41 Best DIY Christmas Centerpieces

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Are you planning on hosting a gala dinner during this holiday season? Well, you better ensure that your tabletop decorations are on point then. If this sounds like a warning to you, then my friend you have to jazz up things a little. 

Fret no more because we’ve rounded up an eclectic collection of 41 best DIY Christmas centerpieces. There’s something for every mood here, you just need to find your fit. 

Since all the projects are DIY, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to achieve the extravagant decor they talk about in the magazines and on Instagram. After all, frugal doesn’t have to be frumpish, right? So, go ahead and skim through the list! 

41 Best DIY Christmas Centerpieces

1. Wine Glass Centerpiece       

Via Popsugar

Wine glasses can be a potential centerpiece and not to mention, they’re an integral part of your dinner party as well. So make a trip to your nearest Dollar store and grab some glasses to make these effortless holiday dioramas. You can place candles on them to ameliorate the beauty. 

2. Tree Branch Christmas Display      

Via Themerrythought

Are you a fan of country-style decor? Okay so, I’m guessing yes ( lol! ). This tree branch Christmas display is an affordable and commendable centerpiece. Keep it on your table and brag about your creativity in front of everyone ( by the way, I love getting compliments 😛 ).

3. Holiday Roses     

Via Notyourstandard

Bring home some hand-picked fresh roses and create this holiday roses centerpiece. No matter how much we adore shimmer and shine, a touch of natural aroma always beautifies the scene. Pair them up with a few cranberries and celebrate the soothing contrast. 

4. Easy Cranberry Centerpiece Idea    

Via Rosyscription

It won’t be wrong to state that you’re going to use more cranberries in the decorations than in preparation for the dinner. Their sweet and tart taste is already a pleasure to the tongue. So, a centerpiece involving them should also be a pleasure to the eyes. 

5. Pinecones DIY Christmas Centerpiece    

Via Julieblanner

Borrow a handful of pine cones from your backyard ( yes, you will have to return what you’re borrowing, lol! ). This 5-minute DIY project is the best for our busy bees and money-savers. Witness the magical view once the lights are off. 

6. Epsom Salt Luminaries    

Via Remodelandolacasa

You must be familiar with the relieving effects of applying Epsom salt. But little do you know that it can be soothing to your eyes as well. No, you don’t have to apply it to your eyes! Articulate these Epsom salt luminaries to brighten up your center table. 

7. Cranberry And Hydrangea Christmas Centerpiece    

Via Oceanfrontshack

A full-blown green thumb or a nature lover wouldn’t be more intrigued than this. A DIY cranberry and hydrangea Christmas centerpiece is gonna incorporate the liveliness of nature and abstractness of the modem decor. Plus, red and green is something offbeat and gorgeous. 

8. Rustic Winter Centerpiece    

Via Cherishedbliss

You might not be able to visit your farmhouse this holiday season, but we can bring your farmhouse to your current place. Yes, without the cost of packing and shipping, you can own a rustic winter centerpiece. Thanks to these DIY tricks! 

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9. Christmas Table Centerpiece – One Item Challenge    

Via Fynesdesigns

When I got to know about this challenge, I thought it’s impossible to build a table centerpiece with just a single item. But the result turned out to be amazingly satisfying and this one’s a must-try. 

10. DIY Christmas Centerpiece    

Via Landeeseelandeedo

Build these easy wood boxes to set up an ecstatic Christmas centerpiece. It’s really simple to pull off but the simplicity doesn’t affect its aestheticism. It can be the best way to spend your weekend and having a chit chat session with your loved ones. 

11. Snowy Bottles Christmas Display    

Via Cleverlyinspired

Winters are all about snow and festivities. No matter where you belong, you’re supposed to love snow! Turn those trash wine bottles into ravishing snowy bottles Christmas centerpieces. Means, you can have a cutting edge display without breaking the bag. What a smart upcycling hack! 

12. Etched Glass Christmas Centerpiece    

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

Etch your regular glasses with a subtle but moving monogrammed message. You’ll only need glass etching cream, foam brush, some glass vases, vinyl, boxwood candle rings and you’d be good to go. 

