51 Best Christmas Gifts In A Jar

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Do you feel intimidated by the idea of selecting the right gift every Christmas? Congratulations, you’re not alone! Most of us are flustered by the plethora of options available and while you would pick out the item you think is the best, chances are there that the recipient might not love it (they won’t tell you, obviously!). 

Nevertheless, we’ve assembled an eclectic collection of Christmas jar gifts to delight everyone on your list this Christmas. From finger-licking goodies to rejuvenating body care supplies to flashy ornaments, there’s something for everyone here.

Knowing that you have spent your time and efforts to put together your gifts in little jars with extreme care is sure to bring a rush of warm emotion. 

So go ahead and check out these 51 best Christmas gifts in a jar ideas to help find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! 

51 Best Christmas Gifts In A Jar

1. Mason Jar Gift Snow Globe        

Tree and white glitter inside a clear jar
Via Thesweetestoccasion

A snow globe is a legit gifting option during the holiday season. Since it’s a DIY project, you won’t have to go harsh on your pocket. The transparency of the mason jar provides it a lively and super adorable look. 

2. Lavender Body Butter Gift Jar     

A bottle of lavender essential oil and lavender body butter inside jar
Via Thefrugalgirls

This is an affordable and intriguing gifting option for your friends, teachers, or neighbors. This ‘pamper yourself’ gift jar includes lavender body butter which is all one needs to rejuvenate oneself. It smells heavenly too!

3. DIY Floating Candles     

Floating candles with rosemary sprigs and cranberries inside glass jars
Via Bellalimentio

If the recipient likes to jazz up their home with chic embellishments, gift them these floating candles. Nothing says Christmas like the red and green colors together. This showy gift is a symbol of thoughtfulness and is something you should definitely gift your loved ones. 

4. Detox Bath In A Jar     

Bath salts in glass jars
Via Mycrazyblessedlife

Everybody follows a body care routine these days to beat the dust and pollutants in the air. Therefore, getting gifted a jar containing detox bathing supplies will be like a dream come true. The recipient will love you for this! 

5. Gingerbread Man Painted Jar     

Gingerbread Man painted jar in red with peppermint inside
Via Knickoftime

Presenting you with a cute project of gingerbread man painted jar. This DIY craft is quite easy and cheap. Also, its ecstasy becomes irresistible during the holiday season.

6. Mason Jar Candles Gift Idea    

Two decorated mason jars with candles inside them
Via Diythrill

Illuminate the recipient’s home with these quick and worthwhile mason jar candles. Although it’s a home decor item you can’t deny how functional it will be as a gift. 

7. DIY Glitter Globe     

Tree and animal figurines with glitter inside a small glass jar
Via Camillestyles

Use mod podge, a small glass jar, gold and silver glitter, gorilla glue, and a few basic craft supplies to build this glitter globe. The recipient could place it in their living room to give out festive vibes throughout the season.

8. Christmas Elf Mason Jar Gift    

Green M&Ms inside a decorated glass jar
Via Polkadotchair

Astonish the recipient with this Christmas elf mason jar gift. You’ll also have a fun and playful time while building this oh-so-amazing jar gift—it’s a win-win situation. Make sure you don’t accidentally eat up all the candy!

9. DIY Playdough Mix     

Blue, green, yellow, and red playdough in small containers
Via Mamapapabubba

For the children on your gifts list, prepare some playdough mix. You could use a variety of things to make it even more exciting and rejoicing. Fill it out into a customized jar and you’re good to go.

10. Friendship Soup In A Jar    

Soup ingredients inside a jar with a tag containing directions
Via Ohmy-creative

Edible gifts might not last around for a longer time but they’re undeniably delicious and of course, the thought behind them counts too. Gift your friends this friendship soup in a jar and witness the smile it’ll bring on their faces. 

11. Luminary Advent Calendar    

Frosted jars with numbers on them and lighted tea candles on the inside
Via Tarynwhiteaker

Gift this wholesome luminary advent calendar made up of recycled baby food jars. This gift would make a remarkable showpiece and I never thought that keeping count of dates could be so much fun!

