31 Cheap And Easy Rustic DIY Home Decor

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Living amidst the hustle-bustle of city life, it is tough to cherish the rawness of the countryside or rustic lifestyle. Although most of us in some instances wish to enjoy those vibes, hey we ain’t got no time! 

A one-stop solution to cure this is providing your home a rustic makeover. We agree that decorating our homes these days isn’t everyone’s cup of tea ( when it comes to budget, obviously! ). But if you’re adamant and willing to enjoy the country feels at your home, DIY projects are a feasible option. 

If you’re looking out for ways to create a magical situation by yourself, you’re at the right place. We’ve curated 31 cheap and easy rustic DIY home decor ideas for you. Thus, you can own what you want without breaking your bank. Let’s get started! 

31 Cheap And Easy Rustic DIY Home Decor

1. DIY Large Wood Sign    

Via Cristinamariablog

If you’re a minimalist, this one’s for you! This single large wooden sign is sufficient enough to transform your home decor into a rustic one. Once you get to know the thumb rule or procedure it’ll be easily customizable. 

2. Rustic Sailboat     

Via Houseofhawthornes

Recall how many twigs and branches you threw out while cleaning your garden. But guess what? Those twigs and branches can make a great vintage style sailboat to liven up your boring decor. 

3. Rope Lantern Vases  

Via Madeinaday

Recreate these rope lantern vases for your porch or living room and get ready to feel the countryside farmhouse vibes. If you’re a fonning schedule, this project is the best option for you as it’s going to take 15 minutes flat to get finished. 

4. Rustic Pallet Coasters    

Via Toolboxdivas

Designer coasters might cost too much for the little work they do and I’m sure you believe in thrifty crafts. So let’s prepare these rustic pallet coasters for your dining table and spread some liveliness there as well. 

5. DIY Crate Bookshelf    

Via Taramichelleinteriors

Presenting you with an intriguing and vintage method to arrange your books. Just put it in your bedroom or study room and watch the whole ambiance changing into farmhouse-like feels. 

6. Rustic Wood Stump Table     

Via Helolidy

I love being around the natural things or the things resembling nature, to say the least. If you’re someone like me, upcycle a wooden stump to make a rustic table for your living room or put it beside your bed. 

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7. DIY Wood Coffee Crate Lid Sign     

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Create a cute coffee crate lid sign to turn your normal kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary and rustic, plus you can hang your coffee mugs and coasters on it making it a functional entity. 

8. Ladder Storage    

Via Berepurposed.porch

Rustic shelves are quite expensive these days and buying one is nothing less than a dream. However, if you have a useless wooden ladder at your place then you can easily pull over this ladder storage project. The steps to make a ladder are also included in case you don’t have one. 

9. Natural Branch Coasters      

Via Gardentherapy

The next time you’re out there cutting and pruning your house garden, look out for the broken pieces of branches and no you don’t have to throw them. Just slice them into pieces and natural branch coasters are at your service. 

10. DIY Corbel Sconce Light    

Via Shanty2chic

Looking for ways to spend your weekend productively? Gear up for this DIY project to construct a corbel sconce light. This will light up the whole vicinity spreading that country style. 

11. DIY Farmhouse Boxwood Wreath    

Via Tableandearth

Wreaths are a precious and eternal adornment addition to our home decor. Since we’re talking about rustic decor today, let’s make a farmhouse boxwood wreath this time and hang it in your living room. 

12. DIY Twine Lantern   

Via Splashofsomething

Lanterns have been exclusive to farmhouses for a long time. Blow a balloon, grab a twine yarn, a large plastic drop cloth, and a few basic supplies to construct these twine lanterns and illuminate your home. 

13. DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce    

Via Shelterness

Coming to my favorite project on the list, these DIY rustic mason jar sconces are something that you can’t afford to miss out on. Include a little liveliness to them by putting your favorite flowers into the jars and you’re good to go. 

14. Rustic Frame    

Via hgtv

Switch from your contemporary frames to the rustic frames made up of twigs and country-style stuff. Just collect those twigs you were about to throw into the trash, articulate this gorgeous frame, and set your favorite picture on display. 

