31 Cool Crafts Ideas for Teens

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I have spent many a happy day glued to my TV screen, watching shows like Art Attack and M.A.D. Shows which instilled in me a curiosity to construct and build, to fashion pencil stands and makeshift forts out of tissue paper and wooden sticks.

Of course, now that I have at my constant disposal a smartphone, I know to turn to Google and Pinterest for some art and crafts inspiration. And in the time that I have tried to DIY my way into being a sculptor and artist, I have gathered a fair bit of knowledge about art projects and ideas for teens

1. Clothespin Lamp

Via Diyprojectforteens

Creative and functional, a clothespin lamp adds an edge to the bedside table. Constructed very simply (with alternating clothespin end to end), all you have to do is place a bulb in the hollow space. You can also mix things up and place string lights instead.

2. Jewelry Box

Now, this is always an exciting one. All you need is a box of either tin, wood or plastic to start with. Add to it handmade paper, mirrors, sequins and other articles of your choice.

3. PomPom Mouse Pads

Via Designimprovised

Move over, rubber mouse pads spark no joy. A pom pom mouse pad is a lot of fun to make and takes in all just five minutes.

Make a cut-out of the dimensions you need for the mouse to rest comfortably and maneuver itself.

4. DIY Phone Case

Via Lovelyindeed

A DIY phone case, with nail polish. Nail polish is of the right consistency and does not budge after it tries out. Paint your clear(and boring) phone case however you like, in a multitude of colors and textures!

5. 3D Hand Art

Via Diyprojectforteens

A way to make handprints on walls looks the opposite of irrefutable. 3D hand art is exactly how it sounds, a three-dimensional imprint of your hand. Use crayons, acrylic paint or spray paints depending on the medium.

An optical illusion you will never tire of.

6. DIY Succulent Planters

Via Akailochiclife

Succulents are in trend. Recyclic also it is, as it always should have been. What better way than to combine the two for a fun art project?

All you need are old plastic eggs from Easter, paints, and succulent clippings.

7. Fabric Headbands

Via Curlymade

Cute headbands? Yes, please.

Pick out some fabric you’d like to use, or get creative by making your own designs on plain colored material. Accessorize with bows and beads.

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8. DIY Photo Frames

Via Landeeseelandeedo

Encompassing a wide range, DIY photo frames are super simple. This particular project involves some neon inspo, and a triangular shape, but you can experiment as per preference.

Pro Tip: Personalise the photo frames with regard to the subject of the picture they hold.

9. Floral Brooch

Via Ohjoy

Brooches radiate an old-world charm, a charm I certainly am hasty to imbibe. If you share similar feelings, this project is the one for you.

Use either fabric flowers or, go au naturel with fresh flowers you can switch out every day.

10. Bow Necklace

Via Weheartthis

Necklaces, in my opinion, should be one of a kind. And those are hard to come by. Make your own, I say!

All you need is a metal string or a choker strip. 

11. Ribbon Embellished Notebooks


Spruce up your notebooks, files and planners with ribbon embellishments. The best part? They also double as handy bookmarks.

12. Cloud Lights

Via Diyprojectforteens

A personal favorite, cloud lights require careful construction and some supplies, but are worth it.

A fun little light fixture to hang from the ceiling, you can now go to sleep with a view of a twinkling cloud.

13. DIY Bookmarks

Via Itsalwaysautumn

Don’t you ever wish you had a bookmark that only you had, unique and entirely yours? Well, do not dawdle because I have the perfect solution for you.

DIY bookmarks can be fashioned out of almost anything and in very little time.

14. DIY Pencil Holder

Via Dealsplus

A classic, but always in high demand. Pencil stands are a staple requirement in most households and with good reason.

Add a personal touch to your study with a DIY pencil stand that expresses through art your personality, and provides you with some random motivation in the middle of a particularly hard day of studying.

15. Stamped Shoes

Via Happinessishomemade

This simple DIY is absolutely the most fun way to upcycle an old pair of tennis or running shoes. Paint over with fresh paint of your choice, and get stamping!

Pro Tip: Play around with the stamp shapes and sizes for a more psychedelic pattern.

16. String Bowl

Via Tutsplus

This one is a real winner. All you need is a roll of tough string (the kind that can hold its form), glue and paints.

