71 Dollar Store Christmas DIY Crafts

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Christmas is a time for loving, giving, and of course, decorating! The beautiful hangings on the Christmas tree, snowmen, holiday socks, etc, bring the Christmas vibe to the entire home. However, we all know that Christmas decorations are quite expensive and there are chances of wear and tear even with short usage. If you have kids around, these expensive decorations can be easily damaged.

So how can we make our penny worthwhile? We have the answer and it is DIY! For adults and kids alike, cute dollar store Christmas DIY crafts will be the best way to decorate your home. We have combined some of the best DIY crafts for you to turn your home into a Winter Wonderland!

71 Dollar Store Christmas DIY Crafts

1. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Via Craftsbyamanda

People love luminaries and this beautiful decor is very pleasing to the eye. Using snow texture paint, these winter lights can be made to look like freshly fallen snow! They look super pretty and are very easy to make. With just a jar, some paint, pinecones, glue, etc, you can set up numerous luminaries in your home. 

2.  Dollar Tree Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

Via Foxhollowcottage

Christmas ain’t Christmas without snow globes. As easy as they are to buy, they are just as easy to make yourself. But you can give yours a personal touch with simple materials like mason jars, miniature decorations of your choice, snow dust, and voila! 

3.  Snowball Candle Holders

Via Justanotherhangup

Snowball candle holders are cute and adorable. All you need is a round votive glass, adhesive, and snowflakes – and there you have it! Your very own snowball candle holder for Christmas. If you wish to have a different color, just add some coloring liquids!

4. Fish Bowl Snowman

Via Smartschoolhouse

When you hear Christmas, you think of building a snowman, don’t you? This fancy indoor snowman decoration is actually pretty easy to make yourself. All you need are some fish bowls, snowflakes, and decorations to go inside of the bowls.

5. Double Sparkle No Shed Glitter Candle Sticks

Via Ilovetocreateblog

Christmas is all about lights and sparkles, isn’t it? So how could we say no to sparkling glitter candlesticks? Make your very own double sparkle no-shed glitter candlesticks at home with a thrift store candlestick, tacky glue, large and fine grain glitters. That’s all you’ll ever need to make as many glitter candlesticks as you want!

6. Framed Reindeer Silhouettes

Via Savedbylovecreations

The quickest way to create the festive feeling of Christmas at home are these reindeer silhouettes that are super easy and super quick to make. Grab yourself some frames, some scissors, sparkly glitter foam stickers, and get started! Your children will love to have these silhouettes of Santa Claus’ reindeer. 

7. Potpourri Christmas Trees

Via Carolynshomework

One of Christmas’ main symbols is truly the Christmas tree! Create yourself a potpourri-inspired Christmas tree with styrofoam, potpourri leaves, cardboard, glue, etc, and give your home the authentic Christmas look it deserves. These look extremely adorable and you can also paint them any color you wish. 

8. DIY Glitter Stars

Via Web.archive

Glitter stars are beautiful decorative pieces for Christmas as they give the aura of Jesus’ birth and the star that shined bright in the sky. You can make this lovely masterpiece and let it sit atop your Christmas tree by attaching a cone to it! All you need for this beautiful masterpiece is glitter cones and stars of the same color (or different if you wish) and a glue gun to piece them together.

9. Dollar Store Christmas Winter Vases

Via Tarynwhiteaker

This is the perfect decor for your home as they are so versatile! The white snow against the clear vase allows you to pair them with just about any accent color. It gives you a snowy texture and an elegant look. You can also gift this to someone you dearly love.

10. Dollar Tree Snowflake Wreath

Via Littleinspirations

This is a very beautiful and eye-catching Christmas DIY decor. All you need to make this awesome wreath is wreath form, snowflake decor, and hot glue. Hanging it on the Christmas tree or on the Christmas table makes it even prettier. One can also stick a Christmas message written on a note on this wreath. 

11. Let It Snow Dollar Store Wine Glass Globe

Via Craftymorning

Have you got some unused wine glasses at home? Then grab them, for we’re going to make this wonderful snow-filled wine glass with a twist. Yes! The cute snow globe will be made with the wine glass upside down. You can place candles on top of the glass end for an added attraction! 

12. Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Golden Snow Scene

Via Prudentpennypincher

Who doesn’t love a good old Christmas scenery inside a box? This wonderful decor can be made with less than 8 dollars! All you need is a hot glue gun, faux snow, 4 picture frames, a white foam board, and some Christmas figurines! You can place the figurines on the whiteboard and close it with the 4 frames glued together!

