50 Best Frugal Christmas Decorations

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I know I’m too early. I can’t help but be excited! Who can’t be excited by the idea of Christmas?!

It’s so fun to decorate with beautiful lights and ornaments for this grand celebration. I’ve already decided what to do! Have you too? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Browse through the ideas given here and start preparing already!

And if you are on a budget, then this article is perfect for you. I swear to Jesus!

1. Santa Claus Seat

Via Mommysavers

You can easily find them in the dollar store. Go get some Santa hats, cover up your chairs and wait for Santa to come! You can also sew them with red and white felt and a little cotton. You don’t need to be very skilled at sewing for this.

2. Jar Of Christmas Balls

Via Thekimsixfix

The best thing about glass jars is that they can be paired up with anything. You can easily throw in some engraved plastic Christmas balls in it and it will be perfect for your tables. You can light them up too.

3. Window Balls

Via Thelilypadcottage

Buy the $1 bouncy balls, spray paint them with silver or gold and tuck them in your window boxes with a wooden skewer. The skewer must go through the air hole. Top it off with some branches and faux poinsettias. Santa will love it!

4. Snow Bucket

Via Creativegreenliving

It’s as simple as it looks. Get a mini bucket from any craft store, some styrofoam balls, glue, and a cute little red ribbon. Write something on the bucket that’ll match the Christmas-y vibe.

5. Cone Jar

Via Ashleyannphotography

As I already said, glass jars go with everything! Put some colorful cones in a beautiful glass jar or vase and that’s all the work you’ve to do. You can top it off with some lights too.

6. Santa Logs

Via Smartgirlsdiy

Do you love drawing? Then it’s perfect for you! Gather some logs and cut them up in this shape and show your skills. It’s better to use cedar logs, but you can use whatever you got. Finish it off with a colorful ribbon.

7. Porchlight Decor

Via Thriftydecorchick

Only a wide red ribbon is needed for this. Tie it up like a bow tie around your porch light and enjoy its beauty. It’ll look amazing with the light on.

8. Festive Door

Via Naptimedecorator

Get some red fabric from Walmart and a beautiful bow as well. I’m sure you’ve got duct tape and scissors at home. Cut them up as per the length of your front door and wrap it around. Pin up the bow to the fabric or if your door is made of steel, use a magnetic hook!

9. Pinecone Cluster

Via Brownsugartoast

Its the perfect example of ‘beauty in simplicity’. All you need are some pinecones and a red ribbon to tie a bow around it. Hang it on your front door and welcome Christmas!

10. Christmas Frame

Via Avegasgirlatheart

This is a unique Christmas decor that you should try. You just need a photo frame and a hook to hang it up. Style it with bells and tie a bow on its top.

11. Berry Vase

Via Rosyscription

Cranberries are inexpensive and tasty! But they can be used as a good centerpiece too. Put them in a small glass jar and add some salt for the snowy effect. Stick some evergreen shrubs on its top and that’s all!

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12. Mason Jar Light

Via Hometalk

Gather some mason jars, light them up and hang them with grapevine twine wire. Couple it with burlap ribbons and the job’s done. It’ll look beautiful on the porch from dusk till dawn.

13. Goblet Candle Stand

Via Sumcoco

I love this creative decor idea for Christmas.! Simply invert your wine glasses over some Christmas balls and it’ll become a candle stand. Easy-peasy! Add some greens on the bottom for the Christmas vibe.

14. Silver Bells

Via Kennethwingard

Some rounded flower pots, heavy strings, spray paints, and a little work will give you beautiful BIG bells to hang up on the porch. Tie up red ribbons and everyone will be awestruck.

15. Glittery Candle Stick

Via Ilovetocreateblog

Take out your candle holders and glue golden or silver glitter to them. Place scented candles on top of them and your centerpiece is ready to sparkle up your Christmas!

16. Bell Wreath

Via Frugalfamilyhome

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle All The Way! Yes, string only jingle bells all the way around a wire and make a small wreath. Make a few of these and hang them up on your tree with a red ribbon or wire, whichever looks good.

