31 Best Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

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Are you planning a country-style Christmas this year? Stop dreaming about a picturesque farmhouse for Christmas and decorate your home for those vintage vibes!

Christmas in big cities is a glam affair, but those snow-covered Christmas towns in a quaint country make us drool! We are here to help you set up that rustic vibe with a traditional touch in the holiday season.

Bring home the timeless farmhouse architecture with some wooden staircase and ladder decors, make some vintage miniatures that could steal the show anytime, or create a magical centerpiece with mason jars. There are so many things to explore and we have got your covered!

Check out 31 best Farmhouse Christmas decorations and you can live out that Hallmark country holiday no matter where you live!

31 Farmhouse Decorations For Christmas

1. Wooden Staircase Decor

Via Designmag

Christmas is at the door and that festive vibe is so exciting and why not? The families come together, the children play and laugh their hearts out, it is full of joy! 

Decorate your staircase with wooden letters forming JOY and it can pass for amazing welcome decor. Combine the weathered decor with some foliage and lights and you are done! 

2. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

Via Findinghomefarms

Another one with JOY scribbling, these galvanized buckets have got that rustic look and is perfect to decorate your farmhouse this Christmas. You would just need some chalk pens and ribbons to recreate this piece of art. 

3. Rustic Glam for Less

Via Littlehouseoffour

Bring home the farmhouse setup indoors with these amazing ideas and don’t worry, they won’t dig a hole in your pocket!

From making frames with free printables to custom artworks with wrapping paper and rustic wreaths, the decor ideas are worth implementing and it won’t even cost your 10 dollars. Amazing, isn’t it? 

4. Ladder and Ribbon

Via Ribbonsandglue

It is a rustic front porch decor with a vintage ladder, ribbons, and fresh greens. Make some enchanting homemade decor accessories and couple them up with joyous signboards and that white marquee star is the show stealer!

The front porch styling is worth the effort. 

5. Pretty Chalkboard Decor

Via Beneathmyheart

Make your guests fall head over heels as you welcome them with this statement chalkboard.

Prepare the welcome sign with perfect quotes and captions and get the setup ready with pinecones and some more Christmas ornaments. The placing matters here, so anywhere right opposite of the front door would do the job! 

6. DIY Mason Jar Decor

Via Everydayhome

Get that farmhouse vibe with this amazing DIY mason jar lids. You would just need some ribbons, and cute ornaments to complete the rustic look. With pretty twine and berries, this DIY could be your one-stop destination for decorating the tree this year and yes, don’t forget the starry lights! 

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7. Snow Globe Jars

Via Lizmarieblog

The title sounds interesting and, trust me, this DIY is worth drooling over. You get to bring the snow indoors this time together with a rustic charm.

The assembly of glass jars with snow fills and car ornaments look so pretty and combining the decor with mini trees and pinecones would be the cherry on top. 

8. Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Via Lizmarie

You don’t have to renovate the entire bedroom here, but changes and decorations would make it go flat to fab! Some antique elements, red and white pillows, twisty wreaths, and a beautiful nightstand, everything adds up to the setup! You can always incorporate your ideas and customize the bedroom.  

9. Fabric Gift Wraps

Via Sewafineseam

Ditch those ribbons and shiny wrapping papers this holiday season, and collect pretty fabrics to wrap the gifts. This would surely contribute to the rustic look of those gifts and I am sure your loved ones will be so happy with the new decor! 

10. DIY Rustic Christmas Tree

Via Littlehouseoffour

Who said that the tree has to be green?

You would buy the natural green one but let’s get colorful when it comes to ornaments! Cute and small ornamental trees look so vintage and cozy and you would just need a wooden base to recreate these faux trees. The project is easy and super fun and you must give it a try. 

11. Beautiful Kitchen Chairs

Via RachelParcell

My favorite one so far and I cannot get over this look!

Don’t ignore your kitchen while you are decorating for Christmas and gave the counter chairs a new look with berry wreaths and burlap ribbon. The jute rope covers combined with white berries makes them look super cozy and beautiful! 

12. Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Via Mysoulfulhome

Burlap ribbons, glossy leaves, and those shiny ornaments, the combination has that rustic vibe and could be perfect for farmhouse decor. Decorate it with silver and gold balls and pinecones and make it look majestic!

See, I told you, ditching green is not a bad idea and this tree is a legitimate example. 

13. Rustic Tablescape 

Via Sbkliving

Transform a plain teak or oak table to something beautiful and rustic this Christmas. Decorate it with miniature trees, hanging knits and if you could put that garland centerpiece in place, it would be the show winner. Those snowy pinecones, cherries, and red berries, the setup is dreamy! 

14. Urban Front Porch

Via Worthing Court

Keeping the front porch all pretty and tidy is very important because it is one of the first things that your guests would come across. Try out this red star decor idea clubbed with greens and pinecones beside the door. Make some pretty wreaths and use a floral garland for the main door to complete the look. 

15. All White Living Room

Via Rachelparcell

Bring all the white snow indoors, straight to your living room with this amazing decor idea.

