71 Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is a season of gifts, love, and lots of decorations. With that being said, we should know that mantel decor is always a topic that creates a lot of buzz this season! People love hanging their handpicked stockings and garlands on the mantel and enjoy pouring their creativity in.

But if you’re listlessly sitting around with the question “How can I make traditional mantel decor trendy this year?”, we’ve got you! There are hundreds of ideas out there that can be used for this purpose and we’ve handpicked a few. 

So scroll down and check out our freshly picked 71 Christmas mantel decoration ideas that you shouldn’t miss out on!

71 Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas

1. A Subtle DIY Sign

Via Abeautifulmess

This beautiful Corvette Stingray design promises a not-so-regular vintage feel. To get your room to bask in a soft glow, attach yellow lights to your wooden Corvette and Christmas tree. You’ll need to spend some time shaping a wooden board into the Corvette for this decor, but it’s totally worth it.

2. A Boho Christmas Scene 

Via Heywandererblog

How about decorating the fireplace in such a way that it gives off Boho vibes? Grab some lights, garlands, mini pine trees, star decorations, and some cool stockings to switch up the traditional snowy vista into a boho scene.

This Southwestern theme won’t fail your inner Bohemian.

3. Colorful Wood Garland

Via Akailochiclife

Do you love DIYs but at the same time, can’t spend too much time on them? If so, this mantel decor consisting of this cute garland is the right choice! This wonderful homemade colorful garland requires the secret ingredient-sticky wood veneer sheets.

Use colorful cardstock to give this garland a pop!

4. Magnolia Wreath 

Via Theturquoisehome

Everyone will be in awe of your mantel because you’re about to spice up the traditional green wreath with Magnolia leaves! Not only does this bring the sun rising on the horizon feels, but it also gives off the Christmas vibes when you add the wooden sign saying “Joy”.

5. Blue and Silver Zone

Via Fromhousetohome

Christmas is mostly known for the red and green colors that symbolize various meanings. But lately, people have also started mixing in blue and silver to bring the winter wonderland vibe home. 

With the latter concept, we bring you this glittery mantel decor. Simply decorating your mantel with blue/silver baubles or snowflakes is enough!

6. Mason Jars and Glitter

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Mason jar crafts are super famous and they’re handy to make DIYs. As a result, you can make use of them to adorn your mantel! With various sizes of mason jars and glittery Epsom salt mix, faux greenery, and ribbon, these jars can be turned into beautiful centerpieces for your mantel. 

7. Pretty Pretty Green

Via Larkandlinen

Do you have a white fireplace? If that’s the case, sticking to green decor and green alone is the best option.

Your soft-looking mantel will be complete with plenty of green foliage, white stockings, tiny white houses, and some blush-colored ribbons. Also, if you want to create an appealing atmosphere in your house, burn some cinnamon or pinewood scented candles.

8. Chunky Candlesticks

Via Thelilypadcottage

Candles bring warmth and comfort to every home. With that being said, you can pick up any old chunky candlesticks and simply spray them with gray paint for this look. You can also look for them in any dollar store.

Once you set the candlesticks, add in some beautiful drapes, bushy garland, and other decors to make the mantel look cozy.

9. Red Nose Rudolph

Via Thepapermama

If you don’t want to incorporate a garland or stockings, use up the space by hanging a large decoration over there. Once hung on the mantel, this snow-colored Rudolph with a red yarn pom-pom on his nose will brighten your entire mantel. Give it a try!

10. Printed Canvases

Via Inmyownstyle

During the Christmas season, highlighting words of hope over the mantel is a fantastic idea. This idea can be completed with three canvases printed with encouraging messages, stockings, branch slices, green leaves, and candles. How about that?

11. Garland Advent Calendar

Via Abeautifulmess

If you have children, a 25-day advent calendar is a great idea. Each little star box will contain a present when it is opened on the specified day. Your children will be counting down the days before Christmas and also be excited about the little gifts inside the boxes.

12. Big Garland with Lights

Via 2ladiesandachair

You’ll never be able to tear your gaze away from this mantel design because of its elegance. Make your mantel stand out with a large green wreath adorned with lights, towering snowy branches, and green garlands!

A white Rudolph in the heart of the large wreath will undoubtedly add charm.

13. Chalkboard Sign

Via Aspoonfulofsugar

Adding metallic hues to your traditional Christmas decorations can make the theme pop! Any old blackboard may be used to make this fantastic graphic chalkboard. Once it’s finished, add metallic trees, ornaments, white candles, and adorable jars to finish it off.

All of these elements together will transform your mantel into a work of art.

