51 Easy DIY Bath Bombs That’ll Transform Your Bath

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Unreeling from an exhausting day does call in for a relaxing bath. And we all know how soothing a long and luxurious bath feels.

Thanks to bath bombs, it’s really not that hard (or expensive) to take luxurious baths and feel relaxed.

From providing required moisturizing to boosting your mood, bath bombs are your new best friend. And what’s better than DIY’ing your own self-care recipe? Purchasing bath bombs isn’t exactly cheap but making them costs you next to nothing.

Plus, they can also double up as cheap but expensive-looking gifts!

To make things even easier, here is a list of some great DIY bath bombs that’ll transform your bath forever. After all, why spend Dollars when you can DIY?

51 Easy Bath Bombs That’ll Transform Your Bath

1. Pink Bubble Gum

Via Steam Powered Family

This creative bubblegum scented bath bomb is an easy make! It is made from easily available ingredients. Less time-consuming and beneficial, these flavored bath bombs give you the desired bath!

2. Galaxy Bath Bomb

Via Doitbetteryourself

Chock full of amazing ingredients! The goodness of jojoba oil, powdered milk, and honey make it a fulfilling bath bomb! And, who can ignore its unique galactic design! Experience the milky way in your hot bathtub through this amazing bath bomb.

3. Nature’s Goodness

This DIY is made from natural ingredients such as organic rose and lavender. Perhaps, we all appreciate using organic ingredients in our daily lives. Why not experiment the same with a bath bomb? You’ll surely be pleasantly amazed by the results!

4. Moisturizing Bath Bombs

Via Countryhillcottage

This DIY bath bomb is perfect for hydrating your dry skin. With the richness of milk and honey, this bath bomb is effectively moisturizing. Immerse this bath bomb in your next bath and experience your supple skin!

5. Lemon-Vanilla Bath Bomb

Via Momalwaysfindsout

This DIY bath bomb gives a delightful-fizzy bath experience! This combination of ingredients is therapeutic and stress relieving. Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties that calm the irritated skin. While lemon brings freshness to your skin!

6. Detoxifying Bath Bomb

Rushed showers ultimately never help us detoxify. Undeniably our busy schedules don’t allow us to have a full detoxing bath session. That’s where bath bombs are helpful! Make this easy DIY bath bomb with ingredients that help detoxify.

7. Oatmeal Bath Bomb

Via Soapqueen

As absurd as it might sound, oatmeal is useful for scrubbing our skin! This DIY is made from colloidal oatmeal which is micro-fine. It has soothing properties and a creamy, comforting scent!

8. Peony Bath Bomb

Via A Pumpkin And A Princess

Pluck a few peony flowers from the bushes and get started with this DIY! Peony flowers have antioxidant benefits. This quality protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Peony bath bombs are indeed useful for skin protection!

9. Watermelon Bath Bomb

Via Happiness Is Homemade

Watermelon extracts have antioxidants and Vitamin C properties which help decelerate aging. This easy DIY makes your skin look young and supple. Yummy scented watermelon bath bombs are a perfect way to rejuvenate!

10. Coconut Oil Bath Bomb

Via Hello Glow

The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil help us prevent pimples and acne. This DIY is made from some amazing ingredients!  Epsom salt helps to relax achy muscles while baking soda calms the itchy skin. Try this bath bomb to get great skin benefits!

11. Coffee And Cream Bath Bombs

Via Ruffles And Rainboots

Continue to feed your coffee obsession with this superb DIY! Coffee as an ingredient works wonders for the skin. From anti-aging properties to relaxing our skin, it’s the best! This coffee bath bomb is easy to make and leaves you with a fizzy bath that wakes you up. Amazing, right?

12. Lavender-Rose Bath Bombs

Via Maison Depax

These little balls that are so fragrant, turns any bath into a spa retreat! These bath bombs look so luxurious, they take your relaxing session to the next level. The ingredients used in this DIY soothe and pamper your skin. It’ll cleanse and leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and silky.

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13. Glitter Bath Bomb

Via HelloGlow

Make your boring bath sparkly! The floral scent and natural colors present in these bath bombs are placid. Pour a glass of wine, light a few candles, splash the bath bomb, and dip in the tub – that’s all you’ve got to do!

14. Rainbow Bath Bomb

Via SteamPoweredFamily

These bath bombs are delicate in a way that’s too perfect! Heavenly celestial, these bath bombs are ‘ethereal’. The beautiful balance of the colors makes it a stunning experience in the tub. Follow this DIY to gain more knowledge about its making.

15. Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb

Via SoapQueen

The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier for the skin. It helps to retain moisture and makes the skin glow. It also contains plant compounds that improve blood circulation. Of course, the chocolate scent is hard to beat!

16. Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Via Falcon Healing Arts

Essential oils are therapeutic in nature. The best way they can be utilized is in the form of a bath bomb. Level up your relaxing session by adding the richness of essential oils. Check out this one to know the right proportions of essentials oils for the bath bomb.