13. Snowman Mason Jar Lotion

Via Momspark

This Snowman mason jar lotion is both a lotion to keep your skin soft during winter and decor for your home!! You can make the lotion with some coconut oil, baby lotion, and vitamin E cream. You can also buy the lotion if you wish to save time. Attach a pump to the mason jar for the lotion. You can then wrap a cute red bow around it and stick a few buttons to one side and there you go!

14. Glitter Globe

Via Camillestyles

This teeny-tiny glitter globe is one of kind! It can be made with simple stuff like a small glass jar, figurines, gold and silver glitter, water, glue, etc. You can engage your child in this DIY because they’ll surely love to create the snow effect. 

15. DIY Dollar Tree Snow Village

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

Believe us, on Christmas day, your relatives and friends are going to ask you where you got this! This mini snowy village will bring a lot of vibrance to your home as it has the aura of a winter wonderland. To make this, you’ll need tiny house figurines, white spray paint to cover the homes, and white glitter to make the homes sparkle. 

16. Dollar Store North Pole Street Light

Via Dollarstorecrafts

The way to the north pole is right at your home! This cute little street light indicating “North pole” will be such an adorable add-on to your Christmas decor. Do you know you can use these instead of candles if you make quite a few? Your dusk will look like dawn with this shining light!

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17. Iced Branches

Via Makethemwonderblog

Would you love to bring home a mini tree or branch sticks with rain/ice drops stuck on them? If so, this is your go-to decor. With a few branch sticks, german glass glitter, or diamond vase filler and glue, you can make this piece of decor in just 10 minutes! If this is placed under a light, it will sparkle all day and night!

18. Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments

Via Liagriffith

Do you love pinecones? What about Christmas balls? What if we mix them both? Yes! This decor combines a ball and pinecone using metallic paper cut into small circles, foam balls, and glue! There you go! You can hang these shiny balls that look like bloated pinecones on your tree.

19. Scrabble Tile Ornament

Via Oopseydaisyblog

We all love playing scrabble, don’t we? So why not give it a plot twist, and turn it into a piece of decor? You just need a box of scrabble letters, gorilla glue to stick them and a tiny looped ribbon to hang it around the tree! You can even write down the names of your kids, siblings, spouse, or anyone you wish to remember on this occasion. 

20. DIY Botanical Ornament

Via Thecraftedlife

Another easy-peasy lemon squeezy DIY would be this botanical ornament. Why would we name it like that? Well, it’s a transparent ball filled with green leaves, pieces of wood, and berry-like beans, so why not? It will bring your home a feel like there’s a mini Greenland inside the ornament. 

21. Gem Icicle Ornaments

Via Madincrafts

We all have seen this long earring with shining gems, right? Why not grab some of those gems and make a shining tree? With string wires, glue, and reflecting gems, one can make these glittery and sparkly ornaments in no time. Hanging these on the tree will add more spark to the entire home. 

22. DIY Sequin Sparkles Ornament

Via Caughtonawhim

Sequins, sequins, lots of sequins! Let’s add some disco vibes to our Christmas tree, shall we? With various shaped and colored tiny sequins, styrofoam balls, glue, sequin pins, and your love, you can make this ornament turn out super great! We surely say you’ll love doing this with your kids or friends for it kills a lot of time!

23. DIY Ornament Wreath

Via Restorationredoux

We all know about grassy wreaths or flower wreaths, but have you heard of wreaths made entirely out of tiny ornaments? This DIY craft can be done with a wreath form, ribbon, pipe cleaner, hot glue, and of course, ornaments. It will look so creative on your door when people check on it.

24. DIY Dollar Store Berry Wreath

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Another wreath on the list! But this time it’s going to emit some yummy-looking non-edible berries. With a wreath form, berry springs of red, white, burgundy, and glue, you can make this hanging. The DIY will turn out to look so real that people might just take a bite from it! But hey, let them know it’s not edible. 

25. DIY Candy Cane 

Via Celebrateanddecorate

Those beautiful red and white canes are loved by almost everyone. This beautiful-looking decor can be made with candy canes, some fake leaves, styrofoam base, glue, and some ornaments. When all these are arranged together and given a final touch with a bow, it will look beautiful – we promise.

26. Textured Aquarium Stone Candle Cube

Via Onecrazymom

This candle holder gives the festive look to your home! You can simply take a glass and stick colorful flat-backed glass stones on it in a pattern. Then simply place the candle inside the glass and light it up. This decor will look like a prism due to the light that hits those shiny stones.

