31 Dollar Store Rustic Home Decor Ideas

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Home decor, in my opinion, should be transient as it is impactful. With the evolution of a person’s taste and sensibilities, the appearance of their home also has to undergo a change that reflects the same. Rustic home decor and the many branches of it, happen to be a personal favorite.

The answer to why is simple- it is versatile, expansive, interesting, and lends even the starkest structures a warmth and homeliness little of what anything else can.

The Dollar Store. For as much has been said about it, there is always more. It is more than just a store where everything sells for a dollar, it is a veritable haven of inexpensive, but varied furnishings. And where better to venture into for your first foray into interior decorations, but the Dollar Store?

31 Dollar Store Rustic Home Decor Ideas

1. Plastic Animal Bookends

Via Lovegrowswild

Bring in reminders of idyllic farm life to brighten up your bookshelves. Not only are the bookends colorful and ingenious, but they also are extremely functional. Sturdy and durable, they are sure to hold your books in place.

The best part? DIY-ing the original product is entirely an accessible option- all you need is spray paint, sequins, and super glue.

2. Rope Waste Basket

Via Twoityourself

A DIY hack that costs only around 2-3 dollars, this rustic wastebasket would not look out of place in a log cabin or underneath a mahogany farm table.

The trick is simple- all you have to do is attach lengths of coiled rope around a standard Dollar Store waste bin.

3. Mirroring

Via Hisugarplum

The Dollar Store usually sells a bevy of mirrors- that come in most, if not all shapes and sizes. Pick up a few on your next trip to the store and glue the mirrors to vases, jewelry boxes, window boxes, etc.

Mirror work as part of interior decor always adds a retro touch to the proceedings.

4. DIY Dessert Tray

Via Thecraftingchicks

Think three tiers, floral china, and clear stands. A dessert tray that should cost you a fortune instead of just a few dollars.

The actual process is deceptively simple- all one needs to do is skillfully put the structure together. The floral notes can be brought in my flowered plates or bowls, the clear stands can be substituted by plastic candlesticks.

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5. Starburst Mirror

Via Tenjuneblog

Revamp an ordinary mirror with the help of bamboo skewers. The texture of the bamboo imparts a rustic look and feel, while the gold spray paint lends the skewers a lavish facade.

Perfect for homes that aim to be both rustic and stylish.

6. Wineglass Votives

Via Framhousetohome

Repurpose your spare wine glasses to make DIY votives- lovely lampshades that are one of a kind.

7. Bandana Cushions

Via Heatherednest

When you are lacking inspiration for a new cushion cover, and do not fancy shelling out a lot of money, just head to the Dollar Store!

Pick out a selection of brightly-colored bandanas and proceed to enmesh your cushions in the same. The bandanas lend a homey feel to the pillows, successfully helping create a rustic pattern.

8. Picture Frame Terrarium

Via Countryliving

A makeshift terrarium that is no less beautiful than an actual one, this Dollar Store hack involves the careful construction of a terrarium using picture frames and super glue.

9. Drop Cloth Curtains

Via Alicewingerden

Drop Cloth curtains are inexpensive, but just as a pretty version of translucent, gauze curtains. Fun fact, they can be purchased for a few bucks at almost every Dollar Store- yards of it.

All you need is a pair of sharp scissors, drapery rings, and the initiative.

10. Moss Topiaries

Via Lizmarieblog

Nothing spells the country like lush foliage or even the suggestion of it. Fashion yourself fantastic moss topiaries- out of sheet moss, Styrofoam balls, twine, and plastic pots.

Not only will these lend your house a touch of the outdoors, but they also make for interesting sculptural additions.

11. DIY Rope Basket

Via Iheartorganizing

Turn an ordinary laundry basket into something far more chic- a richly appointed rope basket that exudes both simplicity and charm.

The items to manufacture the same are simple- a length of rope, a Dollar Store laundry basket, and superglue.

12. Ribbon Holder

Via Styleathome

An old-fashioned ribbon holder for your wrapping station- one made out of a paper towel holder and some wood finish spray.

13. Cork Board Organizer

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

Corkboards make for great organizers- especially in offices. But it might be time to venture into unexplored waters, in this case- the kitchen. Use a length of corkboard as a kitchen equipment organizer.

