31 Dollar Store DIY Home Decor Ideas

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Home is merely a building with furniture without a touch of our personalized decor. Whether you’ve shifted to a new place or looking for ideas to spice up your old setting, DIY home decor is always a good thing to start with. 

We all are aware of how expensive decorating our homes can be, but honestly spending bucks on decor seems to me as vague as pineapple toppings on a pizza. If you love to doll up your home all by yourself along with saving your bank balance, we’ve got you covered. 

So, it’s time to transform a house into your home with these Dollar Store DIY home decor ideas. Stick along because you can’t afford to miss out on these ravishing projects. 

31 Dollar Store DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Easy Yarn Art    

Via Dollarstorecrafts

Make your walls talk using this versatile and inexpensive art. You can make customized words or even quotes from the Dollar Tree yarn. All you need is cardboard, yarn, and some basic supplies. At last, sit back and enjoy your creativity. 

2. Dollar Store Candle Holders      

Via ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Light up your dinner table with sheer elegance and glam. Since we’re on a budget-friendly trip you don’t have to worry about its cost. Just gather the supplies and pull over this sparkly and glittery centerpiece that would glow your mood. 

3. DIY Sunburst Mirror      

Via Joyfulderivatives

A little something for your master bedroom – a Sunburst Mirror. Voila! This fabulous decor idea has been quite trendy lately and surprisingly cheap too. Now that’s amazing, right? The only investment we’re talking about here is your time and I’m sure it’ll be worth it. 

4. Dollar Store Wood Word Magnet Board      

Via Happydealhappydays

Upcycle those long-forgotten oven covers from the Dollar Store to make something that would buck you up every day. Create a wood word magnet board to showcase inspirational quotes or photos of your loved ones. This board will never cease to amaze you with the way it beautifies the whole place. 

5. No-sew DIY Lumbar Pillow Cover      

Via Ourhappilyeverhome

Pillows are the last thing we plan to decorate but don’t underestimate their power of prettifying your home. Making no-sew lumbar pillow covers is easy and with the Dollar Store, it’s going to be inexpensive too. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and own it. 

6. Hula Hoop Chandelier     

Via Sarahontheblog

As a kid, I used to love playing with hula hoops ( couldn’t roll it around my waist though 🙁 ). As an adult, I still love hula hoops for the gorgeous chandelier they create and brighten up the whole decor.

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7. DIY Topiary Trees      

Via Homemadelovely

If you struggle with maintaining a real plant, go ahead and try these faux topiary trees to add up to your home decor. It might seem like an expert-level project but it’s purely beginner friendly and you will easily be able to put it all together.

8. DIY Mermaid Lantern Jar     

Via Redtedart

Quirky luminaries are my favorite addition to fancy a place and mason jars are the easiest to put it up with. Create these mermaid lantern jars for your home decor using supplies from our favorite – Dollar Tree. 

9. DIY Leaf Bowl    

Via Dollartree

Upcycle any usual bowl or cup from Dollar Store to recreate this mesmerizing leaf bowl. I was completely stunned when I realized how easy it is and the final product is simply an eye feast. 

10. Picture Frame Luminaries    

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Nothing could be better than the personalized picture frame luminaries. Best part? Most of the supplies are from Dollar Store so it’s going to be inexpensive too. Grab your favorite photographs and create this wonderful project to fancy your home decor.

11. Dollar Store West Elm Planter    

Via Thebudgetdecorator

Faux plantations are like the essential contemporary plants which add much-needed quality to our home decor. You can customize these terrariums according to your choice since the possibilities are endless. You just need to go for a shopping trip to your nearest Dollar Store to grab the supplies.  

12. Vintage Wall Art    

Via Salvagedior

If you’re into vintage or pristine decorations, this one’s for you! This might also include a few rustic vibes to your home. And the best part, it’ll be gentle to your bank balance and bliss for you. 

13. DIY Dollar Store Abstract Painting    

Via savvychaser

Let’s agree that buying paintings is a really expensive deal and we can’t afford it every now and then. However, we can design paintings on our own using some brilliant yet simple techniques at just $10! 

14. DIY Mirror Boxes    

Via Theartofdoingstuff

One of the best DIY projects that I’ve come across is making these mirror boxes. Grab mirrors from the Dollar Store and call off your weekend plans. This enticing piece of art is going to be worth it, you can use them as planters or simply as a centerpiece. 

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15. Welcome Home Sunflower DIY Wall Decor  

Via Abutterflyhouse

After a chaotic day, coming home to this welcome sign is a true blessing. You can use your favorite flower and customizations to make it feel like home. The flowers will be available at your Dollar Store at a minimal cost.  

