100 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

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You can probably hear the faint jingle of Christmas bells and you’ve already decked your home with lights and decorations. What’s the best part about these traditions? Yes, the gifts!

As exciting as it is to gift your loved ones, it can also be quite tiresome and intimidating. It’s not always possible to know their likes and dislikes, sometimes there’s a budget constraint, or and time just runs out. While a unique gift saves the day most of the time, figuring it out can be tough.

A sincere and thoughtful way to make personalized Christmas gifts for your friends and family is through DIY gift baskets. From delicious food and wine baskets to relaxing spa kits and makeup essentials, the options are neverending. We have a curated list of some amazing DIY Christmas gift basket ideas waiting for you right here.

Check out 100 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Baskets and let the festivities begin!

100 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

1. Millionaires’ Shortbread

Via Countryliving

How about treating your loved ones with three layers of sweetness? You have the Millionaires’ shortbread recipe here which is super easy to make and it is a delight for dessert lovers. Make a few boxes of these and your Christmas gift baskets are ready to shine! 

2. Lemon Gift Basket

Via Sugarandcharm

A basket full of delicious goodies and flowers could charm anyone and it is a great Christmas gift. Choose a lemon-themed basket this time and put your thoughts in motion with this amazing basket. You also have lemon-flavored wafers here, incredible! 

3. Christmas Eve Box

Via Thediymommy

The tree is all decked up with lights and ornaments, those cakes and cookies are out of the oven and waiting to be served, and you are gearing up for that big family dinner. Amid all the fun, you receive a Christmas Eve box like this. It would be too exciting, right? You can be that special someone for your friends and family by shipping them boxes like these!

4. Let It Snow Gift Basket

Via Cutefetti

Those chilly days where you want nothing more than just to snuggle up are around the corner. Make sure your loved ones are equipped with all the essentials while they are getting cozy with the snowstorm outside. From coffee packs to holiday movies, this basket has everything.

5. Jack Daniels Basket

Via Pinterest

This whiskey-lovers basket also includes a themed notebook with posters to set the vibe. People would be honored to receive such a basket of love and thoughts because what is greater than the gift of fine Tennessee delight?  

6. Santa Candy Bouquet

Source unknown

Anyone with a sweet tooth would be happy to receive a big wine glass replica full of candies and chocolates. Chocolates such as Snickers and Hershey’s would be welcomed with lots of smiles and happiness.

7. Traditional Christmas Basket

Via Everychildisablessing

This is a typical night before Christmas box where you have packets of popcorn and hot cocoa along with holiday movies and books. Also, there is a new set of pajamas and you are all set to start the festivities on Christmas eve! 

8. Gift for Fathers

Via Pinterest

Your father surely deserves all the love and happiness of the world and this small yet thoughtful gesture would be enough. The package contains a coffee jar, a statement mug, some decor embellishments, and a beautiful Merry Christmas tag. 

9. Cocoa and Coca-Cola

Via Andersruff

Cocoa and Coca-cola might not be the best of friends but they can be put together in a gift box and gifted as a Christmas gift, right? The best part is, you have marshmallows and cocoa powder filled in test tubes and paired with some Coco-cola bottles.

10. A Blue Gift Box

Via Alwatanvoice

Blue and white is an elegant combination and this gift box proves it in every way. Chocolates, Oreos, a cute blue and white mug, and some winter essentials can be a thoughtful Christmas gift if you are on a tight budget.

11. Slow Cooker Gift Basket

Via Theglitterguide

Ditch regular baskets this time because you have a limited edition slow cooker to steal attention! It contains a cookbook, cute napkins, and the best bottle of wine to create the finest memories. This is the best gift for moms, brides, and anybody who loves to cook! 

12. Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Via Maisondepax

Meant for couples, the Mr. and Mrs. mugs together with the elegant copper kettle is a perfect Christmas gift. You have the goodness of cocoa and cookies with it and everything is arranged in a caged basket. You can use patterned napkins for presentations.

13. Dollar Store Cozy Basket

Via Thediymommy

Use a dollar store tin as the basket and arrange all the items in it so perfectly that you can feel the rustic vibe. Put mittens, socks, a scarf, and other items like mugs, candles, and anything you want to complete the cozy wonder. 