14. White Stockings on the Mantel

Via Classyclutter

Do you have 5-6 fluffy white stockings? If so, make use of them to bring about a complete mantel look along with some greenery. All you additionally need is a big chalkboard/board in which you can print or write a snippet from any beloved carol song of yours.

If you wish, you can also add some yellow lights to make the mantel more magical.

15. 3D Stars

Via Aspoonfulofsugar

Christmas and stars are strongly intertwined and cannot be separated. With this notion, we can develop this beautiful mantel decor in no time.

You only need four strips of paper (if you want a huge star, use longer strips) and white paper flower ribbons to construct one of these lovely 3D Froebel stars.

16. Banner on the Mantel

Via Thepapermama

Are you ready to put some effort into making your mantel seem lovely and unique? This idea is simple to implement since all you have to do is download and print whatever design you like for your banner.

You may cut them into any form you like, and then use museum putty to decorate your mantel. It won’t damage your walls, so no worries!

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17. PVC Pipe Wreath

Via Abeautifulmess

Your visitors will be amazed at how you came up with this PVC pipe wreath concept! But don’t worry; they won’t know we assisted you. This project idea will be ready using 5 foot PVC pipe ranging from 12′ to 2.5′ diabetes, chop saw, strong adhesive, and other materials.

Try out something different this year!

18. Nostalgic Mantel

Via Lizmarieblog

This nostalgic mantel style will surely capture the essence of love and happiness this Christmas. Get your hands on some snowy landscapes and snow-covered cottages and frame them in antique frames.

Then by layering those antique frames on your mantel, you will undoubtedly evoke warm nostalgic feelings.

19. Wooden Decor

Via Blessthisnest

If you want to make your mantel appear super-furnished and hide your dirty fireplace at the same time, go for this DIY wooden fireplace cover. You’ll need a piece of plywood, wood strips, wood slices, paint, wood glue, and some other basic materials.

To make this concept come together, you can use nicely polished wooden candle holders of various sizes, rich garlands, and a Christmas message in a frame.

20. A Vintage Look!

Via Lizmarieblog

This super cute Christmas decor will definitely catch your guests’ attention. If you have any old vintage postcards, bottlebrush trees, figurines, etc, you can ace this style. This will make the space subtle, warm, and inviting, adding life to your home this Christmas season!

21. Frosted Window Panes

Via Inmyownstyle

Was it your intention to toss out an old window sash? Well, you won’t think of it again because of this DIY idea! All you have to do is paint the window sash, then add some tree branches, red decorations, ribbon, and artificial snow.

There you go, your enticing mantel is complete!

22. Rustic Vibes

Via Simplecozycharms

The joyful atmosphere will be enhanced by this arrangement of rustic and comfortable decors! Because Christmas is such a varied season, you can simply go for pastel-colored decorations (rather than the conventional red and white).

Then add a large yarn wreath with the word “JOY” spelled out in the center, and a plethora of pinecones. With these, your mantel will undoubtedly exude a welcoming atmosphere.

23. Line of Trees

Via Placeofmytaste

With an array of wooden trees, your mantel decor is complete! You can arrange faux brown and green trees of different sizes and heights along with some contrasting wooden decors like vases, pinecones, or candle holders.

This is enough to achieve a simple, woodsy feel!

24. Snowflakes on a Wooden Basket

Via Findinglovely

Get creative this Christmas season with a rustic mantel design! With a tobacco basket, beaded snowflakes, blue and gold stockings, and some greenery, you can easily prep up your mantel in no time!

25. Use Faux Berries!

Via Craftberrybush

If you’re in the mood for a traditional Christmas set up, decorate your mantel with red and green colors. Use a lot of faux berries, backyard branches, some tree trimmings, and other leftover ornaments to achieve the look.

You can even add lights and some fake snow!

26. Eucalyptus At Your Service

Via Frenchcountrycottage

This elegant decor can be done with a Eucalyptus wreath, metallic accents, glittering decors, gold candlesticks, fairy lights, silver signage, glass ornaments, etc. It will look dazzling and especially at night, you’ll be mesmerized by the soft glow in the room. 

27. Merry Monogram

Via Memehill

Monogram letters are really cool, especially when they have bright lights attached to them. To put this concept into action, just buy a light-up MERRY sign and place it on the mantel. When you add two large red vases and a wreath-like mirror, it will appear quirky!

28. Antlers on the Way

Via Inspiredbycharm

Have you ever used faux elk antlers in your decoration before? It’s high time you did so since they complement the season’s atmosphere! Your mantel will emit a rustic atmosphere with antlers, brown-colored stockings, huge pinecones, leaves, and some metallic baubles!

