51 Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom

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Whenever we think of giving a makeover to our homes, the master bedrooms are the first place to pop up inside our heads. 

Revamping your room using the knowledge of vintage and subtle designs like that of a rustic farmhouse can be really amazing. The aesthetic of rustic farmhouse ambiance is everything or a must to say the least, that you need to decorate your room. 

Rustic farmhouse-like designing is the perfect blend of modern techniques and classical sensibilities. You need not follow any laid down guidelines, just go as far as you can into transformation and you’ll definitely end up with something spectacular. 

Finding the best fit for your room can be hectic in such a vast sea of ideas on the internet, so we’ve come up with a curated list that will surely trigger your senses. 

51 Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom

1. Rustic Farmhouse Ceiling

Via Homegery.chakadecor

A simple wooden ceiling will hit you right in the feels. If you wish to provide a rustic look to your bedroom without much hassle, then this is a must-try. 

2. Hanging Lantern On A Wooden Beam

Via Studio-mcgee

You can hang these lanterns to add a little rustic look in your bedroom. There can be more than one of those to exaggerate the effect. These lanterns can be allegedly made up of wood, plastic, etc.  

3. Log Cabin Vibes

Via Goodhousekeeping

Convert your ordinary headboard style into something like this that gives you an old cabin vibe. You can also make an overboard to exhibit your photos, artwork, and other things. 

4. Distressed Wood Barn Door

Via Idealbarndoors

A distressed wooden bar door can be your gateway to your paradise bedroom. The fact that it looks broken and woody guarantees the rustic feels of this barn door. 

5. Wooden Rack

Via Thefarmhousedecor

This magnificent wooden mirror frame and rack will help you infuse some plain countryside feels in your master bedroom along with the twist of modern industrial artwork. It is a legitimate decor item you must have in your room. 

6. Decorative Ladder

Via Etsy

I never thought that a wooden decorative ladder with buckets would be such a mystical showpiece. It can be used to enhance the beauty of your room in case you don’t want to change much. 

7. Wooden Frame

Via Jhalvorson

Time to grab your favorite photographs and make a vintage photo frame of woods to add another subtle element in your room. This will decorate your room and remind you of your favorite moments. 

8. DIY Cedar Fences Headboard

Via Addicted2decorating

Make an easy and cheap headboard for yourself if you’re running out of budget but still want your favorite rustic surroundings around your room. This headboard will be a little bit tall so ensure that there’s ample space for it. 

9. Hanging Lamps

Via Shanty2chic

Found these really awesome lamps on Instagram to hang in your modern room to give it a rural feel. You needn’t change all of the decors in your room to enjoy that countryside’s pleasure. 

10. Vintage Trunk

Vintiquewise Large Wooden Antique Storage Trunk, Cherry
Via Amazon

A vintage trunk is a must-have decor item to complete the designing of your bedroom. You can either reinvent your existing trunk or shop one from the leading online stores. 

11. Wicker Baskets

Goodpick Large Cotton Rope Basket 15.8"x15.8"x13.8"-Baby Laundry Basket Woven Blanket Basket Nursery Bin
Via Amazon

A wicker basket is one of the items that will instantly change the theme of your bedroom. It is a useful decor item that will transform the ambiance of your bedroom into a classical vintage type. 

12. Floral Wallpaper

How can you think of anything rustic without flowers? Well, you must not! So to complete the vintage look of your bedroom use a floral wallpaper. It can also solely handle the work of transformation. 

Check out different wallpapers here.

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13. Rugs

Via Aninspirednest

The rugs you keep in your homes have a major role to play in determining the styling of your bedroom. But the ones like this can be a win-win if you’re looking out for something rustic. 

14. Fireplace

Via Octoberacres

One thing that comforts us during the winter season in the farmhouses is the fireplace. This is a place where you can hibernate all day long in your vacations. Get one for your bedroom and enjoy it anytime. 

15. Barn Wood Love Sign

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Give your room the country chic cottage look that you’ve been anticipating all this while. This DIY project is there for you so that if you’re not finding one in any shop, you can make one for yourself.

