30 Cheap And Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Decorations

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I’ve been obsessed with the beaches and aquatic landscapes ever since I was a kid. The serenity and gratification that I feel at a beach are unparalleled, more on that later. If you’re someone like me and planning to spice up your Christmas decorations this year, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Ciao to those traditional ornaments and decoratives, create an offbeat set up at your place. What I love about the DIY projects is that you get to have a gala time with your family making them. 

Stick along to discover 30 remarkably easy DIY coastal Christmas decorations and bring them to life without being harsh on your pocket. Let’s get started! 

30 Cheap & Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Decorations

1. Coastal Christmas Tree        

Via Breezydesigns

First things first, starting with the kingpin of Christmas – a Christmas tree. Incorporate the touch of coastal life to it and let it be the talk of the town ( well, at least among your circle! ). 

2. Beach Scene Ornaments 

Via H2Obungalow

No Christmas seems complete without the ornaments. Since we’re creating a beachy atmosphere this time, make these DIY beach scene ornaments using the supplies you probably have on hand or buy from any local store. 

3. Coastal Christmas Ornaments   

Via Myweeabode

Pull off these ombre twine ornaments using supplies that you must be having at your home already. This could be a lucrative way to spend the weekend with your family inexpensively. 

4. DIY Starfish Salt Dough Garland    

Via Desperatecraftwives

I never thought that we can make starfish out of kitchen supplies, I mean not until I saw this garland. These high-end looking ornaments are quite simple and radiant to prepare. 

5. Simple Seashell DIY Ornaments   

Via Modpodgerockblog

Incorporate some glitter and shine to your monotonous Christmas tree and upscale the vibes. These DIY ornaments will suffice to transform your normal Christmas tree to a coastal Christmas tree. 

6. Sea Blue Ornaments    

Via Dailydiylife

Presenting you with another dope coastal ornaments idea, you can easily pull it off using supplies from the Dollar store. Their blue color articulates the perfect beach setting and the twines add up a bit of rustic design. 

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7. Rope Wrapped Candle Holder    

Via Stonegableblog

One thing you probably plan to shop every holiday season is the candle holders. Although, they don’t cost much finding the best fit to blend in with your coastal theme might be a difficult task. Create them on your own instead and save some bucks. 

8. Beach Christmas Table Decorations    

Via Celebratingeverydaylife

Arrange a gala dinner night at your place and flaunt the beach-themed table decorations among your guests. If you’ll be able to get it done, it would leave them astonished for sure. 

9. Model Sailboat Decor    

Via Houseofhawthrones

To all the minimalists out there, this model sailboat would complement your coastal Christmas decorations. You just need to grab some basic materials and creativity and you’re good to go. 

10. DIY Sea Glass Candle  

Via Lovelygreens

If you’re struggling with time and looking for a last-minute decorative, this sea glass candle is there to your rescue. You don’t require any special tools or something extravagant to pull it off. 

11. Cozy Coastal Christmas Mantel    

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

Decorate your fireplace and living room with this cozy coastal Christmas mantel. This exciting and effortless DIY project is eye-catchy and modern. The perfect blend of festivity and theme-based decor. 

12. Beachy Snowman Craft  

Via Craftsbycourtney

Christmas embellishments without a snowman are like a pizza without cheese ( sounds absurd, right? ). Well, you can customize your regular snowman to create this beachy snowman craft and complete the look. 

13. DIY Beach-themed Ornaments    

Via Momdot

Pick out random shells from any online store or a local craft store and articulate these beach-themed ornaments. Whether you live around the coast or not, this is something that’ll definitely help you to feel at the beach. 

14. Driftwood Christmas Tree   

Via Cutoutandkeep

Collect some driftwood to carry out this easy project and as a result, get an exceptional driftwood Christmas tree. You just require some basic tools and supplies to finish it up and it’s low-cost ( what could be better! ). 