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12. Angel Christmas Mason Jar Gift    

Pearlized gumballs inside a mason jar decorated with cut-out wings
Via Polkadotchair

This angel Christmas mason jar gift is easier to put together than it looks. Its seemingly cute and angelic appearance is a sight to behold. Unleash your creativity and present this gift to your friends or neighbors this holiday season.

13. DIY Beeswax Poinsettia Candles    

Red beeswax poinsettia candles inside mason jars
Via Gardentherapy

Candles are effortlessly stylish and they can very well escalate anyone’s mood. Try making these DIY beeswax poinsettia candles for a wonderful scented gift item. Even simple ingredients can create exceptional gifts!

14. Santa Mason Jar Christmas Gift    

Red licorice bites inside a mason jar
Via Polkadotchair

We know you’re looking for a cute and simple gift to give out this Christmas. Thus, we’ve got this Santa mason jar gift that is perfectly festive and filled with tasty treats—anyone would love it! You can fill the jar with any red candy.

15. Cinnamon Honey Butter In A Jar

Cinnamon honey butter in decorated jars
Via Tidymom

There’s nothing that can beat a food gift, right? Fill up a jar with palatable cinnamon honey butter get ready to impress your loved ones—it can be eaten with bagels, bread, and other food items. This darling idea can be your go-to gift this Christmas season

16. Grinch Jars    

Green M&M's inside mason jars with red ribbons tied around them
Via Chelseamessyapron

Well, I’m doubtful if the Grinch stole Christmas but I’m pretty sure that these Grinch gift jars will steal the recipient’s heart! Make sure to tie a big festive red bow on the jar—because it’s Christmas!

17. M&M Cookie Mix In A Jar

Dry ingredients of M&M cookies inside jars tied with ribbons
Via Celebratingsweets

Another delicious food gift is here! Prepare the M&M cookie mix and fill jars with it—you can add a tag with directions written on it. The recipient just has to add the wet ingredients and bake. They’ll remember you with every sweet bite they take! 

18. Stationery Inside Mason Jar  

Mason jar filled with stationery
Via Penniepost

This gift will be perfect for your loved ones who are crazy about stationery. Just fill the jar up with anything you think they’ll love—washi tape, paper clips, sticky-notes, and what not—and watch their faces light up when they receive these gifts! 

19. Chili In A Jar Gift    

Chili ingredients in a jar and a basket
Via Creativeramblings

Put together this spicy jar gift for the spice-lovers on your gifts list. It’s a simple and extremely affordable gift that you can give away this Christmas season. Make sure you add a card with directions written on it!

20. Snow Covered Mason Jar Lantern  

Mason jar gift lantern decorated with faux snow
Via Lovegrowswild

Gift this snow-covered mason jar lantern to your loved ones this holiday season. It doesn’t require much crafting skills and you don’t have to go out of your way to put this together. Just add some faux snow to the glass jars and illuminate the recipient’s life with its glimmering light. Amazing, right? 

21. Stovetop Potpourri Gift     

Rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and peppermint sticks inside a glass jar
Via Deliacreates

Perplexed about what to give your neighbor this Christmas? Fret no more! This stovetop potpourri is the perfect fit to mesmerize your neighbors this holiday season. You can use a combination of peppermint, pine, and cinnamon to make it smell exactly like Christmas.

22. Gourmet Popcorn Gift   

Popcorn and seasonings in a plastic bag
Via Thecountrychiccottage

There’s not a single soul who doesn’t love popcorn. Put together this gourmet popcorn gift with various kinds of seasonings and ensure the merriment of the recipient this Christmas. 

23. DIY Hand Soap Gift     

Hand soap in a mason jar dispenser
Via Thehappierhomemaker

Hand soap as a gift might sound absurd to you, but if you consider a homemade soap cooked with love, it’s a different story. So, get ready to prepare a hand soap with this easy recipe and let your loved ones know you care! 

24. Golden Pampering Mason Jar Gift    

Spa items inside a mason jar
Via Thegunnysack

Add a Midas touch and turn your basic jar gift into a golden pampering mason jar gift. This gift includes an array of spa items so that the recipient could pamper themselves at home—there won’t be any need to book a salon appointment!