27. Frosty The Snowman

Via Onelittleproject

Do you love fake candles, the ones with a tiny light on the top? They look cute, don’t they? But we have seen them look so plain, so why not make a snowman out of it? This amazing DIY requires white flameless candles, some cute red ribbons, and black markers – that’s it! These snowmen with a yellow flame-like nose will make your festive season lit!

28. Plastic Silverware Tree Centerpiece

Via Hip2save

Do you have leftover plastic spoons or forks at home? Would you believe us if we say you can turn these plastic silverware into a tree? By simply gluing forks or spoons to form a cone shape, you can customize this amazing Christmas tree. Whether you want to spray paint them or sprinkle some glitter on them, it’s your choice.

29. Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Plate

Via Lizziscreations

Are you someone who loves to count the days before Christmas when you walk into the month of December? You can make a chalkboard out of a plate and write down the days left before Christmas. You can pick up any plate that is preferably red and then covers the outer circle with tape. Then with chalkboard paint being painted on the inner circle, your mini countdown plate is ready.

30. DIY Christmas Wall Art

Via Pensandneedlesbyamy

Grab some holiday fabrics, foam boards of different shapes, or a large foam board to cut into various rectangles, some ribbons, a glue gun, etc. These bags that are not really bags will be one of the finest last-minute wall decors. It will look so beautiful on any shaded wall! 

31. DIY Dollar Tree JOY Plates

Via Onsuttonplace

We guarantee that this will be so quick and easy to make. All you need to get is this JOY decal and three white plates. Then by following the decal’s instructions, you can create these JOY plates. If you find other words like hope, love, and such, you’re free to make use of them!

32. Christmas Apothecary Jars

Via Realcreativerealorganized

Apothecary jars can be used for decorating each holiday and season! To make these Christmas jars, add small ornaments inside and fill them with some glitter. You can finish this DIY craft with a big bow tied around! It will look amazing when you add in some chocolates or candies inside. 

33. Jingle Bells Heart

Via Songbirdblog

Jingle bells are loved during Christmas because of the sound! With a teeny jingle bell and a reel of silver wire, you can make this jingle bell’s heart. If you have an old wire clothes hanger, you can use it to bend into a heart as well. One of the most satisfying decors, we say!

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34. Christmas Countdown Calendar

Via Designertrapped

Here is another “days left before Christmas” decor. This countdown calendar made with simple items like a board, wood frames, etc, will help you to soothe your excitement. These are so simple to make and will turn out to look super professional!

35. No-Sew Rudolph Ornaments

Via Kidscraftroom

Kids will love these no-sew burlap reindeer ornaments if you’re planning to involve them. With some jute twine, burlap, glue gun, mini red pom-poms, googly eyes, and brown pipe cleaners, you can make these no-sew Rudolph ornaments!

36. Joy To The Dollar Store

Via Landeelu

This is a super creative decor! All you need is a pennant-shaped wood plaque, small stick wreath, J and Y wooden letters, gold spray paint, mod podge, etc. You can make your door, or wall look so pleasing with this word of comfort! JOY to the world!

37. The Nutcracker Suite in Blue

Via Madincrafts

Nutcrackers are so adorable and cute! What if we just don’t put them in a boring red suit with spooky faces but in a blue suit? With blue paint and some nutcracker figurines, you can make this possible. They can be placed near your porch or can be hung on the tree! 

38. Hand Stenciled Winter Baubles

Via Gruszakazfartszka

If you’re a person with amazing art skills, this will be your go-to DIY. With glass balls, markers, and salt to fill in for a snow effect, you can make these winter baubles. To hang these ornaments on the tree, you can use a silver ribbon to make a loop! This will bring a winter vibe to your home. 

39. Gift Box Ornaments 

Via Cleanandscentcible

We all would have empty small ring boxes or some product boxes, right? Why not transform them into gift boxes? Tiny gift boxes with small letters, jewelry, or candy hung on the trees will surprise those who open them! Usually, gifts will be under the tree but let’s make it quite interesting by shrinking their size and hanging them up. 

40. Furry Christmas Decor

Via Placeofmytaste

Soft and plushy decors bring warmth to a place! These cute little letters with a furry look will look so adorable if placed on the fireplace or stuck on the wall. This DIY can be made with large paper letters, faux fur, glue, and scissor! You can do any word with this idea! 

41. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Via Smartschoolhouse

Like candy canes, candy lollipops are also trendy when it comes to this season. These Christmas-themed gigantic paper plate lollipops just cost $1 to make it! They don’t have to be flawless – just colorful and delicious. With paint, ribbon, paper plates, and plastic sheets, this craft can be made in less than 15 minutes.