17. Orange Bath Bombs

Via CreationsByKara

Oranges have a considerable amount of citric acid which helps exfoliate the skin. It also helps to dry acne and slows premature aging. As a bonus, it has a yummy fresh smell that will energize you in an instant. This DIY will make you a pro at making bath bombs in no time!

18. Pumpkin Spice Latte Bubble Bath Bomb

Via SoapQueen

Why just drink the pumpkin spice latte when you can soak in one? The richness of Vitamin A, C, and E helps to fight sun damage and wrinkles. This DIY is an instant source of wholesome benefits to the skin, so give it a try!

19. Heart-shaped Bath Bomb

Via AdventuresInMaking

These heart-shaped bath bombs look so adorable! Made from rose geranium and oils of lavender, this is a perfect amalgamation. Make it as a gift for your beloved ones, or pamper yourself in the bathtub!

20. Ginger Grapefruit Bath Bomb

Via GirlLovesGlam

These ginger grapefruit bath bombs are a perfect way to invigorate yourself. A long hectic schedule calls for a relaxing bath. This bath bomb is right here to make it perfect! Give this easy DIY a shot to feel the freshness rejuvenate you.

21. Geode Bath Bomb

Via TheMakeupDummy

This easy and simple DIY gives a phenomenal result! These fizzes with a bottom of gold and silver make them look out of the world. This bath bomb is protective and comes with amazing pacifying skin properties.

22. Pearl Bath Bomb

Via SoapQueen

These bath bombs give such a sophisticated mermaid feeling! Made from real pearl powder, they carry the goodness of calcium and magnesium. Top these bath bombs with blue sugar pearls and you’re good to go!

23. Beauty And The Beast Bath Bomb

Via SugarSpiceAndGlitter

Can you guess which Disney Princess this bath bomb? Yellow embellishment looks perfect along with the rose candies. You’ll surely feel like royalty when you’re soaking in something this beautiful. Make your ‘beauty and the beast’ bath bomb by learning from this easy DIY.

24. Blush Pink Bath Bombs

Via Seventeen

This DIY bath bomb emulates the energy of pure relaxation and joy. It is made from a concoction of lavender, rose, and vanilla essence. Indeed a perfect way to unwind from a busy schedule!

25. Cupcake Bath Bomb

Via Naturally Handcrafted

Doesn’t this look good enough to eat? Well, it smells amazing too! This DIY is made in two simple steps – making the base of the bath bomb, followed by the frosting part. These creative bath bombs are a perfect gift. Also, perfect to pamper yourself, until you mistake it for a real cupcake!

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26. Headache Bath Bomb

Via LoveJaime

We definitely need a bath bomb that assists us in headache! With so many screens around us, we can’t escape the occasional headache. Ingredients like peppermint and eucalyptus help to alleviate stress. This tutorial is fairly easy and yields several bath bombs at once.

27. Vitamin C Bath Bomb

Via TheSocialitesCloset

The benefits of Vitmanic C are endless. It helps to reduce age spots, control acne, nourish, and even brighten the skin! Ingredients such as coconut oil, buttermilk, and kaolin clay present in this bath bomb help to soften skin. Try this one out!

28. Candy Corn Bath Bomb

Via SteamPoweredFamily

This is inspired by a fall favorite, candy corn! This DIY is perfect to indulge in something new and fascinating. If you like experimenting, this bath bomb is a sure shot idea. Candy corn fragrance scent feels incredibly fresh and will make you feel your best in just fifteen minutes.

29. Donut Bath Bomb

Via apumpkinandaprincess

These bath bombs are made from soap icing and real sprinkles. This gives a realistic look to donut bath bombs. Also, we can’t deny, these look delicious! It’s interesting to know the ingredients used to make this DIY. Go check them out!

30. Green Apple Bath Bomb

Via Sugarandcharm

Green apples are a rich source of Vitamin A, which helps to make the skin supple and glowing. A green apple bath bomb will surely give these benefits. Splash this bath bomb in your hot bathtub and get going!

31. Cold And Sinus Relief Bath Bomb

Via GirlLovesGlam

As the winter’s approach, we’re caught battling with the cold. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to fall ill. This bath bomb clears out sinuses and also cures achy muscles. If taking bath isn’t your thing, you can simply steam this in the shower! Such a medicinal bath bomb indeed.

32. Magical Bath Bomb

Via TheMakeupDummy

Well, this one is magical! It starts with a pretty floral bath bomb and exposes it to whole black! Doesn’t it sound creepy to bathe in a black water bathtub? Try it out and share the experience with your friends!

33. Tropical Bath Bomb

Via SavyNaturalista

Transpose yourself to summer beaches during the winter months with this DIY. These are fun to make and help you unwind from a busy day. Pop this bath bomb in your tub, sit back, and feel the summery vibes surround you!

34. Green Tea Bath Bombs

Via themakeupdummy

Matcha is a prime ingredient in this DIY. It is believed to have about ten times more antioxidants than green tea. In fact, it has made it to the superfood status. The organic scent of this bath bomb is mentally relaxing.