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25. Hot Dog Lover Gift Basket    

Hot dogs and condiments in a basket
Via Thecountrychiccottage

If you have a hot dog fanatic on your gifts list, this customized gift basket is just the right option for them. You can store a variety of hot dog condiments in mason jar dispensers to complement their favorite food. 

26. DIY Galaxy In A Jar    

Silver glitter, cotton, and acrylic paints inside mason jars
Via Diyprojectsforteens

Gifting moons and stars are no longer just metaphorical phrases. In fact, you can fit in the whole galaxy in a jar and give them to your loved ones this Christmas. They’ll love you even more for this! 

27. Peppermint Brownie Mix In A Jar    

Peppermint brownie mix in jars
Via Iheartnaptime

Brownies are amazing, and so is peppermint—so why not combine them? This personal and thoughtful peppermint brownie mix in a jar could bring a wide grin to the recipient’s face. That’s probably the only thing you’re toiling hard for, right? 

28. Minibar In A Jar     

Small bottles of alcohol in a big glass jar
Via Theshabbycreekcottage

Fit in all the favorite booze of your recipient in a jar and hand out this minibar to them this Christmas. There can be nothing dearer to them than this amazing gift! 

29. Mason Jar Snowman      

A snowman made from a mason jar and a clear plastic ornament
Via Canarystreetcrafts

Make this seasonal yet evergreen display piece to give out this Christmas season. This adorable snowman is a sight to behold!

30. Makeup Brush Holder   

Makeup brushes in mason jar brush holder
Via Etsy

If you know someone a close friend or relative who’s fond of playing with the makeup all the time, this makeup brush holder is the most judicial gift option for them. It’s functional and thoughtful above all. 

31. Simmering Pot Mason Jar Gift    

Orange slices, apple peels, cloves, and cinnamon sticks in a mason jar
Via Thehappierhomemaker

Simmering pots are a fantastic way to scent our homes with the freshness of raw ingredients. And the best part? No toxic and artificial chemicals are used to prepare it. Fill a mason jar with your choice of ingredients and gift this to your close friends to make their home smell like Christmas.

32. DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Snow Globe   

A snowy tree and glitter inside a mason jar
Via Simplecravesandoliveoil

Grab a mason jar, some pretty glitter, and a snowy tree to put together this gorgeous Anthropologie mason jar snow globe. Although it’s an everlasting trend, they are perfect gifts to be given on Christmas.

33. Toffee Blondie Mix

Toffee blondies and toffee blondie mix
Via Bakedbree

Make this adorable cookie jar with minimal effort and entice your loved ones with these chewy treats. Gift your loved ones some baked toffee blondies along with the mix. 

34. S’mores Mason Jar Gift   

S'mores snack mix in a mason jar
Via Anightowl

Besides being an excuse to have an overdose of cookies, Christmas is also about s’mores and other snacks. So, if you’re fed up of giving out cookies, try this s’mores mason jar gift for a change. It’s equally cute and delicious. 

35. Vintage Picture Mason Jar   

Vintage picture on a mason jar
Via Augandeverythingafter

There’s something mystical and nostalgic about vintage picture mason jars. They’re highly personalized and thoughtful gift items and will constantly remind the recipient of all the hard work you put into them.

36. Chocolate Mint Mason Jar Gift 

Spa items and sweet treats in a mason jar
Via Thegunnysack

A gift jar filled up with pampering spa supplies and sweet treats is everything one could ask for. If you’re planning on giving your loved ones something unique and special, go ahead and create this chocolate mint mason jar gift. 

37. Memories In A Jar

A picture inside a memory gift jar
Via Diaryofamadcrafter

If the recipient is someone close to you, collect your favorite pictures together and put them in mason jars. This memory jar is a very personal and loving gift that is sure to move them to tears!

38. DIY Sangria Gift Idea 

Sangria ingredients in a jar
Via Fantabulosity

Fill a jar with the ingredients of Sangria and give out this magical (and tasty) gift to your loved ones. Get ready to receive praises because this will blow their minds! 

