35 Awesome DIY Wood Projects

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Did you ever think that you should test your woodworking skills? Did you ever imagine using your hardware toolbox and making something wonderful out of it?

Don’t think anymore, it is time to implement! We have got the perfect list for you, that will surely guide you in making some gorgeous and amazing wooden projects. These would also come handy in your daily hacks and make your interiors more attractive than ever.

36 Awesome DIY Wood Projects

1. Necklace

Via Craftandcreativity

Do you find wooden jewelry attractive? My answer would be yes. They match with everything and has a unique charm when teamed with the perfect dress-up. You can make a customized one with wooden beads, leather, and colorful paints.

2. Wall Planters

Via Themerrythought

Did you ever make a creative plant holder that would hold your indoor plants? Well, you can make one now. Make a triangle or a circle or any shape that you like and transform your interiors!

3. Coat Rack

Via Bobvila

You can make wood shadow boxes of any shape, preferably square, and hang them on the wall. Keep pencil stands, table clocks or anything that you like and change the vibe of your living room!

4. House Photo Display

Via Themerrythought

Let’s say goodbye to boring and old-fashioned plastic photo holders and frames. Let’s welcome house-shaped wooden photo frames that would keep your precious memories intact, forever. They are very simple to make and can definitely earn you some compliments!

5. Candle Holders

Via DivaofDIY

Sconces can also make a wonderful wall piece and can also be used as a candle holder. Create some rustic style scones using stain, glue, and wood.

6. Hexagon Shelf

Via Makeanddocrew

Shelves can pass as wall holders, isn’t? Use several popsicle sticks to create a gorgeous hexagon or pentagon-shaped shelf for your wall and store beautiful vases and pen stands.

7. Wall Shelves

Via H2OBungalow

Similar to the last one, one can make repurposed rustic wooden wall shelves. This would look like a frame only with photo missing, filled with vases and books and whatnot.

8. Jewelry Organizer

Via Prettyhandygirl

If you want your neckpieces in a fully organized way, build a wooden organizer for all your rustic jewelry. You just need scrap wood, some tools and some cute knobs for hanging!

9. Phone Charging Station

Via Homemadebycarmona

You can use a beautiful wooden station to hold mobile phones and other devices while they are energizing themselves! It is extremely easy to make and is customizable as well. After all, just a pinch of something natural won’t be bad.

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10. Drill Storage Charging Station

Via Hertoolbelt

Also, instead of a single charging stop, why not build a whole charging station? It can also go for a drill equipment organizer where all the tools can simply hang, together with a charging station at the top.

11. Book Stand Display

Via Hometreeatlas

Would you like to store your favorite books in a funky wooden stand? Just make one of your choices and there you go, you have your favorite books handy!

12. Bookends

Via Makeandtell

Similarly, you can use bookends that are more stylish and space-saving. They are also travel-friendly and can be used anywhere and everywhere! Ready to keep your books upright?

13. Business Card Holder

Via Themerrythought

Make a unique triangular wooden card holder and display your business cards like no one else. You can make it easy by making a series of slits at regular gaps in a triangular piece of a wooden bar (very similar to a Toblerone bar) and your job is done.

14. Washi Tape Holder

Via Pillarboxblue

Use a cylindrical shape as a template on paper and then cut out plywood by the outline and color it with your favorite hues. Use it as washi tape holder and never let them hide from your sight anymore. You can also fix a flat wooden base and use thick dowel rods as the holder.

15. Beauty Dock

Via Themerrythought

I would love to have a vintage wooden mirror stand in my dressing room. Would you love the same? Make a wooden beauty dock and organize your bobby pins, eyeshadows and lipsticks like never before.

16. Under Bed Storage Unit

Via Instructables

You can make under bed wooden storage drawers if you want to save some space. Though practically they would be hidden and you don’t have to make it gorgeous, but you can always show some creativity with it just for fun! So, if you don’t have a storage bed, this is a perfect project for you to add one.

17. Wooden Blocks Candle Holder

Via Markmontano

Make colorful wood blocks of different sizes and use them to store wax candles. This is not only a trendy hack but can also avoid the mess created by candle burning. Just imagine, all the sides have different colors, isn’t it a treat for color lovers?