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Set those farmhouse trees and make them snowy with white fills and cotton. Decorate the center table with acorns, pinecones, and rustic vases would be glammy. Complete the look with white cushions and green wreaths! 

16. Simply and Rusty Decor

Via Lehmanlane

If you are looking for a low-maintenance and simple look for the front porch, get some statement wreaths and complementing garlands. Prepare some DIY bins and pots for plants and place it on either side of the door and the rusty look is all done! 

17. Sassy Cranberry Centerpieces

Via Yellowblissroad

I know it has those looks to die for and it won’t be a pain to complete this easy DIY centerpiece. You would just need a few mason jars, some freshly cut juniper branches, and flashy, red cranberries. Use Epsom salt for the snowy effect at the bottom and the striking centerpiece is complete. 

18. Farmhouse Christmas Entryway

Via Sbkliving

Not only the front porch, if you have an entryway at your place, its time to give it a new makeover! You would need galvanized tubs, mercury glass, greenery, and wood signs to complete this decor and yes, a special mention would go to the statement circular mirror! 

19. A Touch of Farmhouse

Via Therusticboxwood

Besides the living room, we did talk about the kitchen and bedroom, and now its time to bring in a touch of farmhouse to the bathroom. Made with supplies from a craft store, this decor is cheap and it has that rustic vibe. A vintage Christmas tree and the flocked garland strands did an amazing job here, isn’t it? 

20. Wreaths and Windows

Via Oldsaltfarm

Wreaths can do wonder with their good looks and this time they have been placed on a windowpane, right above a sink. Yes, that’s right and it looks so good!

To complete the earthy look, place ribbons and fabric handkerchiefs beside the sink and you will surely earn some compliments! 

21. Statement Christmas Wall

Via Thepicketfenceprojects

You might have a dedicated wall for all the seasonal decors and this one would tick all the boxes if you do. This picket fence project is made from wooden skies, a green wreath, and some pinecones for the seasonal touch. Make sure you make the ski and the wall paint complement each other for the best results. 

22. Buckets and Lights

Via Thepolohouse

Have you ever seen anything like it?

I mean, a galvanized bucket with small holes and filled with pinecones and starry lights. This showy decor piece can be used as an illuminating piece or maybe a decor element in the front porch, it has striking looks and what is Christmas without lights? 

23. Christmas Soda Crate Display

Via Thecozyoldfarmfouse

Let’s get to reusing old stuff and make a wonderful DIY. Don’t dump those soda crates away and convert them into a colorful rack. Combine two or more crates on top of each other and place a vintage looking Christmas tree on top of it. This DIY looks so good and it is also pocket friendly! 

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24. JOY on the Staircase

Via Quartersone

The looks are pretty and why not? It has ribbons, greenery, and starry lights!

Make the letters using cardboard or if you have metal letters, it would be perfect. Decorate the J and Y with Christmas ornaments and I am sure this would transform your staircase into something magical. 

25. Miniatures in a Console

Via Ninahendrick

Christmas ornaments are miniatures of big elements like trees and bells and if you are a fan of that little stuff, this one is for you! This apothecary console has like 50 compartments and if you don’t have a wooden one, you can make a decorative holder for displaying the colorful miniatures. 

26. Christmas Foyer Decor

Via NinaHendrick

Fill a stoneware crock or paint a bucket white and fill it with birch, Christmas tree clippings, and decor items. Much like the galvanized illuminated bucket, this one is more suitable for indoors and it would go right beside the mighty tree, packed with those starry lights and berries. 

27. Christmas Blanket Ladder

Via Craftberrybush

Using a ladder as a decorative item is so classy and I always find the decor ideas interesting. This one is a blanket ladder topped with a green wreath to add that rustic yet Christmasy vibe. You can install a string of lights in it to make it beautiful. 

28. Red and Green

Via Craftberrybush

It is the holiday season and gifts are rolling here and there, waiting to be received by someone important. Ditch the glittery wrapping papers this time and get some checked ones and tie up some green leaves with the ribbon. The complete project has that rustic vibe! 

29. Music Sheet Tree

Via Lyckoslanten

Again back to miniatures, as said, the winter holidays are all about smaller versions of festive elements. This time try to make a vintage Christmas tree with music sheets!

Don’t turn to your piano or guitar notes, use printables for this easy DIY. 

30. Christmas Porcelain Pitchers

Via Blackporchmusings

Cherries and berries can do wonder, thanks to those red colors and they get an unmatched look when combined with white decor items. Use a tea jar as a vase and put the flowers in. Complete the look with a sassy red and white ribbon. 

31. Cute Chair Decor

Via Blackporchmusings

This might not have a rustic vibe, but it has that festive look. Paint an oval box and draw a Santa in it. Complete the look with red and white pillows or put in your favorite colors to complement the theme and color of the chair. 

Christmas and happiness would be synonyms in our minds, thanks to the never-ending excitement. These easy farmhouse decor ideas would make your holidays extra special and don’t worry about the results, just try your favorite one!