15. DIY Seashore Wind Chimes  

Via Poindextr

I really enjoy listening to the sound of wind chimes and therefore I brought this extremely modular seashore wind chimes. It’s easier done than said ( I know, it’s the other way around 😛 ). 

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16. Create A Nautical Look  

Via Sandandsisal

Add a whimsy touch to your nautical look this holiday season by pulling off this ravishing Christmas decor idea. It’s a great way to spend your weekend time with your friends and family and let their creativity flourish. 

17. DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments    

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

If you’re still holding on to your beach memories and rummaging throughout the internet to recreate them this Christmas, then your search ends here. This hand-lettered coastal ornament made with the driftwood is going to take you back to the beach. 

18. Beach Bowl Centerpiece  

Via Buzzfeed

Spruce up your center table or workspace with a bowl radiating beachy vibes. It’s the aptest centerpiece to complement your coastal Christmas decorations. Plus, it’s going to cost you peanuts and will be easy on your budget.

19. DIY Gold Oyster Shells   

Via Hyggefolk

Give a Midas touch makeover to the regular store-bought shells and witness the wonder. They reflect their best look in dim lights at night and will provide a gorgeous facade to the overall decor.

20. DIY Starfish Snowman  

Via Younghouselove

Did you know that using inexpensive starfishes you can prepare cute and tiny snowmen? Well, you probably didn’t know it. Grab some color and put on your creative shoes ( just an ideology! ). 

21. Coastal Christmas Front Door Swag    

Via Bhg

Your decorations won’t be complete if you overlook the outdoors. Greet the onlookers and let them know too that you’re celebrating Christmas in coastal-style this year. Decorate your front door and show-off the beachy swag. 

22. DIY Beach Gel Wax Candle    

Via Craftionary

Sometimes all you need is a candle to transform the whole ambiance. Make these high-spirited amazing gel wax candles filled up with shells, fishes, and everything aquatic. The journey would be invigorating and the result will leave you bombshell. 

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23. Display Seashells    

Via Betweennapsontheporch

One of the easiest ways to convert your conventional decorations into a coastal-themed decor is to display seashells virtually everywhere. Just collect some enthralling shells and find a safe conspicuous place to display them. 

24. DIY Coastal Christmas Foyer  

Via Artsychicksrule

You can carry out a plethora of options to recreate a beach scene in your foyer this Christmas. However, to ease your efforts, we’ve linked some of the easiest and fascinating ways for you. 

25. Mini Christmas Trees   

Via Craftsbycourtney

Too many cooks spoil the brook but too many trees always upscale the Christmas decorations. Level up your coastal Christmas embellishments by building this mini Christmas tree. The more, the merrier! 

26. DIY Wooden Anchor Ornaments    

Via Craftsbycourtney

Anchors contribute a lot to the coastal life, hence they’re an inevitable part of our beach-themed Christmas decorations. Don’t fret, they’re going to be exceptionally frugal and fun to make. 

27. DIY Driftwood Star  

Via Diynetwork

Another Christmas essential is a star and this awesome project is here to fancy your regular star. Using driftwoods will incorporate coastal style to the stars and make them ready to slay. 

28. Coastal Chic Designer Christmas Tree 

Via Seahorseandstripes

Minute details bring changes to the whole set-up. It’s time to apply this theory to your Christmas tree and highlight the beach theme decor using it. 

29. Mini Seashell Trees  

Via Hgtv

Pick up seashells of various shapes, sizes, and textures and interweb them into one another to make these seashell trees. They’re ideal to decorate your tabletops and similar niches. 

30. Coastal Christmas Wreath  

Via Sanddollarlane

Finish off your beach-themed decorations with a coastal Christmas wreath. I bet you can’t miss out on this one. Wreaths are another adornment which is quite vital to prettify our places during any occasion. 

Change is the only constant and sometimes it’s necessary to switch to a brand new routine. So, try out these top-notch ideas and enjoy the holidays :-).