27 Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts That Look Spectacular

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As a kid I used to get fascinated by the colors and patterns of the mason jars. As an adult, well I’m still thrilled about them but this time it’s because of their versatility. 

From storing food items in your kitchen to beautifying the dullest corners of your homes, a mason jar is a potential go-to buddy for such creative projects. There’s a lot more to explore in these small cans than just a container. The more I learn about them, the more I fantasize about creating something off the show using them. 

If you’re a fan of DIYs and have a hyperactive right side of the brain, you must be knowing what a mason jar is capable of. For the rest of you novices, we’ve got you covered! 

Let’s take you on a rollercoaster ride of some spectacular mason jar crafts that are a surefire to tickle your creative nerves. 

27 Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts That Look Spectacular

1. Mason Jar Chandelier

Via Diyprojects

A couple of mason jars can make a fantastic chandelier to dazzle up any place. You just need light bulbs, mason jars, and some other basic electrical supplies. Remember to drill some holes at the top or bottom of the jar as the light bulb needs to breathe.

2. Bathroom Storage Mason Jar

Via Lizmarieblog

Enhance the interior designing of your bathroom into a stylish one using these tiny buddies. You can use them to store earbuds, cleaning sponges, cotton balls, etc. Try this neat and practical DIY that can turn your bathroom into a bonafide masterpiece. 

3. Enchanting Halloween Lanterns 

Via Craftsbyamanda

Imagine the Halloween season is here and you can’t wait to rock it with your spectacular idea! Wait, do you even have an idea? If not, this mason jar DIY is for you. All you need to do is to color and design them using a marker in a spooky fashion. 

4. Snow Globe Mason Jar 

Via Freepeople

Watching snow is my favorite thing to do during winter time so I decided to bring it home for all year long. That’s right! Grab a mason jar, glue, glycerin, glitter, water, and anything you want to put inside it. You’re ready to create this mesmerizing centerpiece that just gives the right winter feels.

5. Prism Mason Jar Light  

Via Homesteading

Who doesn’t like mood lighting in their home and that too when it’s so inexpensive and easy to make! You can’t refuse to these prism mason jar lights that are going to give off elegant vibes when you illuminate them.

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6. Chalk Paint Planters

Via Shellyhickox

Create a natural-looking planter using mason jars and some bits of an old unused book (you can also use scraps of newspaper instead). Make bird-like figures out of these pages and cover the mason jars with acrylic paint to get the look. 

7. Welcome Sign

Via Michellejdesigns

This DIY project requires a little bit of effort and a whole lot of interest. It’s not as hectic as it seems and can be a great weekend leisure activity with your friends and family. Also, it’s a fantastic reception sign that all your visitors would love. 

8. Desk Organizers

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

Create this itsy bitsy (not that tiny though) desk organizer using a mason jar, wrapping paper, colorful ribbon, and some basic craft supplies. Affix lovely flowers to them to add some liveliness to your desks. You must have gotten the contour of this project already because it’s really easy.

9. Toothbrush Holder 

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Another way to wipe out the dullness from your bathroom is this toothbrush holder made using a mason jar. Grab your most liked mason jar and just replace its lid with the chicken wire. Now you no longer have to bother about the scattered toothbrushes. 

10. Turn Your Mason Jar Into A Terrarium

Via Ohmycreative

If you love to have a place like a terrarium in or around your living room but fail to execute the idea due to lack of sufficient space, then this one’s for you. You can now have a mini portable terrarium made up of mason jar. 

11. Air Freshener

Via Thirftyfun

Presenting you a cool and refreshing DIY technique to deodorize your space and fill it with a rejuvenating smell. The one provided here is baking soda, however, you can personalize it the way you like and of course the jar as well. 

12. Edible Party Favors 

Via Southernweddings

Party favor is a Melo fashion to show love and gratitude to your guests. These edible party favors can be the showstopper in your summer outdoor wedding. You just need a cute fabric, tiny mason jars, tying thread, and anything adorable to put inside them! 

