30 Cheap And Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

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Christmas decor and theme have seen an ever-changing trend for a decade now, but there’s one thing that remains constant amidst this – exchanging gifts. Gifts are not only a way to share love and merriment but they also reflect the giver’s thoughts. 

During the holiday season, the gifts’ list becomes quite lengthy which can take a toll on your budget. However, we’re here to share some frugal and easy DIY Christmas gift ideas with you. 

DIY gifts accentuate the warmth of your feelings even more and therefore add a lot of personality to your gifts. Embark on this thrifty and creative journey with us and spread joy. 

30 Cheap And Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

1. DIY Creative Keychain       

Via Myfrugaladventures

Almost no one buys this underrated essential for themselves, we’re mostly handed over a keychain at a showroom or just owning a pristine piece of art. Thus, a DIY keychain is downright the most viable gift for this Christmas.

2. DIY Photo Frame      

Via Shanty2chic

Photo frames radiate personality and affinity towards the recipient making them a tangible gifting option. So if you want to make your closed ones feel loved, give them a hand-made photo frame.

3. DIY Snow Globes    

Via Thesweetestoccasion

I’ve been in awe of these snow globes ever since I saw them. Guess what? You can effortlessly build them by yourself. It would be a lovely gesture and a great centerpiece as well. 

4. DIY Funny Socks    

Via Prettyprovidence

Have you ever thought of gifting something offbeat to the quirky weirdo on your list? Pull off these creative and funny socks to suit their never-ending charm. Who doesn’t wear socks after all! 

5. Natural Bench Coasters    

Via Gardentherapy

Upcycle the useless logs of wood in your backyard that you were otherwise planning to throw into the trash. These natural bench coasters are a potential gift for every recipient irrespective of their age. 

6. DIY Photo Pendant    

Via Sarahsaving

If you’re rummaging over the internet to find the ‘perfect gift’ for your loved ones, this photo pendant could be a perfect choice. Plus point? You can create them under $2.5 each. Now that’s something you can’t miss out on!

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7. Homemade Cookies    

Via Joyfoodsunshine

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies! I love baking cookies during the holiday season and I’m pretty sure you love it too. So why not tie them up in a package and give out the love disguised deliciously as cookies!

8. DIY Mason Jar Candles    

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Mason jars are no more a kitchen utility, it’s evolved to be a ravishing DIY staple. You can make these mason jar candles effortlessly and they’re inexpensive and fun to build at the same time.

9. Sweater Totes    

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Give your close colleagues a fine bottle of champagne or wine wrapped up in the handmade sweater totes. Store-bought gifts might be cool but knowing that someone spent the time to give you is an unparalleled feeling.

10. DIY Candy Dispenser  

Via Jenwoodhouse

You must have heard of gifting candies a lot but little do you know that giving a candy dispenser is in vogue big time. It’s simpler than you think and since we’re going the budget-friendly way, it’s frugal too. 

11. DIY Neck Candy   

Via Thelovelydrawer

This one’s for your minimalist friend out there, present them a neck candy ( unfortunately, it’s not a real candy ) without being extra. The design is so sleek and trendy that it would instantly bring the smile on their face.

 12. DIY Ombre Kitchen Utensils   

Via Lydioutloud

These ombre kitchen utensils are such a feast to the eyes that they make me wanna keep cooking all day long ( although, I suck at cooking ). Anyway, you can pack these cooking essentials for the kitchen queen/king on your list.

13. Gold Initials Mug Gift   

Via Earnesthomeco

Coffee mugs are the designated gift item but that doesn’t mean it has become obsolete now. In fact, with a pinch of the latest designs and self-made prints, they’re all set to outperform. 

14. Washi Tape Mobile Cover    

Via Makingofamom

Needless I say about the versatility of washi tapes. They’re the favorite material of the craft lovers out there and their cheapness makes it accessible by everyone. You can easily pull off this trendy mobile cover using washi tape. Check out DIY crafts using washi tape.

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15. DIY Mini Desk Marquee Light   

Via Ajoyfulriot

Illuminate your recipient’s room with these mini desk marquee lights. Create this nifty light with some basic supplies and a tad bit of effort. Best part? You can customize the monologue as per your requirement.      

16. Burlap Photo Wreath   

Via Thistlewoodfarms

Grab some of the best pictures of your loved one and assemble them into a photo wreath. It’s extremely stylish and personalized to deepen your bond with them. Plus, you don’t have to break your bank for it.

17. DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs         

Via Makinglemonadeblog

Bath bombs are such a refreshing and invigorating shower supply. Make these peppermint bath bombs for your friends and family this Christmas. They won’t seem to dislike them and you can add any scent based on their likings.

18. Sharpie Flower Pot Gift 

Via Diycandy

Use a sharpie to make this unique dotted flowerpot gift. Its effortlessness and simplicity will leave you awestruck. A perfect fit for the green thumbs on your list.  

19. DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments  

Via Sprinklesomefun

Hot cocoa on a winter day is so therapeutic and soothing. What if I tell you that you can make hot cocoa mix ornaments as gifts for this Christmas? It’s dank, right?  

20. Glowing Photo Luminaries  

Via Ourbestbites

Photo luminaries can be an exciting gift for your loved ones. They look super trendy and stylish all day long. You just have to pick out the correct pictures and you’re good to go.

21. DIY Photo Clock  

Via Rosyredbuttons

If you’re planning on gifting a functional item to your kins, pull off this remarkable photo clock. I couldn’t get my eyes off it the first time I saw it and it’s beginner-friendly too. 

22. Homemade Dark Chocolate Toffee  

Via Countryliving

There’s no denying that dark chocolate is an elegant dessert and we all love it. Nevertheless, you can prepare dark chocolate toffees at home and pack them up to bless the taste buds of the recipient. 

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23. DIY Beer Coasters  

Via Postgradcrafting

These unique beer coasters are a sight to behold and you can make them without disturbing your bank balance. All you need is a lot of empty beer cans and you’re all set. 

24. Galaxy In A Jar  

Via Diyprojectsforteens

Promising stars and the moon is an outdated trend, however you can present with the whole galaxy to your friends and family. This easy and cute craft can be a great gift.   

25. Bubble Bath Gift Box

Via sugarandcharm

Want to give something useful and thoughtful this Christmas? Create a bubble bath gift box under $30 and astonish your loved ones. They’ll for sure enjoy using it for relaxation. 

26. DIY Cosmetic Bag  

Via Thegirlinspired

One thing that a make-up lover can’t go without is their cosmetic bag. If you have someone like this in your list, make a cosmetic bag for them. And it’s going to cost you way less than the cosmetic items! 

27. DIY Tie Phone Case   

Via Popsugar

An offbeat method to use a tie is to utilize it as a phone case. That’s right! You can make a legit phone case with a tie, it’s going to be fine and frugal yet an attractive gifting idea.

28. DIY Fleece Blanket  

Via Itsalwaysautumn

A fleece blanket never goes out of style and nothing can beat the warmth of a handmade blanket. Well, you can easily make one for your loved ones and spread the merriment. 

29. Handmade Lavender Sachets  

Via Kenarry

With a few supplies, you can create these refreshing lavender sachets as gifts. They’re effective to be used in cupboards, shelves, and almost everywhere. Such a fresh and thoughtful idea, isn’t it?   

30. Homemade Gingerbread Pear Loaf  

Via Countryliving

A festive food gift wrapped up nicely is everything you need this Christmas. Prepare this gingerbread pear loaf within just a few hours and you’ll still stay within your budget. 

So, buck yourself up for these amazing thrifty gift ideas and let this Christmas bring euphoria and happiness to your life :-).