51 Best Christmas Party Ideas

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Christmas might traditionally mean just the one day of December 25th but in reality, does encompass almost the whole of December. Celebrated in almost every country, Christmas combines festive cheer with the feeling of letting loose, because, hey, the year is drawing to a close.

Picture holly-laden trees at every corner store and inside every house, the nip in the air, infectious anticipation among children for that much-loved character of folklore, Santa, and the promise of eggnog. A time already so magical is made more so by Christmas parties, and there are plenty of those.

I would not personally opine that is it difficult to host a Christmas party, even though a lot of effort might go into it. Into any party, for that reason. However to host a party that truly embodies Christmas is a different ball-game and might call for some extra help.

51 Best Christmas Party Ideas

1. Christmas Garland

Via Sugarandcharm

What is Christmas without wreaths? Ornament your house with as many as you can- either store-bought or DIY.

Use easily available knick-knacks to dress old ones up- gold rings, sequins, etc.

2. Set up a Hot Cocoa Stand

Via Sugarandcharm

Make things more fun by setting up a hot cocoa stand at your Christmas party. The winter chill is sure to result in a unanimous hankering for cocoa.

Dress things up by adding plastic cups, a bevy of sprinkles, and roasted marshmallows.

3. Cook Christmas Classics

Via Delish

There is something to be said for being a little too on the nose. For the times that it does work, it works very well.

Host your Christmas party in the most traditional way you can imagine- and serve classic dishes.

Think pigs in a blanket, shepherd’s pie, trifle.

4. Christmas movie marathon

Via Cassiefairy

A list of the best-loved Christmas movies- A Christmas Carol, Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, Home Alone, etc. The choice is yours and the list seemingly endless.

A great idea for a cozy Christmas party.

5. Construct a Balloon Tree

Via Sugarandcloth

An idea that incorporates a touch of the avant-garde and is sure to have your guests do a double-take, construct a balloon tree in your living room, or on your porch.

This project uses an actual( real or faux) tree as the framework, and the balloons go over it.

Use differently-shaped balloons to break the monotony of the plane, and add height and depth.

6. Black Tie Invitation

Step things up a notch by issuing black tie invitations and having guests show up in their holiday finery.

Of course, the decor has to match.

7. Punch

Via Delish

The word alone should be enough to convey adequately the idea in question but I will say again what I say always- no party is complete without punch.

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8. Paper Snowflakes

Via Housebeautiful

Use paper to craft snowflakes and use them as decorations in your home. This DIY allows and enables autonomy- whether it be in the choice of the paper, it is color, or in the size of the snowflake.

9. Holiday-inspired Table Settings

Via Sugarandcharm

If you are looking to inject some of the trademark Christmas cheer into how you dine at your party, opt for this DIY project that involves attaching holly leaves to napkin rings, using a garland as a table runner, and having mistletoe-embossed cutlery.

10. Baked Brie

Via Delish

Less work than designing a cheese plate, but just as fun. Having warm Brie at the dinner table is a gift from the Gods- it pairs well with just about anything, fruits, pita chips, ham slices, etc.

11. Alternative Christmas Trees

Via Sugarandcloth

A Christmas tree does not always have to be a pine or a fir, it can be any tree sufficiently decked out.

12. Brewed Cocktails

Via Delish

A recipe for mulled wine that can be concocted in a simple cooker. The add-ons are customizable- one can use cinnamon, orange peel, cherries, chocolate.

13. Christmas Scents

Via Womansday

Bedazzle the olfactory senses of all those who enter your home, by manufacturing a homemade Christmas scent.

The way to do this is deceptively simple, all you need is pomander balls and a smattering of cloves or star anise. Place the balls wherever possible.

14. A Centerpiece-worthy Dessert

Here is an idea to combine two things in one go- bake a dessert so spectacular that it can double as a dessert.

15. Pine-scented Candles

Via Sugarandcharm

Another easy DIY project to take on during Christmas, this involves the manufacturing of green pine-scented candles that are potent enough to transport you to a shadowy woodland and yet is subtle and alluring as well.

16. Festive Photo Backdrop


Think bows, sequins, tassels, and fairy lights. A lot of red and green, too.

17. Star Decorations

Via Womansday

Adorn the backs of your chairs, the mantelpiece, and the door frames with a festive yet understated star template.

18. Garland Card Holder

Via Nineandsixteen

Use garlands as holders for all the Christmas cards you wish to put on display, and create a homey vibe for your party.

The process itself is quite simple- all you need is a wooden hanger, garlands, cards, and hot glue. Add pine cones, holly berries, or mistletoe for extra ornamentation.

19. Bottlebrush Centerpiece

Via Womansday

A whimsical centerpiece that encapsulates the vivid imagery of Christmas- in the form of bottlebrush trees of various sizes and colors.

20. Gift Box Miniatures

Via Womansday

Use old gift boxes to act as the foundation for Christmas-themed miniatures- a snowy sled scene, a winter wonderland, or a bedazzled house in quiet repose.

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21. Fondue Party

Via Smartinthekitchen

Can there ever be enough cheese fondue? I believe the answer is an unequivocal no.

Host a Christmas party featuring loads of fondue and some parallel Christmas themes. for example, Rudolph.

