50 Cheap And Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

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I think we can all agree that, while Christmas is our favorite and most festive holiday, it ain’t cheap. From the decorations to the food and party favors, you rack up quite the bill. Thank God for DIY ideas, because I have no idea where we would be without them.

You can have a holy and merry Christmas with cheap Christmas decorations that will look just as good, if not better, than expensive decorations. You just need a bit of imagination, so that your decor fits your taste. This is the part where you thank me for collecting 50 awesome DIY ideas for you to choose from.

50 Cheap And Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

1. Scandinavian Inspired Star Garland

Via Gathered.how

Anytime I see “Scandinavian inspired” I click immediately like someone slapped a mousetrap on my hand. With just clay, a cookie cutter, and a glue gun, this star garden can be easily recreated at home. Who doesn’t love a simple Christmas decoration?

2. Beads and Cone Christmas Tree

Via Facebook

This is about as much glam as I need. Plus, these beads are really easy to purchase. If you have kids, chances are, you already have these gaudy big pearl necklaces lying around. Wrap em’ around a cone, make a tree, and call it a day.

3. Winter Vases

Via Tarynwhiteaker

Perfect for gifts, and festive for the house! These glass vases cost a whopping one dollar to buy. Their transformation requires a coat of the Snow-Tex for a wintery look.

4. Book Tree

Via Countryliving

For bookworms like me, these types of decorations make me ecstatic. It combines my love for Christmas with my optimal nerd qualities for a unique tree.

5. Pine Scented Candle

Via Sugarandcharm

With all the decorations in place, don’t forget the unbelievably awesome smell that the holidays bring. Up your candle game with this pungent pine-scented candle, for a scent that’ll last a while.

6. Paper and Felt Holiday Ornaments

Via Shelterness

Paper strips and binder clips. It cannot get easier than that to make ornaments. They’re perfect for those awkward corners that the Christmas lights don’t cover. Or, hand them in the kitchen above the sink for some folly jolliness.

7. Handwritten Decorated Dollar Store Plates

Via Pitterandglink

These plates, based on how you personalize them, can look so beautiful as if they’re part of the decor. You can paint your kids’ names, or guests’ names, or holiday-themed words like “grace” and “joy.”

8. Themed Candle Stand

Via Prudentpennypincher

Like Luke Skywalker once said, “the force is strong in my family.” Similarly, the candle game is strong in my family. From girls’ night to casual bath, we have candles for all occasions. Jazz up your red and green candles by sticking candy canes around the circumference. Now that’s Christmas!

9. Life Preserver Wreath

Via Countryliving

I find this idea hilariously awesome. It’s also highly minimalistic. With a life preserver and a little ribbon, this decoration can be hung above the mantel and will be remembered for many Christmases.

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10. Mini Wooden Christmas Tree

Via Sugarandcloth

Have your family join in with you to make these crafts! It’ll finally get them off their phones. These mini trees can be personalized based on the materials you use, so the sky’s the limit!

11. Paper Plate Lollipops

Via Smartschoolhouse

As the name indicates, these lollipops made with paper plates will colorfully brighten up the yard and pathways. With a big red bow, this simple decoration will be colorfully whimsical.

12. Picture Frame Decor With Ribbons And Ornaments

Via I.pinimg

Do you know those 3 – ingredient recipes that take 15 minutes to make? Similarly, this decoration should take you approximately the same amount of time. With a picture frame, hot glue, and other fancy-schmancy things you want to add, it’s a great arts and crafts idea.

13. Hanging Candy Canes

Via Prudentpennypincher

I’m aware that the candy canes hanging from the garland are plastic. I use real ones. If possible, the fruity flavored ones. Then, you can sneak in quick snacks while making Christmas dinner. Which goes on as long as the Mars expedition.

14. Christmas Stockings

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Why waste money repeatedly on new stockings? Switch up the fabrics! Include some of the fabric of last year’s stockings, or even old socks, for a truly unique stocking. Even red gets annoying after a while.

15. Marbled Ornaments

Via Sugarandcharm

Christmas isn’t complete without personalized ornaments. It adds so much value and stays in our memories and hearts for many more holidays to come. Buy as many decorations as you want, but it’s the ones you make that will stay in your mind. These marbled ornaments perfectly balance the festive colors of Christmas with a personalized touch.

16. Glam Garland Wreath

Via Aol

Glam is such a millennial word that’s used so rampantly, that I’m tired of hearing it. But this wreath puts the g in glam with its outlandish look, despite being made from very little raw materials.

17. Paper Cube String Lights

Via Witandwhistle

A millennial decoration. These Christmas lights will add a super cool spin on boring Christmas lights, with depth and dimension being added due to the cubes.

18. Hanging Pinecones

Via Prudentpennypincher

If you’re into minimalistic decorations, this is perfect. With just a few pinecones and white ribbons, you can decorate your kitchen, mantle, or where ever you see fit. It adds an understated touch of elegance, with the subtle smell of pinecones.

19. Christmas Table Runner

Via Designimprovised

Why waste your time and money setting placemats and decorating the table? Just find some colorful and festive wrapping paper to do the job!

20. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Via Agirlandagluegun

If you are looking for some craft activity to distract your kids while you make Christmas food, this is it. These snowflakes just require Popsicle sticks and glue to assemble. If you want to go all out, personalize it with paint or glitter glue.

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21. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Via Oneprojectcloser

Roll some construction paper into a cone, and stick spoons all over it to form a unique Christmas tree. It’s perfect and petite to place in the kitchen. Whereas a real one would leave needles everywhere.