13. Mercury Glass Votives    

Via Hgtv

These alluring mercury glass votives are everything you need to own the show. Their exquisite design is the real show-stopper. To pull off this project, you’ll require glass votives, 1 package of silver and golden leaves each, leaf adhesive, and some basic craft supplies. 

14. Happy Holiday Centerpiece     

Via Modpodgerocksblog

If you’re looking for some cool stuff to fancy up your table, try these Christmas tree centerpieces with vintage cum jolly style. Their abstract appearance will suffice your need to have a fascinating centerpiece for your dinner party. 

15. DIY Christmas Topiary With Santa Hats    

Via Diycandy

You must have seen a variety of topiaries displayed around the stores these days but have you ever thought of topiary with Santa hats? Sounds interesting, right? We’ve got an easy and inexpensive tutorial for you to perform your creative skills here. 

16. DIY Reindeer Centerpiece    

Via Countryliving

Reindeers symbolize the embarkment of Christmas, thus it’s obvious to include at least one reindeer centerpiece in the decorations. Here, minimalism will meet rustic and give a vogue look to your table. Besides, the LED lights will spread the shimmer and shine! 

17. Hall Out The Holly Tablescape    

Via Sweetsomethingdesign

This centerpiece with a candle will steal the thunder of your Christmas tree. It’s a perfect item to decorate your tablescape this Christmas. It doesn’t require any offbeat supply. You can own this centerpiece without surpassing your budget! 

18. Sticks And Pom-poms Centerpiece    

Via Northpole

Using some sticks, pom-poms, a twine-wrapped vase, and a few basic supplies, you can pull off this engrossing centerpiece. The contrast of red and white radiates festive vibes, on the other hand, twine incorporate natural and rustic vibes. Now, that’s what I call couple goals 😛

19. Christmas Pyramids DIY     

Via Athomearkansas

Presenting you with a living and edible Christmas centerpiece. Intrigued to know how? Well, this shiny red-colored centerpiece is made up of apples and some green leaves. So, even if your dinner isn’t cooked already your guests might have an appetizer handy ( lol! ). 

20. Glitter Painted Holiday Centerpiece    

Via Tidymom

It was a true bliss to realize that I can recycle Coca-Cola bottles and turn them into incredibly elegant centerpieces. You just have to grab a lot of these bottles ( too much soda! ) and have an upper hand in creativity. The bottles are ready to slay, so just immerse yourself into preparing that lips-smacking meal.  

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21. Greenery Garland Centerpiece    

Via Bhg

Drape this lovely green garland down the center of your table to create an exquisite tablescape for your Christmas dinner. So, add a rustic charm to your dining room and let the greenery flourish throughout the season. 

22. DIY Candy Cane Vase    

Via Youtube

Have you got an impromptu dinner party at your home? Assemble some artificial poinsettias and plastic straws into a vase or a box to articulate an alluring centerpiece. Intertwine them all together using wire and you’ll get to this cute result in no time.

23. Santa Claus Can Centerpiece    

Via Sewmanyways

Head outside to grab some freshly bloomed green leaves and preserve them into a Santa Claus can centerpiece. You can use a black fabric or a black ribbon to cover around this can. Top it off with luscious red berries or use faux ornaments. 

24. Winter Floral Centerpiece    

Via Greenweddingshoes

Looking for a stylish, natural, and simple DIY centerpiece? Isn’t it too much to ask for? Well, no! Use an aesthetic vase and a lot of flowers and leaves to create an elegant centerpiece. You can use a variety of colors and types to get the best possible look. 

25. Centerpiece With Vintage Paper Tree    

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

Presenting you with a super easy project made up of a galvanized container, a vintage paper, some faux ornaments, and our favorite silvery Christmas star. Assemble all of them and finish it off within an hour and save your precious time. 

26. DIY Glass Candle Lampshades 

Via Jeedwonder from Instagram

Wine glasses, if leveraged properly, allows a lot of room for creativity. Besides being an essential part of your dinner, you can extensively use them to upscale your decorations. These illuminated centerpieces will be perfect for dinner with your friends. 

27. Winter Woodland Glam Christmas Centerpiece    

Via Settingforfour

Decorate your homes in winter woodland glam style by building this Christmas centerpiece. Start it off with a marble slab and finish it off with woodland accents. The whole display piece is extremely easy to put together and low-key fascinating. 