17. Hanging Christmas Bulbs 

Via Nothingbutcountry

If you’ve got a chandelier then decorate it simply with some glittery Christmas tree balls. Hang them up using uneven ribbons. You can also decorate your ceiling fans this way. But don’t hang so many for it will it look clumsy.

18. Mason Jar Candles

Via Thefrugalgirls

Mason jars can light up your Christmas well!  Write anything you want to on them by using a black adhesive-backed silhouette card and place small candles in them. Finish it with a pretty ribbon.

19. Ribbon-ed Cone

Via Makeit-loveit

Why not dress up a pinecone? Tie up a pretty ribbon on it and hang it up on your Christmas tree using jute string. Make some of these and you won’t need a variety of ornaments to decorate your tree.

20. Cones in Pots

Via Ploughyourownfurrow

It’ll look beautiful on your front porch. Put some pinecones in an empty pot, add some Christmas balls and greeneries to it. It’s pretty easy and enough to get that Christmas vibe.

21. Berry Wreath

Via Thatswhatchesaid

You can easily get some fake red and berries from the Dollar store and make a pretty berry wreath. It takes only a wreath form, some hot glue, and a little work combined to create a tasty-looking wreath!

22. Cupcake Liner Garland

Via Oneperfectdayblog

You can easily make these cute little Christmas trees using cupcake liners. Use a string to hold them. Top them off with shining stars and they’ll go beautifully with your tree or mantel.

23. Cutlery in Stockings

Via Princesspinkygirl

It’s the CUTEST decor idea I have come across! It’s so simple yet enough to get the vibe going. You just need to buy some Santa socks and put spoons, forks, knives in it, and it’ll be perfect for your dinner table.

24. Toothpick Ornaments

Via Hometalk

You can get thousands of toothpicks from the Dollar store. Get some styrofoam balls and stick the picks in them. Hang them up wherever you feel like but be careful to not get pricked by them!

25. Cranberry Luminary

Via Todayscreativelife

Cranberries come in handy when you need decorations. It’ll take you 5 minutes to make this. Just take a simple jar, put some greens and cranberries along with cedar. Fill it with water and make sure all of them are submerged. Place a floating candle and you’re done!

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26. Pinecone Wreath

Via Triedandtrueblog

Wreaths are never out of style when it comes to Christmas. Plus point- it can be made out of anything! So why not grab a lot of pinecones, wreath form and burlap wired ribbon to create this rustic ornament. Hang it on your front door to show off your skills!

27. Snowman Candle

Via Pinkfortitude

You can make this adorable little candle simply using a jar, melted wax, and candle wicks. Decorate it with buttons and ribbons to give it the snowman look. I love this cute little thing!

28. Burlap Wreath

Via Onecrazymom

Christmas is incomplete without wreaths. So make as many as you can! You can easily get a wire wreath form, hot glue, and a long burlap ribbon/garland from the dollar store and it’ll be the perfect welcome for your guests! Add some pinecones and other decorations to it ‘cause they are a MUST for Christmas.

29. Cinnamon Star

Via Coffeewithus3

Gather up some cinnamon sticks and stick them on a board with hot glue. You’ll end up with a cinnamon star that’ll smell of Christmas.

30. Santa Belt Jar

Via Littlehouseoffour

M&Ms are so tasty! No, don’t eat them. Put them in a glass jar, tie up a belt around it and add some bells to create your very own Santa Belt Jar. Choose the red and white M&Ms to get Christmas-y.

31. Hanging Ornaments

Via Stylisheve

I just love these transparent balls ‘cause they go with everything! I can decorate them with anything I want. Make use of them and hang them up on your window. Red ribbons are always the best for Christmas but who’s stopping you from going with any other color?

32. Mini Berry Wreaths

Via Sayyes

I know I’m obsessed with wreaths. But look at them! Super cute! It’s not even hard to make them. Mini cranberries, wires, pine tree greens, and your handwork are all it takes. You can even cut out some tags and write names on them!

33. Sweater Star

Via Whilewearingheels

If you’ve got an unused sweater, put it to use! Cut out stars from a cardboard and sweater (same sizes) and glue them together. It will look its best up on your tree but you can put it wherever you want.