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18. Bottle stoppers

Via Abeautifulmess

Here is your chance to transform boring corks and plastic stoppers into classic and authentic wooden bottle stoppers. All you need is just a cork, wood-burning tools, and wood shapes and transform your entire bar collection. You can make some vintage looks as well!

19. Plaque

Via Thedeanslistblog

Did you ever use faux moss as a decorative item? We have got the right use for you! Take an old piece of scrap wood and design it with faux moss. It is easy and very eye-catching.

20. Side tables

Via Bobvila

Improve your woodworking skills by building customized side tables that are meant for you and only you! It can be a TV tray or a side-end table or absolutely anything you could design.

21. Desk Organizer Board

Via Burkaton

Though wooden boards are very common and not at all unique, you can never ignore their usefulness. Talking about the cork command board, it is designed to keep everything you need at the right place. Whether you pin notes or photos, it looks fantastic and beautiful!

22. Switches Locks Playboard

Via Prettyhandygirl

You can make a playboard with different kinds of locks and switches by just using some spare hardware around your tool shop. It is a handy gift for kids that they will love!

23. String Art

Via Bybrittanygoldwyn

Much like the moss plaque, this can be made out of colorful strings. Get ready with a handful of nails, strings and the picture you are willing to replicate with this cool string art. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

24. Wooden Baby Gym

Via Themerrythought

Have you ever heard about a baby gym? Well, you just did! It is not only a baby with respect to its size, but it is strictly meant for babies. You can place hanging toys right above and let the little one have fun with this amazing DIY.

25. Kids Scooters

Via Prettyhandygirl

I would bet that you have never thought that you could build a kids’ scooter with woods! But you can. You just need a block of wood and some hardware parts, paint the base once made and make your kid happy!

26. Calendars

Via Damasklove

Did you ever think about making a calendar, that too, a wooden one? You can add some interest to your study table with a piece of plywood, yearly calendar design, rubber stamp, and ink.

27. Jewelry Boxes

Via Burkatron

I find trinket boxes very cute and sassy. Handy when we need to store loose jewelry, there are absolutely no hardships to make this one. Just cut out the perfect shape, design it and spray paint the outers. You can also gift it for a birthday or an anniversary.

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28. Scroll Saw Lantern

Via Justthewoods

Very similar to those scary Halloween pumpkins (though I find them funny), we can make DIY lanterns out of wood. We just need to cut out shapes at the four sides of a square-shaped wooden piece and place a source of light inside. This might be great for a romantic candle-light dinner!

29. Murphy bed

Via Thediyvillage

Murphy beds are just like normal beds, but extra coziness and also a lot of space-saving. You can follow this simple guide and build your very own murphy bed in case you have a new guest coming and there is a space shortage.

30. Wood Arrows

Via Designeddecor

Let’s use the hot decorative and designing trend: Arrows! Make some chic arrows with pallet woods and don’t forget to give in some extra finishing to it. You can also paint them for some added sass.

31. Rustic Tray

Via Prettyhandygirl

If you are extremely proud of your state and country, you can make people realize it by serving them tea on a state capital rustic and classic tray! It might also have maps printed inside to add on to the vibe.

32. Serving Tray

Via Prettyhandygirl

Similarly, you can make a wooden pallet with adorable shapes and color them. You need to have a paper template for this one before cutting out plywood.

33. Mailboxes

Via Prettyhandygirl

Most of the mailboxes are made of wood but you can make yours a unique one by manipulating its shape. Make a house-shaped mailbox and test your woodworking skills with this DIY.

Make a House Shaped Mailbox – a Lowe’s Creative Idea

34. Address Number Wall Planter

Via Shanty2chic

I always believe that the address and nameplate outside my apartment are of utmost importance. Why not make something this important with your own woodworking skills?

35. Baseball cap Rack

Via Minwax

An amazing gift for a baseball fan, make a baseball cap rack with scrap wood (you can use different shapes as well) and paint red or blue or green or anything!

With these, I end the list of DIY wooden project ideas. If you are confused about anything or want to strengthen your skills first, go ahead and don’t worry, you will make it!