42. Waterless Snow Globes

Via Littleblacklipstick

Got some extra ornaments? Wanna make some different-shaped snow globes? These budget-friendly waterless snow globes can be made with an apothecary, candy, or any transparent jars. With small baubles, candy canes, figurines, glitter, and cotton wool you can create these mini Winterlands!

43. DIY Rope Garland Tinsel Tree

Via Craftklatch

A classic tiny tree made with green tinsel garland will cut down your expense on mini Christmas trees. You’ll need poster board, green tinsel garland, ornaments, woof star, gold paint, rope garland, and glue to make this DIY craft in no time!

44. Old Fashioned Paper Cone Wreath

Via Creationsbylkara

Rolling paper isn’t so hard and making a cone with it is an easy task! Let’s make a craft with this. You can make paper rolls out of an old book or newspaper and then form a wreath with it! Glue is your savior so get it to make this craft. Check out DIY crafts to make using glue gun.

45. Clever Found Art Christmas Trio

Via Alyssabeth

Guys, this is an incredible idea to make use of every leftover item at your home. If you have photo frames that aren’t being used, some extra candy canes, baubles, or whatever seems of no use currently, you can use it cleverly. You’ll just need to stick them on top of these frames, decorated with paint or craft papers. 

46. Glitzy Gold Dollar Store Reindeer Wreath

Via Savingwithshellie

Another wreath but this time it’s all glitzy! We can’t get rid of tinsel decor because they’re sparkly and super cheap. But sometimes you just won’t know how to use it. So, you can use it to make a wreath with assorted round tree ornaments, and hot glue and that’s it! Your sparkly gold wreath is done!

47. Colorful Button Tree

Via Overstuffed

With lots of colors around, why not make a colorful tree? But with buttons! Yes, you can grab buttons from a nearby dollar store of various colors and shapes. Then on a black tray (or any color you wish), you’ll just need to stick the buttons in a tree pattern. Voila! The decor is done.

48. Snowglobe In A Mug

Via Debbiedoos

A snowglobe in a mug? How come a round globe fits in a mug? Oh, absolutely it can because DIYs are all about creativity. Grab your transparent glass mug and fill it with sparkly mod podge, some cute Christmas miniatures, and a big-size snowflake as the top-notch. 

49. Winter Pine Cone Trees

Via Lifeonlakeshoredrive

Pine cones are a symbol of Christmas and are often seen on Christmas trees. Now that we know about it, let’s bring home the vibe of winter pine cones! With lots of pine cones, snow shade spray paint, a beautiful vase, and some tiny decors make this beautiful snowy pinecone tree!

50. Front Door Paper Snowflake Collage

Via Raeofsparkles

There will be lots of snowflake props in the stores during Christmas. Some will be big, small, glittery, colored, transparent, etc. For this DIY, we suggest you buy paper snowflakes in various shapes! Then with glue, you can stick them in different arrangements to make this door decor amazing. A star can be glued in the center for some extra attraction. 

51. Handwritten Christmas Plates

Via Pitterandglink

With just some basic calligraphy skills, you can turn your inexpensive plates into Christmas decor. You can buy permanent glitter markers or temporary ones, to write down on the plate. You can also draw circles or some other symbols to make your plates look ever so pretty. 

52. Mini Stockings Table Décor

Via Princesspinkygirl

With this DIY, your dinner at the table on Christmas day will turn out super elegant.  To make this happen, use small stockings as utensil holders! All your spoons and forks can be segregated and put in these mini stockings and placed on the table. It will surely make the dinner more fun!

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53. Dollar Store Angel

Via Organizedisland

This is an absolutely awe-dorable DIY craft that we found interesting. With styrofoam and other resources from your local Dollar Store, this tiny angel can be made. This angel craft is a lovely addition to your Christmas tree or crib!

54. Paper Cube String Lights

Via Witandwhistle

Origami skills that we learned in our childhood can now be used to decorate our homes! Fairy lights indeed make a room look so warm but imagine tiny cubes of lights hanging on the wall or around the Christmas tree. These origami cubes are so easy to make and you can also color them if you don’t want them to be plain white. 

55. Star Wire Ornaments

Via Alyssaandcarla

If you’re serious about making DIY crafts then you should give this a shot. Though it looks complicated, all you need is color string wires. You can easily bend them to form the star pattern and hang it on the tree. 

56. Wooden Snowman Spoons

Via Eyeballsbydaycraftsbynight

You can easily make snowman decorations using cheap dollar store wooden spoons. All you need to do is paint the entire spoon white, then with red paint draw the nose, and the eyes with black paint, and voila! Your cute wooden spoon snowman is ready. 

