50 Free Crochet Patterns For Beginners

crochet patterns for beginners

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First of all, congrats on finding such a relaxing and productive hobby – crocheting. Don’t you just love it?

While I’m not exactly a ‘crocheter’, I do know that the best thing about it is that you can make some creative, useful, and fun little items with the skills you have acquired as a newbie.

There are many beginner-friendly crocheting patterns that you can make. From blankets to accessories to little ornaments, this list of free crochet patterns perfect for beginners gives you different ideas that you can try your hand at. 

50 Free Crochet Patterns

1. Crochet Dishcloth

Via Crochetlife

Wanna spruce up your kitchen a little? Then you can start with this beginner-friendly DIY Crochet Dishcloth. 

You can get this detailed textured-check pattern with two different border designs just by altering Bean and Puff stitches. It also has a monotonous color – less work for you!

2. Cozy Coffee Sleeve

Via Domesticbliss

Why does your coffee cup need a cozy sleeve? Well, of course, because it’s useful to keep your hands from burning if you enjoy a hot coffee. And also, who doesn’t want to dress up their coffee mugs?

For this project, you have to mix up all the basic crochet stitches in the instructed manner and this cute little coffee sleeve shall be ready in no time.

3. Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Via Thesprucecrafts

Practice treble crocheting and make something useful at the same time with this fun little DIY idea – crochet fingerless gloves. It’s a fun, crafty, beginner-friendly, no-fuss project if that’s what you’re looking for.

4. Crochet Winter Hats

Via Yarninspirations

Here’s a fun idea! Whip up some matching winter hats for your entire family so you can all sport them in public together!

Work sideways using half double crochet and slip stitches, and get ready to rock your matching hats on your next family outing!

5. Crochet Plant Hanger

Via Joyofmotioncrochet

If you want a no-fuss project because you’re totally new to crocheting and are just looking for a quick little craft, this crochet plant hanger is the one to go for.

It is super easy to whip up with your basic crochet skills and it requires less than one skein of yarn

6. Crochet Face Scrubbies

Via Thesprucecrafts

Stop buying those disposable cotton face rounds when you can crochet your own face scrubbies that are equally useful, a lot more eco-friendly, and way more cute and fun. 

Use your basic stitching skills and, within an hour, you’ll have these lovely little scrubbies that everyone will want (you can even make a business out of it!).

7. Crochet iPhone Case

Via Dabblesandbabbles

If it’s not the season for warm clothes but you still feel like crocheting, you can make “warm clothes” for your iPhone! Here’s a fun little project that’s useful and super easy to make in less than an hour!

Use your beginner-level crocheting skills in size 5 bulky weight yarn and you’re good to go. You can do the same for any other phone or even your tablet. 

8. Granny Shawl

Via Easycrochet

Who doesn’t love granny stitches?! They’re fun and easy and work with on so many different crocheting projects like this cute granny shawl. 

It simply follows a stitch repeat with minimal ends to weave so you’ve got space to add more new patterns.

9. Crochet Headband And Ear Warmer

Via Crochetlife

With just a bulk of yarn and a few easy stitches, you can get this adorable crochet headband & ear warmer accessory in less than an hour! 

You can also couple it with a matching neck warmer to send it out as a gift to your friends and family. 

10. Crochet Leg Warmers

Via Bhookedcrochet

If your legs are way too cold for the weather and socks alone don’t work for you, or you just love to sport fun little things, this leg warmers crocheting project is perfect for you!

It’s not only cozy and pretty but also the perfect start for a beginner to practice their crocheting skills. 

11. Crocheted Coaster

Via Crochetlife

Do you keep going back to the store looking for a different or out-of-the-ordinary set of coasters but end up coming back disappointed? 

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Okay, I may be exaggerating but we all want to have something different around the house and a set of crocheted coasters is exactly that thing you need to whip up right away! It’s also a great little housewarming gift idea. 

12. Feather Crochet Bracelet

Via Crochetlife

If it’s your first project and you want to begin with something small, no-fuss, quick, and easy, this cute little feather crochet bracelet is perfect (you’ll love the feel of cotton on your hand!).

You need only one crocheting skill here – chains. 

13. Crocheted Ruffle Bag

Via Crochetdreamz

The crocheted ruffle bag or, as it can also be called, an oversized crochet clutch is a great addition to your closet. 

With basic crocheting skills and hdc2tog decrease, you can whip up this cute little bag in no time. You can also add cute ornaments to give it a nice, personalized touch. 

14. Boot Cuffs

Via Dabblesandbabbles

Since boot cuffs are the trend these days, crochet a pair of them and show off your gorgeous winter boots. 

Combine basic crochet stitches in the instructed order and get a gorgeous pair of boot cuffs to elevate the beauty of your boots.

15. Pretty Trinket Box

Via Yellowpinkandsparkly

You have got to make this adorable little trinket box! No, it’s not difficult. Put your basic stitching skills to use with extra effort and care and you’ll be done with it in no time. 