16. DIY Pebble Bath Mat    

Via Curbly

Using floor mat, garden pebbles, or river stones and 5-minute epoxy from the Dollar Store you can create a retreat for yourself. This pebble bath mat isn’t only functional but also ornamental as you can keep it anywhere around your home and level-up that decor game! 

17. DIY Wire Basket Outdoor Table  

Via Intelligentdomestications

Besides the indoors, your outdoor area like backyard, patio garden, etc. needs a transformation too. This DIY project will be budget-friendly and hassle-free, plus it’ll be a great fun activity to try with your fam!

18. DIY Cookie-cutter Candles     

Via Popsugar

I wonder why I never thought of such a marvelous idea to make aesthetic candles using my cookie cutters. These candles are such cute embellishments for your living room and you can find most of the materials at the Dollar Store ( yeah you got it right! ). 

19. DIY Hurricane Lanterns    

Via Grosgrainfab

A great centerpiece at such an affordable price is totally a deal to steal! However, you’d need to spend your 30 minutes assembling this masterpiece ( it’s a no-brainer, right? ). You can’t miss out on owning these lanterns to decorate your home and jealous your friends ( lol! ). 

20. Dollar Store Bandana Pillows    

Via Heatherednest

Presenting you this elegant Bandana pillow covers project at such a thrifty cost. Head over to your nearest Dollar Store to arrange the supplies and brace yourself to recreate these beauties to add up to your home decor. 

21. Sunset Ombre Vase   

Via Candyjarchronicles

Convert a plain clear vase into a sunset ombre vase – a real masterpiece! This will add profusely to your home decor and is low on budget. Top it off with the colorful artificial flowers ( that too from the Dollar Store ).

22. Elegant Centerpiece  

Via Creativelifeofaglamwife

Glass adornments tend to steal the show and take your home decor to a whole new level of beauty. If you’re keen to own one of those elegant centerpieces, just grab some Dollar Store supplies and get ready for crafting. 

23. DIY Wall Mirror   

Via Thistlewoodfarms

Add this wall mirror to fill up an empty space on your wall and also enhance your home decor. Although a similar set-up might cost you a fortune, the compact mirrors from the Dollar Store will be frugal and effortless. 

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24. DIY Ampersand Art Using Sequins    

Via Mycraftyspot

Sequins are probably the most versatile utility we can get hands-on at our place ( or the nearest Dollar Tree ). Articulating them into those engrossing textures and patterns, build this ampersand art, and spice up your decor. 

25. Mesh Strainer Sun Hats  

Via Theshabbytree

I couldn’t believe what I saw when I got to know about this DIY project the very first time. Use mesh strainers to pursue these sun hats and welcome a great addition to your home decor. Who knew we would find an embellishment item in the kitchen section of our Dollar store! 

26. DIY Kate Spade Rose Bowl

Via Vintageromancestyle

Owning designer home decor is a dream that most of us aspire to achieve but what if I tell you that you could do it right from the comfort of your home? That’s right! Just buy a bowl vase from the Dollar Store, a metallic gold paint pen, and a chapstick lid. 

27. Dollar Store Succulent Planters   

Via Craftberrybush

Give a natural touch to your home decor with these succulent planters. Succulents, as you know, are low maintenance plants so you can enjoy their beauty without worrying much about their upkeep. 

28. Paper Wrapped Dollar Store Candles  

Via Modpodgerocksblog

Add a little life to those boring Dollar Store candles using acrylic paint, patterned scrapbook paper, and mod podge gloss. Use these attractive candles as a centerpiece or on your dining table, uses are endless! 

29. DIY Polka Dot Mirror    

Via Agirlandagluegun

Polka dot is a trend that has been around for so long and is going to remain here for a much longer time. Why not create something following it? This polka dot mirror is a creative and simple project that you can easily pull over and design your home. 

30. Dollar Store Succulent Wreath    

Via Partieswithacause

One of the greatest advantages of faux planters is that they require zero maintenance and bloom all year long. That said, you can prepare succulent wreaths to dazzle up your living room or front door. 

31. DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket   

Via Lydioutloud

Have you ever thought that a dull laundry basket from the Dollar Tree would be such a special addition to your home decor? You just have to invest a little time to recreate this gorgeous masterpiece. 

Unleash the creative artist within you to save bucks and contribute to your home decor with these frugal yet attractive projects. Go on and share with your loved ones too :-).