29. Burlap Mantle

Via Thetomkatstudio

This mantel decor, especially if used over a white or wooden fireplace, will give off a calm, rustic, woodsy atmosphere. Simply use reclaimed wood for the reindeer art, burlap, and pine to bring it all together!

You can even add a “Happy Holidays” banner to complete the look.

30. Another Vintage Story

Via Frommyfrontporchtoyours

Adding on to our list of vintage mantel decorations, this one will not only be less expensive but also easy to complete. All you need are some old frames from a thrift store or flea market, as well as festive foliage, red ribbons, and red/white stockings—easy peasy!

31. Get, Set, Colors!

Via Fifthhomebliss

It’s Christmas time, and it’s going to be a colorful one! Take out your tassel garland, boxwood wreath, bright pom-poms, stockings, paper cone trees, stocking with golden printed lettering, and your favorite porcelain vases.

Your mantel will look stunning!

32. Antique Appearance

Via Foxhollowcottage

Antique patterns pique people’s curiosity because they’re rarely seen. With this in mind, why don’t you give it a shot?

If you won’t be burning some wood in the fireplace, then you can place an antique trunk there. Then, to make it more fascinating, add dark shades and white contrasting decorations.

33. Farmhouse Trend

Via Thefrugalhomemaker

Farmhouse designs are intriguing because of their woodsy appearance. You can use rustic finds, antique windows, dark stained wood, and other elements to apply this concept. Additionally, wooden pallets with joyful messages will surely enhance this theme.

34. Rustic Woodland

Via Cherishedbliss

“But this isn’t a fireplace!” you might be thinking. Yes, but as we’re talking about putting up decorations, why not implement this look?

To get started with this stunning idea, simply add mason jars packed with delectable berries, an enormous wooden pallet with a phrase of promise, etc. You’ll love the final luxurious result!

35. A Simple Design

Via Evolutionofstyle

If you want a clean and simple design for Christmas, this is the idea to go with! Your mantel will be complete with simple fresh greeneries adorned with glitter cone-shaped trees, feather trees, candles, NOEL letter figurines, and traditional stockings.

36. Little Barn

Via Creativeambitions

Do you love the countryside and want your home to look like it? Then you can make it happen this Christmas with this adorable little red barn display. Other sparkling decorations, twinkling lights, green trees with a snow-covered appearance, and stockings can be added as well to spice it up!

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37. Advent Calendar Mantel

Via Alicewingerden

This masterpiece is a must-have if you want your mantel to double up as a place of worship! You can decorate the mantel with a simple garland, gold star wall decals, a gorgeous advent calendar, candlesticks, tinsel trees, and ornaments.

The main feature would be a picture frame with any holy figure you desire!

38. Cozy Mantel

Via Cherishedbliss

Here’s another woodsy style you can go for this holiday season! Traditional stockings, empty wooden picture frames, trees, wreaths, candles, and a large deer head may all be used to create this cozy look on your mantel.

It will undoubtedly be a top-notch decoration!

39. A Fun Mantel

Via Kellyelko

We enjoy experimenting with different ideas, which is why we’ve picked this quirky and entertaining mantel decoration idea for you! Using brilliant lights, personalized stockings, a green tree cutout, and light-up trees, this idea can be executed wonderfully.

40. Silver and Gold Wreath

Via Refreshrestyle

You won’t dislike this one-of-kind holiday mantel! Decorated with lots of ornaments, a silver and gold wreath right in the center, foliage, and bushy greeneries, your mantel will turn out elegant!

You can also add a large pallet behind the wreath to make the mantel more rustic.

41. Wooden Sign

Via Thelilypadcottage

You’ll definitely give off a Christmas vibe with a wooden sign that proclaims Joy, Peace, and Love! You may add a silver-colored reindeer figure, regular silver, and brown ornaments, and, of course, brown stockings to this design to make it more festive.

42. Elegant Mantel

Via Allthingsbeautiful

Doesn’t this mantel look so warm and elegant? All you’ll need is a large framed blackboard to write God’s word or a lovely season quotation! Then you can add magnificent thick candles, gold ornaments, brown stockings, and fairy lights.

43. Blue Christmas

Via Centsationalstyle

We can’t get enough of this merry and bright mantel decor! Various blue decorations and contrasting silver decors such as vases, baubles, and candlesticks may be used to create this mantel design. If metallic hues are used, this effect will be even more beautiful.

44. Rose Gold Christmas Mantel

Via Modernglam

Here’s our present to all rose gold lovers! Your mantel will be lovely with tonnes of rose gold-tinted ornaments, cone trees, a Merry Christmas garland, contrasting white stockings, and soft plushy foliage!

