100+ DIY Bookshelf Plans and Ideas For Every Space, Style and Budget

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Are you looking for a bookshelf to store your large collection of books that doesn’t spoil the decor of your home or workplace? A lot of attractive shapes and designs are available in the market but they also come with a hefty price tag. This list of DIY bookshelves will save you a good sum and cater to all your book storing needs.

Whether you’re looking for a large bookshelf for your office library or a small one for your kid’s room, this list has covered it all. You will definitely be amazed to see the array of creative options available that would also blend in effortlessly with your interiors. Dive into this list and start working to build your favorite piece now!

100+ bookshelf plans and ideas for your books

1. Crates DIY Bookshelf

Redefine the term best out of waste with this exquisite bookshelf made by rearranging and painting old crates in a unique fashion.

Find this bookshelf here.

2. Modernistic Pipe Bookshelf

Bring your old water pipes to good use in making this modernistic bookshelf that allows ample space for books and background decor too.

Find this bookshelf here.

3. Ladder Bookshelf

Add a retro touch to your room with this spectacular Ladder bookshelf. Along with its high utility, it brings an out-of-the-box appearance to your library.

Find this bookshelf here.

4. Boat bookshelf

Add a close-to-the-shores look to your office or dining room using this creative Boat bookshelf made using plywood, maple and pine!

Find this bookshelf here.

5. IKEA Bookshelf Makeover

Why spend hours of time building up a bookshelf from the start when you can rather when you remodel your IKEA bookshelf into this vibrant piece? A trendy wallpaper, paint and shelf tops would do the work for you.

Find this bookshelf here.

6. Toscana Bookshelf

If you are a fan of minimalistic and natural home decor, this easy-to-make Toscana Bookshelf adds a soothing dash of nature in your living room or office.

Find this bookshelf here.

7. Standard bookshelf

This one is a bookshelf that would do the job for you and can save you a lot of money. $60 for a beautiful DIY bookshelf isn’t a bad deal, after all.

Find this bookshelf here.

8. Rolling Bookshelf

Ever thought about a rolling bookshelf that you can move from your living room to the bedroom as per need? This one would also be easy to move whilst shifting homes.

Find this bookshelf here.

9. Rustic X Bookshelf

You can quickly create this easy to build and durable bookshelf using Strong-tie connectors and thick bookshelves.

Find this bookshelf here.

10. Geometric Bookshelf

You might be surprised to know that you can make this incredibly catchy geometric at almost tenth of its market price using a few easy steps.

Find this bookshelf here.

11. Twin Storage Headboard

Standard bookshelf size is not enough when you have kids at your home who need to store a host of books, stationery, toys and more. This twin storage headboard is an ideal solution to your kid’s bedroom.

Find this bookshelf here.

12. Bookshelf Tree

Your old, boring bookshelf looks completely out of space in your child’s room. Find this fun-looking tree-shaped bookshelf to add a dash of vibrance in that dull wall or your child’s room.

Find this bookshelf here.

13. Life with Fingerprints Bookshelf

Ideal for the smaller rooms, you can hang this bookshelf on the wall and save some valuable space. The barriers on this bookshelf prevent the books from falling too.

Find this bookshelf here.

14. Simple bookcase

Why spend hundreds of bucks when you can create this simple yet useful bookshelf in a few hours? You can use whatever is available to you as support including wood, leftover metal pipes or even brackets!

Find this bookshelf here.

15. Iron-bound bookshelf

This iron-bound bookshelf has a professional touch to it and is ideal for your office or workplace.

Find this bookshelf here.

16. Six Cube Bookshelf

The sectional design of this masterpiece helps you store much more than books. It also adds a glamorous quotient to your living room or office.

Find this bookshelf here.

17. Floating Bookshelf

This one is built to withstand your heavy thesis and academic papers. It has strong shelves coupled with an appealing design that looks perfect in dim light with a lamp.

Find this bookshelf here.

18. Industrial Bookshelf

This tall industrial bookshelf looks classy and durable. The pipings would use in making it does inflate its cost but it’s still a far cry from the exponential cost you would pay for it in the market.

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Find this bookshelf here.

19. Classic Bookcase

Place a few indoor plants in this spacious look to complete an authentic look to this classic bookshelf.

Find this bookshelf here.

