30 Best Kitchen Christmas Decorating Ideas

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“The kitchen is the heart of every home. It evokes memories of your family history.” In the case of Christmas, this couldn’t be more true.

On Christmas, we decorate the living room, the porch, and the yard and overlook the kitchen. The fact is that the kitchen is the place where you spend most of the time during Christmas!

If the food coming out of your kitchen can look and taste good, why leave the kitchen? Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered! This list of 30 best kitchen Christmas decoration ideas won’t put a dent on your wallet or creativity.

30 Best Kitchen Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Put Your Christmas Cookies On Display

The aesthetics of putting up wreaths or lights in the kitchen do look good, but my awesome home-made cookies on display look better! These multi-purpose decorations are fun to look at and serve as tasty treats!

2. Whimsical Christmas Kitchen

Via Adventuresindecorating

Just to surprise people with when they step into the kitchen, why not stick a tree in the middle of your kitchen too? The contrast of the sizes of the trees adds some fun to the decor.

3. Card Decoration

Via Melissadark

The default gift that everyone seems to send me in the mail is Christmas cards. I can’t keep storing them, so this is the best alternative! Use some felt and form a cross on the cupboards. Then, stick the cards as required across the cupboards.

4. Bright And Cheery Christmas Kitchen

Via Countryliving

Brighten up your dreary kitchen with some gingham curtains and a bit of greenery! All you have to do is replace your curtains, but you can easily find some in your local arts and crafts store. At the very least, it’s possible to find the material!

5. Mini – Bonsai Kitchen

Via Homebyheidi

In Japanese tradition, the Bonsai tree is significant since it symbolizes harmony, peace, and order of thoughts. And isn’t this even more important during Christmas, since it symbolizes bringing happiness to others? Have a happy bonsai Christmas, by having a bonsai tree and other goodies and greenery around it to emphasize its place.

6. Tiered Tray with Gingerbread Cookies and Sweets

Via Cupcakecountrygirl

Treats in the kitchen? On a pretty tray? I guarantee you, your kids are gonna knock you over, come running into the kitchen, and finish it in 5 minutes flat. In a way, it’s flattering to you. It only takes a few mason jars of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and a bunch of gingerbread cookies arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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7. Christmas Wreaths

Via Frugalhomemaker

Who said Christmas wreaths were only meant for doors? Put them on your cupboards, or hang them on your windows for a holly jolly Christmas!

8. Green Vibe

Via Cleanandscentsible

Trying to keep it simple and clutter-less? Try out these small signs that you can easily place over the stove, and try green themes with cloths and bowls instead of the classics red.

9. Keep It Chic And Simple With Fraser Fir

If you don’t want to go overboard with twinkly lights and other decorations, try chic and simple Fraser fir in a mason jar. It’s beautifully understated, and hassle-free, especially in the kitchen. A couple of these in different positions throughout the kitchen brightens up the place.

10. Tiered Tray

Via Cristinamariablog

With a tiered tray in the kitchen, you add a bit of a sophisticated look without even trying. A few garlands, ceramic mugs, and some small clay pots should do the trick. Layer each tier carefully to make a more pleasing aesthetic.

But if you’re like me, and care more about the food than the aesthetic, I’d load up each tier with delicacies and cookies. Being the most nutritious food, cookies are vital to Christmas meals.

11. Glass Hurricane

Via Ciaonewportbeach

Glass hurricanes with a candle to fill it up is a little too generic. But with some nuts in the hurricane, along with some green leaves on the side, makes it fun and festive.

12. Winter White Christmas Kitchen

Via Countryliving

Worried about your kitchen being stark white, stripped of color! That can be turned festive too! Change the dishtowels to red or green, and hang a few pinecone wreaths wherever necessary around the kitchen. It’ll add a contrast to the white, and invite the spirit of Christmas.

13. Star Bright Kitchen

Via Bloglovin

These simple white Christmas lights will brighten your kitchen in the nighttime. It will give it a wonderfully warm glow, which is important since I can’t see my way into the kitchen when I have to go sneak sweet treats.

14. Ribbons And Wreaths

Via CuratedInterior

Perfect for the people (like me) who want to slap on decorations in 10 minutes and call it a day! These wreaths and ribbons decorations are a classic that you can count on.

