30 Spectacular Sharpie Crafts Ideas

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Looking for some easy DIY for home decor? Want some project ideas for your kids this summer?

We have got all your needs covered. Here is the list of craft ideas using Sharpie markers that can easily write on almost every surface and hence making this list long. You can make home decor and organizing stuff within minutes using this efficient item.

So, if your needs are sorted, let’s take a look into some DIY ideas.

1. Something with Textiles

Via Curbly

If you are not familiar with Sharpie art yet, let me tell you, rubbing alcohol and Sharpies are best friends. Make crafty watercolor art and enjoy while you watch those inks spread and make perfect designs. You just need fabric and tape to make it frame-worthy.

2. Sharpie Wallpaper

Via Vintagerevivals

Wallpapers can be very expensive, especially with those stencils and tapes. Well, you can get all these done by simply using a sharpie paint pen, some rulers and a steady hand. Trust me, all of these would cost you less than 10 dollars!

3. Wind Spirals

Via Happyhooligans

If you are overwhelmed with wind chimes and whirligigs and want to try something new this summer, go for wind spirals using water bottles! This inexpensive DIY can be made using empty water bottles and colorful sharpie markers. Use the neck of the bottle as holders and see them bounce with the wind!

4. Dinnerwares

Via Thesweetestoccasion

This one is my favorite and you will understand why if you just try it. This cool craft idea can make patterned plates with stencils and sharpies. Make your boring dinnerware colorful and lively with this creative home decor.

5. Colorful Table Edges

Via Dreamgreendiy

If everything deserves to have some color in life, why not tables? Trim your study and dining tables with a sensational gold sharpie and adore them like never before. You can do this to cabinets and or sofa sleeves as well!

6. Pillowcases

Via Homemadeginger

Did you ever customize pillowcases? If not, it is time. Use sharpies to create a watercolor design in this DIY pillowcase craft idea. I am sure your kid will be excited to go to bed once this creation is complete!

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7. Porch Rugs

Via Twelveoaksmanor

Rugs can literally transform an entire living room, isn’t it? But, they are extremely costly especially if they are printed or patterned. You can customize rugs by designing it using Sharpie pens and then color it. So, ready to transform your porch rug?

8. Patterned Mugs, Anyone?

Via Brendid

Just like that funky dinnerware, sketch some patterns on classic mugs and cups. You can use paper cut-outs to get the perfect design. Take sharpie paint pens and sketch carefully using the cut-outs. Just some patience and your customized mug are ready!

9. Funky Organizers

Via Funkyorganizers

Plastic desk organizers can be very boring and let’s say it, they are monotonous just like our daily lives. Why not add some color? Bring on some neon Sharpies and adorn the organizers with colors!

10. Lamp Bases


Creativity has no end- somebody had said it right! Transform lampshades by designing the bases with colorful Sharpies. You can do this to any colorful lamp bases and give it a 3D effect. For a more elegant look, make a Sharpie lampshade as well!

11. Why Not Glasswares?

Via Brit

Add some funk and pop to your glassware collection with Sharpie paint pens and transform your crockery. You can explore your artistic abilities in this DIY and who knows, you might create something magical!

12. Canvas Art

Via Thissillygirlskitchen

Add some sass and class to a blank canvas using colorful Sharpies. You can use both ink and paint pens for this one and design something wonderful.

13. Decorate Pencil Cups

Via Lovelyindeed

Just like those trendy mugs, decorate pencil cups with sharpie pens and adore them. Make your study table look attractive with this simple creation. Also, this could be a handy craft for your kid during the summer!

14. Key Rings

Via Howaboutorange

Recently, I experimented with a sharpie pen on a wooden chest and surprisingly, it holds the color like nothing else. Buy some wooden chest for 10 cents and style it with attractive designs. You can use them as keyrings or presents for your loved ones.

15. Stencil Stationery

Via Mrhandsomeface

Give your notepads and cards a new look by tracing a crosshatch design using sharpie pens. You can also design your initials in it for a more customized look.

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16. Leopard Prints

Via Infinitepretty

If you want to sketch leopard prints on leather or jute bags, Sharpie pens would be the best choice. Change your plain tote bag into a funky leopard printed one by using paint pens and show off in style.

17. Shoe Design

Via Dreamalitttlebigger

Make your saddle shoes look cooler by designing it with sharpie paint pens. You can make a freehand pattern or use stencils as well. Whether it is a classic white sneaker or an old pair of football spikes, it can transform everything!

18. Customized Cases

Via Lorrieeverittstudio

Couldn’t find the perfect iPhone case for you? Well, you can make one without any hassle by Sharpie pens. Choose vibrant colors for a more fancy look or design the perfect black and white pattern. So, are you showing off your new phone case in style?

19. Doodle Bulbs

Via Kellyelko

If lamps, why not bulbs? Design your LED bulbs by using sharpie pens and make pop art. I have patterned a few in my living room and it did transform the entire look of the shades as well.

20. Sharpie Chairs

Via Juniperhome

Transform your chair covers by patterning them using sharpie markers or paint pens. You won’t need an extra chair case to decorate the leather or sponge coverings anymore!

21. Pillow Designs

Via Thehappyhouse

Just like those watercolor designs in pillowcases, you can use sharpie ink pens and create black color blocks or some statement designs and transform your cushions. With regular use, it will last an entire season without fading.

22. DIY Shells Decoration

Via Craftingtogo

If you have collected several seashells as a token of presence from the beaches, but they are resting in the storeroom for years, take them out and design it using sharpie pens. Once done, you can showcase them as well.

23. Doodle Onesies

Via Deliacreates

If you want to add some style to your newborn’s onesies, polka-dot them! Just use fabric sharpies and design anything you want. But, be careful as it can look messy due to the fabric pulls.

24. Adorn Jackets!

Via Secondchancesbysusan

If you are bored with your denim jackets and want to add some extra sass to it, tattoo them! You just need an ultra-fine pointed sharpie marker and your job will be done. So the next time you wear it, be ready for some extra compliments!

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25. Makeovers for Your Desk

Via Cuckoofordesign

Did you ever try to decorate the white walls in your cabinet? You don’t need expensive wallpapers for that, just a pointed sharpie would do. Make this amazing bamboo graphic sharpie pattern and be proud of yourself!

26. Abstract Curtains

Via Placeofmytaste

Want to add some flare to your apartment? Give all the curtains a makeover. A pointed sharpie, whether colored or just a marker, would do your work. Use this easy DIY and adore the curtains every time you see them!

27. Gift Wrap Decoration

Via Brokeandbeautiful

Not sure about you, but I am very specific when it comes to gifts and presentations. I have often decorated simple paper gift wraps using sharpie markers and gave them a new look. Try these out during the next Christmas!

28. Garden Art

Via Gardeningchannel

Ever heard about sharpie rock art? If you are a garden lover, then you surely should adore it with this easy DIY. Collect some river rocks and a pointed sharpie and your garden marker is ready to rock. This garden working project is surely going to amaze you!

29. Colorful Coasters

Via Pagingfunmums

It is the easiest DIY craft for kids and can be used for gifting, regardless of the occasion. You just need some ceramic tiles, sharpie paint pens, rubbing alcohol and a clear finish spray. Make a collection of these colorful coasters and put them on display!

30. Tinfoil and Sharpie

Via Happyhooligans

Create a unique name art with tin foils and sharpie pens. It is an amazing project for toddlers and beginners and very easy to work with as well.

Before ending this DIY article, I would like to remind you that it is never too late to start. If you couldn’t decide which one to choose, just pick something randomly and try it out. You might not get desired results, but something amazing would surely come up. Why wait? Sharpie-it out!