14. Stove Top Potpourri

Via Boxwoodavenue

Are you looking for a handmade Christmas gift? No, not cookies but potpourri! Spices like cloves, cinnamon, and allspice with dried scented leaves and citrus can make a great room freshener with minimal effort.

15. Luxury Gift Box

Via Healthandhill

Luxury Christmas boxes are very popular because they look so good and are mainly loaded with health and wellness items. This one has a scented candle with matchsticks, a pair of cozy socks, and a bar of rose milk chocolate.

16. Home Chef Gift Basket

Via Maisondepax

Gourmet salts and pretty dish towels can be put together in a basket and you have a unique gift basket ready to roll! Throw in some wooden coasters as well and gift them to your loved ones.

17. Italian Food Gift Basket

Via Pinterest

Are you a pasta lover? Well, if someone from your family loves to enjoy those complex carbs, let them do it in style! This Italian food gift basket has the best sauces with star-shaped pasta and olive oil.

18. All Black Gift Box

Via Pinterest

If you know someone obsessed with the color black, then this is a great gift option. You can also replace the Nivea men’s products with women’s beauty products.

19. Root Beer Basket

Via Thirtyhandmadedays

Remember those root beer floats we used to have to cool down? Here is a loaded kit full of supplies to make the best float and make everyone happy. This could also be a great Christmas gift for your friends and it is quite affordable.

20. Sangria For Friends

Via Fantabulosity

One of the best housewarming gifts, this sangria gift jar dispenser is also ideal for Christmas. Let your loved ones enjoy a delicious glass of sangria while also using the gift basket as a drink dispenser.

21. Tea Lover’s Gift Basket

Via Livelaughrowe

We know that tea baskets are not as popular as customized coffee kits but let’s not underestimate the power of tea. I mean, it is the second most popular drink in the world for a reason and you should make this basket to honor it. Fill it with aromatic tea and crackers.

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22. Food Gift Baskets

Via Hipfoodiemom

Assembling this food gift basket is super easy in case you’ve forgotten to buy other gifts. Apart from those cheese, crackers, nuts, and chocolates, buy some faux berries for presentation and it’s ready to roll. 

23. Fascinating Cookout Kit

Via Jacquelynclark

You have probably guessed that the kit contains everything required to make the best outdoor meal, now let’s take a moment to appreciate the statement wooden box. I mean, the presentation is the hero here and sometimes this does the trick no matter what you include in the basket. 

24. Special Gift Basket for Women

Via Morebymeach

Women love gift baskets and it is always a level up if you have filled them with cozy and relaxing items. Arrange mugs, tubes for skincare regime, socks, and a cute pen in a colorful box. Fill the box with glitter and complete the gift.

25. The Best Holiday Cookie Box

Via Halfbakedharvest

You can always rush to the store and buy your favorite box of signature cookies but baking them is another level of satisfaction. How about gifting a few boxes of Christmas cookies to your friends and family this holiday season?

Get ready for those flattering compliments and requests for more! 

26. Snacks Gift Basket

Via Ahelicoptermom

As I said, food baskets are the easiest gift baskets to create, and here is a great example. This one is filled with delicious snacks and sweets and it is worth a try.

27. Sweet Treat Box

Via Westrosa

Most of us are very fond of cookies and chocolates that come in various shapes. A homemade cookie box like this could be the best Christmas gift ever!

28. Cheese Lovers Gift Basket

Via Playswellwithbutter

Christmas is all about ditching your healthy diet regime and indulging in your favorite guilty pleasures and cheese is surely one of them. Any cheese lover would die to have one of these ultimate cheese board DIY gift baskets.

29. Minibar in a Jar

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

Remember that sangria in a jar? Inspired by that one, this DIY has got way more options to make your day. Fill it with mini bottles of whiskey, tequila, gin, vodka, and whatnot, and gift them to your friends.

30. Christmas Candy Basket

Via Pinterest

This cute treat box is filled with Pop Rocks and bubblegum. Decorate it with pretty ribbons and gift tags.

31. Pancake Gift Basket

Via Curlyqpaper

People love to have pancakes for breakfast and it is also a nice break from regular cereals and milk. A pancake breakfast basket has got everything needed to make your neighbors drool at the taste. The handmade pancake mix is the highlight here and you will love the recipe. 

