31 Ultimate DIY Christmas Door Hangers

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If there’s one thing we’ve all heard at least once in our lives, it is that first impressions count. They are lasting memories that linger and help your guests create an opinion about you. More than any other season, Christmas is the ideal time to showcase your originality and aesthetic flair. Decking your front entrance for the festive period welcomes the Christmas spirit into your family with all of its tenderness and joy. But don’t stop there – make it more fantastic by greeting Santa and his hardworking reindeer with gorgeous front door décor!

This fantastic collection of DIYs is for you if you’re searching for ways to enhance your front entrance this Christmas season. This 31 DIY, Christmas door decorations, are fantastic, and the best part is that they need not involve only wreaths! Although wreaths are considered the conventional seasonal entrance adornment, there are various alternatives to liven up your doorway. Let us help you find some of the most fabulous ideas and inspirations.

31 Ultimate DIY Christmas Door Hangers

1. Snowman Wreath Door Hanger

Via DIYncrafts

The snowman wreath is perfect if you enjoy a wreath but want something a little less conventional. This snowman is lovely and will lighten up the day for anyone who meets him. Plus, it’s a quick and simple project that you can complete in a matter of hours. All you need is a few simple ingredients to make the prettiest door accent in the neighborhood. 

2. Santa Hat Door Hanging

Via Thespohrsaremultiplying

Our next one for you is very inventive and one of our favorites! It’s a Santa hat with a bouquet of holiday flowers pinned upside down. You may decorate it with anything from blooms and foliage to Dollar Store foil gifts. If you don’t want to use a wreath this year, this piece will make a lovely, sophisticated door hanging. Furthermore, you can put it together in a matter of minutes.

3. Christmas Swag Wreath

Via Fynesdesigns

Use this Christmas swag wreath to bring greenery into your home over the holidays. It’ll stand out against light-colored doors and exudes a rustic charm. Making this crafty little piece is easy, much like making a traditional wreath. You can make the initial form from an ordinary metal coat hanger, so get going immediately!

4. Giant Snowflake Light-up Marquee

Via Abeautifulmess

This massive snowflake marquee is a beautiful addition to any Christmas decor, as it exudes all the wonderful wintery feelings we love. This beauty will showcase your home’s front entry in a simple yet elegant manner. And as a bonus – it glows! You may construct a fiber-reinforced copy of this symbol that is quicker and less expensive. Alternatively, you can opt for a wood version that takes more time and effort but lasts for many festive seasons.

5. Joy Door Hanging

Via 20northora

This lovely DIY door decor lets you share some “joy with the world.” Burlap is an excellent Christmas decor fabric, especially if you are going with a retro vibe. This requires just a burlap piece with a few decorations, which you can customize according to your preferences. You can write any phrase or a line from your favorite carol, then top it off with flowers, bells, or anything with a Christmasy vibe.

6. Oversized Gift Tags Christmas Door Hanger

Via Dailydiylaugh

Preparing for Christmas is fun, especially when you can get customized decorations for no extra expense or work. How to achieve this amazing feat? Just turn the large gift tags from the dollar tree into a lovely Christmas door hanger! Use a little paint and sparkling luster vinyl; there you have it. You can make this simple Christmas project with your Cricut cutting device and craft luster vinyl. Also, use E6000 adhesive rather than hot glue if your Christmas door hanger is going to be exposed to direct sunlight.

7. Christmas Ornament Hanging

Via Tarynwhiteaker

If you end up with a few leftover decorations, make yourself this gorgeous door hanging with them. You can use baubles, ribbons, and fishing lines to make this lovely hanging piece in less than an hour! Simply tie the decorations together in any form, then add colorful ribbons and other accessories to complete the look. To achieve the ideal bow, bind the four edges of the bow to the door so that it doesn’t move.

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8. Candy Letter Hanging

Via Twotwentyone

This project will be a little different from the rest. It is a door hanger shaped like an alphabet that you can make using small peppermint candies. Choose any letter you want; better yet, you can use smaller letters to spell out Merry Christmas – or whatever you want! All you have to do is attach the candies to a cutout of the shape. This wreath is simple to construct and takes around an hour to complete. Remember not to hang it in direct sunlight since the adhesive may melt.

9. Garage Door Christmas Tree

Via Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Oh, what a lovely Christmas tree! On the door, you look very merry! But a piece of advice before you start: don’t install this tree on your door frame if you need to enter and exit it frequently. Even though the paneling is flat, the lighting hooks will attach to fences, windows, or your residence. To make this DIY, you only need to clean the door and map out the full tree pattern using a string of light and clips. It’s pretty simple and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

10. Easy Holiday Card Display

Via Thriftydecorchick

The holiday card display is among the most interesting Christmas DIY décor ideas! All you need is a doorway and some ribbons. Simply weave the ribbons around the entrance from head to toe. Then you’ll require pins or clips to keep the cards in place. The clips don’t have to be strong enough to handle a card. It requires about 10 minutes to complete, and adding additional cards will take no effort as they arrive.

