31 Best Grinch Christmas Party Ideas

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Most of us love the famous holiday movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas! It’s something that unites Americans more than our love for mac n cheese (drooling already? Lol). This Christmas let’s relive the memories of our good old days and arrange a Grinch Christmas party. 

The Grinch loves green and red colors, so if you’re intrigued by the idea of a Grinch-themed party you will have to switch from the conventional red and white to red and green! 

Make a statement amongst your friends and family, and gear yourself up for this unique gala celebration this holiday season. 

31 Best Grinch Christmas Party Ideas     

1. The Cupcakes     

Via Simplisticallyliving

Stun your guests with these cupcakes based on the Grinch theme. They’re such a feast to the eyes and tongue as well. Above all, they’re hassle-free to make and look incredible. 

2. The Christmas Tree    

Via Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Since we’re talking about the Grinch Christmas party, it’s obvious to add a Grinch Christmas tree to spice up your decorations. Take your theme party to the next level by creating this masterpiece. 

3. The Yard And Outdoor Decorations    

Via Achristmascelebration

Don’t forget to fancy up your outdoors while you enthusiastically decorate your insides. The Grinch yard decoration will attract the attention of onlookers and make your party be the next talk of the town. 

4. Grinch Wooden Pallet 

If you’re looking for something cheerful and discreet, this Grinch wooden pallet can be your go-to solution. However, it might be time-consuming but the result is going to be worth the efforts. 

5. Grinch’s Heart Christmas Ornament     

Via Coffeecupsandcrayons

Christmas ornaments are the soul and heart of this festival, therefore, they’re a must-have. Construct this simple yet ravishing Grinch’s heart ornament to spread the Grinchmas vibes all around. 

6. DIY Christmas Wine Glasses With Glitter    

Via Mypapercraze

To all the wine lovers out there, grab your wine glasses, and recreate these glittery Grinch wine glasses embellishments. This will completely modify your party theme and fulfill your quest to have a Grinch party. 

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7. Holiday Wine Bottle Lights    

Via Etsy

After rummaging throughout the web, I found these stunning lightning ideas to illuminate my Christmas party this year. Moreover, your main theme is going to remain intact! 

8. The Christmas Ornaments    

Via Bullocksbuzz

Fill those empty glass balls with the candies and paper scraps to make alluring ornaments for your Christmas tree and other stuff. With their immense charm and greeny look, they’ll rock the theme. 

9. Wreath    

Via Leapoffaithcrafting

Party decorations aren’t officially completed without the involvement of a wreath in it. Carrying this wreath-legacy on, create this Grinch wreath that looks a bit grumpy and a lot more eye-catchy. 

10. DIY Glittery Grinch    

Via Leapoffaithcrafting

Get started with this quick project to top off your holiday decorations this year. This craft is highly customizable, thus, you can easily pull over this glam item for your Grinch party. 

11. DIY Candle    

Via Simplisticallyliving

Another method to light up your Grinch party is to include this candle in your decorations. Plus point? You won’t have to run from one store to the other in search of this amazing item because you’re here to develop it all by yourself. 

12. Party Invitation Card    

Via Bethkruze

To buck your guests up for your upcoming Grinch Christmas party, try sending out these theme-based invitation cards. Because you know, an official card invite is more evocative than an informal invite. 

13. DIY Tree    

Via Sawdust2stitches

Apart from your main Christmas tree, you can add on this Grinch tree to multiply the lush greenery at your party. This tree doesn’t require much space, you can easily accommodate it anywhere around your place. 

14. Hand Painted Wine Glass    

Via Brushstrokeboutique

Wine glasses are going to be my next favorite thing to create something showy. With a little creativity and patience, you can pull these hand-painted wine glasses over. 

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15. DIY Clothespins Wreath    

Via Thekeeperofcherios

Your laundry essential is going to assist you to build your Grinch Christmas party essential. Take a lot of clothespins and assemble them to make the best out of them.

16. The Grinch’s Heart Wreath    

Via Simplisticallyliving

Hang this Grinch’s heart wreath on one of your walls to stimulate the Grinchiness in your party. It’s frugal and effortless to make, so it can be your buddy if you’re on a last-minute decoration spree. 

17. The Fence Climber    

Via Etsy

The Grinch stole Christmas, so how had he probably walked out of the house? Must’ve jumped across the fence, lol! Create this fence climbing scenario in your yard to dazzle up your outdoors.  

18. Terracotta Grinch Tree    

Via Muminthemadhouse

Another quirky idea to build a tree is by using terracotta. This terracotta Grinch tree is a splendid item to spice up the decorations of your Christmas party. 

19. Grinch Gift Packing    

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Surprise your guests with the return gifts wrapped up inside a Grinch gift packing material. Well, they’re not essentially the same as usual gift wrappers, but what’s fun there in the normal, right? 

20. Cake    

Via Thebearfootbaker

Cakes are a party staple and you can’t afford to overlook it. Treat your guests with this wonderful creation – the Grinch cake and get ready to receive a shower of compliments. 

21. Potted Embellishments    

Via Thegardentherapy

Brace yourself to create these glamorous Grinch potted embellishments. You can place them near your fireplace, Christmas tree, or the front door. Their shimmer and shine will steal the show! 

22. Grinch Centerpiece    

Via Michellejdesigns

Bring your favorite holiday movie character to live on your table as a centerpiece. Presenting you an offbeat idea to spruce up your party decorations and spread the sheer craziness. 

23. The Grinch Pop Bottles    

Upcycle those empty pop bottles and make these decoratives for your themed Christmas party. You can use any empty wine bottle or a plastic bottle to pull over this idea. 

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24. Holiday Ornaments    

Via Buggyandbuddy

Try this beginner-friendly craft with your kids and get a super grinchy addition for your Christmas tree. This ornament is highly customizable, so you can add your favorite patterns and styles to it. 

25. Mason Jar     

Via Thecountrychiccottage

How could we forget our favorite craft buddy – a mason jar? Grab your mason jar and articulate this grumpy yet cute keeper to fancy your party decorations. 

26. The Grinch Dessert Tablescape   

Via Livinglocurto

Arrange a table that’d be perfect for your Grinch-themed party this Christmas. Dessert is hands down the best part of a meal and hereby you can make it even more presentable and luring. 

27. Grinch Window Decorations    

Via Honeybuilthome

Cover your windows with this simple and easy project that’s going to save you a lot of money too. This craft will glow in the dark when all the lights will get off ( interesting, right? ). 

28. Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights    

Via Smotzer74

Grinch might not have stolen Christmas but you can seemingly create it to make a stealing scene in your yard. You can easily create this showy atmosphere outside your home to shimmer your party. 

29. Toilet Paper Roll   

Via Craftsbycourtney

Who thought that a toilet paper roll can be such a great decorative item? Color it green and red to make a desirable grinchy embellishment. 

30. Paper Plate Craft    

Via Iheartcraftythings

Apart from serving delicacies in your party, those paper plates would turn out to be a feasible craft. Assemble them on your dinner table or any countertop to exhibit the show. 

31. Grinch Juice

Via Sandytoesandpopsicles

Serve this fresh and drool-worthy eye feast to your guests. Your kids will love this colorful drink and the adults would love the creativity big time.

Are you ready to throw the party of the year? Get the preparations set and guest list ready and execute these wonderful ideas! Don’t forget to share :-).