41 Really Cool Chalk Art Ideas For Sidewalk

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Weekends and summer holidays can sometimes drag on forever and you may run out of activities to keep your kids occupied. How about taking up an outdoor activity such as creating colorful, lively, and elegant chalk art on the sidewalk? 

Not only is it inexpensive, but sidewalk chalk drawing ideas can also keep kids of all ages engaged. And with marvelous chalk art on your sidewalk, you can garner praises from passersby. Moreover, chalk art one of those activities that doesn’t require clean-up like spray painting and so. It also allows you to create fun puzzles and games for your toddlers to play and learn.

So check out these 41 cool chalk art ideas and have fun creating attractive images on the sidewalk.

41 Cool Chalk Art Ideas

1. Stencil Spray Chalk Art

Via Lovelyindeed

Stencil spray art looks very cool and vibrant and acts as a positive affirmation to those passing by, especially if you draw inspiring messages. Messages like ‘You’re good enough’ or ‘Be Happy’ look pretty inspiring and can put a smile on people’s faces.

2. Patriotic Chalk Art

Via Inspiredmotherhood

Develop a sense of nationalism in your children by making some cool Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam chalk arts as done here. Try to be creative enough so that the chalk art looks good in pictures and delivers a strong and powerful message. 

Make sure to incorporate a lot of red, white, and blue into your art.

3. Heart Chalk Stencil Art

Via Buggyandbuddy

These glowing hearts here look really pretty. Colorful heart stencil art is an excellent way of spreading love around. Use any color you prefer!

4. Large Life-Sized Sea Turtle

Via Kitchencounterchronicles

If you want your kids to learn how to create an intricately detailed large-sized art, consider making this glorious sea turtle with them. This turtle is bigger than the ones in the pet shops and might even take up your entire weekend to complete! 

5. Wet Chalk Mixing

Via Schooltimesnippets

These wet and fizzed-out-looking colors look so cool in the summer months. Wet chalk art can help your children learn how to do color mixing. You can also teach your children to experiment with different color combinations and their results.

6. Sunny Chalk Art

Via Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to the sidewalk with this relaxing beach chalk art. A palm tree, sun, a beach chair, and a glass of cool mocktail would give you perfect beachy vibes.

7. Chalk Road Track

Via B-inspiredmama

Children love creating something that’s fun and lively. Get them to create a road track and a town scene like this one and they will love to play with mini cars and trucks, driving around and parking them at their spots.

It’s also an attractive art that would impress passersby.

8. Paint Word Tracing Game

Via Messforless

Allow your children to learn new words and their spellings, as well as have fun by painting words with chalk on the sidewalk. You can even draw cats or dogs to make them learn those words by heart. It’ll be a fun activity for the weekend.

9. Sidewalk Hide and Seek Game

Via Thekindergartenconnection

Get a few plastic animals and some chalk to play this classic children’s game that involves them placing objects on matching letters. Your kid will quickly grasp how each letter sounds and place the correct animal next to it. It’s a fun summer activity that you just can’t miss.

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10. Chalk Treasure Hunt

Via Nurturestore

Creating a treasure hunt can be a complicated but fun activity for your kids. Try creating one with chalk on your sidewalk and send out your kids to find colors, descriptive words, objects, and whatever you want to make them learn!

11. Play With Shadows


Via Alittlelearningfortwo

Create a set of smileys or different moods and let your children enjoy a fun activity on the sidewalk. The chalk art becomes clear when a shadow falls on it making the sight extremely enjoyable and fun. It also makes room for discussing emotions with your children.

12. Umbrella Under the Rainbow

Source unknown

Make your children learn each color of the rainbow and get them to understand why it rains by making this cool rainbow chalk art. The art will look very lively, especially in the hot summer months. It would garner praises from passersby and become an instant hit on the sidewalk. 

13. Dog on The Moon

Via Ammothedachshund

Bring the space to your sidewalk with this majestic chalk art displaying planets and stars. It will bring a sense of fascination and excitement to your kids as well as the passerby. Your dog standing on the moon will look so picturesque too.

Don’t forget to click lots of pictures and frame them!

14. A Pleasant Day

Via Pagingfunmums

Flowers portray invitation and warm welcome which are the themes of this chalk art. The raindrops along with the flowers will bring in a sense of positivity. You can also draw an umbrella to make the art more beautiful and give people a reason to smile this summer.

15. Spaceship Attack

Via Pagingfunmums

Draw the fascinating world of aliens and spaceships by mixing violet, blue, and other intriguing colors to make this fun piece of art. Show the world how much fun you are having by uploading the pictures on Instagram and Facebook!

16. Star Above Christmas Tree

Source unknown

If you have more than one kid, draw a tree that is around the height of your kids combined and add a star on the top to achieve this clever art. It’s a great chalk art for the Christmas months to add a feeling of celebration to the sidewalk.

17. Blow Bubbles

Via Tabithaannthelostsock

If you are looking to create something magical and unique, create beautiful bubbles using colorful chalks. You can later get your children to lie beside the bubbles and act like they are blowing them. It does take time but the final shot is worth it all.

18. Under The Sea

Via Happyhomefairy

Take your kids underwater diving without even going to the beach with this exciting chalk art. Try to draw a variety of fish and make your kids learn about their life underwater. The bubbles, plants, and sand will make your sidewalk look very impressive.

19. Stained Glass Chalk Art

Via Yourmodernfamily

Sometimes something as simple as an amalgamation of color blocks can look better than a complete scenery. The colors add a splash of liveliness and change the look of the sidewalk completely. All you would need are painter’s tape and sidewalk chalk for this activity.

