61 Cheap And Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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It’s hard to come up with new ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations. Every year it seems like the same Christmas decorations show up on your block. It’s time to switch things up this year and we are here to help you with that.

With a little creativity and planning, you can have a beautiful Christmas decoration for the outdoors which won’t cost you much. We’ve curated a list of these effortless and cheap DIY outdoor Christmas decoration ideas to brighten up the holistic view of your home! 

61 Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Gift Wrapped Front Door

Via Lizoncall

There’s nothing better than a door gift-wrapped to greet your near and dear ones. This simple and neat DIY trick will make your house look party-ready throughout the holiday season! 

2. DIY Holiday Doormat    

Via Kaylamakes

Say no to those cliché doormats with the same old patterns and make one for yourself this holiday season. All you gotta do is gather some basic supplies and have a tad bit of patience. 

3. Fairy Lights On Trees     

Via Loveourreallife

Fairy lights are versatile and they never go out of style. Want to do something modest to the trees in your yard? Just decorate them with the fairy lights, they will shine like a bunch of stars in the dark. 

4. Santa Logs    

Via Smartgirlsdiy

A unique and as easy as a pie idea to amplify your beautification game is to install these Santa logs outside your front door. Your children are going to love it and the guests will be inspired for sure. 

5. Winter Twig Wreath    

Via Tarynwhiteaker

A bunch of dried twigs and these ornaments can be your new favorite decorative item. Hang it outside your house to let the bypassers know that winter is here. Who knew that a wasteful material like twigs would turn out to be a flashy item! 

6. Frosty Mason Jar Lanterns    

Via Stonegableblog

Have you ever thought of using Epsom salt in your Christmas decoration? Weird, right? Although Epsom salt might not have any aesthetic value as such, if you pair it up with a little bit of creativity and mason jars, you’ll know the real deal. 

7. Metallic Leaves    

Via Designsponge

Switch to these offbeat metallic leaves that will embellish your backyard, front yard, garden, and patio. They might seem to be a bit fancy to you but nothing seems ‘ too much ‘ during Christmas after all. 

8. Marquee Star     

Via Thenymelrosefamily

Stars are a pivotal ornamental piece which is a must-have when it comes to prettifying your home. You can make stars out of wood and hang them near your front door to stun your guests. 

9. Pallet Christmas Tree    

Via Redheadcandecorate

Didn’t you get fed up with the same design of those Christmas trees? I mean no offense but change is the only constant, right? If you’re up to try something new with the Christmas trees this time. Make your way to articulate these pallet Christmas trees. 

10. Driftwood Christmas Tree    

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

Presenting you another idea of an offbeat Christmas tree which is a rustic driftwood Christmas tree. A full-sized tree will cover up the whole of your front porch. Once it’s done, you’ll be proud of yourself. 

11. Concrete Block Craft    

Via Clubchicacircle

This is probably the most adoring idea I’ve come across. Who thought that those concrete blocks lying in your yard could change the whole facade of your house? It’s unsophisticated, neat, and mesmerizing at the same time. 

12. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree    

Via Oneprojectcloser

This is going to be possibly the cheapest Christmas tree out there! However, you’d have to get your hands-on work a little bit. If you’ve got your family over this holiday season, just call them together and this could be a fun activity to do. 

13. Snowman Porch Decorations    

Source: brasil-sandiego.com Use that free space in your porch to make an adorable snowman standing upright. This can be a beautiful add-on to your Christmas decoration and a statement amongst your kins. 

14. Christmas Ball Wreath    

Via Nemcsokfarms

You can make this interesting Christmas ball wreath using the things you might have hand-on at your place. It’s mainly made up of balls and ribbons (a hell lot of them!). So switch on the music and get yourself ready for some crafting. 

15. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets   

Via Findinghomefarms

You must have seen galvanized buckets around the garden area a lot of times. But did you realize you can use it to decorate your house for Christmas? Put these chalk pen galvanized buckets on your staircases to make them Christmas ready! 

16. Hanging Star Luminaries    

Via Polkadotchair

Light up your front porch using these giant hanging star luminaries. This will look beautiful in the nighttime and they’re made up of waxed paper and a pinch of patience. 

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17. Terra Cotta Bells    

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Make something to doll up your green friends and give them a little makeover this Christmas. Hang up these terracotta bells in the branches and you’ll love this quick and easy idea for life. 

18. Rustic Glam Christmas

Via Ribbonsandglue

Add up some rustic look to your porch decor and flaunt it amongst your colleagues and friends. Since rustic always stay in vogue, stay ready to be the talk of the town.

19. DIY Joy Christmas Wreath    

Via Theidearoom

Another easy and cheap idea to prepare a wreath for yourself is this Joy Christmas wreath. You’ll need some basic supplies and some vinyl letter stickers that you can buy from a nearby store or craft at home (just to save some extra!). 