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39. Tea Lover’s Mason Jar   

Speciality teas and tea ingredients in a mason jar
Via Stonegable

The only thing that tea lovers want is that perfect cup of tea to quench their thirst. You can bring all the best ingredients together and pack them in a mason jar for your friends who LOVE tea. Present this gift jar to them this Christmas and watch smiles bloom on their faces.

40. Mason Jar Vases     

Painted mason jar vases with flowers
Via Realcreativerealorganized

Make these simple yet pretty mason jar vases to hand out this Christmas. Their simplicity is unbeatable, and you only require basic craft supplies to pull them off. 

41. Mason Jar Superhero Banks    

Mason jar superhero banks- Superman and Batman
Via Firefliesandmudpies

Teach your child the importance of saving money this Christmas season. Transform a mason jar into their favorite superhero and they would be inspired to save a portion of their allowances always.

42. Healthy Mason Jar Gift

Organic sprout mix inside a mason jar
Via Triedandtrue

Give those health freaks on your gifts list a healthy mason jar gift this Christmas. You know they’d deny all the drool-worthy feast but they can’t reject this jar filled with nutrients and your love. 

43. 10-minute Mason Jar Herb Garden Gift

Herbs in mason jars
Via Stonegable

For the ones with green thumbs on your gifts list, build this quick mason jar herb garden. Herbs and tiny plants are among the most liked gift items lately. Alongside providing you with fresh air, they also smell great.

44. Manly Hand Scrub      

Hand scrub in a jar
Via Paperturtle

Skincare routine is essential for everyone out there, therefore, here’s a manly hand scrub for your male friends and family members who do a lot of work. Provide them with a soothing way to caress their dirty hands this Christmas. 

45. Peppermint Sugar Scrub    

Peppermint candy cane sugar scrub in a jar
Via Theidearoom

Make this homemade peppermint sugar scrub gift this Christmas for your darling friends and family (including yourself 😛 ). This cute and pretty jar that smells heavenly can be your go-to gift option to impress everyone! 

46. Snowman Mason Jar Christmas Gift    

Snowman theme mason jar
Via Debbie-debbiedoos

Here’s another mason jar gift if you love the snowman theme. Make this snowman mason jar Christmas gift for your neighbors or work friends—make sure you fill it with goodies!

47. Cupcake In A Jar      

Cupcake in jars
Via Mycakies

Christmas is unfinished without cupcakes and so are your gifts. This DIY cupcake in a jar is something that I didn’t know I needed but I’m grateful that I stumbled upon it. The quirky and cute fashion of packing the cupcakes in a jar can entice anyone!

48. Star Wars Inspired Mason Jar Gift     

R2D2 and Yoda mason jars willed with chocolates
Via Clubchicacircle

Star Wars could win over anybody, irrespective of their age. So why not put together a star-wars inspired mason jar gift this Christmas? You just need to put in a little bit of your time and efforts—and a whole lot of love! And make sure you fill up the jars with mini chocolates!

49. Winter Air Fresheners     

Winter air fresheners in mason jars
Via Shakentogetherlife

Gift your loved ones these winter air fresheners that smell refreshing—just like winter. They look  effortlessly cute too. Who wouldn’t love such a thoughtful gift?

50. Illuminated Snow Scene In A Jar    

An illuminated snow scene in a jar
Via Bitzngiggles

This whimsical illuminated snow scene in a jar looks warm, cozy and absolutely adorable. Put in a miniature penguin or a snowman along with a fir tree inside the jar to create this simple yet beautiful gift.

51. Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub    

Rosemary mint sugar scrub in a jar
Via Goodlifeeats

Rosemary mint sugar scrub is another simple yet effective gift idea for your love ones. This scrub will exfoliate their winter skin and make them smell wonderful too. Also, it’s pretty inexpensive! 

All the Christmas jar-gifts listed here are easy to make and are extremely thoughtful gifts. The festive season is all about spreading love and happiness—so, spend a little time making these gifts for your loved ones to show how much you care about them. And don’t forget to share this post 🙂