20. Mandalas

Via Artclubblog

If you like mandalas or if they’re a part of your culture, try displaying them on your sidewalk. This spiritual teaching tool can be a fun activity because of how mysterious yet beautiful it looks. You can also inspire your kids to later draw one of these in their art books.

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21. Sidewalk Simon

Via Toddlerapproved

If you want your kids to identify colors quickly, try mixing learning with something fun like creating a sidewalk Simon chalk art game like this. If you have ever played the electronic learning game Simon before, you would know how quickly kids grasp knowledge this way.

22. Birthday Cake

Via Pinterest

Announce your little one’s birthday loudly to the whole world by creating a birthday cake on your sidewalk. Everyone will wish the birthday boy or girl, bringing a smile to their adorable little faces.

23. Love Grows Here

Source unknown

Spread the love by writing this simple message over plants that are the epitome of growth. Despite looking stationary, they keep on growing and reproducing displaying the importance of growth in life too.

24. Angel Chalk Art

Via Ajourneywiththejohnsons

Scream out loud to the world that your daughter’s an angel with this adorable chalk art. Make it the size of your daughter to ensure it’s picture-perfect when you are taking a shot for Pinterest or Instagram. And don’t forget to hand her a magic wand to spread her magic around!

25. Create Roads

Via Sweetlittleones

If your kids are just learning to drive a bicycle or a mini toy vehicle, guide them by creating small roads around the sidewalk. It will provide them with a sense of traveling through traffic and following traffic rules.

Get them to play the Red Light, Green Light game and have fun with them!

26. Chalk Maze

Via Handsonaswegrow

Instead of drawing something just visually appealing, give your art some purpose—like drawing a maze such as this one. Your kids will love to play around by moving a toy vehicle through the maze. It’s a challenging activity that will sharpen your kid’s mind too.

27. Bunch of Balloons

Via Pagingfunmums

Draw these positivity-spreading bunch of balloons on your sidewalk and bring a smile to every passersby’s face. Add a lot of vibrant colors and tell your little one to create a mix of these instead of coloring all balloons in a single shade.

28. Ride a Wave

Via Theburghbaby

Bring the sea to the sidewalk by drawing a thrilling wave that your child can ride upon. It looks so refreshing and you can experiment a lot with the crests and troughs apart from applying various shades of blue and white—make it look as realistic as you want!

29. Chalk Outdoor Math Puzzle

Via Lookwerelearning

If your kids are having trouble with maths, try to teach them while having fun. Draw different equations and tell your kids to throw the dice—they’ll have to go the equation the dice landed upon and solve it. You can also create a lot of other such puzzles and all it takes is just 15 minutes or so to complete.

30. Outdoor Color Matching Game

Via Nurturestore

The concept is very simple—make your kids color blocks on the sidewalk and then find flowers and plants whose colors match that of the blocks. The more colorful blocks you have, the better the puzzle will look and the more challenging it will be for your young ones.

31. Greet With A Hello

Via Youclevermonkey

Spread out a positive message or welcome people with just a “hello” using this simple chalk art created using masking tape. It’s pretty easy to create this beautiful art that looks mighty impressive. Blend in unique colors for a masterful finish.

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32. Cannon Art

Via Scatterthoughtsofacraftymom

Try creating a playground or a battleground for your children for them to play around. It looks ideal for a candid photo session and can prove to be a fun gaming spot too. Passersby would also be mighty impressed with the idea.

33. Outdoor Shape Game

Via Creativefamilyfun

This maze does take a bit of effort and your weekend might be the perfect time to draw it. You can focus on any one of the shapes or draw them all. Draw more circles or squares that are easy to jump onto and make sure that all shapes are of a comfortable size for a fun game.

34. Clock Game

Via Creativefamilyfun

Here’s another exciting game made with chalk on the sidewalk. You can play with your kids by telling them to become the bigger hand and smaller hand. Call out the time and see if they stand at the right place.

35. Hopscotch Fun

Via Teachstarter

Make this fun learning cum playing activity on the sidewalk for your kids and their neighborhood friends. You can create different levels of challenges depending upon their ages. The above activity requires them to make calculations under pressure which can be fun and challenging at the same time.

36. Joe Gardener

Via Mousesteps

The intelligent use of colors in this chalk art is mighty impressive and the result is worth an hour-long effort. You may need good finishing skills to pull this one off but a smiling Pixar character will light up the sidewalk like nothing else and attract passersby all the time.

37. Swing Chalk Art

Via Theartofeducation

Drawing swings will provide a great throwback to your childhood when these were common. It’s a simple yet unique chalk art and it’d take us about 20 minutes or so to complete it. Click many pictures!

38. Stork Chalk Art

Via Scrapbooktendence

Have a grand photoshoot of your little one after creating this chalk art. The stork looks so caring in this adorable picture. The chalk art will cover a wide area and bring some liveliness to the sidewalk. 

39. Singing in the Rain

Via Brit

Here is another picture-perfect chalk art ideal for your Instagram and Snapchat pictures. The ‘singing in the rain’ concept brings out the playfulness in your kids and yourself too. It’s just the stroke of positivity one needs on an idle day.

40. Autumn Leaves Falling

Via Theburghbaby

If you’re looking to create something magnificent and aesthetic, autumn leaves can never be a bad idea. It may take considerable time so you should try employing your kids to help you draw the tree and leaves.

If you want, you can also draw a tree blossoming in spring and add a lot of flowers.

41. Playing with Animals

Via Ajourneywiththejohnsons

Let your kids play with animals without even taking them to the zoo. It will also help them identify and be friendly with animals. You can also find a host of other fantastic chalk arts the Johnsons family has created and go on a similar journey with your kids.

These were some of the inspirational ideas for chalk art but there is a lot of room for experimentation. Try different color combinations and intriguing patterns and let your kids enjoy these fun summer activities.