32. Peppermint Pampering Gifts

Via Thegunnysack

This gift jar is filled with homemade peppermint spa products like foot soaks, body scrubs, body butter, and small treats that could make anyone’s day. You can always go for other mixes if you are confident about the recipe. 

33. Cookie Mix Gift Sack

Via Itsalwaysautumn

Do you know someone who loves double-mint chocolate cookies? Make the cookie mix at home and gift it to your relatives as a Christmas gift.

34. Whiskey Lover’s Gift

Via Pinterest

How about putting together some whiskey and Ferrero Rocher choco balls? This Christmas gift idea can take care of every craving. There’s also a burlap napkin which is used for presentation paired with a statement flask.

35. Sweet and Savory Breakfast

Via Countryliving

Skillet cornbread, honey butter, and some marmalade for breakfast would be a great way to start the day. Gift this sweet and savory delicacy to your loved ones this Christmas and let them feel the joy with their taste buds.

36. Wine Lovers Basket

Via Amongotherthings

If you have bought custom wine bottles for your friends and family for Christmas, don’t just wrap them in those colorful papers. Choose a long basket, keep the bottle in the center and complete the gift with pretty toppers like a wine stopper, a scented candle, some gold stemware, etc. 

37. Christmas Potpourri

Via Yellowblissroad

Whenever you put the Christmas potpourri in a jar, it’s almost like wrapping all the holiday scents together and setting the vibe. This DIY jar contains a snazzy mix of fresh cranberries, and orange paired with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and allspice to make a lasting impression on the receivers. 

38. Coffee Gift Basket

Via Tomkatstudio

Making a food gift basket is one of the easiest when it comes to gift baskets because you can keep anything and everything! In this fascinating coffee kit, the center of attention is the wooden crate box adorned with pretty Christmas ornaments. 

39. Hot Toddy Kit

Via Halfbakedharvest

A homemade Hot Toddy kit could be a very special gift during the winter.

40. Cooking Themed Gift Basket

Via Theunexpectedelegance

This barrel gift basket has got everything a chef would love to own. You just need to choose the cuisine and assemble cooking essentials related to it. Food items, a cookbook, and some utensils would be great to make this all-rounder gift barrel.

41. Christmas Lights and Sprinkles

Via Thepartiologist

Buy these empty Christmas light bottles from the dollar store and fill them with sprinkles. Keep a cookie mix and you have the best cookie basket with toppings as the extra love.

42. Christmas Baking Kit

Via Thediymommy

Do you have a baker in your life? Surprise them with this wonderful baking kit this Christmas and they will love you even more.

Buy a large tin basket and decorate it with ornaments and scrapbook paper. The rest is all about including a cookie mix, a cookie-cutter, and some sprinkles for garnishing! 

43. Gift in a Jar for Scrapbookers

Via Thescrapshoppeblog

Most of us were fascinated with those colorful and glittery stickers during childhood. Some of us still love them and have turned to scrapbooking as a hobby. DIY this scrapbooking jar by filling it with washi tapes, stickers, tags, buttons, colors, ribbons, precision scissors, and everything you like that belongs to the craft room.

44. Christmas Pop Bottle Set

Via Letsdiyitall

Don’t have time to bake those cookies or cakes? You can still please all the people with a sweet tooth with Christmas treats like candies in soda pop bottles. The only task here is to decorate a regular soda pop bottle with printables and ribbons and it’s ready to roll! 

45. Colors Gift Set for Kids

Via Pinterest

Kids love getting spoiled with colors and craft essentials and this pretty stationery cake can attract every eye. It has glue bottles on the lowest rack, crayons at the center, and sketch pens at the top.

46. Organized Art Caddy

Via Iheartorganizing

One more stunning gift for the art and craft lovers and this time it’s on a budget. You can rush to the dollar store to collect all the markers, crayons, pens, and pencils and make painting fun. The art caddy would be a great gift for children as it is super useful.

47. Creativity in a Box

Via Thedatingdivas

The ultimate boredom buster box is here to make your day and it is a level up than the last one. From playdough to coloring pages, the art crate has got everything a child wants from Santa!

