31 Best DIY Christmas Cards

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. The reason I say “times” is because the only other time when I get equally excited is when a Marvel movie is released. Now I know what you’re thinking.

Christmas cards? Come on it’s the 21st Century!

Stay here with me. These cards come with a personal as well as a creative touch that’ll make you rethink …….. Christmas cards? Or a random gift?

31 Best Christmas Cards To DIY

1. Yarn Art Card

Via Liagriffith

Turn card making into a kid-friendly activity! These cards will be the right combination of play and creativity, a perfect match for Christmas, Right?

Turn plain papers into something beautiful and cheerful like card hats, card mittens, or card emojis! The possibilities are endless. Pretty sure your grandma would love this card!

2. Pop-Up Christmas Tree

Via Redtedart

Why draw a Christmas tree, when you can create a pop-up one and stick it on? It’s whimsical and playful, and you can finally put those origami skills to use. It’s also a good side activity for kids on a rainy day!

3. Panorama Inspired Card

Via Fashionmirausa

Remember when you had to make a panorama in middle school? And you chose a penguin habitat and made all the features from clay? Same concept, but think Christmas. Without the clay. This is really for the artists who want to go all out to impress a friend or loved one!

4. Wreath Christmas Card

Via Earnesthomeco

Wreaths on doors? Boring.

Wreaths on a Christmas card? Understated, yet classy.

This simple card will bring a smile to the receiver. Who doesn’t love wreaths at Christmas? The fine print on the card is a touch of finesse to the background.

5. Button Wreath Card

Via Hopefulhoney

Remember all those buttons you’ve been tripping over and pushing to the corner of your crafts box? Time to put them to use! These cute button wreath cards will make a memorable Christmas for those you send it to! It’s a great craft idea to do with your kids too!

6. Reindeer Games Card

Via Easypeasyandfun

Rudolph the red nose reindeer……..was on a really pretty Christmas card! All you need is glue, scissors, and construction paper! Why waste money on blow-ups of reindeer on your porch, when you can make the same reindeer out of paper?

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7. Ribbon On Paper

Via Splitcoaststampers

Black is a color that not only makes you look good but your Christmas cards as well. All you need is ribbon, stationery, and a stamp to make this elegant card. Who knew that ribbons and paper could make such an awesome card?

Never take your collection of random art supplies for granted.

8. Sweet Treats Card

Via Craftbits

Of course, everyone loves gingerbread men during this time.

But on a card? That’s a treat that will warm anyone’s heart! A stamp and colored construction paper is all you need. Don’t mind me, I’m just channeling my inner Yoda.

9. French Fries Christmas Card

Via Studiodiy

Do you love your partner more than french fries! Shhhhhh……careful. The fries are listening!

Your family and friends will love this card. It puts the holly and jolly into Christmas, and it’s a refreshing change from the same old red and green.

10. Stamped Snowflakes Card

Via Kreativekymona

I love the things in life that look the most creative, but only require the simplest material to finish! Making chocolate ice cream……or a stamped snowflakes card, to name a few activities. Turns out, you don’t need an artistic hand to make it look sophisticated. Just a steady hand and the right stamps.

11. Glittery Gold Card

Via Blog.freepeople

Love glitz and glam?

Want others to see your love for glitter? Make this card. With the right type of glitter, glue, and stencil, you can easily make this card and watch the glow on your loved ones’ faces!

12. Recycled Christmas Card

Via Craftbits

Need I tell you more about recycling? Nah.

Let’s get into action! This card is just perfect for such occasions. With just a few items, you can make this colorful, happy, and environment-friendly card.

13. Washi Tape Christmas Card

Via Omiyageblogs

All you need is tape. It can’t get easier than this! Choose your tape, make it your way!

Pro tip: You can also use decorative stickers, to make the colors pop.

14. Santa Hat Card

Via Muminthemadhouse

Hurray! All that you need is already at home! Just a little amount of cotton for the fluff, and some construction paper to cut into the shape of a hat. It’s whimsical and simple. Perfect for Christmas, considering all the shopping and cooking you have to get done with.

15. Thumbprint Cards

Via Countryliving

Honestly, even your toddler can chip into this project and still make this card look like art. With a bit of paint (safe for kids, obviously) and all thumbs on desk, this card will look playful and personal at the same time.