You can even add in a board with lines from your favorite Christmas carol.

45. Traditional View

Via Flamingotoes

Every year, people’s tastes for mantel decors alter. Some may stick to a winter theme, while others will go for a more classic appearance, while some may go for a wooden look!

The above picture is the concept for those who appreciate traditional design. It’s simple to execute using stockings, pre-lit wreaths, garland, bottle brush trees, decorations, and so on. We believe the look will be appealing!

46. Red and Aqua

Source unknown

We all would have seen how red and blue decorations go well together so why not try red and aqua? With vibrant hues of red and aqua ornaments, candlesticks, and stockings, you can brighten your mantel!

Your fireplace will look fun and playful, and kids will love it!

47. Red All Around!

Via Mylifefullofhope

There’s probably a reason why red is the traditional Christmas hue. And if you keep this in mind, you can make your mantel appear gorgeous with all red accents!

To make this fascinating decor, all you need are red stockings, red berries, red trees, red ornaments, a wreath with the words “Merry Christmas”, and so on.

48. Sugared Plum

Via Twopurplecouches

This cutting-edge minimal setup is not to be missed! This fireplace can be decorated with white, silver, and purple-themed ornaments, and we promise it will look wonderful.

You will be able to decorate the mantel this way without spending a lot of money, and choosing purple in the wintertime is a novel concept!

49. DIY Eucalyptus Garland

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

We’ve looked at a mantel with a eucalyptus wreath before, but this one is a bit different. Making a eucalyptus paper garland will put your DIY abilities to test but it’s super easy.

You can even enlist the help of your children for this DIY and turn it into a fun Christmas activity. It’s so simple to make that you’ll want to make more to adorn the rest of your house as well.

Add in a few silver ornaments to complete the look—green and silver go so well together!

50. Retro Bounty!

Via Flamingotoes

We’re going to have some retro fun because, well, why not? If you live near a flea market, stop by and pick up some bright pom-poms, white reindeer head figurines, small globes, charming miniature trees, teeny tiny bells, and a window sash! Your retro style is complete with all of these items!

Add in a window frame painted with a bright shade right at the center if you want a pop of color.

51. Winter Woodland

Via Designimprovised

Do you want to bring a little bit of Winterland to your living room? Pinecone garland, wooden miniature trees, a snowy-looking fluffy wreath, charming micro creatures like deer or hedgehog, and so on will help you ace it.

You can also create a winter effect with some white decorations!

52. California Dream

Via Clubcrafted

California is a place that’s loved by a global audience because of its beach areas. You can bring out that very beach vibe to your home by decorating your mantel with blue and white decors.

Once you finish that, you can add a big board with an aqua color background and gold-colored words to complete this setup.

53. December Incoming

Via Dearlillie

Color schemes are essential, and they are even more prominent during the Christmas season. You can welcome December with loads of love thanks to this lovely yet basic green and white combination! The lush garland and lovely white flowers will add to the festive atmosphere.

Add a mirror with a wooden frame to make the decor more rustic.

54. Neon Party!

Via Akailochiclife

We’re pleased to inform you that 80s inspired mantel decorations are no longer outdated. Your mantel will appear like pop art with this incredibly imaginative neon color scheme.

This decor concept can be executed with a plethora of neon-colored triangular cutouts, wall hangings, present boxes, and decorations.

55. Christmas Village

Via Pmqfortwo

Regardless of the color of your fireplace, this idea will complement it. Hand-paint houses on wooden boards with acrylic paints to create a mini-village—use various hues such as pink, crimson, orange, and blue.

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Trust us,  your mantel will appear very exotic if you pitch in tall painted nutcrackers and some books!

56. Rustic and Minimalistic Village

Via Bowerpower

Following in the footsteps of the colorful village, we now have a minimalistic version of it. Decorate your mantel using houses in brown, grey, or biscuit brown. You may also add some pinecones to the mix, as these will help to complete the rustic aesthetic.

Hang a green garland with some red and white stockings to complete the look.

57. Countdown Mini Bags

Via Shadesofblueinteriors

Decorate your mantel with a Christmas tree-shaped advent countdown! It is not a regular countdown but is tiny bags filled with gifts! Every day your child or your family member can open the bag, take the gift and remember that Christmas is nearing!

58. Gothic Look

Via Graceinmyspace

Christmas doesn’t always have to be about white and red decorations! With a huge black-framed mirror, black candle holders, black lamp holders, black baubles, off-white stockings, and some greenery, you can turn your normal fireplace to look gothic! 