34. Diorama Candle Holder

Via Popsugar

Another inverted wine glass candle stand! But its snowy this time. Use some sugar for the snowy effect and place some pretty little figurines and ornaments in it. Complete it with a lit candle and it’ll adorn your Christmas table.

35. Giant Lollipop

Via Smartschoolhouse

I took a hop to shop to buy my favorite lolli-pop! They look good enough to eat but I can’t ‘cause they are made of giant paper plates! Make your Christmas candy and the kids will love it.

36. Giant Snowflakes

Via Craftynest

This Christmas, make these giant snowflakes using popsicle sticks. Its easy, inexpensive and you don’t need many craft skills. Use super glue so that they last long.

37. Holiday Pillow

Via Happinessishomemade

Make these beautiful covers with just $3 Spot Blankets from Target! You just have to do a little bit of cutting and sewing to dress up your pillows for the festival.

38. Dough Ornaments

Via Dearcrissy

Oooh, I love these! It’s so creative and exceptionally pretty and not that tough to make. Salt dough and food coloring are all it takes. You can shape the dough into stars, Santa hats, elves, or even Santa himself! Hang them up with cute little ribbons.

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39. Toilet Paper Roll Santa

Via Krokotak

Don’t throw your toilet rolls away. Make Santas out of them! You can do this without breaking a sweat. Some foldings here and there, cutting, painting, sticking and Santa is ready to go ho-ho-ho!

40. Card Garland

Via Learning4kids

Christmas cards are not of much use, right? Let’s make them useful! Instead of throwing them away, shape them up and turn them into a garland. Its simple, creative, and totally fun.

41. Snowman Door

Via Thecreativestamperspot

If your door is white, then this decor idea is right for you! Trust me, it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Some colorful paper cuttings to give it a snowman appearance and that’s it. Complement it with lights and greens.

42. Snowy Garland

Via Artslant

This is absolutely AMAZING. I just love how simple things can be used to create beautiful decorations like these. Hang up some white pom-poms or cotton balls on fishing wire or clear string to create snowy garlands. Your guests will love this.

43. Dollar Store snowflakes

Via Countrydesignstyle

Go get a bunch of these from the Dollar store and hot glue them together. And yeah, they definitely won’t be melting. This will look great hanging on your window or maybe above the door. Don’t worry, the glue will come off before spring.

44. Cone Christmas Tree

Via Sincerelyjean

These are readily available in the store but if you want cheaper ones, DIY! You can buy white cardboards from the dollar store. Use spray paints, glitter, hot glue, and BOOM. You get your very own Cone Christmas tree.

45. Spoon Tree

Via Oneprojectcloser

Seems tough? Believe me, it’s not hard at all! You just have to buy a pack of plastic spoons, cut their tops off, spray paint them, and glue them to a cone-shaped paper mache. Instead of spoons, you can also stick some Christmas balls to it.

46. Melting Snowman

Via Pinterest

Look at that face! I feel so bad for this melting snowman. But it is still undoubtedly the cutest decor. And it’s simple to make it too! Some styrofoam and cotton balls for the body and a fake pumpkin/ large ball for the head. The other accessories are in your house already.

47. Snow Bowl Candle Holder

Via Justanotherhangup

Making this one’s easy-peasy. Buy a round glass votive holder or a fishbowl and a packet of artificial snowflakes/ cotton pieces. Spray adhesive outside the bowl and stick the snowflakes/ cotton to it. Done!

48. Christmas Countdown Plate

Via Lizziscreations

If you’re super excited like me, then make a countdown plate! Just buy a regular plate from the Dollar store and decorate it with ribbons and paint. Use a piece of chalk to write the number of days left.

49. Snowman Plate

Via Stagerlinda

How easy and adorable is this? All you need is some red and black napkins, some berries for the buttons and nose. That’s how easy it is to create these cute plates. Surprise your guests with it!

50. Candy Tag

Via Aspoonfulofsugardesigns

I’d love it if someone served me this! A name tag tied with a candy cane over a pine twig? Your guests will surely be awed. Don’t overdo it with any other ornament. The candy cane by itself is beautiful.

There are only a few months left till Christmas. Browse through these ideas or show your own creative skills and start preparing your frugal Christmas decorations!