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15. Jute Rope Love Sign    

Via Hymnandverses

Optimistic words and quotes can buck you up for the whole day, and if by using jute rope you can give it a classically rustic look. Hang it on your headboard or in your living room or any suitable place. 

16. Paint Stick Basket   

Via Buildbasic

Pullover this mesmerizing and inexpensive stick basket with a handful of paint you must be having hands-on at your home. Put it on the show the next time you host a dinner retreat and brace yourself to sink in all the compliments. 

17. Pallet Photo Frame    

Via Southernrevivals

Another idea to exhibit your pictures in a rustic manner is assembling this pallet photo frame. Since, we’re talking about woodwork here, be ready with the tools and buck yourself up. 

18. DIY Rustic Succulent Pots    

Via Pinkwhen

Succulents are the most amazing houseplant that adds greatly to the aesthetic value of your place. If you already own a succulent, replace its pot with this rustic version or else follow up with the tutorial given. 

19. DIY Wood Framed Mirror    

Via Thewoodgraincottage

Frame your bathroom or bedroom mirror with wooden edges to get the farmhouse feels your soul is craving for. This neat project is frugal and simple to carry on with your friends during the weekend. 

20. Rustic Flowers Jar    

Via Craftingintherain

Presenting you this rustic flowers jar made up of dollar store flowers, burlap, and lace. This is going to save you a lot and will be a valuable addition to your rustic decor theme. 

21. DIY Cotton Stems    

Via Twelveonmain

Can’t afford to maintain the upkeep of real plants? Pullover these faux planters made up of craft paper resembling an actual cotton plant. All thanks to its vintage pot and artificial stems for the rustic vibes. 

22. Pottery Barn Knockoff Rope Knot Lamp    

Via Downhomeinspiration

A usual pottery barn rope knot lamp may cost you a big fat $245, however, this DIY project is going to cost you around $25. It’s a close replica to the store-bought ones yet quite thrifty and enjoyable to make.

23. Clothespins Candle    


Via Asmithofalltrades

Have you ever thought of creating something ornamental using your clothespins? Most probably not! Okay so get ready with a mason jar lid and a lot of wooden clothespins to recreate this permanent rustic candle holder. 

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24. DIY Rustic Wood Planter    

Via Makelifelovely

You must have bought a lot of planters from nearby stores but this time make a rustic wood planter at home. Save bucks and customize it according to your taste. Top it off with your favorite flowers and spread the country’s vibes. 

25. Burlap Wreath     

Via Justcallmehomegirl

Nothing could be better than an all-year burlap wreath that you can flaunt all year long. Plus, it’s hella easy and inexpensive as it requires bare minimum supplies to get ready. Hang it in a conspicuous niche once it’s done. 

26. Driftwood Necklace Holder    

Via Visiblymoved

What could be better than an ornamental and functional possession? Grab your tools and get ready for some woodwork. Construct this driftwood necklace holder to put your best accessories on display and spread the rustic vibes. 

27. DIY Wooden Arrows    

Via Thesenorthernroots

This DIY project has been around for the longest time and it still hasn’t lost the game. They’re easy to pull over and will fit in anywhere in your house. That means no extra space needed yet a beautiful decor item added. 

28. Pallet Wall Clock

Via 1001pallets

Bored with your regular clock design? It’s high time to change your clock ( it might change your time too, lol! ) and make a pallet wall clock filled up with enthusiastic rustic feels. 

29. DIY Floating Shelves    

Via Thriftyandchic

Install floating shelves in your living room or bedroom or bathroom or everywhere ( just saying! ) and let the rustic energies float in the air. You can use it to store your books or display pieces and save a lot of money. 

30. Photo Clipboard    

Via Lovegrowswild

Attach your favorite photos to this country-style clipboard and enjoy the rustic feels. You can also use it as a memo board to note reminders and important stuff. Such a useful utility! 

31. DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks   

Via Sarahjoyblog

Candlesticks are nothing new in the market but these farmhouse candlesticks surely are. They’re easy to make and won’t cost you much as compared to those available in the stores. You can personalize them and rock that rustic look. 

You see rustic is the new contemporary these days and it never goes out of style. So gear yourself up to design your home with so many affordable and attractive ideas.