20. Rustic Wood Slice Banner    


Time for some woodwork! Grab your tools and drills to construct this rustic wood slice banner. This will add a touch of rawness to your otherwise glam decorations. You’ll need some basic tools and materials to perform this project.

21. DIY Jumbo Lights    

Via Sugarandcloth

Recreate this lovely DIY project of jumbo lights. They’re not literally the lights though but they definitely going to give you the feels. These jumbo items will embellish the outdoor of your home. 

22. Holiday Ice-melt Bucket    

Via Lifeshouldcostless

Turn a simple ice-melt bucket into a holiday decorative item. Use it to wipe away the snow build-up outside your home. This is going to be a chic and useful material that you can have during the holiday season. 

23. Mason Jar Lights For Christmas 

Via allthingsheartandhome

Mason jar is evidently the most versatile supply we use in DIY projects. So let’s make something out of it for Christmas too. Hang these mason jars with fairy lights outside your house to give it a holiday-like glow.

24. Pottery Barn Inspired Garland      

Via Betweennapsontheporch

Presenting you this neat DIY project to make an ornament-covered garland for your home. Garlands look undoubtedly gorgeous when you use them inside your homes, but doing so outdoors can have another level impact on the beauty of your home. 

25. Holiday Pinecone Wreath    


This is perhaps the simplest wreath-making project I’ve come across. All you need to do is gather supplies, paint, attach, cover, apply, and hang! The job is done. Easier done than said (metaphorically!).

26. Pallet Turkey     

Via Divaofdiy

Greet your guests with this cute pallet turkey. I’ve been in awe of this project since the moment I saw it and I’m definitely going to try it this holiday season. It is easily customizable and gonna cost you peanuts above all. 

27. Christmas Light Balls

Well, you can’t say no to these amazing Christmas light balls. Just imagine them lying in your yard during the night time and it’s gonna give you chills. Surprisingly, you can easily make them at home without being a spendthrift. 

28. Christmas Tree Wreath 

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

You must have thought that mason jar and the lid go well hand in hand but guess what? There’s this astonishing wreath made up of mason jar lids (without the jars :-P) and some garnishment of your choice. 

29. DIY Oversized Ornaments    

Via Homestoriesatoz

Accumulate all the tuna cans lying around your home and even the trash bin ( I know that’s gross but it’s going to be worth it! ). Jumbo and oversized ornaments look great outside the houses and so we got you this idea! 

30. Wine Cork Reindeer    

Via Simplemost

We’re assuming you drink wine and have a lot of wine cork stored in some remote rack of your kitchen shelf. Ever thought of using them productively? Well, this is gotta be their best utilization and it’s going to be functional. Check out DIY wine cork crafts.

31. Rustic Christmas Porch

Time and again rustic feels hit me hard in the gut and each time it’s harder than before. If you’re someone like me, you’d love to take this small break from the contemporary ideas and switch to something rustic. This DIY idea is going to quench your longing for a homespun stoop decor. 

32. Giant Silver Bells

Via Kennethwingard

Ring the Giant Silver Bells because Christmas is coming! How do you get the giant bells, you ask? The answer lies within flower pots and paint. And red ribbons too to complete them!

33. Wood Shutter Nutcracker 

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Via Craftymorning

You can make these funny Christmas gatekeepers for your front door from wooden window shutters. They are welcoming enough to greet your guests and tall enough to scare off the unwanted ones!

34. Christmas Arrows

Via Thehappyscraps

The visitors are gonna need some ” in the Santa world you’re planning to build at your place, you know, to make sure they don’t stumble over a reindeer or something.

35. Tire Ornaments

Via Lilyardor

You got any useless tires lying around in your garage? Don’t throw them away just yet! With some paint, snowflakes, and poms, you can turn them into giant ornaments for the yard.

36. Porch Decor

Via Allthingsthrifty

If you have a porch to dress up, you can put up an MDF Merry Christmas sign on it. It’s a nice way to wish all the passersby a Merry Christmas!

37. Evergreen Gnome

Via Hollygrace

Everyone seems to love having gnomes around for Christmas. You love them too?! Well, why don’t you go for a different kind? Simply add red hats and mits to your mini Christmas trees to create your very own version!

38. Wooden Skid Tree

Via Jolenescrafting

Let the real Christmas tree be inside and a Wooden Skid Tree crafted by your creative hands be on display on your front porch. If you chop the skid correctly, the rest is very easy.

39. Lighted PVC Candy Cane

Via Amberoliver

While Candy Canes ain’t my favorite in terms of taste, they look so festive and fun that I won’t mind having a giant PVC Candy Cane (that even lights up) out on my yard.