57. Giant Glitter Ornaments

Via Freshpoppydesign

Why should ornaments only be tiny? Let’s make giant glittery ornaments! With styrofoam balls painted with red glitter paint or gold glitter paint, you can hang these beautiful giant balls on the porch, window, or staircase. 

58. Toothpick Snowballs

Via Somewhatquirkydesign

This excellent craft idea is specially picked for you by us! This amazing toothpick snowball will make everyone wonder how you even came up with this. All you require are lots of toothpicks and styrofoam balls. Your stress will fade away when you prick them all in the ball, trust us!

59. Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

Via Sandandsisal

Your dinner table will look extremely elegant with these cute golden jingle bell napkin rings. You can simply grab some dollar stone jingle bells (if you don’t want it in gold color, you can try red or silver), then attach them with your favorite ribbon. That’s it, your table’s rich-looking napkin holder is ready. 

60. Feather Tree

Via Laurieslittlebitsofcreativity

Feathers look so adorable and we always think of it as luck when we spot one. This white feather tree can be made with dollar store feathers, a triangle styrofoam base and if you want to spice it, a snowflake prop at the top. 

61. Ornament Garland

Via Prettyquircky

Here’s another way to have fun with ornaments. With a wire or ribbon and some inexpensive ornaments, you can create these beautiful garlands. They are ideal for the porch, fireplace, and even staircases. 

62. Decorative Candles

Via Imperfectlybeautiful

Got some thick or thin candles that look plain and boring? Well, with this idea you can flip the coin! With scrapbook papers cut in shapes and glued on these candles, they’ll turn out as a centerpiece. You can also wrap a ribbon around, or stick some stickers. 

63. Christmas Tree Of Presents

Via Thriftyrebel

We all have seen the tiny gift box ornaments but have we ever thought about what else it can be used for? We usually hang them on trees but this time let’s create a tree with them. Starting from the bottom, you can simply glue those tiny boxes and as it keeps growing taller, reduce the content. So at the top, just one gift box will remain! 

64. Jar Lid Ornaments

Via Notimeforflashcards

Coming in our list after jar crafts is a craft idea with only jar lids. If you have certain jar lids without jars that fit, do not throw them away. Because with holographic sticker tapes, shiny pipe cleaners, and a glue gun, you can turn these lids into Christmas tree ornaments. 

65. Christmas Sock Wreath

Via Favecrafts

Whether you want to buy fresh new cheap socks or use your old ones, this wreath is going to be a buzz! Who would have thought about a sock wreath? You only need to cut the ends of the socks and push them onto a foam wreath form. Just remember to wash the old socks!

66. Christmas Ornament Refrigerator Magnets

Via Redcouchrecipes

Here we are with a super easy idea! All you need is glue, magnets, and inexpensive ornaments. Glue up the magnets behind the ornaments and simply stick them on the refrigerator. Precisely, you’re decorating every part of your home! It’s the Christmas season, remember?

67. Picture Frame Luminaries

Via Thatswhatchesaid

These luminaries are perfect for decorating at any time of year, especially at Christmas. They’re quite affordable and make for fantastic gifts! For each one, you’ll need four 5X7 frames, as well as tealight candles! Your child’s photos or your photos can be added to make this festival feel special.

68. Picture Frame Christmas Wreath

Via Smartschoolhouse

With this craft on your door, you’ll give everyone a rustic feel during the season. This wonderful craft can be prepared using a battered frame, fabric, twine, and a large burlap ribbon, as well as a ball and other Christmas ornaments. It will look aesthetic during the night under a light!

69. Lantern DIY

Via Splashofsomething

We absolutely love this idea because not only does it look dazzling but is also romantic. For this project, you’ll require balloons, twine/cotton yarn, spray paint, fairylights/twinkelights, glue, etc. Once all the work is done, your effort would please you because this will look stunning!

70. DIY Candy Cane Vase

Via Livingwellspendingless

Candy canes glued together, and tied with a red ribbon to make a vase are a go-to idea this Christmas. Because, apart from normal vases, this will uplift the season’s vibe and when decorated with red roses placed in them, your entire room’s mood will be brightened. 

71. DIY Merry Sign

Via Homeyohmy

The last one on our list is this sparkling merry sign for your porch or fireplace. You can simply pick up MERRY-shaped cardboard boxes and glue golden ornaments on them. Rather than a normal sign, this stunning and gorgeous sign will light up the room when placed under a yellow light. 

Seasons come and go but the festive season of Christmas is something that is usually sought by everyone! We hope these easy-peasy DIY ideas gave you lots of creative thoughts. Merry Christmas!