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48. Easy Hostess Gift

Via Craftberrybush

I have filled your head with Christmas gift basket ideas for children and now let’s get back to adults. If you are invited to a Christmas party, surprise the host with a skillet. The crate also features some handmade wonders and colorful napkins. 

49. Gift Wrap Caddy

Via Theinspirationboard

Those craft kits were great, right? Here is a similar craft room stuff and it is filled with colorful and patterned gift wraps. The small caddy also has tapes and scissors which complete it.

50. Country Living Subscription

Via Countryliving

Country Living is a one-stop destination for all your gifting, cooking, home decor, and never-ending blues. Gift your loved ones with the premium subscription of this knowledge hub this Christmas and let them utilize it in their unique way. 

51. All-Natural Candle & Cleaners

Via Hostesswiththemostess

A basket filled with homemade glass cleaners and countertop sprays together with a scented candle can make a great housewarming gift. It could also be a Christmas present for the hostess who’s throwing a big Christmas party at her place.

52. Gift Cards in a Jar

Via Happyhourprojects

Ditch those envelopes this time and decorate a mason jar with ribbons and ornaments and place the gift card in the center. This gift idea is so unique and interesting! 

53. The Cuddle Kit

Via Thedatingdivas

What’s an appropriate Christmas gift for your significant other? Snuggle time with you!

54. The Ultimate Shower Kit

Via Designlovefest

Shower gifts are not always about buying fancy and overpriced skincare products. You can always go for basic shower gels and body washes with a cute towel and presents it in a custom basket. Complete the look with some faux greenery and flowers. 

55. Easy Towel Gift Idea

Via Hip2save

Are you searching for the most unique DIY gift basket? Well, you don’t even need a basket or rather any hard base here, 2 kitchen towels would do the job. There are wash clothes, kitchen utensils, and an oven mitt which are wrapped together beautifully! 

56. Perfect Pedicure Gift Basket

Via Laurascraftylife

I have always loved these plush, furry sandals and they are the best way to keep your feet warm in winters. If you want to gift these slippers to your loved ones, buy some pedicure essentials, and arrange them in them. The final touch would be to tie the shoes together.

57. Winter Survival Kit in a Jar

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

All of us are familiar with those dreadful snow storms and it is quite a task to survive unless the roads are back to normal. Make sure your loved ones are equipped with essentials like cookies, candy bars, vitamin C tablets, and hot cocoa to survive those cold days. 

58. Game Night in a Jar

Via Bhg

This mason jar is packed with inexpensive card games and some quick snacks, enough for a successful game night with friends or family. The mason jar is made extra pretty with colorful printables and gift tags. 

59. Chocolate Gift Basket

Via Prettyhandygirl

Use a dollar tree bin as the basket and fill it with items like a candy cane, hot cocoa mixes, Hershey’s kisses, and chocolate squares. You can also include a scarf to add that Christmas vibe. 

60. Treat Yourself Gift Basket

Via Themomfriend

New moms deserve special treatment because they have gone through a major event and their lives are changed forever. Surprise them with an essential kit filled with products that would help the new mama to heal and treat herself without any extra effort. 

61. Cookie Decorating in a Jar

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Are you looking for statement gifts for your family members? Say no no more! This cookie mason jar has homemade cookies, frosting, small candies, and sprinkles for some decoration.

62. Italian Gourmet Gift Basket

Via Simpleitaliancooking

Attention all the pasta lovers! It is time to rejoice and relish a fine bowl of pasta with exotic sauces, fresh parmesan cheese, and much more all wrapped in a delicious gourmet basket. After all, life is too short not to have pasta! 

63. Christmas Morning Coffee Gift Basket

Via Anightowl

A cute coffee cup, a pack of Dunkin doughnuts, some marshmallows, and wafers—what else does one need in life? Gift a pretty basket containing all these items to all the coffee lovers out there and make them happy this Christmas.

64. Gift Basket for the Chef

Via Hamiltonbeach

From a cookbook to spices and beautiful napkins and utensils, a chef would love to receive this basket on Christmas. Use a slow cooker as the base and complete the look.

65. The Gift of Coffee

Via Karacreates

A coffee lover would give anything to receive a gift basket like this and who can blame them? Who would say no to so many packs of K-cup and K-carafe? There are also marshmallows, chocolate-covered blueberries, and gingerbread biscotti to up the ante. 