It’s a super cute addition to your tabletop or it can also be a cheery little housewarming gift. 

16. Crochet Baby Blanket

Via Crobypatterns

Babies need all the comfort in the world and what’s comfier than a granny square crochet blanket?

Go for the softest yarn you can find and put your amazing crocheting skills to work! You can even play with different designs on your own!

17. Crochet Garland

Via Caabcrochet

Want to decorate your home with something handmade to add a cozy, personal touch? Work up a beginner-friendly crochet square garland. 

With just a few stitches and colorful yarn, your mantel, doorway, or cupboard can have a nice little cozy touch to it. 

18. Crochet Tank Tops

Via Crea8tioncrochet

If you love the softness of cotton on your skin, crochet some breezy tank tops to get you through the cool days. 

Work with colorful yarn and special beginner-friendly stitches to make it both attractive and durable. 

19. Amara Shawl

Via Moogly

I. just. LOVE. the crochet pattern here! It’s so gorgeous and sparkly. If it’s warm but you still want to wear a stylish shawl, you must try it out! 

The shawl is fashionable, goes with all sorts of clothes – perfect for warm days, and something you can whip up in the last minute. 

20. Crochet Tote

Via Thestichinmommy

I love tote bags because they’re so spacious and useful but the store-bought ones are…meh. Agree? Then why not fashion a crochet tote for your beach/market trips?

You can even add some cute personal embellishments to your handmade tote and proudly showcase your creativity. 

21. Crochet Curtains

Via Onceuponapinkmoon

You can even crochet some curtains for your home! With the right amount of yarn, basic crocheting skills, and proper guidance, you can whip up some beautiful, unique curtains for your home like this gorgeous floral crochet curtain. Love how the flowers are made into a valance here!

22. Crochet Throw Pillow

Via Thecraftpatch

Wanna make your unique-sized pillow? We got you covered! The exquisite texture and the attractive color of this throw pillow are what makes it perfect for decorating your home. 

It’s also a great project for beginners because all it involves are a couple of basic crocheting skills, and colorful yarn and you’re good to go. 

23. Baby Flip Flops

Via Whistleandivy

Want to give your (or somebody else’s) baby the most comfort possible? Work up some super soft yarn flip-flops for those tiny baby feet because they deserve the best! 

It’s a great project for beginners, easy to make within an hour, and, we all agree, absolutely adorable. 

24. Crochet Clutch

Via Hookedbyanna

Clutches are so handy. They can securely hold your items and make it so easy for you to carry stuff around. Since they are so good at their job, why not give them a unique/personalized touch? 

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You can crochet a beautiful clutch with colorful yarn, make the designs as per instructions or create your own, and simply enjoy the process. 

25. Easy Crochet Scarf

Via Sewrella

Even if it’s your first time crocheting, you can easily crochet a beautiful scarf with the basic techniques. 

26. V-Stitch Crochet Blanket

Via Easycrochet

Of course, a crocheted blanket was going to come up sooner or later! If you want a quick design to whip up or you want to practice your V-stitch crocheting, you should go for this project. 

Get some colorful yarn that matches your room’s color scheme and whip it up to keep yourself cozy. 

27. Crochet Hair Ties

Via Curiousandcatcat

Crochet some cute hair ties if you want a super easy and quick beginner-friendly crocheting project. All you have to do is form a loop with chain stitches then weave the end, and it’s done! Fuss-less and fun-filled. 

28. Afghan Blanket

Via Persialou

Here comes another fuzzy, wooly, cozy project – the Afghan blanket. Stitch up the blanket with bulks of colorful yarn using beginner-level crocheting skills and finish it with beautiful tassels. 

29. Crochet Towel Holder

Via Littlebirdiesecrets

Who knew you can crochet your very own towel holder as well? With two strands of cotton yarn and a little button, you can make this adorable little white cotton holder in no time!

30. Crochet Floral Clips

Via Anniedesigncrochet

With some colorful DK weight yarn, 4 ply/fingering weight yarn, and crochet hooks, stitch up some cute little flowers that require beginner-level stitching skills. And once you’ve learned crocheting flowers, you can glue them to hair clips or use them as any other accessory (they’re so versatile and cute!). 

31. Crochet Rainbow Flag

Via Gathered

Celebrate Pride month with your own handmade mini rainbow flag. Combine chain and double crochet stitch techniques in 4ply cotton and you get this pencil-topped rainbow flag to show your support for the LGBTQ community. 

32. Mini Mandala

Via Moogly

Mandalas are so satisfying to design and with BBQ season & 4th of July coming up, these crocheted mandala patterns are just what you need. 

Whether it’s your first time crocheting or you’ve done it a couple of times before, you will love working your stitching skills on these mini mandalas with a skein of colorful yarn. 

33. Granny Square Slippers

Via Gathered

Something as simple as granny squares can make such beautiful slippers! The only requirement here is to learn how to make granny squares. 6 squares for each foot and you can whip it up in no time.