16. Crate Headboard Piece

Via Owecraft

Here’s another DIY project to give your room the vintage look it needs. It looks like a fun activity to perform and will be amazing when fully built into a headboard.

17. DIY Stepladder Side Table

Vintiquewise Large Wooden Antique Storage Trunk, Cherry
Via Prettyhandygirl

Kick out your usual side table and make this offbeat step ladder-shaped side table. It will not only provide you with a space to keep your goods but also a designing material to decorate your room. 

18. DIY Pallet Headboard

Via Thinkingcloset

These uneven pallets remind me of fences we get to see outside a farmhouse or countryside mainly. Make a headboard of these pallets and enjoy the wonderful sight inside your room. 

19. DIY Corner Shelf

Via farmlifebestlife

This rustic looking corner shelf will single-handedly change the decor of your room. Go from a modernized collection to a simple countryside setting by making one for yourself.  

20. Wooden Curtain Rods

Via Oliveandloveblogspot

Forget your usual curtain hanging rods or hooks and make these wooden curtain rods. It is perhaps the most minute detailing in the list right now but never underestimate the power of tiny things.  

21. Rustic Dresser  

Via Hayneedle

Replace your usual dressing table with this vintage rustic dresser to enhance your bedroom’s farmhouse look. You can top it up with something antique to complete the look. 

22. DIY Blanket Ladder

Via Lovegrowswild

Place an old wooden ladder in your room to add a bit of low-key farmhouse feels. You can use it as an organizer for your soggy bathroom towels and bathrobes. 

23. Curtain Partitioned Country Bed

Via Lovegrowswild

Add some farmhouse feels to your bedroom using simple curtains. The wooden partition for curtains will also help you have extra privacy without disturbing the rest of the setting of your room. 

24. Barn-style Picture Display

Via Heelsinthemud

Try this DIY project to display your most beloved pictures in a rustic style for your bedroom decor. The black and white print of the pictures add their own bit to the rustic feels. 

25. Greenbelt Lodge Room

Via Savvysouthernstyle

You can’t describe farms without mentioning the animals there. So how can you think of farmhouse-like decor without animals! Put some animals’ wallpaper like cows on your walls to complete the process. 

26. DIY Wooden Arrows

Via Littlebrickhouse

These simple wooden arrows can be one of those elements of interest in your room. You can make them in different shapes, styles, and colors according to your taste of liking. 

27. Wooden Chandelier

Via Onekindesign

This open light chandelier is my favorite piece by far. It’s adding the perfect amount of farmhouse aesthetic to the room. Now you can freely soak into the rustic feels anytime by merely sitting in your room. 

28. Garden Style Bedroom

Via Canadianloghomes

No matter what the location of your house is, you can’t miss out on having country cottage garden vibes in your bedroom. This floral wreath above your head will provide you natural feels. 

29. Farmhouse-style Simple Bedroom

Via Sarahjoyblog

Well, it clearly states ‘farmhouse’ so now you’re bound to feel that way! Just saying. This arrangement above your headboard is easy and attractive and will give you country feels. 

30. Nightstand Alternative

Via Savvysouthernstyle

Try out this antique nightstand instead of your conventional one. Top it up with a lamp, a pitcher,  a clock, an old vintage tray and anything else vintage. And you’re ready to step into your bedroom designed in a rustic way. 

31. DIY Barn Door Headboard

Via Shanty2chic

You must have seen barn doors multiple times but rarely would you have come across a barn door headboard. Yes, it’s unique and edgy plus it will satisfy your thirst for a rustic bedroom design. 

32. DIY Rustic Wooden Chair 

Via 1001pallets

Gather unused wooden pallets lying around your backyard nonchalantly. Create a rustic vintage chair from it for your bedroom’s farmhouse decor. This is a DIY project so you’ll have to invest a little effort and time of course. 

33. Sliding Barn Door

Via Thehoneycombhome

Privacy is considered everything these days and imagine that without compromising on your bedroom’s decor. Installing a sliding door in your room will give a picturesque vintage look to it. 

