30 DIY Christmas Gifts under $10

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The Jingle Bells are going to ring soon, and it’s time you need to prepare yourself for the festive season. Apart from hosting people, decorating your house, or maybe renovating it, collecting gifts for people at the Christmas party is another challenging proposition.

It can all get comfortable if you have hundreds of dollars to spend on store-bought items. But if you’re looking for budget options, we have got a hack for you. Instead of spending all your month’s savings on store-bought gifts, you can craft DIY gifts.

And you’d be surprised to know that none of these gifts would look any less valuable than their store-bought counterparts. A bit of effort, some cheap thrift shop, and dollar store materials, and some time would help you make exciting gifts for all your relatives and friends.

And every gift we have gifted would cost you less than $10. If you already keep experimenting with DIY, you’d likely need to spend even less as you’d have the mandatory tools, paints, clothes, and other materials. 

We have 30 of the coolest DIY Christmas gift ideas on the internet to choose from. Go through each of them, select the ones that are easiest to make and most personalized or customizable. 

30 DIY Christmas Gifts under $10

1. Coffee Filter Wreath

Via Lilluna

It’s hard to believe that this spectacularly aesthetic wreath isn’t brought from an art gallery but instead made from items that cost under $10. You can easily find the raw materials at your nearby cheap craft store. Don’t forget to dye the wreath in your favorite color too.

2. Photo Clipboards

Via Lovegrowswild

Here is an ideal replacement for the age-old photo frames we have been sharing with each other at Christmas. It’s cheaper but looks quite characterful and antique. It costs merely about $5, and you can easily clip in pictures of your loved ones on it.

3. Customize iPhone covers

Via Happyhappynester

Who doesn’t love a new and quirky cover for their iPhones? But you don’t have to pay $50 bucks online for it. Instead, use your creativity with this easy tutorial and create gorgeous iPhone covers at a nominal cost and little effort. All you need is a cheap transparent phone case and catchy wrapping covers.

4. Picture Frame Luminaries

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Make your loved ones reminisce about the old memories with you by gifting these pretty luminaries. They look much more expensive than the price it will take to make, and your photos will surely keep glowing in their bedrooms. 

5. Fabric Flower Belt

Via makeitloveit

If you think your girlfriend is demanding, you might have never tried making a DIY craft for her. Girls really appreciate the effort, and when the result is such a handy and beautiful flower belt, she’ll be wearing them now and then too. These belts are perfect for most occasions and provide a sharp silhouette.  

6. Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters

Via Thecraftedlife

Bring out the artist in you, splash those colors around and surprise your recipients with an enigmatic Christmas present. These are easy to make, deliver a lot of love and effort you put into making these. These are also highly customizable, so don’t forget to show your relationship with your loved ones in the design.

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7. DIY Ear Muffs

Via Brit

Along with all the cuteness surrounding them, these DIY ear muffs also bring in a lot of utility as well as warmth- the perfect combo for a Christmas gift. But don’t reject the idea just because these earmuffs are expensive. Here is a quicks tutorial to make puffy earmuffs at an inexpensive cost.

8. Coke in Christmas Style

Via Funsquared

A bottle of coca-cola is something we can’t compromise even in the chilliest of weather. Wrap it in a Christmas style decoration for a gift that looks like coming straight from the sleigh. It’s a quick crafting idea, and you can use the cheap stuff from the local craft store to decorate it.

9. Wood Burned Spoons

Via Cherishedbliss

Well, you might think, who gifts a spoon for a Christmas present? But it’s good to be unique in your gifts, especially when the utensils are wooden and so aesthetically pleasing. You can carve a few words of wisdom or just go funky on the top, and your recipients will surely use these for the party too.

10. Hand Soap with Printable

Via Eighteen25

The peach scent in this hand soap would surely be the sweetest fragrance among the Christmas gifts of your recipient. The aroma is as essential as the appearance and utility of a miracle. Write a quirky note by hand or get one printed to enhance the sheen of this exciting hand soap gift.

11. Christmas Cookie Jar Mix

Via Crazylittleprojects

Peppermint cookies are truly irresistible, and when you can mix these with layers of chocolate candies and more, they make for a lip-smacking and unforgettable gift. The cookie jar is quite wholesome, and your loved ones can use it after completing the erotic mix inside. Write a sugary warning too, because diet conscious ones should only eat a bite at a time.

12. Personalized Glitter Ornaments

Via Happinessishomemade

Decorating the home can be a challenging task, especially for a grand festival like Christmas. Help your loved ones get ready for the next by gifting them these dazzling and glittery ornaments that can quickly induce a festival-like vibe in any home. It’s easy to make and wholly suited to the occasion.

13. DIY Fabric Charging Station

Via Positivelysplendid

I absolutely love utility gifts, especially when they are handcrafted. The fabric you use matters a lot in terms of how the facility will be received. The colors can be understated or vibrant as per your choice. These fabric charging stations also look quite aesthetic and eases up the troubles for those whose charging ports are away from their couches.

14. Homemade Gift Bag

Via Ahomemadeliving

Another of the cute yet high utility gifts, this homemade woolen gift bag, is just ideal for effortlessly showing love. The tied ribbon looks exquisite, while the woolen warmth of the bag will keep the stuff in it fresh and warm. You can also pack in your recipient’s favorite chocolates or other stuff inside for a complete package.