34. Crocheted Rose

Via Skiptomylou

Real roses wilt, but these gorgeous crocheted roses will forever beautify your life. All it requires is worsted weight yarn and your crocheting hands to make these beautiful flowers. You can use them with anything – cup sleeves, ornaments, accessories, etc. 

35. Crochet V Shawl

Via Repeatcrafterme

Crocheting shawls are pretty common but this little project has a little twist. Instead of the traditional SC, it uses the moss stitch (SC + Chain 1) technique to get this beautiful V-shape on both sides of the shawl making it a reversible garment.  

36. Crochet Stool Cover

Via Atty*s

Give your stool a colorful look with this beautiful crochet stool cover. First, make a bunch of strips as per your stool dimensions then stitch them up together, braid, weave the ends, and finish with tassels! 

37. Granny Square Bookmark

Via Avyastore

The thing about the classic granny square is that it’s the first thing a beginner wants to learn. So much so that there’s an entire day to celebrate this crocheting skill. 

Celebrate International Granny Square Day with this cute little project. Stitch up 4 such squares with any size fiber and hook, and that’s it. 

38. Crochet Basket

Via Makeanddocrew

Keep a crocheted basket ready at all times, because you never know when you may need to store goodies. Use your basic crochet skills in thick and durable yarn (super important) to work up this versatile basket. 

39. Hooded Poncho

Via Mamainastitch

Don’t skip it! This is an EASY level project. Trust me. 4 skeins of yarn and your beginner-level skills are enough for whipping up this hooded poncho.

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It’s so comfy and cozy that you can curl up in it anytime your body needs warmth. Plus, it’s your handmade poncho so you can design it in any way you wish!

40. Sweater Cardigan

Via Mamainatitch

Being a beginner does not mean you cannot whip up a sweater. You totally can with the basic skills you have if you carefully follow the instructions given in this little project.

A crocheted sweater or cardigan or coat – does it matter? You’ll love sporting your creation in public! Plus, if you love the feel of those big soft yarns, this is perfect for you. 

41. Crocheted Snowflakes

Via Flowergirlcottage

It’s always so cute when people add a personal touch to their ornaments. You should do it too with these little crocheted snowflake ornaments. 

You can decorate your tree with them or glue them to hair clips or any other accessories. 

42. Crochet Easter Eggs

Via Gathered

If you want to go for something different this Easter, these crocheted Easter Eggs are fun to make and decorate. 

With colorful balls of 4ply cotton yarn, you can crochet some cute little pastel-colored eggs, or if you want to take it to the next level, add stripes and patterns to the eggs. 

43. Crochet Hearts

Via Skiptomylou

With worsted weight yarn and all the basic techniques, you can have a bunch of these little hearts in no time. 

Weave them together and you have a lovely garland that you can use for Valentine’s decor or some other romantic day. 

44. Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Via Crochet365knittoo

Not just sweaters, crochet some mini pumpkins this Thanksgiving as well! These are squishy, soft, and simply adorable.

Get your worsted weight yarn and hook to work, and you’ll find crocheting these chubby pumpkins so satisfying. 

45. Crocheted Floor Pouf And Ottoman

Via TheWHOot

A crocheted floor pouf is the perfect thing of comfort – so soft and cozy. It has a nice texture and soft hue, and you can display it in any corner of your room as it takes very little space. 

It’s not that difficult to crochet. You need 645 yarns and one large bag of polyester stuffing to enjoy the goodness of your pouf.

46. Cactus Pin Cushion

Via Amigurumipatterns

Since stitching is your new hobby nowadays, why don’t you whip up a pin cushion to organize all those pins lying around so you don’t get pricked? 

Ch, Sc & BPsc, and worsted yarn will help you conjure up this little cactus pin cushion. 

47. Crochet Hippo

Via Jesshuff

Want to take it up a notch? If you’re up for the challenge, this crochet hippo project should be your choice. 

It’s the next level for a beginner but if you follow the instructions carefully and take your time with it, it would be a piece of cake. 

48. Crochet Pencil Bag

Via Persialou

If you’re still pretty new to this and would just like to stick to the basics, start off with a simple rectangular pattern that is this crochet pencil bag. 

A skein of yarn is more than enough to make a small pencil bag using the basic techniques. 

49. Charm Wrapped Bracelet

Via Ravelry

A nice crochet bracelet with charms will go a long way. It’s a great first project for any beginner. 

Use no.10 crochet thread to make this bracelet. Add your desired charm or bead, and sport your new favorite bracelet. You can also make a matching necklace in the same way. 

50. Mermaid Baby Cocoon

Via Bhookedcrochet

Give your baby the utmost warmth and comfort with a Mermaid Baby Cocoon that’s handmade out of your love for them. 

It might be a little difficult for a beginner, but with caution and care, none can stop you from making this comfy little thing for your baby.

Now that your head is filled with so many different crocheting ideas, which one did you choose as your next project? Do let us know how it turned out to be in the comments below!