40 DIY Mini Christmas Tree Crafts

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I find Christmas as an opportunity to showcase my housekeeping skills ( for dinners, of course! ) and utilize my creativity at its zenith. If you’re here, you may belong to the same gang of creative-heads and DIY lovers. 

If you’re looking to deck-up your Christmas tree differently this holiday season, this article is for you. We’ve rounded 40 DIY mini Christmas tree crafts. From burlap to recycled paper to felts, there is something for everyone. 

Mini versions of Christmas trees are space-saving and legitimate worth switching to lest you get bored of the conventional tree. Let’s have a look at them! 

40 DIY Mini Christmas Tree Crafts

1. DIY Sweater Mini Christmas Tree       

Via Blesserhouse

Did you know that you can upcycle an old sweater to make this Christmas? Yes, that’s right! So, add a cute tree to your Christmas decor and utilize your unused sweaters at the same time. 

2. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree     

Via Hertoolbelt

Head to your nearest wood store and grab some pallets to design your own Christmas tree. An easy project which is also space-saving and budget-friendly. The rustic looks will leave you in awe. 

3. Scandi-chic Christmas Tree     

Via Westelm

This Scandi-chic Christmas tree isn’t exactly a mini tree but surely smaller than your regular tree. They’ve used a basket instead of the tree skirt which is modernizing the whole set. A perfect option for your modern home. 

4. Fuzzy Christmas Tree   

Via Twotwentyone

Christmas trees are a lot more than simply wood and leaves. You can use styrofoam and fuzzy fabric to pull off these fascinating Christmas trees in a heartbeat ( metaphorically obviously! ). Also, no machinery is required. 

5. Poinsettia DIY Christmas Tree     

Via Prudentpennypincher

If you love the hue of red color like me, you should try this elegant and classy looking Christmas tree this season. It will cost you only $4 and fulfill your aspirations of having a mini-tree as well. 

6. Burlap DIY Christmas Tree    

Via Consumercrafts

Burlap is a DIY staple and since we’re looking for DIY ideas, it’s a must-try. This burlap Christmas tree will add a touch of country style to your Christmas decor. And who doesn’t love it? 

7. DIY Fir Trees    

Via Ouiouiouistudio

I was looking for something minimalist when these fir trees caught my attention ( and I’m a fan since then ). Leave your guests enchanted with their endless charm and glorious design. 

8. Tabletop Christmas Tree    

Via Craftberrybush

Try some inexpensive craft to bring this tabletop Christmas tree to life. It looks like a miniature of the regular Christmas tree but will cost almost nothing to you. Just a tad little effort and dedication! 

9. Pinecones Christmas Tree 

Via Hgtv

It’s time to make a trip to your backyard and gather some pinecones lying there nonchalantly ( lol! ). Using some basic supplies, you can create this beautiful pinecone Christmas tree. Best part? Make it as long or as short as you want. 

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10. Paper Christmas Tree    

Via Aspoonfulofsgardesigns

What do you do with the cupcake liners once you enjoy that sweet delight? You probably throw it into the trash. But wait before the next time you do it. Those waste cupcake bases will make your day. A fun project to try with your kids.

11. Red Pom Pom Tree    

Via Alyssaandcarla

Spruce up a green-colored cone to create this red pom-pom tree. As you can see, the tree is highly customizable so you can adorn it in your way. Its simple and aesthetic design will suffice for your decor. 

12. Buttoned Christmas Tree    

Via Mamanjackjack

Have you ever thought that you can legit make a tree out of the buttons? Yes, you read it right! The tiny buttons that hold your garment can hold your Christmas embellishments as well. 

13. Ruffle Christmas Tree    

Via Shanty2chic

Blend the burlap material with the ruffle pattern to make these ruffle Christmas trees. You can use various materials like a candlestick or a readymade cone to hold your tree upright. 

14. DIY Gold Leaf Trees    

Via Consumercrafts

Give Midas touch to your Christmas decorations this holiday season and smug among your family and friends because hey, you’ve got a better idea. All you need are some golden leaves, a hot glue gun, scissors, cones and you’re good to go. 

15. Paper Cone Christmas Tree    

Via Agirlandagluegun

By just using a hot glue gun, scissors, wrapping paper, cone-shaped foam, and a pencil, you can pull over this brilliant and effortless paper cone Christmas tree. It’s frugal and will accentuate your creativity. 

16. Book Page Christmas Tree    

Via Loveoffamilyandhome

Think of an old book you’ve been planning on giving away for a long time. Now grab that book and design a mini Christmas tree of book pages. Sounds peculiar? Well, the idea is as amazing as the content of the book would be! 

17. Moss Christmas Tree    

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Make a moss Christmas tree that looks as intriguing as a regular Christmas tree. With its sheer glam and cuteness, it will bless your Christmas this year. You can use it as a tabletop adornment or simply keep it beside your main tree. 

18. Feather Christmas Tree    

Via Simplejoy

Let’s agree that feathers radiate serenity and delight! With that being said, it’s rhetorical to make a feather Christmas tree to level up your A-game and flaunt it in front of your guests. 

19. DIY Mini Pistachios Christmas Tree    

Via Blessedbeyondcrazy

I used to wonder what good the pistachios shells can serve? Then I landed in this amusing project where they made a mini pistachios Christmas tree using a literal trash item. Your Christmas tree couldn’t be as happening as this one. 

20. DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees    

Via Homedit

Your Christmas embellishments must be stacked up with felts, wreaths, centerpieces, etc. However, it’s time to get experimental with those felts and make a rustic felt Christmas tree. The trees shall add personality and chicness to your decor. 

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21. DIY Confetti Trees    

Via Sugarandcloth

If you’re looking for some abstract mini Christmas trees, look no further. These DIY confetti trees are the best thing that could happen to you this Christmas ( lol, just kidding! ). But trust me, you’re gonna love them. 

22. Easy DIY Felt Christmas Tree    

Via Hellowonderful

Another project with the felts that would prettify your normal Christmas tree. This felt Christmas tree will act as an embellishment that might look good upon your main tree. It’s so easy that even kids can make it. 

23. Kanzashi Christmas Tree    

Via Craftpassion

Well, this Kanzashi Christmas tree is something that I’m definitely trying this year. The project might be looking tiresome but it’s not. Rather, you’ll have a great time designing it with your friends and family. 

24. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree    

Via Craftsbyamanda

When I first heard of this project I thought they make something out of the coffee machine ( poor thing! ). These trees will quench your longing for a rustic alternative and that too in style. 

25. Mini Christmas Tree DIY    

Via Alldaychic

Grab pinecones once again, a mini terracotta pot, a mini star, and a few basic craft supplies to pull off this lovely project. This mini Christmas tree is such a heartwarming gifting idea and an eye-catchy adornment. 

26. Easy Thread Roll Christmas Tree    

Via Fabartdiy

Get rolling with these thread roll Christmas trees. They’re as easy as ABC to pull over and takedown. Although the trees are meant for Christmas, you can decorate these all-year long and enjoy the beauty. 

27. Black And White Mini Christmas Tree    

Via Handmadecharlotte

Some of a few must be loving the contrast of black and white and hence this mini Christmas tree is for y’all! Black color encompasses elegance and class whereas white color symbolizes peace, however, the combination indicates festivity and fun! 

28. Mod Light-up Trees    

Via Vitaminihandmade

Illuminate your living room with the mod light-up Christmas trees. They look better when the lights are switched off and you can even customize them by incorporating multicolored lights and cutting out different shapes. 

29. Recycled Paper Christmas Tree    

Via bricolaje.facilisimo

To all the natural guardians, this recycled paper Christmas tree is especially for you! Not only will it safeguard the interests of nature but also multiply an item in your stock of Christmas adornments. 

30. Fabric Strip Christmas Tree    

Via Firefliesandmudpies

Simple fabric strips can be an engrossing Christmas tree. Whether you’re trying to finish your kid’s school project or simply looking for anomalous ways to brighten up your Christmas, this is for you! 

31. DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree With Lights    

Via Pillarboxblue

Make a trip down to your backyard once again or to a local park and grab some pine cone to make a Christmas tree. Best part? It’s illuminating and hence will light up the whole ambiance. 

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32. DIY Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees    

Via Twelveoeightblog

Kickstart your holiday crafting season with these DIY yarn wrapped Christmas trees. Not only will you get to reinforce your creative skills but you will also get these trees as an incentive :-P. 

33. Wire Christmas Trees    

Via Homedit

Following a modern take on the holiday decor, these simple and cost-effective wire Christmas trees must be your next DIY project. They’re usable around your fireplace or as a tabletop centerpiece. All you need are a wire roll, a vase or a cone, and a holiday star ( optional ). 

34. Simple Christmas Tree Miniatures    

Via Thatartistwoman

Fill out the unoccupied space in your house with these simple Christmas tree miniatures. You can adjust their size according to your needs and incorporate colors to them as per your mood. However, I suggest you go for a rainbow theme! 

35. Plastic Spoons Christmas Tree    

Via Oneprojectcloser

A Christmas tree made up of plastic spoons! Sounds anomalous, right? Contrary to my belief, it turned out to be an amazing masterpiece. Head over to your local craft store and grab a lot of plastic spoons for this project. 

36. Pumpkin Seed Christmas Trees    

Via Unskinnyboppy

Are you searching for a last-minute idea to fancy up your Christmas decorations? If yes, then these DIY pumpkin seed Christmas trees are for you. Repurpose the cute pumpkin seeds to design a mini Christmas tree. 

37. Paper Christmas Tree

Via Katrinshine

Switch to an eco-friendly alternative for the Christmas tree this holiday season. It’s simple yet lovely and will be a perfect fit for your fascinating treat. Make several circles around and your Christmas tree will be ready in no time. 

38. DIY Twine Christmas Tree    

Via Vintagenewsjunkie

Get yourself a cone and some twine to pull off this enthralling project of a mini twine Christmas tree. Besides being the cutest member of the tree family, it will add a full-fledged farmhouse feels to your decor

39. Dollar Store DIY Mini Christmas Tree    

Via Prudentpennypincher

Do you know what I love the most about dollar store crafts? They’re thrifty and high-spirited. With that being said, here’s a dollar store DIY mini Christmas tree which is definitely making its way to my holiday decorations this year! 

40. Christmas Tree From An Old Book  

Via Spalvotasdryzuotas

Upcycle an old book to create this gorgeous Christmas tree and revive all the positive energies this Christmas! If you’re stacked up with a pile of books, you know what to do with them, right? 

Try some of these incredible crafts to suit your taste and decorations. And get ready to be lauded for the good. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!