11. Framed Ornament Hanger

Via Artsychicksrule

This lovely framed ornament hanger will add a charming touch of holiday cheer to your decor. It is an excellent substitute for a traditional wreath if you don’t wish to deal with one. You’ll need a photo frame without the glass pane, decorations, and ribbon to complete this DIY. It’s a beautiful hanger that will pique everyone’s interest when they walk through your door.

12. Burlap Christmas Wreath

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

This wreath is earthy and beautiful simultaneously, thanks to the ripped burlap strips. What’s great about this decoration is that you can use any burlap color. Mix some neutrals and crimson to make it look cheerful and festive. All you have to do is cut the pieces and bind them around a wreath shape. It’s not difficult and doesn’t take nearly as long as you might expect.

13. Grapevine Snowman Wreath

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

We have yet another snowman wreath for you! And this one is made out of grapevine. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a natural vibe. Make a few grapevine wreaths in different sizes and assemble them to make your snowman. Finish off the DIY by accessorizing it with the ornaments of your choice. You’ll be able to find grapevines at your nearest handicraft shop or at the Dollar Store.

14. Asymmetrical Wreath

Via Papernstitchblog

This festive wreath won’t require a whole week to assemble; half a day should be enough! The piece is asymmetrical, meaning it doesn’t need precise work, leaving you much more time to complete your last-minute Christmas errands. Start by organizing and gluing the greens on one side of the metal (or whatever you are using), then add the flowers once you’ve placed the green bits in.

15. Festive Mason Jar Sign

Via Thecraftpatch

Even though mason jars are usually exhibited in an entrance or on the fireplace, you can also have it on your front door as a charming little sign. You will need some adhesive card vinyl to make the shape of the jar. Stick the cut-out to your door, and add some poinsettias made from glittering sheets or any other item you want in it, and voila! A mason jar on a door!

16. Ice Skates Door Hanging

Via Creativelysouthern

All you will need to make this door hang are a pair of ice skates, some glue, and some creativity. Alter a basic pair of ice skates into glittery, snow-covered aesthetics by covering them in Christmas foliage and pinecones. These are sure to give your guests some toasty nostalgia. Just take a pair of old ice skates, some spray glue, and some buffalo flurry. Executing it is simple, and you’ll have much fun doing it.

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17. Candy Cane Wreath

Via Thecraftyblogstalker

This holiday season, create an incredibly fun and equally delicious wreath using candy canes. This DIY will not only beautify the area but will also be a delight to the flavor senses. To make this stunning candy cane wreath, you’ll need a curling ribbon, thick card stock, colorful paper, a scoring board, glue dots, and plenty of tasty candy canes. The techniques for making this are quick and basic and will surely be a spectacular success!

18. 10-Minute Scarf Wreath

Via Triedandtrueblog

This decor is a good reminder of a warm, fuzzy winter morning. It will add a touch of comfort to your day and captivate any guests participating in the festivities. Crafting this lovely scarf wreath is so simple that you won’t need thorough tutorials to assemble it. Get a winter-themed scarf and a wreath shape, and you can create this décor in less than ten minutes.

19. Weatherproof Door Hangs

Via Thewoodconnectionblog

Have you considered making tag-line door hangs to greet Santa but are concerned about whether they will withstand the severe frosts? Well, don’t you worry; we’ve got your back! You will need a few items for this one – some tag door hangers, holiday greetings vinyl, paints, foam brushes, vinyl applicator, wood glue, ornamental berries, an acrylic sealer, and finally, some Glidden Gripper primer. The sealant and priming will keep humidity off the woodwork, allowing your tags to survive several seasons outside your door.

20. Glittery Gold Wreath

Via The36thavenue

This glittery gold wreath at the entrance will add a magical touch to all of your decorations. To make this, you will need a foam circle, a roll of super shiny glittered golden ribbon, some acrylic paints and stencil brushes, pins, scissors, and a few baubles. Complete all of the steps except the stenciling if you prefer a plain, all-gold appearance. Pin whatever embellishments you desire to the wreath if you want a more conventional appearance. It would also look excellent with a string of lights.

21. Sugar Plum Christmas Garland

Via Asubtlerevlry

Are you a fan of sweets like us? If so, we have found the perfect decor that we know you’ll love just as much as we do! The sugar plum Christmas garland is the brightest way to frame the doors or adorn bushes during this festive period. It’s a simple Christmas DIY without the nightmare of getting the whole place sticky with sugar. You will need some round, smooth foam balls, a few square foam cubes, paint, clear chunky glitter, foam paint, brushes, twine, and a needle. 

