

27. Flower Bed In Chest Drawers

Via Hometalk

Furniture makes an excellent option to make flower beds. Wondering how? Here’s an amazing DIY idea with a chest drawer. This chest of drawers has been repurposed into a beautiful flower bed that doesn’t require much space to thrive. The drawers are ideal for planting rows of flowers, and you can top them off with pots filled with more blooms.

28. Metal Raised Flower Bed

Via Mklibrary

This metal-raised flower bed will add a lot of wow factors to any garden or backyard. The build is simpler than you think – even an amateur can quickly create this long-lasting and attractive raised flower bed. To make this wonderful wooden garden bed, you’ll need a corrugated metal sheet and heavy-duty wooden legs. 

29. Mini Wooden Flower Bed

Via Gardenersworld

Add this trio of wooden planters to any patio to turn it into a tiny paradise. To make this stunning raised planter centerpiece, use pressure-treated wood and build it by hand. It will offer aesthetic beauty and attractiveness to any deck, porch, or patio. This DIY can be done within the weekend, so dive in to get your hands dirty.

30. Flower Bed Pond

Via Empressofdirt

You can make a raised flower bed into a pond or add a small pond to your flower garden area to provide the soothing sound of water. This is a simple project that is creative for individuals who want a little pond in their yard but don’t want to spend too much money. Moreover, you can also grow flowers in little inner tubes with a wooden foundation inserted at the bottom. 

31. DIY Round Raised Flower Bed

Via Oleanderandpalm

Install these visually engaging and stunning round raised garden beds to create an astonishing geometrical vista in your garden. To create these perfectly round garden raised beds, you’ll need a 3ft galvanized fire ring, steel wool, white vinegar, self-etching primer, oil-based enamel, disposable paint, compost, and two bags of arranged garden soil.

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32. Woven Flower Bed

Via Instructables

If you want to include raised flower beds in your landscaping but don’t want a square bed, you can weave your own round beds that will look beautiful all around the yard. The weaving can be done with willow, dogwood, or any number of other flexible rods. They’re perfect to be placed near the steps! 

33. Hanging Tin Flower Bed

Via Stuffstephdoes

Hanging flower beds are an excellent way to give a splash of color to places where it seems lifeless. These cute tin flower beds are created from recycled tin cans. You can use these tinned flower beds to cover an entire fence or simply hang them wherever you want a burst of color. 

34. Pillar Flower Bed

Via Curbly

Pillars are a terrific option for they look simple yet chic. If you don’t have any lying around the house, you can make these pillars out of PVC tubing, which is very inexpensive. Simply place your pillars where you want them, fill them with potting soil, and decorate them with flowers.

35. Spiral Flower Bed

Via Samsveggies

You can make a spiral bed instead of a standard raised bed if you enjoy the look of brick but don’t like the square shape (the traditional boring look). These require relatively little effort and time, but they look fantastic and provide a lovely showcase for your favorite flowers. They’d look cheerful at the entry to a larger flower garden – so plant ‘em there.

36. Boat Flower Bed

Via Motherearthnews

When it comes to creating a flower bed, you may want to make do with what you have. This boat planter is a fantastic concept, especially for lake or beachfront properties. Use an old boat (we mean a tiny boat and not a literal one but if you have that, proceed with it) to build your flower garden if you want a raised flower bed. This idea might seem to be quite expensive but is worth the shot.

37. Wall Pallet Garden

Via Huffpost

For this DIY, take old pallets and build a full wall of flowers if you have a wall accessible. This is the best answer if you want a flower bed but can’t put one in your yard. You can use contrasting blossoms and paint the pallets in different colors. This DIY works great when used on fences, decks, or even on the side of your house.

38. Hanging Basket Garden

Via Curbly

Hanging planters are a terrific way to bring flowers to a variety of locations. This wicker basket planter is ideal since it allows you to grow numerous different flowers at the same time without requiring yard space. This can be hung on the deck, balcony, or wherever else you need to grow your favorite flowers.

39. U-Shaped Flower Bed

Via Brittanystager

This U-shaped design is fantastic because it provides a great view from all sides. This design will easily transform a simple backyard and produce a large amount of space for plenty of flowers. You’ll surely love it when you complete it in no time!

40. Metal Container Flower Beds

Via Cynthiaweber

Instead of creating your raised garden beds from the ground up, why not recycle a water trough (or several) and make easy alterations? Does it seem like a huge process? Absolutely not! It only takes a few minutes. Depending on what you want to grow and how you want to organize your garden, you can mix and match various containers.

41. DIY Tiered Wooden Flower Bed

Via Decorandthedog

If you want to grow flowers in your raised garden beds but want them to look modern, then this tiered setup would be ideal. It’s a lovely way to organize your flowers as well as a practical structure that’s perfect for garden corners. When the weather isn’t cooperating, you can even bring them inside your home.

Flower beds that are made by oneself will hold a lot of memories to cherish. With that being said, we hope you have found the right idea for your yard. Happy building flower beds and memories!