20. Contemporary Bookcase

An ideal space to keep your photo frames, showpieces, stationary and obviously books. You can also choose to paint this one depending upon your decor theme.

Find this bookshelf here.

21. Kentwood Bookshelf

Are you looking for a bookcase but running out of funds? This bucolic piece is quite inexpensive to make and can house a large number of big to small books.

Find this bookshelf here.

22. Mounted Shelving Unit

The best part about this mounted shelved bookcase is that it gives you room for customisation. Match your wooden flooring with the wooden planks on the shelf and customise the spaces in rows for the items you want to keep.

Find this bookshelf here.

23. Pallet Bookshelf

The pallet wood used in this pretty little bookshelf adds a warm rustic tone to your living room or bedroom.

Find this bookshelf here.

24. Kids bookshelf

Another masterpiece made up of crates, making this kids bookshelf is literally child’s play! 

Find this bookshelf here.

25. Rustic Bookshelf

This inexpensive and easy-to-create bookshelf is better suited to be used as a shoe rack.

Find this bookshelf here

26. Wall Bookshelf

A spectacular design straight out of the modern interior decor book, this built-in bookshelf saves you a lot of space.

Find this bookshelf here.

27. Dollhouse Bookshelf

A trendy bookshelf for the romantics out there, it’s fun to create and would make anyone smile.

Find this bookshelf here.

28. Wallpapered Bookshelf

A cost-effective bookshelf that you can personalise using your favourite wallpapers.

Find this bookshelf here.

29. Old Bookshelf Makeover

If you don’t have adequate equipment or expertise to craft wood and create a new bookshelf, you can buy an old one and give it a makeover easily.

Find this bookshelf here.

30. Industrial Rustic Bookshelf

Use some old planks as shelves which blend with these industrial pipes to give a vintage look to your home.

Find this bookshelf here.

31. Roller Shades Bookshelf

Covering your bookshelf with roller shades enhances its finesse.

Find this bookshelf here.

32. Cupboard Style

Adding doors to the bookshelf is great for private matters. It will look more like a wooden cupboard after adding an old fashioned door.

Find this bookshelf here.

33. Replace Backboard

Your old bookshelf might be looking dull because of its boring baseboard. Swap it with painted pallets for a vibrant look.

Find this bookshelf here.

34. Sliding Door Bookshelf


An interesting sliding door project which is bound to get you a few praises now and then. Check the Instagram profile for instructions.

35. Stair Tread Bookshelf

A durable stair tread has a sharp finished edge which adds the extra oomph to the final product.

36. Tree Bookshelf- 2

Another kind of tree bookshelf which is easy to make and adds to the charm of the kid’s room.

Click here.

37. Secret Door Bookcase


A distinctively premium type of bookshelf is the one with a secret door. But you can make it at a significantly lower cost using the link in bio.

38. Rain Gutter Bookshelf

Inexpensive to make and ideal if you have children at home. Click here.

39. Drawer Bookshelf

Don’t know what to do with old drawers? You can turn it into a bookshelf within a few hours using this technique. Click here.

40. Plain ladder bookshelf

As you can notice in the picture, it’s quintessentially just a ladder that won’t cost more than $5 and you can move it around to climb too! Click here.

41. Crutch Bookshelf

This idea got your creative bells running, didn’t it? Click here

42. Honeycomb Bookshelf

A cute idea for your comics, stationary and showpieces, it’s easy and cost-effective to make. Click here.

43. The Whole Wall Bookshelf

Look to build a library along the whole wall? Keep all your belongings at one place using the several compartments in this one.

Find this bookshelf here.

44. Themed Bookshelf

You can add a theme while designing the bookshelf ranging from Marvel Comics to Old-fashioned bar or Green and Brown colour combination. You can even go for Tetris themed bookcase like this one.

45. Rainbow Book Tree

Arrange the books in a Rainbow colour combination or any other you like to enhance your interiors.

Find this bookshelf here.

46. Floral Wallpaper

Spend a little less on the bookshelf and a little more on the wallpaper. This striking floral design will look brilliant for your comics and Game CDs.

Find this bookshelf here.

47. Treehouse Book Loft

Add space for books as well as games in this treehouse inspired reading nook. 

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Find this bookshelf here.