22. Dollar Store Gem Icicle Ornaments

Via Madincrafts

Trying to add some icy bling to your Christmas tree? This simple idea will add more glam to your tree than bright lights ever could.

23. Suspending Christmas Cards

Via Prudentpennypincher

Tired of all the Christmas cards you’re receiving and have no idea what to do with them? Put them on display with some clothespins, and attach them to a strong piece of twine.

24. Floral Tree Wrap

Via Designlovefest

It’s easy to repeat the same old twinkle, shine, and garland routine with your Christmas trees. Change it up this year with this brilliant and gorgeous floral wrap, that’ll make your trees stand out more than lights ever could.

25. Mitten Garland

Via Countryliving

As a proud owner of many cute mittens, I can honestly say I’ve lost so many pairs and been left with only one. With this mitten garland, my mittens can become friends with each other, and finally be put to use.

26. Christmas Gnomes

Via I.pinimg

By far the closest I’ve ever come to seeing an animated dwarf come to life! These mini Christmas trees, dressed up with hats and a nose are the perfect decor this season to bring your children’s’ cartoons to life.

27. Kissing Ball

Via Consumercrafts

Did someone say mistletoe? SO last season. Try this kissing ball made of the foam ball, ribbon, and greenery of your choice.

28. Bold Palette

Via Consumercrafts

Tired of the same old red, white, and green? Switch it up with earthy tones of mint green and crisp white, for a fresh Christmas.

29. Pretty In Pink

Via Goodhousekeeping

If Molly Ringwald can pull off pink in such an iconic manner, is the table such a big deal? Step out of your comfort zone of normal Christmas colors, and bring out the pink!

30. Christmas Ribbon Bauble

Save your wallet by avoiding buying new Christmas baubles. With some styrofoam and ribbons, these baubles are quite easy to make.

31. Mini Snow-Globe Ornaments

Via Nobiggie

If you’re trying to mass decorate the house in a short amount of time, these ornaments are up for the challenge! Whimsical and nostalgic, they’re perfect for the season.

32. Wrap Garlands Around Bedposts

Via Goodhousekeeping

Worried that your kids’ bedrooms aren’t festive enough? Wrap garlands around the bedposts for a festive look.

33. Teal And Gold

Via Lovelyindeed

While we’ve discussed how to change up color palettes with pink, the colors of teal and gold hit a more grand note at the dining table. I’m dreaming of a white…..trendy…Christmas.

34. Bunch of Roses

Via Myecochicwedding

Not able to decide on a centerpiece? With this bouquet of roses wrapped with candy canes, you won’t have to worry about people paying attention to your table settings.

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35. Pasta Noodle Christmas Tree

Now, this is DIY at its best. Roll cardboard into a cone, and cover it with pasta with the help of a handy glue gun. Paint it over if you want to!

36. Go For The Candy Effect

Via Afreshsqueezedlife

You can never have too much candy! Skimp on the traditional decorations, and load up on the candy.

37. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments

Via Craftsbyamanda

Ugly sweaters are a classic during Christmas, I can see why Ron hated it so much! Make the mini – versions to spread the ugliness.

38. Fancy Plates

Via Goodhousekeeping

Time to finally use the special plates you’ve been saving for “special occasions.” I’m sure Monica would approve.

39. Light Bulb Penguins

Via Upcyclethat

Light bulbs penguins? Say no more. These cute ornaments will make your day.

40. Bringing Fresh Flowers to The Table

Via Goodhousekeeping

Bust out the floral arrangements for a gorgeous table setting this season! As they say, we eat with our eyes.

41. Edible Name Cards Holders

Via Goodhousekeeping

What’s the point of using fancy name cardholders if they aren’t edible? That’s what I always ask.

42. Glowing Snowmen

Via StuffbyAsh

Why put the plastic gallons in recycling when you can just re-purpose them into glowing snowmen? Now that’s a craft project worth the time.

43. Candy Cane Reindeer

Via Happygolucky

Glue two candy canes together and animate it with wiggly eyes and brown ribbon for a cute reindeer!

44. Create a Hot Cocoa Bar

Via Southboundbride

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot cocoa during the holidays? With this cocoa bar, you and your guests can personalize your cup of chocolaty goodness.

45. Photo Ornaments

Via Simpleasthatblog

Bring back the family nostalgia with this fun activity. These ornaments are worth more than the ones you spend a fortune buying.

46. Napkin Trees

Via Goodhousekeeping

Looking for a simple way to set the table for guests? Roll napkins into trees, and stick the name placeholders under the napkin so that it looks like a tree.

47. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Via Amysdelight

Don’t stress about last-minute decorations! This is a perfect idea, and it doesn’t even take long! Don’t let the picture fool you. Pinecones, glitter, glue, and your imagination are all you need.

48. Christmas Balloon Ornament Banner

Via Bestfriendsforfrosting

Adults we may seem, but children at heart we are. Is there a better way to show that than a balloon banner?

49. Mini Stocking Table Decor

Via Princesspinkygirl

I mean……this is the epitome of cute. Mini stockings to hold utensils? Creative and crazy cute!

50. Fake a Roaring Fireplace

Via Hgtv

Not all of us can have a built-in fireplace. Why not make one? With chalkboard paint and canvas drape cloth, create this clever illusion of a fireplace.

These ideas should be more than enough to give you a head start on decorating. Merry Christmas!