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It works especially well with knives and measuring cups.

14. Cookbook Pots

Via Thecrazycraftlady

Decorate plain terracotta pots( from the Dollar Store, duh) with torn pages out of old, yellowing cookbooks. An excellent decoration tool, the paper covering lends an otherwise nondescript pot an air of both elegance and old-world charm.

15. Leaf Bowl

Via Consumercrafts

Picture a rustic backyard, complete with a run-down garage, a white picket fence, and heaps of leaves faintly aflutter.

It is the same concept that is in use for this leaf bowl, except that the leaves that are being used are a clever combination of silk and cotton.

The silk leaf bowl is molded first into the shape of a balloon, that is then popped.

16. Animal Magnets

Via Sugarandcloth

Spray-painted animal figurines glued to a magnetic base. To remind one of the outdoors and of what lays beyond the confines of home.

17. DIY Polka Dot Mirror

Via Agirlandagluegun

A DIY mirror that employs the age-old and never more attractive pattern of polka dots. Large dots on a wooden background.

This project toes that fine line between rustic simplicity and eclectic quirk.

18. Enamel Vases

Via Sugarandcharm

Dollar Store plastic vases painted with enamel craft paint made to resemble the real thing. And just as effective as it, too.

19. Springtime Wreath

Via Thehappyhousie

A springtime wreath made out of rope, twine, faux flowers, and ribbons- all Dollar Store buys. The perfect adornment for a doorway.

20. Spray Painted Rubber Mat Wall Art

Via Salvagedior

The title of the point is pretty self-explanatory. But in the interest of elucidation, this DIY hack involves spray painting an intricate Dollar Store rubber mat, and then promptly hanging it up!

The paint effectively disguises the rubbery feel and texture, while sanding it down will give the mat a more distressed appearance.

21. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Via Thewhoot

A DIY chandelier made out of a hula hoop, string lights, and a central lantern or lamp. Yes, it just that simple.

22. Metallic Gold Painted Glass Jars

Via Ourhomemadeeasy

Gold paint, especially if it happens to be the metallic kind can change the appearance of any home.

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Give some plain glass jars from the Dollar Store a makeover using gold spray paint, and watch them sparkle!

23. Tin Plant Holders

Via Justalittlecreativity

Tin plant holders are great ideas, especially if you want them to fit in a rustic and industrial place. The ways to accomplish this are plentiful- metal pails, metal holders, cylindrical buckets. Use a piece of sandpaper to polish the surface, to effectively reproduce an antiquing effect.

24. Rustic Magazine Display Holder

Via Homedit

Refurbish an old magazine holder with inexpensive Dollar Store items- burlap, faux flowers, perhaps a knitted throw.

25. Baking Pan Centerpiece

Via Salvagedliving

Inspiration can be garnered from the simplest, the most mundane of objects- in this case, a baking pan. It can be used as a holder for trinkets or as a display for fresh flowers.

26. Handmade Chalkboard Sign

Via Risshomedesign

A simple chalkboard, decorated with string lights or wreaths if one pleases, made to hold messages of inspiration, reminiscence, and hope.

27. Wooden Block Calendar

Via Musthavemom

Wooden blocks can be unusual, but an effective substitution for a paper calendar- if only one knows how to.

Wood stain or erasable paint, either option is eminently suitable.

28. Green Napkin Rings

Via Food52

Well, they are not actually green, just embroidered and enmeshed in faux greenery. These napkin rings can be made out of simple Dollar Store products, and will certainly brighten up any table.

29. Wire Basket Towel Holder

Via Northcountrynest

A wire basket towel holder, as simple as it may sound, can impart to a room the essence of rustic-chic decor.

30. Distressed Wooden Pillar Candlesticks

Via Adiamondinthestuff

A DIY project that guarantees a truly stunning result- this project is both simple and very fun to execute.

Based on a pair of simple wooden holders, it is the reparations that make all the difference. The paint, the polishing, the deliberate aging- the alterations are what make it special.

31. Vintage Recipe Holder

Via Mixedkreations

Reuse an old cutting board as a recipe holder and stand. This mix of ingenuity and originality is sure to elicit admiration from all who chance upon it.

And there you go, 31 different ways in which to give your home an inexpensive rustic makeover!