48. Crate shelf for play school

This cosy wooden crate shelf is ideal to keep around the nursery or kids playrooms. A piggy bank, car and toys look beautiful in this minimalistic unpainted piece.

Find this bookshelf here.

49. Bedeck with Birds

This ceramic bird decor blends excruciatingly with deep black paint in the bookshelf. Keep the colour scheme identical for a clean look.

Find this bookshelf here.

50. Wooden Kids Shelf

This bookshelf is down-to-earth metaphorically as well as literally. It is unpainted and natural as well as easily reachable to children.

Find this bookshelf here.

51. Cozy Kid’s Corner

Hanging the books on the wall will allow you to customise your space with fairy lights, pillows and such decor to make a cosy reading room.

Find this bookshelf here.

52. Faux Hanging Shelf

These Pink twines add a trendy and playful look to the wall hanging shelf.

Find this bookshelf here.

53. Quotes and Poetry

Give an old-fashioned look to your bookshelf with framed poetry and country stylebook covers on the top tier.

Find this bookshelf here.

54. Chic-Shelving design

A bookshelf in your office should look well balanced and the Globe, Antlers and vase in the picture just do that.

Find this bookshelf here.

55. Window-sided Reading Nook

These wall high shelves either side of the bed and the window and the back creates a mesmerising reading nook.

Find this bookshelf here.

56. Metallic Decor

The metallic Home decor adds glitz to your room.and keeps the colour palette neutral. Complement your metallic bookshelf with metallic decor.

Find this bookshelf here

57. Customized Bookshelf Liner

A change in bookshelf liner can also redefine its look. Just use paper, pencils and copy machine to create customised shelf liners.

Find this bookshelf here.

58. Salvaged Shelves

Line the back of the bookshelf with a thematic paper and paint the shelf to match the hue. You can choose your favourite themes like food or travel and match decor with it too.

My Creative Days

59. Vintage Botanical Displays

If natural decor is your fetish, this incredible style tip would please you. Print beautiful drawings of flowers or branches and line up your shelf with them.

60. Nerd Nook


Straight out of the nerd’s ideal home, this reading nook can incorporate all your favorite Harry Potter, Star Wars, DC and other collections.

61. Baby book nook

A little book nook for your baby or your thin magazines and catalogs. You can also create it for your shop to keep catalogs.

Find this bookshelf here.

62. Thin and Tall

Place a long creeper above this tall bookshelf for a tree-like appearance in the living room or the hallway.

Find this bookshelf here.

63. TV Bookshelf

Make good use of your old TV by making a retro-style bookshelf. Break the glass carefully though!

Find this bookshelf here.

64. Wallpapers

Another cool idea wherein you will paste wallpapers on the bottom of the wall-mounted shelves.

65. Industrial Rolling Shelf

A fun roller bookshelf that is ideal for your recording projects.

Find this bookshelf here.

66. Maths and Gravity

One-of-a-kind design that allows you to keep books slanted.

Find this bookshelf here.

67. All-in-One

Use this exciting design to create a stool-cum-bookshelf-cum-table. This one is indeed a creative masterpiece.

Find this bookshelf here.

68. Staircase

It will require more than one person to create this unique bookshelf along the staircase.

Find this bookshelf here.

69. Fallen Shelves

The asymmetrical divisions add a pleasant aesthetic to your workplace or the reading room.

Find this bookshelf here.

70. Cloud Ledges

You can use this cloud styled wall mounted bookshelf spaces to create a fascinating interior design of a sky through the blue wall!

Find this bookshelf here.

71. Diagonal Bookshelf

This diamond-cubed design is great to incorporate an array of books. You can use the whole wall or just half of it.

Find this bookshelf here.

72. Corner Bookshelf

This Corner bookshelf would save you a lot of space and subtly use the corners too.

Find this bookshelf here.

73. Anthro Bookcase

A portable bookcase best for coffee table reading sessions. Find here.

74. Turn kitchen cabinets into a bookshelf

Old wooden kitchen cabinets seem useless as you can’t even sell them at a good price. Turn them into an appealing bookshelf using this simple method.

Find this bookshelf here.

75. Swing Bookshelf

Hanged to a traditional rope, this bookshelf looks very cute in your kids’ bedroom.

Find this bookshelf here.

76. Custom kitchen bookshelf

Kitchen cabinets have ample unused spaces that you can use to store your cookery books et al using this easy technique.

