30 Easy Halloween Costumes College Girls Need To Copy In 2022

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Creepy and horrifying home decor, sweet and sour colorful candies, monster-themed parties, movie marathons filled with Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice are just some of the amazing activities we get to indulge in during Halloween.

Though the one that excites us the most has to be the Costumes! The days of planning and crafting are extremely fun and wouldn’t want to be missed by anyone. Though sometimes we don’t have a lot of time because of college and are maybe even spending this festival at our dorms.

Now, this may be fun when it comes to the parties but come on, how do you also wear a terrifying yet beautiful costume? Well, here I have just the perfect Halloween costume ideas for you that you’ll love. From sexy to funny costumes, there’s something for everyone, so let’s get straight into it. 

30 Halloween Costumes For College Girls

1. Demon Look

Do you want to feel spooky, sexy, and fun all at the same time? Try this Halloween Devil look by pairing a crop top with a mini skirt, a horn hair-band, a beautiful sweater, and bring all this together with a pair of red heels. Do this and you’ll have heads rolling…maybe even literally…in no time! 

2. Mean Girls

Via Entertainmentmesh

This was the movie that shaped all our childhoods so why not pay homage to it and recreate its amazing looks? May that be Regina or Katie or even the Cool Mom, all you need is to dress up in shades of pink and keep flipping your hair! 

3. Stranger Thing Eleven

Via Suburbanmango on Instagram

Become the brave and badass eleven from your favorite Netflix series by wearing a simple pink dress, a blonde wig, and a blue jean jacket.

4. Bachelorette

Via Southernbelleintraining

Pair the fanciest dress in your closet with a bouquet of red roses and that’s all you have to do to win the heart of your loved ones…quite literally. 

5. Clueless

Via the_cohen_twins on Instagram

Dress up as the unforgettable Clueless character with a simple plaid yellow dress and a lot of sass and diva-ness. 

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6. Lilo And Stitch

Via Twitter

Who didn’t like the fun Disney movie about that adorable little alien? Now you can become Lilo by pairing a green skirt with any crop top and a flower crown. Or just stick to her lovely frocks. 

7. Stupid Cupid

Via Themetamorphosis

Rock this sexy Cupid look by pairing a red top with a red mini skirt/trousers and a cute Cupid headband that you can make out of paper, glue, and glitter. Pair this with a boy and arrow that u can easily find at any Halloween store. 

8. Lara Croft

Via dakotadavidsonn On Instagram

All you need for this pretty look is a green crop top and black shorts. Add some artificial weapons to finish it off and then all you have to do is wait for the heads to turn! 

9. Emoji Costume

Via Jennycookies

Make your favorite emoji with the help of some paint, scissors, and cardboard. You can either hold it or stick it to your shirt and start having fun. 

10. Addams Family

Via Entertainmentmesh

Who doesn’t like this creepy family? May your favorite character be Morticia or Wednesday or Gomez, dress in the only black and white and remember to be as crazy as you can! 

11. Clown

Do clowns always have to be scary? The answer is NO…they don’t. This Halloween, be the fun and cute clown that everyone would love to be around. Pair a polka dot skirt with some adorable make-up to finish this look. 

12. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Via thejinxcosplay on Instagram

Go as this beloved Witch from Netflix by wearing a turtleneck and your cheerleading uniform on top of it. 

13. Glam Cowgirl 

Pair a shimmery bralette or top with some shorts, a shrug, and top it all off with a silver hat to turn you into the hottest cowgirl people will see this Halloween. 

14. Harry Potter

Via Flickr

Become your favorite character from this exemplary novel series. May that he Hermionie or Harry or Draco, all you need is a black gown (graduation gowns work best) with a shirt and tie under it. Also, carry a stick or wand to go the extra mile. 

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15. You Can Do It

Via Whipperberry

Nothing says bold and brave more than the Rosie the Riveter Poster so why not turn yourself into her? A blue shirt with a red bandana will immediately turn you into this strong beauty. 

16. Queen Bee

Via Twitter

The stunning Beyonce Coachella look may not be easy to pull off but we can always try. A yellow sweatshirt with shorts and tasseled boots are the way to go when recreating this look. 

17. Night And Day

Do you feel like doing something with your bestie or partner this year? Well, try this gorgeous Day and Night/Sun and Moon look to be glamorous, over the top, and start preparing for all the compliments. You can make the sun and moon by painting cardboard or foam and stick it to a hair-band to finish this look. 

17. Skeleton

Via Entertainmentmesh

If you have good makeup skills then why not put it to use this year? This half skeleton look is as stylish as it is scary. So paint your face, put on a black leotard with stockings and that’s all you need for this look. 

19. I’m A Barbie Girl

Via Metamorphosis

Transform yourself into this gorgeous beauty by using shades of pink and white in your outfit. You can also wear a high pony to look more like the actual doll. 

20. Sailor Moon

Via afropunk on Instagram

This cute anime character has won the hearts of many so bring her back and do the same by dressing up as her this Halloween.

21. Dracula101

Via Goodhousekeeping on Instagram

Vampire costumes are a must during Halloween. Put on a black corset or black shirt and tie with a skirt/long pants. Get some cheap Vampire teeth and fake blood to fully embody the chich vampire that you’re going for. 

22. Three Blind Mice 

Get your BFF’s together and rock the Three Blind Mice costume. All you need for this is a  black top, skirt, boots, and the most important…black sunglasses. Add a mouse hairband and black cane for some extra fun. 

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23. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Via kendraallynmua on Instagram

Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast At Tiffany look cannot be done again…at least not as well as she did it. So why not give your own ‘dead’ feel to it. Change up the elegant look by putting your amazing make-up skills to use. 

24. Greys Anatomy

All those attractive doctors and not one for us. Well, worry not, now you can become your favorite doctors for Halloween by wearing an easily available and inexpensive costume that you can get at any Halloween store. 

25. Bubble Baby

Via Studiodiy

Use some white balloons and styrofoam to create this cute bubble bath look…and hey, add a rubber ducky for some more fun. 

26. Riverdale

Via Mesciatwinsofficial on Instagram

All anyone can talk about nowadays is Riverdale and the hype is also well justified. Go as the main characters, Betty and Veronica to up your Halloween game. 

27. Catwoman

Via Mothernasamakine

A black jumpsuit and the cat-woman mask is all you need to pull off this stunning look. You can also top it off with some black heels and cat eyeliner. 

28. Angel

Via Amazon

A white dress with jewels and a tiara will make you look like a beautiful angel. You can even add a pair of sheer or white wings to make it more gorgeous. 

29. Unicorn

Via Chailawaila on Instagram

All you need for this costume is some pretty glitter, beads, and a unicorn headband. You can even make your own horn with tape and cotton and attach it to a hairband. 

30. Boxers


Via Entertainmentmesh

Wrestling and boxing are always going to be trending and with the importance given to fitness nowadays, this costume would be very easy to pull off. A sports bra and shorts with a bathrobe is all you need to complete this cute look. 

So now that we’re finally done with our list, I hope you’re inspired to try some of them. If so, then what are you waiting for? Get into your creepy costumes and have a blast this Halloween!