22. Gingerbread Decoration Party

Via Hgtv

Gingerbread houses are never fun to decorate, and especially when there are kids involved.

Host a party where the guests get to try their hands at decorating gingerbread houses.

23. A classic Open House

Via Hgtv

This is for those who like their parties to involve the bare minimum of fuss.

Turn a traditional Christmas party into a casual open house- complete with finger food, cocktails, and lots of fried food.

24. Morning Brunch

Via Hgtv

Think out of the box by hosting a Christmas morning brunch instead of a traditional evening party.

Play up the winter morning stereotypes- pajamas, hot chocolate, and chicken pie.

25. A Christmas character Costume Party

Via Livinghours

Who said costumes are just for Halloween?

Channel your love for dressing up on Christmas and don the garb of a beloved character from a book, movie, or lore.

26. 12 Days of Dip

Via Goodhousekeeping

Turn the 12 Days of Christmas into the 12 days of Dip- a culinary idea that involves 12 different dips.

27. Bonfire & Roasted Chestnuts

Via Cottagelife

Can there be anything more magical than roasted chestnuts on a Christmas night?

28. Pajamas and Ice Cream

Via Hip2save

Christmas night does have to mean an extravagant party, it can also be something as simple as watching a movie in pajamas while guzzling ice cream.

29. Christmas Ornament Party

Via Studiodiy

Turn a Christmas party into a group activity involving crafts- refurbishing old party ornaments.

30. Karaoke

Via Livinghours

Host a Christmas-themed karaoke night at your house. Jazz up the console, have popular festive hits downloaded, and put on some snazzy lighting.

31. Game Night

Via Growingajeweledrose

A super-fun game night, replete with Christmas games.

32. Party Theme: Christmas Cocktails

Via Celebrationsathomeblog

Invite your friends over for a night of drinking especially curated Christmas cocktails.

33. Trivia Night

Via Lilluna

A night of good-natured quizzing, where you get to test all your Christmas-themed trivia.

34. Grinch cocktails

Via Today

Any cocktail, any green cocktail that is, can be turned into a Grinch cocktail.

Here is how.

35. Jello Christmas Tree

Via Pinterest

Make yourself an edible sculpture using colored Jello shots. In the shape of a Christmas tree.

36. Wreath Making Christmas Party

Via Countryliving

Have your friends over at your house to make and decorate Christmas wreaths.

Remember to stock supplies of wreath forms, burlap, string, dried citrus, and assorted sequins.

37. Country Camaraderie

Via Vulture

Host a party that reminds one of the country- complete with chicken pot pie, a hay bale tree out front, and a lot of plaids.

38. Salt Dough Crafting Party

Via Countryliving

Salt dough is one of the easiest materials to work with, and the results are always satisfying. Enjoyed alike by children and adults, turn your house into a workshop for salt dough animals and ornaments.

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39. Wine and Dine

Via Sundaywoman

Traditional Christmas dinner- roast chicken, potatoes, relish, and pie. Backed up an array of delectable wine.

What could be more in line with the spirit of Christmas?

40. Skate Party

Via Neuropublic

If your house happens to have a frozen pond or rent-able rink in the vicinity, head there to frolic on the ice in skates. Do not forget the gloves and the anoraks and go well stocked with soup and cocoa.

41. Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Via Countryliving

Why decorate alone when you can do the same with friends and family?

42. Eggnog Christmas Party

Via Countryliving

Arguably the best known and most loved Christmas drink, there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than by drinking eggnog.

Host your very own eggnog party. Set up a station, put out some cookies, and enjoy!

43. A Carol Gathering

Via Signupgenius

Take a leaf out of the books from an earlier time, and favor the old-fashioned this year. I am talking about a big old Christmas tree, neatly wrapped presents, and Christmas carols that are each as new and exciting as they are familiar and comforting.

44. Candy Making Party

Via Countryliving

Make your own candy, at your own party.

45. Toy Drive

Via Newswbfo

Christmas is as much the holiday of giving, as it is of receiving. Spread some Christmas cheer by using the holiday to give to the less fortunate.

46. Gift Wrapping Extravaganza

Via Agiftwrappedlife

Wrapping is a delicate art, one that is equally important as the opening of a present.

And while presents can be given and received all year round, there is something about Christmas gifts that take the cake. And, rightly so.

47. Cookie Exchange

Via Countryliving

A swap of delicious cookies. Need I say more?

48. Secret Santa

Via Secretsanta

A secretive gift exchange where one does not know the identity of their gift-giver, nor what gift they are going to receive.

49. Masquerade Party

Via Ehow

A luxuriant extravaganza of sparkling dresses and mysterious masks.

50. Sledding Party

Via Countryliving

Team up on Christmas morning to go sledding with family, friends, and pets.

Make sure to have a food station ready nearby with the usual supplies- hot cocoa, candy canes, toffee, and cake.

51. Pancake Party

Via Inspiredbythis

A Christmas morning traditional you could easily turn into a party- whip up a batch of soft pancakes for the daylight revelers.

Rightly termed the holiday or burgeoning cheer and palpable goodwill, Christmas can be celebrated in a multitude of ways and a myriad of manners.

It is your prerogative to decide how.