29 Easy Halloween Costumes College Guys Need To Copy In 2022

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Halloween, the time the dead rise, the time the ghosts and zombies come to torture us and we all need to lock our doors or run for our lives and- well, coming back to the less spooky reality, the time for decorations, candy, and costumes! Now, this is personally my favorite time of the year because of all the creative and fancy outfits we get to create and show off.

But what about those of us who have to spend this year’s festivities in our college dorms? I mean, can we party more? Yes. But can we also really look good without a lot of our home supplies? Why yes we certainly can. Here I have 30 excellent Halloween Costume ideas that you college guys have to try.

30 Halloween Costumes For College Guys

1. Scarface 

Via Themetamorphosis

No one can forget the iconic role of Al Pacino in Scarface. Recreate that look by wearing a simple white suit with a red shirt and a cross necklace. Slit your eyebrow (you can do this with a little bit of make-up) and give yourself some bruises to complete the look. 

2. Pineapple

Via Tipsyelves

Be the best and most juicy fruit this Halloween. Either get a costume or wear a full yellow outfit and a paper crown. 

3. Bojack Horseman

Remember that vine with the terrifying but also extremely funny horse mask? Well considering it’s available everywhere during Halloween, why not turn yourself into the most beloved horse of all time? Bojack Horseman!

4. Clown

Via nicks_quinn on Instagram

Halloween is creepy and beautiful things. Turn yourself into a sad clown by making teardrops or stains on your face and adding a red lip with some gloomy eyeshadow. 

5. Mario

Disguise Men's Mario Deluxe Adult Costume, Red, M (38-40)

A red shirt with blue overalls and cap is all you need to transform into this amazing and fun WII character! 

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Buy it on Amazon.

6. Elvis Presley

Rubie's Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume, White, Large

There has rarely been a pop icon as great and unforgettable as Elvis Presley. Dress up like him in his famous white leather shirt and pants and style your hair to be puffy, smooth, and curved backward. Then just put on your dancing shoes and get to doing the jailhouse rock! 

Buy it on Amazon.

7. Umbrella Academy

Via Omie313

This mind-blowing Netflix show is something that everyone loves. Dress up as Number ‘8’ from the Academy by putting your twist on the uniform and characters.

8. American Psycho

Via Nextluxury

Patrick Bateman is probably one of the best characters to dress up as on Halloween. He is just the perfect mix of horrifying and charming…in the creepiest way possible. So get yourself a blue shirt and tie with a plastic raincoat or jacket and the most important item, a fake ax. Also, add some artificial blood to complete the look. 

9. Bob Ross

Via Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Become the most wholesome and caring painter to have ever lived by wearing a simple blue shirt and some jeans and curl your hair…or just stick to a wig. Top it all off with a paint-brush and palette. 

10. Dwight Schrute

The Office is one of the best shows to have ever been made. So why not go as the weirdly intelligent and extremely funny character Dwight Schrute? A yellow shirt with a brown suit, a watch, and glasses are all you need for this look. 

11. Mad Men

Via Sayyes

The famous show has a lot of amazing characters that you can replicate for Halloween and the best part is…they’re extremely easy to do as it’s just a suit with a hat and suitcase! 

12. Gomez Addams

Via Nextluxury

Any Addams Family fans in the house? Turn yourself into this sophisticated, weird, and super in love character by wearing a nice black suit and a little mustache. 

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13. Hot Dog

Forum Novelties Adult Hot Dog Costume Tunic, As Shown, One Size

This Halloween, be the goofiest person in the room by dressing up as a fun hot dog. You’ll be the most amusing as well as the most delicious! 

Buy it from Amazon.

14. It 

Via Yandy

Become the scary IT clown by and terrify your dorms all night. Also, carry a red balloon for added effect. 

15. A Star Is Born 

Via giulianarancic on Instagram

Bradley Cooper plays the talented musician Jackson Maine and it was an amazing crowd-pleaser. Transform yourself into him by getting a pair of sunglasses, a cowboy hat, boots, beige shirt, and jeans, and finish the look with a long wavy wig and beard. 

16. Flintstones

Rubie's The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume, Multi-colored, Standard

Make your favorite childhood tv show come to life by dressing up as Fred Flinstone this time around. 

Buy it on Amazon.

17. Grease 

Via Nextluxury

This old-time favorite had probably the best ‘bad boy’ character, Danny Zuko. Wear a white shirt with leather pants and jacket and slick your hair back to win everyone’s heart this Halloween. 

18. Jon Snow

Via Uhhh_lora on Instagram

The beloved series, Game of Thrones, had some pretty crazy fans and if you’re one of them then why not turn yourself into the one and only Jon Snow! 

19. Baywatch

Via Merhrosales on Instagram

A pair of red shorts, a cap, a whistle, and some sunglasses is all you need to become the stunning Baywatch lifeguards… 

20. Iron Man

Marvel Men's Captain America: Civil War Deluxe Muscle Chest Iron Man Costume, Multi, One Size

I’m not crying, you are! If you’re a Tony Stark fan then you have to go as the beloved Marvel character this year. So suit up and start saving the world. 

Buy it on Amazon.

21. Clark Kent/Superman

Via Karanmahindru on Instagram

This two in one look is very easy to achieve. All you need to do is wear a white shirt with black trousers, glasses, and tie. Underneath it, put on a superman shirt with his symbol visible by unbuttoning your shirt a little. 

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22. Farmer

Via Countryliving

Pay homage to one of the most hardworking people…the farmers! Dress up as them this Halloween by wearing a shirt with a pair of overalls. You can even trace a fake USDA badge onto a paper to make it look more authentic. 

23. Once Upon A Time In Halloween

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio both gave an excellent performance in the new Quinten Tarantino movie. So if you’re a movie buff then dress up as these gorgeous and talented men this Halloween. 

24. Peaky Blinders

Via Glassdoor

A suit and, coat and cal will immediately transform you into characters from the Netflix hit series, peaky blinders. 

25. Burrito Wrap

Rasta Imposta Deluxe Burrito Fun Food Adult Mens Womens Costume

Searching for a funny costume this Halloween? Well, look no further. A burrito costume is the best…and tastiest, way to go! 

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Pirate

Forum Men's Captain Sterling Blackskull Adult Costume, as Shown, Standard

Become the mean cunning thieves if sea by wearing a white shirt with black pants and an eye patch, boots, and the famous pirate hat. 

Buy it on Amazon.

27. Soldier

Via Tipsyelves

Remember the little toy soldiers we used to play with? Well, now you can then into them by using some green face and body paint. 

28. Prince Charming

California Costumes Men's Storybook Prince Costume, Blue/RED, Large

Be the man of everyone’s dreams by dressing up as the most handsome prince to have ever lived…Charming! This costume would be easily available at any Halloween costume store so go get yours before the princess saves herself. 

Buy it on Amazon.

29. Count Dracula

InCharacter Costumes Men's Nocturnal Count Vampire Costume, Black/Red, Medium

This horrifying vampire will be the talk of the town because of how creepy and scary he is. 

Buy it on Amazon.

So now that we’re done with the list, I hope you are inspired and run to the stores…or start DIYing your costumes as soon as possible!