13. Lamp Base

Via Redberrybarn

I never thought that something like this could also be made out of these mason jars! This offbeat lamp base is everything you need in your bedroom. You can embellish it the way you like or else they look amazing anyway.

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14. Stained Mason Jar

Via Masonjarcraftslove

Time to refurbish your mason jars and transform them into a legit showpiece! If you’re someone who loves to play with the colors, you’re going to love this project. Grab a lot of acrylic paint, a permanent marker, and our star product mason jars.

 15. Mason Jar Floating Candles  

Via Listotic

These spectacular floating candles are a sight to behold! They will both light up your place and add up to your home decor at the same time. You can also use these wholesome lights in your wedding decor, let’s admit it you can’t resist these floating luminous objects. 

16. Vintage Photo Jars  

Via Handimania

Gather up your imagination and your favorite picture to carve out ( not literally though ) this absolutely stunning photo display. In addition, you’d need essential oils in order to keep up with the fragrance. The vintage look is completely because of the oil so don’t try to miss out on that part. 

17. Bird Feeder

Via Littlehouseliving

My favorite thing about a park is the singing of birds out there in the open prairie. The birds usually gather around the bird feeders and dare I say they’re really easy to build. You can make one for your own garden using a mason jar, twine, a small chicken feeder, and bird seeds. 

18. DIY Lego Pencil Holder  

Via Handmadecharlotte

Lego is probably one of those things that unite us, we all love them as if we’re still a kid trying to build something crazy with them. Well, we can and it’s totally justified. Create this cute Lego-themed pencil holder for yourself. 

You can also make a whole squad for the upcoming kids’ party at your place.

19. Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts  

Via Somethingturquoise

With a handful of supplies you can make this inexpensive personalized gift piece for your friends and family. They can be the favorite gift for all the boozers out there. For the non-drinkers, you can replace the alcohol with soda bottles and they’d still look great. 

20. Gleeful Jars

Via Dottieangel

Create a euphoric setting in your living room with these gleeful mason jars. You just need to doll up your mason jars using yarns and apply your knitting skills. You’re going to love them once it’s done.  

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21. Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Via Studiodiy

Another incredible way to use your mason jar is to make these numbered advent calendars. On each day open the corresponding numbered jar and voila! This would work as a treasure hunt that your kids are going to love and so will you. 

22. DIY Mason Jar Flower Vase  

Via Gardenmama

Everyone loves flowers, right? Then why not create a personalized flower vase of a mason jar! This is the best gift you can give to your parents or grandparents when you plan a surprise visit to them.

 23. Rainbow Cupcake In A Jar  

Via Justeasyrecipes

We all love cupcakes and imagine them presented in front of you looking like a legit rainbow! Well, I don’t think I’m ever gonna eat them ’cause their sight will be so mesmerizing. Try this easy and colorful hack to especially lure your kids. 

24. Magnetic Spice Rack

Via Justcallmemissdiy

Preserve your spices and condiments like sauces and pickles in a quirky manner. You can create this phenomenal spice wall in your kitchen using mason jars and magnets. This is an immensely helpful and stylish DIY project of mason jars for your kitchen. 

25. Dream Jar

Via Ohrestlessbird

It’s impossible to literally pursue all the dreams you have during your sound sleeping hours but you can surely save them in writing to relive those fun and weird moments. This dream jar is everything you need to upkeep your precious dreams and I can vouch for this that you’re going to admire it. 

26. DIY Rustic Mason Jars Sconce

Via Hometalk

Add this rustic yet angelic element to level up your decor game. You can easily make this, just dive into the pool of tools and grab some of them. A few scales and measurements and you’re finally good to go. 

27. Glow In The Night Mason Jars

Via Frompankawithlove

Ever wondered how wonderful would it be to trap all the stars in a container? I used to fantasize about this as a kid and it still entices me. Make this mini space opera captured inside your mason jar. You can use it as a home decor element or as a gift for the loved ones. 

Take your kitchen kings ( mason jars ) out of the kitchen, they are so much more than a simple storage can. You just had a glimpse of it so try them all and create what you love!