Add in a touch of silver to make the look pop.

59. Candle Decorations

Via Hallstromhome

Candles are excellent mood enhancers, and fragranced candles are even better. Whether you have regular candles or scented ones, you can make your mantel glow with them! This setup will look great especially at night—simple but breathtaking.

Add a big mirror and some greenery to complete the look.

60. Star in the Center

Via Thehappyhousie

Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off the driftwood star you’re going to put in the middle! This lovely white star, along with red plaid stockings on the mantle and a green garland embellished with wooden letters will make your lovely home even more lovely!

Sometimes using classic Christmas colors in your decor will do wonders.

61. Old-fashioned Theme

Via Ahouseinthehill

Nothing can beat the traditional setup of stockings and nutcrackers. And to make it a little modern, you can add a deconstructed cedar garland, LED lights, photo collage frames, and candles! This is a beautiful mantel decoration for this Christmas season and everyone will love it!

Add white stockings to contrast the color of the garland.

62. A Green and White Christmas

Via Inspiredbycharm

This Christmas, bring about old-timey vibes by styling your mantel with brown and white stockings, a golden frame mirror, candlesticks, and greenery with tiny lights wrapped around. The spot will look even more amazing if you buy a pair of green covers and cushions for the chairs. 

63. Scandinavian Mantel

Via Gratefullyvintage

Wood is the main element in this mantel decoration and we can’t deny how amazing it is. This simple yet effective mantel decoration consists of wooden trees, wooden figurines, wooden stockings, and a wooden mirror (optional).

This is a chic design so go for it!

64. Cheerful Colors

Via Atcharlotteshouse

Greeneries and bright colors go so well together and this idea will add a bright festive glow to your living room!

Get your hands on a simple magnolia wreath and decorate it with bottlebrush trees tied with colorful ribbons. Similarly, decorate a magnolia garland with pinecones, fake snowballs, berries, paper tags, and lights. 

You can even add in some candles to be lighted at nighttime.

65. Woodsy Mantel

Via Cocokelly

Everyone will be captivated by the two standing nutcrackers on the mantel looking if they are protecting the mantel. These vividly painted nutcrackers adorned with other decors in wood tones will make the fireplace look modern.

When you add candles, wooden beads, and a wreath with a geometric touch like a brass starburst wreath, the entire neutral mantel shifts to a combo of neutral and metallic!

66. Gold and White

Via Centsationalstyle

Decorating a mantel for Christmas with simple white and gold decorations will make the room look super rich!

With white pinecones, snowflakes, white tiny trees, white stockings, a white framed mirror, and then gold ornaments and gold candle holder, this sensational decor can be set up.

67. Miniature Color Forest

Via Laybabylay

Holiday decorations can convey various emotions and we’ve picked out one that screams fun! You can use colorful paper and make cone-shaped trees for this look.

Use colors like pink, blue, purple, and white to make these cones topped with cute pom-poms. If you prefer some glitter, feel free to use it!

68. A Black and White Christmas

Via Thecraftedsparrow

Make a large sign using a pine common board with vinyl stencil cut to display the message you want. Add in chunky wood trees, snowflake hangings, and bottle brush trees to achieve this minimalistic look. 

You can even add in a small sled and a basket with black and white toned towels to enhance this decor.

69. Painted Pinecone Garland and Trees

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

We’ve so far seen how pinecones have been included in almost every idea. And the main star of this decoration is pinecones.

A beautiful pinecone garland with a snowy touch, large wooden trees, wooden framed mirror, and tiny pinecones, will make your mantel look tantalizing.

Keep the theme neutral with brown and green colors or add in red berries if you’d like.

70. Mantel Full of Colorful Stockings

Via Pocketfulofpaint

We loved this idea because of how these stockings have replaced the traditional ones! With these colorful striped stockings, colorful tiny houses, trees with various colored leaves, and a reindeer glitter cutout, you can beautify your mantel!

If you ace this fun idea, your family and guests will remember it for years to come.

71. Pink Christmas

Via Laybabylay

This beautiful mantel with an adorable reindeer, pink ornaments, pastel-colored garland, and a pink Christmas tree beside it looks dreamy and meaningful. 

This adorable pink Christmas idea emerged to support people especially young women and girls who were abused. If you wish to help out unfortunate people like them, you could ask your guests to bring stuff for donation or throw an auction too.

Be it neutral, colorful, or vintage, decorated mantels are a must every Christmas season to spread warmth and joy. We hope this list of 71 ideas has finally given you a plan to get started with the decoration process too! Merry Christmas!