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15. Christmas Lights

Via Pic2viral

When in doubt, go with Christmas lights. Coupled with garlands, these lights not only brighten the outside of your house but the inside as well.

16. Kitchen Cleansers

Via Homestoriesatoz

Although kitchen cleansers aren’t decorators, they can be made one! With holiday scents and a wooden board under the cleansers with a bit of greenery, these cleansers can look like part of the decoration effortlessly.

17. Hang Garland From The Ceiling

Garlands are probably the best way to be festive, but keep it simple! It adds a flare of green to the kitchen while keeping the Christmas spirit, without overdoing it.

18. Gingerbread House Centerpiece

Via Thefarmchicks

With a few premade tiny gingerbread houses, a dusting of powdered sugar, and a bit of greenery, you can create a tiny town of sweets on the kitchen counter! Cute, easy, and decorative?

I am much obliged, especially since Christmas already takes so much work. Plus, who appreciates this ginger town more than kids?

19.  Candy Bowls

Via Howtonestforless

I feel like this one is pretty self – explanatory. The kitchen is my happy place, and becomes even happier when I have red, green, or white bowls full of candy during Christmas!

The kids will be sticking their paws in any bowl they can find, so proceed with caution. The last thing you need during Christmas is a hyped-up kid, messing up your Christmas decorations in the kitchen.

20. Woodland Christmas Kitchen

Via Countryliving

This is the perfect decor, especially if your counter and dining table are kind of the same. If you’ve got bar stools at the counter, this little scenery is much more pleasant to view close-up. With a few reindeer, greenery, and some decoration, you can create a woodland scenery in the middle of the counter.

21. Cocoa Menu

Via Cleanandscentsible

This cocoa menu is made of marshmallows, candy canes, and of course, cocoa powder. This is the perfect way to start Christmas morning, with a hot cup of cocoa, and cute decorations surrounding you.

22. Santa Claus Mugs and Green Plates

Via Serendipityredefined

You can never have enough plates. As someone who has accidentally broken many plates, I say this from experience. Buy these wonderfully festive green plates and Santa mugs to showcase and use during the holidays!

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23. Balloons From The Ceiling

Via Misscayceswonderland

As a child at heart, I thoroughly approve of this decorating idea. Just hang balloons of different colors from the ceiling, according to your theme. If it’s a white Christmas, hang blue, white, and silver, for the classy route black and gold will be perfect, and for the traditional touch, bust out the red, green, and white!

24. Chalkboard Sign

Via Cleanandscentsible

25. Christmas Stockings

Via Youtube

Christmas stocking on the mantle is a classic. But what about in the kitchen? Also, your kids run in and out of the kitchen, so it’s a better way to fill their stockings. With some burlap and greenery, turn the kitchen from plain Jane to have a rustic vibe.

26. Window Greenery

Via Youtube

The window, being the most spacious thing in your kitchen, also has the most promise in terms of decoration. Placing potted plants, wreaths, and garlands make good use of this space and draw attention to it in a small kitchen.

27. Toys In The Kitchen

Via Youtube

This is the ONE time that toys are allowed in the kitchen. Displaying the Nutcracker, ballerina, and other Christmas toys in the kitchen cutlery section amp up the theme to a whole new level.

28. Trees and Garlands

Via Youtube

To recreate the look you probably have on the porch (probably a lot of garlands and small trees), create a miniature version above the cupboards in the kitchen. Weave a few lights between the trees and garlands, and warm up the kitchen.

29. Candles

Via Youtube

While everything else you use to decorate is aesthetically pleasing, you often overlook the other important sense: smell. With heavenly smelling candles like pine, peppermint, cinnamon, and apple placed on the window sill or next to the sink, even the air will be in the Christmas spirit.

30. Themed Signs

Via Goldenboysandme

Never underestimate how decorative a simple themed sign can be. Place a small tree beside it, and you’ll feel like you just stepped out onto your porch on a cold Christmas morning. With a cup of hot cocoa of course. Isn’t nostalgia the whole point of Christmas decorations?

Whether your style is simplistic or fancy, bling, or modest, these ideas will whip your kitchen into shape just in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays!