31 Best Christmas Tree Ideas

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“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future.” Christmas indeed is the best time of year to kick back, chill out, excessively decorate everything in sight, and eat twice your weight in food. Christmas trees are a testament to the fact that traditions exist for a reason.

The smell of pumpkin and cinnamon from the kitchen wafting into the living room as I argue with my siblings over decorations makes me nostalgic for Christmas. And of course, how we decorated them every year.

That being said, you never need to be too fancy or boujee a purchase an outrageous amount of decorations. Stick with your style and choose a set of decorations that appeal to you! If you’re in a rut, these ideas will be perfect to give you the right amount of inspiration.

31 Best Christmas Tree Ideas

1. The One With The Yarn

Via Youtube

Clearly, I’ve been watching too many Friends, but is there such a thing? This idea is very simple, requiring some yarn and pencils to make small spiral shapes to resemble bushes. Using construction paper, stick these bushes on some paper in the shape of a cone and you’re done!

Stick some pearls while you’re at it for some pizazz.

2. Calm and White

Via Brianwoodcock

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas……just like the ones I used to know. Or in this case, white Christmas trees. This simple, white tree with red ornaments is understated, yet oh so glamorous at the same time.

3. Mini Pom- Poms

Via Youtube

You can never have too much glitter. Which is why this idea is my favorite! Using glitter construction paper, roll it into a cone and stick some mini pom-poms all over with a hot glue gun. Make sure you make the tree’s foundation using some foam and gold construction paper.

4. The Neon Pink Tree

If you think pink only looks good on outfits, think again! This pink tree will make a very vibrant and fun statement that you can even decorate with sweet treats!

5. Picks

Via Youtube

Picks add a bit of warmth to a Christmas tree and take the decoration level from 0 to 10. Your picks can have anything, including pine cones, ribbons, cotton, or fake cherries.

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28. The Green And Blue Tree

Via Janiemolster

Are you a fan of pastels? Weaving some bright blue and green ribbons throughout the tree along with assorted decorations and ornaments will make the colors of the tree pop, and add some new aesthetics to the tree.

7. Newspaper and Glue

Via Youtube

Time to go old school and bust out the newspapers! Make a bunch of newspaper strips, roll them together, then push the top of the roll until it forms a tree. Paint it with a mixture of water and glue, let it try, and drown it in green glitter. For an added pop of color, add a red ribbon and a few pearls.

8. Green and Gold Christmas Tree

Via Classyclutter

You can never go wrong with the classic green and gold! It speaks to the spirit of Christmas and depending on how you decorate it, avoid tackiness and repetitiveness.

9. Citrus Ornaments

Via Davidaland

Not up for a Christmas shopping trip? Opt for some homemade ones, making citrus ornaments and attaching them to the tree. It adds a welcome change from the normal green, gold, or silver that’s usually utilized for decorations.

10. Make It Ombre

Via Inspiredbycharm

By far the most colorful of all the ideas, it requires adding a layer of only one color of ornaments to each layer of the tree. Kinda like a rainbow effect. Need I say more? The epitome of cool!

11. Magazine Pages Idea

Via Youtube

You know the pages of the catalog you always end up shoving in the closet? Time to use it! Fold the page of the magazine toward the center until it forms a cone shape. Kinda like what you did when you were bored in Geometry at school. Glue it from the top to the bottom and continue this with the other pages. Spray paint and decorate to your heart’s content.

13. Semi – Dome Inspired Tree

Via Youtube

Once again using construction paper, make the trunk of the tree using green construction paper rolled into the shape of a cone. Use a different shade of green paper, cut it into small 1 x 2 ” pieces, and cut them in half. Attach the ends to form a little dome, and do this with all your paper pieces. Stick these pieces onto the tree for a super cool effect!

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14. Black White and Silver Tree

Via Lilluna

Is it so surprising that the colors that suit everyone’s outfits, also look lavish and classy on a Christmas tree? Ribbons, ornaments, handmade cards, literally any decoration of silver, white, or black will add pops of color on this tree.