35. Lavender Lemon Allergy Relief Bath Bomb

Via girllovesglam

Lavender oil and lemon oil bring instant relief from allergies. Innovating this into a bath bomb is an additional benefit to keeping your allergy in check. Hop onto this yet another medicinal DIY and make your own allergy relief bath bomb!

36. Strawberry Bath Bomb

Via madincrafts

The strawberry scent feels so fresh and lively. This DIY bath bomb is also beneficial for the skin in several ways. Strawberries help to reduce damage caused by UV rays and makes the skin look fresh. Indulge in this sweet-smelling delight for your next bath!

37. Gingerbread Bath Bomb

Via pistachioproject

This a perfect holiday-themed DIY to do. It is engaging, fun, and super easy to make. Gingerbread scent is up your alley to give an absolutely new experience to the same old boring bath. Check out this amazing tutorial!

38. Salted Caramel Bath Bomb

Via kitchenwitchconfessions

Bath salts have endless benefits, from helping to cure sore muscles and soothing tired skin. Using bath salts along with the other ingredients is a great idea! Follow through this DIY and experience the caramel and bath salts effectively.

39. Mulled Wine Bath Bomb

Via fizztheseason

These bath bombs leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. To all the wine lovers, this is something great to indulge in! And the biggest perk? No hangover! These are easy to make and perfect for all wine enthusiasts.

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40. Anxiety Reducing Bath Bomb

Via conservamome

Anxiety consumes our potential energy. This DIY helps to cut down anxiety through these bath bombs. After all, a hot water bath does revive back a lot of energy. Why not make it more effective through these bath bombs?

41. Amethyst Bath Bomb

Via apumpkinandaprincess

Inspired by the amethyst rocks, it’s a dazzling bath bomb! Amethyst is known for curbing inflammation and increasing circulation. Pop this bath bomb for your next bath and feel the mountains surround you!

42. Mango Sorbet Bath Bomb

Via humblebeeandme

This bright, happy, and colorful bath bomb will surely transform your bath! Adding a bit of sparkle and drizzles makes it look amazing as well! Mangoes are rich in antioxidants, which are amazing for your skin. Check out this fun DIY!

43. Berry Bath Bomb

Via soapqueen

These bath bombs are scented with berries fragrance oil. They also include other fragrances such as jasmine and pink peony. The paint just adds another layer of beauty and color to these. It’s a perfect way to jazz up your bath this weekend!

44. Butterbeer Bath Bomb

Via apumpkinandaprincess

These butterbeer bath bombs are butterscotch scented and smell incredible! This DIY can be made in under ten minutes. The butterbeer scent takes you to all the way to Universal Studios, which is amazing! You can make these to fulfil your magical dreams, or they can be a great gifting option for all your Potterhead friends!

45. Raspberry Bath Bomb

Via girllovesglam

These bath bombs, made from fresh and luscious raspberries, look so soothing. The freshness of raspberries stays intact in these bath bombs, so you can make a bunch of them. Watch this easy DIY and get going!

46.  Lush Inspired Bath Bomb

Via frysauceandgrits

This is a 4-in1 bath bomb, as individual ingredients didn’t seem fulfilling enough. Perhaps, this one is a concoction of four amazing ingredients. The aromatic smell and fizzy experience in the bathtub will surely make you want more!

47. Multi-colored Bath Bomb

Via lovinsoap

Made from avocado oil, sea salt, and kaolin clay, this DIY is natural and vegan friendly. The multicolor bath bombs make every bath a colorful experience. It’s actually fun to watch the colors melt and unite to one!

48. Blue Bath Bomb

Via savynaturalista

Immerse in your own turquoise ocean and feel like a mermaid! These bath bombs are so gorgeously blue. It’s irresistible to not indulge in this DIY. It’s super easy and the smell of seaweed oil will surely calm your tensed nerves!

49. Santa Bath Bomb

Via tweakandtinker

This bath bomb is packed with skin-loving oil and uplifting elements. Moreover, these Santa tummy bath bombs look so adorable! Why not gift these to your beloved ones this Christmas? It’s super fun and easy to make DIY.

50. Charcoal Bath Bomb

Via creativegreenliving

Charcoal has recently become a popular beauty ingredient. Its detoxifying and purifying properties are known for controlling oily skin, cleaning and shrinking pores, etc. This bath bomb is perfect to cure body acne as you indulge in a charcoal bath. Make sure to check out this popular DIY!

51. Peaches And Cream Bath Bombs

Via thecrafttrain

Sweet peach cream bath combs will surely help you calm before bedtime. For a hectic day, indulge in this peachy bath and feel your exhaustion vanishing. Follow this easy DIY and wait no more to pamper yourself!

Bath bombs are a perfect way to create an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. Once you drop one in your bathtub, it fizzes and releases aromatic scents,  providing instant relaxation.

There’s no denying that our busy schedules hardly let us indulge in a luxurious and relaxing bath, but that’s what these DIY bath bombs are for! Pamper yourself with these bath bombs without spending too much and transform your bath 🙂