40. Bell Garden

Via Justgrandeko

If you’re looking for a last-minute outdoor decor idea, you should not go for anything crafty. Get those giant bell ornaments and place them neatly in the daylight with some greens.

41. Gingerbread Man

Via Hallmarkchannel

Gingerbread Man is not only for your stomach but also for your front yard! They are as welcoming as tasty so craft a life-sized Gingerbread Man with thick foam and decorate your front yard!

42. Snow(Cups) Man

Via Colorcitos

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a lot of snow at their place to make a Snowman. But, no more unluck you guys! This creator has come up with a crafty solution – cups. With a bunch of white cups and a stapler, you can have a big snow (or cups) man of your own.

43. Giant Lollipops

Via Howtobuildit

Kids are gonna love you for putting up Giant Lollipops in your yard! The process of converting pool noodles into lollipops with duct tape is called striping. It only costs $10!

44. Reindeer Logs

Via Designertrapped

With a few branches of a tree and a little scarf, you can craft a little reindeer for your home. And if you are a fan of Rudolph, add a little red nose as well!

45. Christmas Luminaries

Via Letsgetcrafty

You can decorate the entire outside of your home with Christmas Luminaries. All you need are paper bags, a printer, and candles to have this glowing outdoor Christmas setup.

46.  Bow Wrapped Garage

Via Pinterest

Keep your garage decor simple and festive by wrapping it with a giant red ribbon bow. It looks nice, feels Christmas-y, and is fairly simple to whip up at the last minute.

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47. Melted Snowman

Via Hallmarkchannel

It’s a fun little addition to your yard and unique even because everyone has got a snowman for Christmas but who’s got a melted snowman? This eye-catching piece is crafted from plywood, paint, and foam.

48. Lighted Pyramid

Via Lowes

A tall, lighted, white Christmas pyramid to brighten up the day and sparkle up the eve. The 100 LED lights shine like the stars at night.

49. Galvanized Christmas Basket

Via Thepolohouse

The galvanized basket, pinecones, logs, and greens give off the perfect rustic vibe. The LED lights add to its shine.

50. Let It Snow

Via Bloominghomestead

A Let It Snow signboard outside your door is a nice way to welcome the visitors because who doesn’t love snow during Christmas?

51. Sparkling Bowl Topiary

Via Hometalk

Found this super easy, crafty, Dollar Store DIY decor idea that’s perfect for Christmas and the entire winter season! Make a topiary with a bunch of Dollar Store crystal bowls and LED lights, and voila!

52. Ice Lanterns

Via Beautythroughimperfection

If it’s freezing cold at your place, then you shall have no problem making these ice lanterns. Otherwise, it may not stay for long outside. It’s a nice, simple, and inexpensive Christmas luminary decor.

53. Grinch Wood Pallet Sign

Via Spongekids

The Grinch is probably the most popular Christmas character so have a merry Grinchmas with this pallet wood sign for your front door. With the grinch palette and a burlap ribbon, it’s quite easy to whip up.

54. Christmas Light Balls Plant

Via Homedecorish

How to grow a Christmas light ball plant you ask? All you need to do is plant some Christmas baubles in a pot, give the plant support, and finish with a festive red ribbon and string lights.

55. Sparkling Light Decor

Via Pinterest

Lights alone can enrich your home for Christmas. So with two small trees, some greens, a wreath, and a lot of lights, you can give a simple, elegant Christmas look to your exteriors.

56. Outdoor Lighted Tree

Via Creatingreallyaweomefunthings

You can even whip up an entire tree with string lights! Add some ornaments and top it with a ribbon, and it’s as good as a tree!

57. Wire Light Balls

Via Christmaslightsetc

Speaking of lights, if you want monotonous yard decor, then I’ll suggest you craft a bunch of these lighted wire balls and place them all across your yard.

58. Porch Poinsettias

Via Centsationalstyle

Red Poinsettias give all the Christmas vibe. A pot full of poinsettias and some other greens is a cute enough festive outdoor decor for your home.

59. Wooden Lighted Stars

Via Dukemanor

If you have quite some trees surrounding your house, you can hang up some lighted wooden stars for a festive outdoor decor. It’s an easy and fun family project with pine boards.

60. North Pole Sign

Via Partylikeacherry

While you can’t bring the magnificent north pole Christmas to your place, you can certainly make your mini north pole for Christmas with this sign. You can make it with a long cardboard mailing tube, paint, and a foam ball for the top.

61. Tall Ornament Topiary

Via Thecreativityexchange

Sparkling Christmas Ball ornaments stacked together on a pot to form a topiary is just the Christmas-y thing you need right outside your front door to welcome your guests! Saving money and having a great holiday decoration can go simultaneously you see. You just have to put your efforts in the right direction and there you go!!!