22. Santa’s Laundry Wreath

Via Thecraftpatch

It’s laundry morning at Santa’s, and he has strung all of his clothes to dry here on the hook! This wreath is guaranteed to make your Christmas company giggle! To make your house stand out, hang this silly wreath over your entrance gate. You will require a circle-shaped foam, some fabric strips, red and white felt, a miniature Santa hat, mini clothespins, some baker’s twine, straight pins, and coordinating ribbons. Simply wrap the fabric firmly around the wreath shape, overlapping the edges as you attach fresh pieces of linen. This wreath is a little sassy and wacky, but it’s a jolly one!

23. DIY Candle Christmas Wreath

Via Apumpkinandanprincess

If you like to decorate your panes with lights over Christmas, you may want to add this wreath to the front door. Finding a foliage pick with a variety of components is the key to making this realistic-looking wreath. You can make this traditional Christmas wreath in a few easy steps using an embroidery hoop, adding some greens, and a flameless candle. This Scandinavian-inspired embroidered hoop wreath is simple to make and will evoke memories of traditional Christmas decor.

24. DIY Christmas Star

Via Dreamalittlebigger

If you like the traditional styles but are tired of the same old wreaths, the Christmas star will be the perfect alternative for your main entrance. This star will not only suit your door, but it will also look wonderful, hung from the mantle or mounted on the wall. You will need two wooden lattices, glue and acrylic paint, artificial flowers, a few Christmas baubles, a ribbon, and a glue gun. To make the star, begin with gluing together the wooden grids and add bells, foliage, and any other Christmas accents you like. 

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25. DIY Light-Up Snowman

Via Thewhimsicalwife

Another charming DIY we’ve found is this cute snowman wreath. You don’t necessarily have to use the lighting, but they certainly do enhance the appeal! This wreath is another simple craft that doesn’t take any innovative knowledge to complete. All you will need to do is spray the wreaths, stick them together using a hot glue gun, then add the flowers, lighting, and ornaments. When we say simple, we mean it. 

26. DIY Plaid Bag Hanger

Via Houseofhawthorns

This one is a DIY where you can use a ton of recycled items around your house. Use a rolled-up plaid bag, autumn foliage, and some brilliant berries. You can also achieve the same thing with either a handbag, a supermarket tote, a bowling pouch, or almost any other bag-shaped object you stumble upon! It doesn’t make a difference if it’s new, vintage, or discovered in a garage. All other supplies required are also basic and readily available. Place this stylish door hanging on your main door and watch the praises come in.

27. DIY Santa Door Hanger

Via Livelaughrowe

Santa Claus is on his way! Are you waiting for him to slide down the chimney? That’s not a good idea. Instead, with the assistance of this charming DIY, he’ll be there at your front door. All the steps for this DIY are simple and easy to complete. Just keep in mind to groom Santa’s flowing fabric beard after you’ve put it up there since he has to appear stylish for the jolly season.

28. DIY Pine Cone Swag

Via Cottageonbunkerhill

When you’re extremely busy and strapped for time, this black-and-white patterned hanging will rescue you as it takes almost no time to make. The pine cones give it a festive flair for the occasion. Also, you won’t need a lot of stuff to make this item. A bundle of large pine cones, a spool of wired ribbon, white craft paint, and, alternatively, some shimmer or artificial snowflakes are all you really need.

29. DIY Front Door Christmas Tree

Via Sarahhearts

Have you always been the person who loves to decorate their home with Christmas trees? Do you want a Christmas tree in every corner of your place? Then why not get a Christmas tree for your doorway too? You can make the wreath to match your festive color scheme, desire, and style by adding as many decorations as you like. Also, it will be something you can bring out every year as it is made of artificial pine garland.

30. DIY Front Door Candy Cane

Via Thecraftedlife

Make your entrance as delicious and delightful as a candy cane. You can make this item using tinsel garland and a candy cane-shaped frame (which you can make out of wires or a steel coat hanger). It only takes about 10 minutes and needs minimal expertise to prepare! To make the candy cane, cover the structure in white tinsel and add red bands until the body is completely wrapped. That’s all there is to it. You may either trim the extra or loop it all around your framework and tuck it below.

31. DIY Jingle Bell Door Hanger

Via Scratchandstitch

If you love the sound of Santa’s bells and want it rung every time the door opens and closes, this is the decor for you. Some giant sleigh bells, vine twines, a frame or a ring, and some scotch tape are all you need. It’s as simple as winding garden twine around a hoop or ring, twisting the string with some sleigh bells, and making a knot to make this delightful DIY Christmas decor. Also, remember that each bell should hang at varying lengths.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup and found the perfect fit for your front door. Happy crafting and a merry Christmas, folks!