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15. Spa in a Jar

Via Lovegrowswild

Provide an effective spa treatment to your loved ones this Christmas with these sugar scrubs. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and made of ingredients you would already have in your kitchen. Moreover, they look so aesthetic, and you can personalize them as you wish!

16. Utensil Ring

Via Wildprairiesilver

It’s surreal how products from the thrift shop can make for such valuable gifts under as less as $10! Perhaps you’d find similar rings for as much as $30 at Etsy, so it’s quite a steal here. You can also try this out with forks and others if the artist in you is itching to create.

17. Personalized Bottle Labels

Via Liagriffith

Wine is almost every second gift, particularly for the holiday season. While it never fails, adding a bit of personalization can make it a unique gift too. All you’d need to complete this project is a color printer and a sticker paper. You can also choose from dozens of pre-made labels on the internet if you want.

18. Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

Via Mysweetsavannahblog

Every home deserves a host of ornaments scattered around or placed aesthetically. Ornaments can also make for excellent and effortless gifts just by adding a few scrabble tiles and quote up a sweet message. If you already have a glue gun, your task would become all the easier while you can find scrabble tiles on Goodwill.

19. Handmade Soap

Via Countryliving

Craft these soaps full of intoxicating fragrance, antibacterial elements without the usual toxic ingredient lye for a brilliant Christmas gift. The recipe is easy to use, and one whole batch costs as little as less than $10. Since a batch consists of 6 soaps, you can pack in sets with twine and gift it to various relatives and friends.

20. Wine Cork Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you have been storing cork wreaths for their excellent uses in craft, here is a quick idea that can help you make Christmas gifts for under $5! And that doesn’t take anything from this gorgeous wreath. It’s a delicate piece of decoration and is a great gifting idea for wine lovers.

21. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Via Laughcraftsandphotographs

Coffee mugs might seem like an old gifting idea, but everyone loves to have a new coffee mug for the Christmas season. Bring some joy and enhance the coffee-drinking experience of your loved ones by gifting these gorgeous and personalized coffee mugs. They cost so little and are suitable for everyone.

22. DIY Jewelry Dish

Via Pillarboxblue

These dazzling, seashell like jewelry dishes are charming gifting items. But instead of spending tens of bucks on them at the gifting store, you can make them in various vibrant designs using this quick tutorial. It takes cheap items you can find in your nearby craft store and would be done in a couple of hours.

23. DIY Kitchen Aprons

Via Diydecormom

The best gifts are those that the recipient won’t have even though of. And when the gifts are these cute and high utility aprons, they bring an ecstatic smile effortlessly. You can use any spare clothing you have at home and experiment with different designs to make baking for Christmas all the more fun.

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24. Writing Box from a Jewelry Box

Via Artsychicksrule

If your recipient this Christmas is a passionate writer, make organizing things easier for them by gifting them a writing box this Christmas. So what does it contain? Well, the diaries, single papers, letters, pens, and whatnot. And you can make it easier and splash your favorite colors on your old jewelry box!

25. DIY Marble Dipped Vessels

Via Sugarandcloth

For those who have a love for plantation, this marble dipped vase is the perfect gift. And you don’t have to go and scroll through expensive vases on Etsy, eBay, or other craft stores. You only need an inexpensive vase that you may already have in your home. It can make the vase look so elegant and gorgeous.

26. Quote Pillow

Via Inspiredbythis

Quote pillows are excellent gifts because it’s not just the appearance or comfort of the cushion that matters; the quote does too. Put in your family or friend’s favorite movie quote, song lyrics, or a line personalized for them. You should also ensure the pillow is warm and comfortable so that they actually use it at sleep or on the couch.

27. DIY Serving Tray

Via Abeautifulmess

If you’re going to someone’s house for a party this Christmas, take some party utilities with you. A serving tray is something everyone has to use during party, so this DIY serving tray is a gift you should consider, especially since it’s so easy to craft from a wooden board!

28. Pineapple DIY Bookends

Via Diycandy

If you’re thinking of what to gift a reader right now in a hurry, a bookend is a great idea—this tutorial for an all-golden pineapple bookend that looks grand, charming, and apt for Christmas. They can keep these bookends on the piano or the shelves too. It’s particularly useful for people living in small apartments.

29. Pendant Necklace Agate

Via Helloglow

It’s wonderful how this tutorial has managed to create such an exotic piece of pendant necklace in little time. It would please all the ladies out there and perhaps would shine among the other store-bought gifts. Don’t think much and gift this stunning piece of jewelry, and they’d never know it cost less than $10!

30. Dip Dyed Ombre Bag

Via Hisugarplum

Keep it real and minimalistic this Christmas and make the dip-dyed ombre bags for gifting. It’s one of the quickest to make gifts, and you’d probably have all the items in the list of materials required for it. It won’t look the most expensive gifts but is a good packaging material and can be used as a side gift under $10.

The list could never be exhaustive, as you’d know if you’ve been trying your hands at DIY tasks. But there is enough for you to make for all your friends and relatives but don’t shy away from providing your personal touch and toying with the ingredients as per convenience.