66. Manicure Gift Basket

Via Jolynneshane

If you are familiar with all the products and tools required to get the perfect manicure, buy them separately and arrange them in a basket. 

67. Get Well Kit

Via Themerrythought

This is more like a Feel Better kit which is filled with the goodness of honey, tea, and healers like throat drops, and hand sanitizers. So, if someone is down with fever or throat infection this winter, make them feel good with this kit. 

68. Wine and Glasses

Via Rennai Hoefer|Ten22 Studio

We’ve looked at many wine kits but this one stands out because of these glasses! It is paired with pretty stemware, a wine pourer, a wine stopper, and candy canes to complete the beautiful basket. 

69. Holiday Cupcake Kit

Via Tomkatstudio

Cupcakes are popular sweet treats, so you can never go wrong with a cupcake ingredient basket. From frosting to toppings, it has got everything!

70. For the Love of Pancakes

Via Skiptomylou

Pancakes are very popular breakfast delights. Make a special pancake gift basket by pairing it with maple syrup and cookies and send it to your friends and family.

71. Holiday Basket with Chocolates

Via Serenabakessimplyfromscratch

Let your loved ones take a day off and relax with some scented candles and delicious chocolates this Christmas. Ship this gift basket right to their door.

72. Dinner Kit

Via Bhg

Make the holiday season merrier by gifting this easy dinner kit to your friends and family. There are two jars with embellished lids, one has pasta and the other has a delicious sauce. The highlight here is the statement bowl which is used as the pretty basket.

73. Breakfast Hostess Gift

Via Jennysteffens

If you are looking for a unique and easy homemade Christmas food gift basket, make some banana bread and get it delivered to your loved ones. Pair it with butter, coffee beans, and honey, and don’t forget to decorate the basket with labels and ornaments. 

74. Easy Treat Gift Basket

Via Ahelicoptermom

A personalized treat basket is a very thoughtful gift, especially for foodies. You can handpick the items and make the basket according to the choice and taste of the receiver. They will surely love this curated essentials kit. 

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75. Christmas Sundaes

Via Bloomdesignsonline

This is a sundae box that has got every ingredient to make the best sundae. The semi-homemade gift has got different types of sauce, decorating sprinkles, cones, and even cups. The receiver would love to grab his or her favorite ice cream and rush to this box to complete the dessert. 

76. Wine Gift Basket

Via Theeverygirl

A basket full of curated wine bottles paired with tumblers, crackers, and cheese is a great way to start Christmas. Make sure you add the gift tag with a warm message.

77. Relaxing Basket 

Via Pinterest

Trust me, I have never seen cotton in a relaxing or spa basket and I am stunned by this approach. It doesn’t look dull and it’s smartly used for the perfect presentation. There is also an aromatic candle, a book, a mug, and some sweet treats.

78. Gift for the Nails

Via Letsdiyitall

Well, this one’s not just for the nails, there are other items like body lotion, cozy socks, and some Hershey’s kisses to make your friends drool. Include colorful and attractive nail polishes with a nail filer and let them pamper their nails. 

79. Spa Gift Basket

Via Pastelsandmacarons

This looks like another food basket but it’s not. There is a homemade body oil, a homemade body scrub, and lots of Christmas ornaments which makes the presentation perfect. There is a pair of beautiful red and white socks and the basket is worth the extra effort.

80. Mini Spa Kit

Via Almostmakesperfect

This mini spa kit is similar to the last one except you have a soothing bath soak instead of the body oil here. It is also a 3-item kit with a minimalist presentation and looks quite elegant. 

81. Budget Beauty Basket

Via Mypinterventures

Are you looking for a budget spa basket without any handmade stuff? Well, this spa and beauty gift basket would cost around 20 dollars and will be a hit. From face towels and bathing essentials to spa treatment products, it is the perfect gift for women. 

82. Mommy Survival Basket

Via Classyclutter

One more survival kit for the loving mothers out there who are very precious to us. Whether it’s for a new mom or not, this jar has got skincare products, quick snacks, and also a pack of wet wipes. 