34. Antiquated Picture Frame

Via Thehambyhome

The use of this lovey-dovey photo frame arranged in a vintage look can really help in giving your room a rustic countryside look. Place your favorite picture and you legit have a decorative item for your bedroom. 

35. Provincial Bedroom


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Via instagram.com

Installation of floral bouquets and wreaths around your bedroom will make it look like a farmhouse. This decor is just apt if you’re looking for something rustic. 

36. Vintage Bedroom

Via Theelledecor

White walls paired up with distressed furniture and a wooden beam will make your bedroom a vintage attic. This is my personal favorite design piece and I can’t get enough of it. 

37. DIY Rustic King Bed

Via Shanty2chic

Head over to your tools and grab them for this DIY project. Make a vintage king size bed for your master bedroom by yourself. Create this rustic bed using your contemporary tools and equipment.  

38. Keep It Bright And Airy

Via Onekindesign

The rooms in farmhouses or countryside are usually filled with light and fresh air. Although you can’t get that fresh air in the city, you surely can have that ambiance inside your room!   

39. Mix Old And New

Via Nehomemag

Blend the vintage with the modern style and create incredible decor for your bedroom. It is rustic and contemporary at the same time and it’s quite rare to get the best out of all the times in one thing.   

40. DIY Staggered Headboard

Via Remodelaholic

This must be the easiest DIY for a rustic headboard. It doesn’t require much measuring work and can be cut in whatever way you like. You can also polish them if you wish to. 

41. Metal Bed Frame

Via Wayfair

Another way to add a rustic feel in your bedroom is this classical metal bed frame. Nothing can be more vintage than these metal frames as they’re definitely considered as a thing of the past now. 

42. DIY Nightstand

Via Jenwoodhouse

Time to give a makeover to your usual nightstand and try out this DIY project for something really cool. It will be less expensive than the ones you buy from the market except for the fact that it requires a tad of effort. 

43. New Light

Via Wayfair

You can get that vintage or farmhouse look without actually being primitive in terms of fixtures. These lights of the latest design will fulfill your aspirations for a rustic ceiling.   

44. Hide Wires With Barn Woods

Via Countrydesignstyle

Now this is something that I never thought would make such a nice decorative item. These barn woods will not only provide a rustic look but will also help you hide irrelevant wires sneaking around the television. 

45. Strip Ceiling

Via Jaimecostiglio

For a great farmhouse look, try out this striped ceiling design. Whenever you’ll look up, it will make you feel as if you’re in some farmhouse amid all the rustic things. 

46. Bricks Walls

Via Notjustahousewife

One thing that will surely never change about the farmhouses or houses in the countryside would be their brick walls. If you also want a farmhouse look in your bedroom, brick it up!   

47. Jute Basket

Via Iheartorganizing

A simple yet spectacular jute rope basket will make a great item for your bedroom’s vintage decor. You can place any indoor plants in it or keep your accessories. Whatever the side purpose be its main purpose will be to enhance your bedroom’s look. 

48. Rustic Clock  

Via Etsy

Get this large gray wooden clock to up your farmhouse decor game. The roman numerals make it look like more of a countryside item and that’s all you need for your rustic bedroom feels. 

49. DIY Side Crate

Via Dwellbeautiful

This mystical crate requires minimum space but can do a lot to change the decor of your room into a vintage one. This side table will also help you organize your tiny essentials. 

50. Simple Farmhouse Window Treatment

Via Marialouisedesign

Time to revamp your bedroom’s windows like the ones in farmhouses. This DIY is really inexpensive and impressive. It will be your perfect weekend activity while being productive at the same time. 

51. Full Decor Makeover

Via Onewom

Give your room a complete makeover to get the best feels of rustic farmhouse ambiance. It might be a bit hustling for you to change the whole of it but it’ll be worth your efforts. 

Rustic never goes out of the style, in fact, it is the new contemporary decor that most of the households adopt these days. Try out some of them and you won’t get disappointed.