28. Holiday Floral Centerpiece    

Via Gratefulprayerthankfulheart

Another easy and inexpensive floral embellishment is awaiting you here. Pick some flowers from your nearest florist and pair them up with a lot of greens. Use gracious color combinations to take your dinner party to the next level. 

29. Festive Floating Flora    

Via 33shadesofgreen

This is honestly my favorite project on the list and I’m all set to put my creative shoes on. You require transparent vases of different patterns, berries or branches, and floating candles. The liquid present in the vase looks the most enticing above all. 

30. Simple & Pretty Christmas Centerpieces    

Via Aprettylifeinthesuburbs

To the minimalists out there, you guys must be looking for a simple and pretty Christmas centerpiece. Wish granted! Look no further, just grab mason jars, ribbon, cranberries and pull off this low-key gorgeous centerpiece this holiday season. 

31. Ornament Vases    

Via Mammapapera

To be honest, I can’t get over these ornament vases for a long time now. Therefore, I decided to share it with you folks. These attractive and red-colored round vases are downright easy to pull off. Follow the steps and see for yourself. 

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32. Layered Holiday Centerpiece    

Via Hgtv

There’s something uniquely mesmerizing about the red color and we guys tend to hover over it a little too much during Christmas ( how creepy, lol! ). With that said, here’s another red masterpiece lest you wish to overuse red this season. 

33. White Feather Table Decorations    

Via Wenderly

To add a touch of enchanting winter wonderland to your decor, build these white feather centerpieces for your table decorations. White color gravitates towards serenity and peace, thus having a white centerpiece can potentially increase the delight of your dinner party. 

34. DIY gold Glitter Centerpiece Bottles    

Via Blog.libertypartyrental

Needless I say how wonderful the golden color appears when you use it for decorations. These DIY gold glitter centerpiece bottles are the perfect blend of Midas and shimmer put together. Be the talk of the town and rock it like a pro. 

35. Christmas Galvanized Tray Centerpiece    

Via Priscillas2000

This multilayered galvanized tray centerpiece isn’t only a fantastic showpiece but it’s also quite functional. You see, it can accommodate things like sprinklers, side dips, etc. improving the overall scenic beauty and uplifting your mood. 

36. Christmas Dough Bowl Centerpiece    

Via Lizmarieblog

Grab some things from here and there in your home and buy some from your local Dollar store. Put them all together in a dough bowl and you’re good to go. Well, you just made a centerpiece for yourself. Easy peasy, huh! Include faux planters to give a natural touch. 

37. DIY Spray Painted Tin Cans    

Via Shelterness

Get a bunch of tin cans and wake up the artist within you. Spray paint them with your favorite to create these cute flower vase centerpieces. I can’t take my eyes off them already. It’s an easy project that you must carry out with your kids. 

38. Holiday Dining Table Centerpiece    

Via Confessionsofaserialdiyer

A trip down to the market can yield a breathtaking result in the form of this holiday dining-table centerpiece. Grab the first things first and then get started with your project. It may demand a little bit more time than the others but the final product is going to be worthwhile. 

39. DIY Hanging Centerpiece    

Via Shanty-2-chic

I fell in love at first sight with this hanging centerpiece and hence, it’s got a reserved place on my entryway table this Christmas. If you’re planning to lucratively spend your weekend, try building this centerpiece ’cause it’s never too early to prepare for Christmas. 

40. Candle Wicks And Cinnamon Sticks    

Via Celebratecreativity

Pair up candles with cinnamon sticks, combine them using a few strips of burlap, or simply a rubber band. Voila! Your rustic centerpiece is all set to get a perceptible place in your place. Pro tip: use it on your dining table and in dim lights to leverage the most of their charisma. 

41. Naturally Glamorous Holiday Centerpiece   

Via Thesweetescape

The title speaks a lot for itself, a naturally glamorous holiday centerpiece is just a skimming away. Utilize the fallen birch tree branches and mini Christmas trees or faux pine cones to own this chic and glamorous centerpiece. 

So, what are you waiting for? You have the why and know-how to do, find out your ‘what’, and buck yourself up for a jolly jamboree!