83. Relaxing Spa Basket

Via Everydaydishes

Relaxation is a subjective term and every person defines it uniquely. If you know someone very well, feel free to prepare a relaxation basket tailor-made for them. From magazines to spa essentials, the options are endless. 

84. Take It Easy Basket

Via Fantabulosity

Gift the busy bee in your life a Take It Easy kit this Christmas and remind them to love and pamper themselves. The plush fur throw here is the star of the show and it is backed by cozy slippers and a statement mug. 

85. Gift Jar for Mothers

Via Realcreativerealorganized

A mani-pedi kit in a customized mason jar could make moms pretty happy especially during Christmas. Add items such as Epsom salts, cuticle cream, hand lotion, nail polish, etc. 

86. Hot Chocolate Gift

Via Thetomkatstudio

There are mugs, marshmallows, cookies, and candies arranged amidst some Christmas greenery and anyone would love it.

87. The Perfect Gift Box

Via Laurenconrad

Playing Santa is not always a stressful job, once you figure out the gifts, the presentation part is very easy. For example, cutely packaged tea leaves can be paired with a woolen cap and socks to make this stunning gift box and anybody would go ga-ga over it. 

88. Rosé Basket

Via Savvyhoney

Rosé is an all-time favorite wine, it tastes so good. The Rosé basket here also has a wine tumbler and a pack of chocolates to complete the gift. You can also include the bathing salts for a relaxing bubble bath session. 

89. DIY Relaxing Spa Basket

Via Momendeavours

The holiday season is here to remind us to take a break and go easy on ourselves. The first step would be to take a hot bath and all the essentials are here in this kit. Oh, it could also be a great Christmas gift basket

90. Craft Beer Gift Basket

Via Hickoryfarms

A curated beer basket that has a massive collection of the best California craft beer can never be a bad gift. The beautiful basket also includes beef sausages, mild salsa, and chips for snacking. 

91. Father’s Day Gift Basket

Via Savvysavingcouple

If you have missed the Father’s Day gift this year, a Christmas gift is your opportunity to appreciate your father. This kit is a great shot as it is packed with essentials and would be curated with your love. 

92. Manly Gift Bucket

Via Triedandtwisted

Whether it’s for your father or big brother, any man would appreciate a stainless steel bucket full of goodness. I am not talking about food, but tons of outdoor BBQ essentials and some craft beer and wine to add that extra zeal. 

93. Scentsible Gift Basket

Via Darlingdoodlesdesign

This pamper kit includes cologne, bath salts, aftershave, razor, shaving cream, and a combination of aromatic everyday hygiene essentials.  Let your man stay his best self always.

94. Treat for Fathers

Via Ohhappyday

A regular treat box can be transformed into something extraordinary with colorful printables and you have the proof right here. Choose the colors wisely and surprise your father on Christmas. 

95. Car Care Gift Basket


We know how men are obsessed with cars—they are nothing less than their wives. A car care kit like this would make them jump and scream in happiness, especially if this is a Christmas gift. 

96. Tool Kit Gift

Via Darlingdoodlesdesign

All of us have seen our father or brother or husband in that mechanical mode where they acted like the I-can-fix-everything superman. Make sure they never run out of supplies or tools during such a phase and leave the work unfinished. A tool kit basket like this would make sure every job is done hassle-free! 

97. Woodworker Gift Crate

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

If you have a woodworker in your life, check out this DIY gift crate idea right now. Starting from 50 dollars to 200 dollars, there are tons of great ways to make the perfect gift crate.

98. Garden Gift Basket

Via Sweetteaandsavinggrace

Gardening is such a fascinating hobby and it is always great to have a new set of tools to pamper those plants. This garden gift basket has a watering can, a full-fledged toolset, seed packets, and garden gloves.

99. Car Pamper Kit

Via Lifesabargain

Here’s one more car pamper kit and this one would make your car shine! It is filled with car cleaning essentials and there are car wash coupons to make it even more special. 

100. Slippers Gift for Men

Via Prettyprovidence

This slipper set gift would be enough to pamper their feet like nothing else. Get this shipped to your close friends and family members—they will surely love an indoor pamper session during the holidays! 

I know your head is brimming with great ideas now and my job is done here. Choose your favorites and get to work. Happy holidays to you!