30 Easy DIY Candles That Anyone Can Make

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If you’re rummaging through the internet to shoo away your boredom, your search ends here. Candles, as you must be knowing, are an essential addition to fancy up our home decor. Besides, they do an amazing job of uplifting our moods and kicking out the gloom. 

Making candles at home isn’t as daunting as it sounds. It’s an effortless way to incorporate some amusement in your life. So, we’ve curated 30 easy DIY candles that anyone can make. 

DIY candles are anytime better than the store-bought ones as you can easily customize their scent and appearance. Although the candles don’t last long, they’re indeed a lucrative way to spend your weekend. Alright then, let’s take a look! 

30 Easy DIY Candles That Anyone Can Make

1. DIY Lavender Candle         

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

The refreshing and aromatic traits of Lavender aren’t new to anyone, it’s in the game because of them. But did you know you can make a candle having the same benefits? Well, you can easily create a lavender candle either for yourself or as a gift item. 

2. Mason Jar Floating Candles     

Via Listotic

If the use of mason jars in your home is limited to only the kitchen, you need to reconsider your choices. Illuminate your comfort space using these mason jar floating candles. It’s the perfect blend of modernity and rustic feels. 

3. DIY Sea Glass Candle     

Via Lovelygreens

Bring the beach to your house by adorning your living room with these sea glass candles. It radiates magnificently when the light passes through the glass. This easy DIY craft requires no special tool or skills. And did I tell you that it can be made within a couple of minutes? 

4. Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Candle     

Via Purelykatie

Presenting you with another adorable mason jar candle, exclusively for all the pink lovers out there! The candle is scented with the strawberry lemonade fragrance oil and smells like summer. It’s a beautiful gifting option to deodorize the recipient’s home.

5. DIY Watermelon Candle    

Via Sewmuchtocreate

A cute decked up watermelon candle is here to spread the fragrance of love in your home. The recipe includes black candle dye, green candle dye, red candle dye, wax, a paintbrush, and a mason jar. It’s easier than you think but their sophisticated look is worthwhile. 

6. Wine Glass Gel Candles     

Via Thesprucecrafts

At first, I got perplexed whether it’s a glass filled with wine or a candle. To my surprise, it was a wine glass gel candle and I absolutely loved them. So, folks grab a wine glass, gel candle wax, a candle wick, fragrance oil, and a handful of supplies used to make candles. 

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7. DIY Homemade Citronella Candle    

Via Dontwastethecrumbs

Upcycle aluminum or steel cans to make these homemade metal container citronella candles. Add an inexpensive oil to stabilize the temperature of the candle and choose the right kind of wax for your candle. You can also add a little fragrance to them. 

8. DIY Chocolate Brownie Candle     

Via Totallythebomb

Yes, you read it right! We’re actually going to use legitimate chocolate sprinkles and a few bars to make this candle. If you’re a chocolate lover, this will be a bliss for you. Besides, it smells like a vanilla and chocolate brownie. Drooling already? Unfortunately, it’s not edible 🙁 

9. Natural Ombre Candles    

Via Lovelygreens

These natural ombre candles change their color and scent as you burn them. Fascinating, right? Their whimsical appearance and assorted hue of lively shades are worth a try. Spare an hour to make these magical candles and you won’t regret it. 

10. Poured Glitter Tin Candles   

Via Somethingturquoise

An easy recipe to make poured glitter tin candles is on your way. Incorporate these mystical candles in your home decor and watch it transforming to a whole new chic level. You can also use them as party favors lest you have an upcoming gathering. 

11. No Wax DIY Candle   

Via Pinnedandrepinned

Are you looking for an unconventional method to prepare candles for your abode? Well, we’ve got you covered! Get experimental with this no-wax DIY candle, they shockingly turned out to be better than I thought. You can easily customize their colors and scent according to your mood. 

12. Cinnamon + Clove Fall Candles  

Via Nocompassnecessary

Whether the fall is here or not, it’s never a bad time to try a fun fall project. These candles use clove essential oil that has numerous health benefits. Plus, their aromatherapy helps relieve mental stress and anxiety. Cinnamon and clove can be an effective pair to make remarkable candles. 

13. DIY Cupcake Candles    

Via Radmegan

You’re not human if you don’t drool over cupcakes. Okay, we’re not here to share a cupcake recipe, rather we’re gonna share the recipe to prepare these cute cupcake candles. They pretty much look the same as cupcakes or even better when lit up. 

14. Lemon-filled Olive Oil Lanterns    

Via Thekinnardhomestead

Another method to make candles if you’ve run out of wax is here. This recipe is probably the easiest on the list as you’ll find most of the supplies ready on hand. However, you’re free to explore and personalize their look. 

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15. DIY Apple Pie Candle    

Via Whitecottagehomeandliving

Grab a mason jar, soy flakes, candle wicks, candle pouring pot, metal candle wick holder, and apple pie fragrance for this DIY project. This recipe is quite economical and will be an extremely joyous way to spend your weekend. 

16. Pie Tarts Candle  

Via Library.rusticescentuals

Pie tarts are my go-to dessert, whether it’s a midnight craving or Sunday night blues I’m 24/7 up for them. If you’re like me, an idea of experimenting with them would sound fascinating to you. It’s time to make pie tart candles that will smell exceptional. 

17. Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle  

Via Simplystacie

To all the tea lovers out there, put on your creative shoes, and get started with this candle-making project. These candles are not only visually appealing but they’re also inculcated caramel latte fragrance oil. So, you know the magic is going to take over every time you light them up. 

18. DIY Colorful Egg Candles  

Via Helloglow

What do you do with the blown-out eggshells? Perhaps you just toss them into the trash. The next time you’ll make french toast and have blown-out eggshells, convert them into superb and colorful candles. Place them in your living room or your bedroom to escalate the vibes. 

19. DIY Margarita Scented Candles    

Via Shakentogetherlife

Ameliorate your summer nights with a glass of margarita and these DIY margarita scented candles. Treat yourself by making these jolly good candles within just 10 minutes. No, I’m not kidding! Grab the supplies and see for yourself. 

20. Easy DIY Pineapple Candles  

Via Happinessishomemade

Pineapple on a hot summer day is everything natural and invigorating and I love them. The other day I saw this easy recipe of making pineapple candles and in my pursuit of gratification, I ended up making one for myself. Try these gorgeous looking candles and rejuvenate your place. 

21. DIY Orange Creamsicle Candle   

Via Growingupgabel

If you love the color of the dusky sky, you’ll definitely love this DIY orange creamsicle candle. The process of making it is effortless and simple but the final product will leave you stunned. Try this recipe at home and illuminate every corner with style.  

22. Orange Peels DIY Candles    

Via Hearthandvine

Presenting you the most productive way to recycle orange peels. Make this orange peels DIY candles that you can easily pull off at any instance of time. Their foundational element is basically trash but the result is going to smell good and look fresh. 

23. Stacked Ombre Heart Candles  

Via Handsoccupied

Pull off these lovely stacked ombre heart candles using a simple heart-shaped cookie cutter. Add the fragrance of love ( well, essential oils would work 😛 ) and enjoy the brightness. Since they’re carved out of the cookie-cutter, you can make several other shapes as well. 

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24. DIY Customizable Candles 

Via Proflowers

In only 8 easy steps, you can make customizable candles from the comfort of your home. Fill them up with your creative shades and bubbly scents. After all, it’s going to be a part of your home decor and therefore it must reflect your cheerful persona. 

25. Handmade Shell Candles  

Via Burkatron

Add some beachiness to your home decor with these handmade shell candles. They’re tailor-made for the beach lovers ( like me! ) and won’t cost you bucks. They’re flashy, simple, and eye-catchy at the same time. 

26. Homemade Olive Oil Candles 

Via Littlehouseliving

If you think that olive oil can only be used around the kitchen, then my friend you’re missing out on some serious magic. Olive oil is the main element to cook these homemade candles. It’s hassle-free and extremely affordable, to say the least. 

27. DIY Pressed Herb Candles  

Via Adventuresinmaking

For the people who have an indoor garden of fresh herbs and are looking for innovative ways to use their harvest, this one’s for you! A candle made up of pressed herbs is nothing less than a blessing. Why? Because there are endless varieties to suit every taste. 

28. Ice Candles  

Via Runningwithsisters

Well, you read it right! Ice candles are a real thing and it’s downright merriment to make them. The ice used in the candles has no role in the inflammation process, however, it helps in achieving the crevices throughout the wax. It’s easier done than said. Try a hand and witness the beauty.  

29. DIY Pumpkin Spice Candles    

Via Marthastewart

Get your abode autumn-ready with these easy peasy DIY pumpkin spice candles. The pumpkin spice scent will lighten up your mood and spread the joy all around. Besides, it requires the bare minimums to create them. And they’re a suitable centerpiece for your next Halloween party.

30. DIY Crayon Candles  

Via Evermine

As a teenager, I used to be obsessed with the crayon colors and thus got a bunch of them stacked up in my cupboard. Nevertheless, I upcycled them by making these color block candles. You can make wholesome rainbow-themed candles with this recipe. 

You must have gotten a fair idea by now about showcasing your creativity and making wonderful candles. So, what are you waiting for? Try ’em out and share this with your friends 🙂