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16. Snowman Card

Via Lisasstampstudio

With just a few knick-knacks in the house, this snowman card will be complete.

It will be magnificent. It will be breathtaking and all your dreams will come true……..I’m trying to emulate Mrs.Claus, so work with me here. The recipients will love the snowman!

17. Christmas Tag Card

Via Consumercrafts

This is probably the fastest card you’ll ever make. If you have an eye for shapes, this card is perfect to play around with. It’s impossible to mess up a tag card. I’m pretty sure you’re card will be so elegant that even Monica will appreciate it.

18. Christmas Door Card

Via Thepapercollage

This is just beyond cute. Usually, you open the front door for surprise presents on your doorstep. Make your card look like a front door, to make the card itself a gift! Construction paper, scissors, and glue are the holy trio to making this card look cute and whimsical.

19. Charming Torn Paper Santas

Via Katescreativespace

Cute? Haven’t met him. Unless you’re talking about Noah Centineo. Or these paper Santas that are adorable and require very fundamental materials like construction paper and black markers!

20. Paper Cut Christmas Card

Via Liagriffith

Time to put your calligraphy skills to use! Download the PDF version of this card and carve the lines using an Acto blade, or buy these! I dig into warm blue and purple tones. But if you’re feeling traditional, that’s your choice!

21. Christmas Card With A Gift

Via Practicallyfuntional

Christmas cards alone, not enough? I agree! Add a little something special in the form of chapstick! These cards have enough space for chapstick, so you don’t have to kiss those dry lips anymore. Winter skincare ladies, is a pain. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

22. Snow Globe Card

Via Mayholicraft

In the words of Lara Jean, “One moment, things are upside down, but then, like magic, there’s glitter everywhere.” Gift your loved ones a glimpse of fantasy and nostalgia with the snow globe card.

23. Glittery Tape Cards

Via Omiyageblog

“When everything fails, sprinkle glitter on it!” This card is pretty self-explanatory! Start gluing the glittery tape into shapes of your choice.

24. Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got

Via Childhood101

While it’s true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so are fake ones on Christmas cards. They’re certainly cheaper, and nicer to your pockets. You just need a marker and some stones.

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25. Button And Ribbon Card

Via Casaetrend

The tutorial is pretty simple to follow, and as the title suggests, it requires only buttons and ribbons. It’s like asking what the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is about.

26. Stitched Gift Cards

Via Aspoonfulofsugardesigns

With a bit of gingham fabric and a steamer, your cards will look super festive and cute when it reaches your guests! Use the color of gingham according to the theme of Christmas you choose. (Can be blue and gold too!)

27. Pretty Printable Cards

Via Deliacreates

This is the easy way out, but hey, no judgment. Printing out cards still shows you care, just make sure you add a heartfelt message and a splash of colors to make it more personal!

28. Quick and Easy Cards

Via Craftymorning

No matter how many times I clean the house, I still find a pipe cleaner stuck in some corner. It shows up as many times as Meredith Grey does. (Despite surviving a shooting, a bomb, drowning, an accident, her husband dying, the list goes on………is this woman immortal??) Shape the pipe cleaner into tree shapes, and glue it on! With a star sticker on top, this card is easy and fun!

29. Origami Paper Trees

Via Cleverlysimple

Time to break those fingers into shape! Only the extremely talented people can attempt origami and you’re one of them! The sparklier the paper you use, the more eye-catching your card will be.

30. Simple Christmas Greeting Cards

Via Thecoountrychiccottage

Calligraphy and Me? Never a Combination.

But you can make some rope and twine to mimic the beautiful calligraphy that’s hard to recreate in real life. Now there’s a stunningly simple Christmas card!

31. Shabby Chic Christmas Card

Via Myshabbysoul

Don’t want to spend a budget that extends to the sky for Christmas cards? Join the club. Cut out an old newspaper, or some other sort of paper you have, in the shape of trees, and glue it on the card. Christmas cards have never been easier!

Some of these cards can be fun kid-friendly activities, and along with keeping our pockets safe! No matter which one you choose, it’s truly the thought that counts.