Once painted, dried and dusted, you can put it in a place of pride among the kitchenware and be able to display it as your own creation.

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(You will also need a bowl as the mold).

17. Mason Jar Candle

Via Shutterfly

The best part about DIY-ing a mason jar candle is that the finished product is as good as, if not better, than a store-bought candle.

It allows you the liberty of choosing out colors and fragrances as per preference. You can even name it!

18. Button Art

Buttons do more than just hold clothing in place, they can be an article of creative self-expression. Button art is easy and fun, and can be implemented in various styles.

Use buttons to spell out your name, frame a picture and or stick on to an old vase. It is your call.

19. Flower Crown

A handmade flower crown is the perfect hair accessory, whether you’re attending a wedding, a party or a music festival. All you need is some metal wire or flexible twine and a selection of your favorite flowers and leaves. 

You can also use the plastic frame of an old headband.

20. Wool Heart

Knit your significant other a woolen heart this Valentine’s Day. Deceptively easy to knit, it is sure to brighten up their day!

All you have to do is cut out a heart shape on cardboard and wrap a red yarn around the heart covering it completely until you feel it looks perfect. To prevent it from loosening, tie the loose end to other strings.

21. Beaded Bracelets

As birthday or anniversary gifts or simply for personal use, a handmade beaded bracelet is an accessory you need to keep on hand. All you need are pony beads, string and scissors.

22. Melted Crayon Butterflies

Via Theartbarblog

No need to dispose of old crayons with ideas like this. The butterflies can be hung as an art installation or from the window as something to look at against a backdrop of waning light.

[Adult supervision required when handling the hot iron.]

Alternatively, use butterfly-shaped molds in which you can pour the melted crayon.

23. Painted Paper Pinwheels

Via Theartbarblog

Pinwheels on a windy day, lemonade, summer. Memories we all have tucked into forgotten recesses of the mind.

Use paper, paints and a stick to make your very own pinwheel. You can also recycle magazine cut-outs.

24. Pot Painting

Via Placeofmytaste

Now, this is one you can have fun with. Dig out your old paints and try your hand on the flowerpots in and around the house. You can color-block, embellish, trace and use any other means of painting available.

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25. DIY Lip Balm

Via Happinessishomemade

Lip balm, I will have you know, is imperative to carry around, at all times. And making it from scratch is easier than it sounds.

All you require are a few easily available ingredients (beeswax, shea butter, essential oils) and edible colors of your choice.

Pro Tip: Add some glitter for a shimmery finish.

26. DIY Throw Blanket

Via Loveofhome

A DIY throw blanket you can knit and cozy up with while watching a rerun of Pretty Little Liars. Get knitting!

27. Egg Carton Flower Mirror Frame

Via Wonderfuldiy

A frame for your makeup mirror. A DIY frame, to be exact. Made of eggshells. That looks like flowers. As impossible ( and unappealing) as that may sound, it is exactly the opposite.

Glue the eggshells to the side of your mirror, after you have painted them ( ceramic blue is my personal favorite). Arrange them in a way so that they resemble petals.

Pro tip: Spray with your favorite fragrance to get rid of any lingering smell.

You can also use an egg carton to do the same.

28. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Via Abeautifulmess

Marbling has the effect of making almost anything look beautiful. Turn your plain white dishes from drab to fab, courtesy of skillful marbling.

All you need is some colored clay, a knife and glaze.

29. Chalk Marker Leaves

Via Artbarblog

Leaves, untrodden, make for great canvases. Collect a few of varying colors (green, red, yellow) and use a white chalk pen to trace embellishments of your choice.

You can string the finished leaves together in a garland or frame them individually to construct a wall display.

30. Fabric Covered Books

Via Twotwentyone

I shall end the list with a personal favorite, fabric-covered books. Instill some old-world charm into your old and worn books, by covering them with beautiful fabric. While you can purchase fabric, it is also a good idea to fashion the fabric on one’s own.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different textures- like velvet, felt, gingham and satin.

31. DIY Scented Soap

Via Artbarblog

Scented soap is super easy to make at home. All you need is lye (sodium hydroxide), organic colors, and essential oils and butter.

There are tons of soap recipes online to choose from. One for every season, one for every mood.

There you have it, a carefully curated list of exciting DIY art ideas for teens. Try them out and discover a new-found love for crafts!