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Find this bookshelf here.

77. Secret Door Bookcase

A subtle idea to keep your books, this bookshelf will save you a lot of space and attract compliments from your guests.

Find this bookshelf here.

78. Henry Bookshelf

Another costly item made at a steal price, you can make the Henry bookshelf at just about $60. Polish it to match the interiors of your living room.

Find this bookshelf here.

79. Knockdown Bookshelf

Tired of shifting heavy furniture every time you shift your home. A knockdown bookshelf that one can easily dissolve is just what bachelors need.

Find this bookshelf here.

80. Hanging Book Display

Your little infants love to pick out their books and choose them by their cover, don’t they? This cute hanging bookshelf is the right choice for them.

Find this bookshelf here.

81. Tetris Bookshelf

This catchy piece of the shape of Tetris looks best as a DVD-cum-books rack.

Find this bookshelf here.

82. Recycled Leather and Wood bookshelf

Bet you’ve never seen a bookshelf tied with discarded leather belts. This one is going to stand out in whichever room you place it in.

Find this bookshelf here.

83. Wine Crates Bookshelf

One for the binge drinkers, this wall-mounted crate bookshelf is a style statement for the aesthetics. Combine with a dark wallpaper for a deep contrast.

Find this bookshelf here.

84. Old-fashioned stools


Combine old stools and benches in this arrangement for a vintage look.

85. Bedtime Stories

Arrange your books on a shelf nearby your bed for a quick read in those restless nights.

Find this bookshelf here.

86. Sphere

Enhance the ambiance of your office space using this spherical bookshelf in which you can place important documents, decor items as well as catalogs.

Find this bookshelf here.

87. Toddler House Shelf

An exciting mini home to keep all the soft toys, blocks, and books for your kid.

Find this bookshelf here.

88. Inverted Triangular shelf

I bet it will be hard to believe that this was a DIY project. Place some indoor plants to add a natural touch to this mechanical bookshelf.

Find this bookshelf here.

89. Little Tree Bookshelf

You will be surprised to know that this crafty masterpiece requires very few materials to build. Keep some frequently used books and items on your work table in this bookshelf.

Find this bookshelf here.

90. Rope Bridge bookshelf

An aesthetic bridge-styled bookshelf to keep your favorite book near your bed.

Find this bookshelf here.

91. Read-Unread bookshelf

A well-thought-out design to keep a track of which books you have read and which you haven’t. Remind yourself to read those books that you bought with excitement but haven’t bothered to read yet.

Find this bookshelf here.

92. Book-bookshelf

A bookshelf surrounded and supported by books itself is a genuine style statement for those nerds out there.

Find this bookshelf here.

93. Nautilus bookshelf

A bookshelf especially designed to keep different sizes of books in different compartments. Forget that, JUST LOOK AT THIS unbelievable DIY project.

Find this bookshelf here.

94. Snake bookshelf

Inspired by one of those snake maze games, this bookshelf is minimalistic and easy to make yet looks incredible.

Find this bookshelf here.

95. Bookshelf Chair

Ever heard of the comfort zone? This Bookshelf chair is every nerd’s dream comfort zone indeed.

Find this bookshelf here.

96. Inverted Bookshelf

Are you the one who always wants to stand out? This inverted bookshelf made using stretchable elastic is definitely your cup of tea.

Find this bookshelf here.

97. Guitar Bookshelf

Are you a music enthusiast and have discarded your old guitar? Transform your old guitar into a bookshelf and enhance the decor of your music room.

Find this bookshelf here.

98. Mandala Bookshelf

This Mandala shaped bookshelf is destined to become the focal point of your living room decor.

Find this bookshelf here.

99. Copper and Wood shelf

The killer combo of copper and wood makes this one a thing of beauty.

Find this bookshelf here.

100. Dresser Bookshelf

I loved the idea of this bookshelf incorporated in the dresser. Save some space and money using this intelligent DIY project.

Find this bookshelf here.

101. Pinewood Bookshelf

Create a stunning naked look with the white pine board and place it in front of the white wall.

Find this bookshelf here.

Transform the bookshelf you once thought as boring furniture into a mesmerizing masterpiece using these easy DIY projects and save some cost along the way too. Do tell us if you have more ideas for a DIY bookshelf in the comments section.