15. Ribbon and Garland

Via Youtube

Keeping it simple? I don’t know what that means, but try this idea using a burlap ribbon and garland. If you’re going for the minimalistic look, this totally works!

16. Origami Trees

Via Sugarandcharm

It’s a kid-friendly activity and it looks great on shelves and tables as a small setting!

17. Try Vintage Inspired

Via Inspiredbycharm

Shop on eBay, Etsy, and other antique shops to give your tree a rustic and unique vibe!

18. Plastic and Glitter Idea

Via Youtube

By far the cheapest and easiest to make, you only need a bunch of plastic spoons, spray paint, glitter, and construction paper. Cut the ends off the spoons, and stick it on the paper after shaping it into a cone. Spray paint it green, and throw some glitter on it!

19. Candy Covered Trees

Via Brianwoodcock

With a huge sweet tooth, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone and make all the sweet dishes to satisfy everyone in your family. Make this candy-covered tree, and turn it into an activity to find the candy and eat it! Less time in the kitchen for you!

 20. Mini Christmas Tree Stand

Via Melaniebutcher

Using an actual tree? Overrated. Using a bunch of cookie tins stacked like a tree? It gives a modern twist on a classic tree.

21. Make It A Blue Christmas

Via Centsationalstyle

As someone obsessed with blue, I can’t wait to rock this tree’s look! A white tree with blue ornaments will make the tree look like a frosted cake sitting in a Winter Wonderland.

22. Neutral Skinny Tree

Via Julieblanner

Want a fuss-free, ornament – less tree? Try this tree for a change. Much like the Skinny Pop popcorn, which has all the taste and none of the calories!

23. Scandinavian Inspired Tree

Via Liagriffith

This style has all the ornaments and none of the fuss. It’s clear cut, pleasant to look at, and only needs gold baubles, garlands, and stars.

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12. Ornaments

Via Youtube

Never underestimate the power of simple red, green, and white ornaments. Even if you have no sense of decoration like me, sticking them all over the tree adds pops of color.

24. Glittery Green And Gold

Via Inspiredbycharm

Using green and white ornaments brings life to this stark white tree, striking a balance between Instagram trends and traditional looks.

25. Navy & Gold

Via Jenwoodhouse

Navy is an understated color during Christmas. But combined with the flashy gold, and red poinsettias, it’ll give you the ultimate tree you never knew you wanted. Kinda like the invention of mozzarella sticks.

26. Try Ribbon On Ribbon

Via Remodelaholic

Much like the fashion trend of combining floral with tie-dye, this tree combines ribbons of different patterns and textures to make the tree look trendy and skinny.

27. Christmas Card Tree

Via Countryliving

I feel like everyone goes the whole “we don’t know what to buy, so we’ll send a Christmas card” route. They’re probably piling up in your living room, so use them as ornaments for your tree instead!

6. Ruffled Paper Tree

Via Youtube

By far the coolest tree ever! Cut some green paper into varying lengths, and ruche them so that they look kinda like scrunchies. Attach them to a rolled-up construction paper which acts as the foundation. The result will have you surprised, looking like an artist made it!

29. Dazzling Disco Balls

Via Studiodiy

Time to bring back the 70’s! Why have a tree when you can just recreate one made entirely of disco balls? Sparkly, original, and trendy! Literally everything you could want in a tree.

30. Yuletide Yarn Tree

Via Familyhandyman

Leftover yarn from arts and crafts? Wrap them around a foam cone, and decorate them with pearls for a simple, quick tree. It’s the perfect size to place on a kitchen counter or the mantle.

31. Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Via Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Running out of recycling space? Paint your egg cartons green and red, and stack them to form a tree!

While it’s OK to stay in your comfort zone and decorate with what you have, try something new! You don’t need a large budget. Just a bit of imagination! Don’t get your tinsel in a twist, Merry Christmas!