30 DIY Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

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Homemade Christmas baubles are always that little bit extra special than, say, a store-bought Christmas ornament. Why? The answer is simple- something you put together at home is a reminder of effort and personal intent and representative of authenticity.

Of course, there are many different ornament designs and types to choose from. This article deals with the arena of clear glass Christmas ornaments- an institution unto themselves.

Think snow globes and fairy lights- and all the things you can possibly fill them with to truly encapsulate within them the spirit of Christmas.

1. Place Cards

Via Youtube

Unusual and ingenious, use clear glass bulbs as place cards for a Christmas party. Fill them with some Christmas-themed plastic foliage- firs or holly fronds. Use handmade paper to create personalized name cards.

Additional decorations are always welcome- sequins, a colored bow, or a ribbon to tie to the top of the bulb.

2. Ombre Glass Ornaments

Via Decorpad

A clear glass ornament is a perfect canvas for paint- and especially for paint that can be displayed as a shifting gradient. Yes, I am talking about ombre and how exciting the idea has the potential to be if executed properly.

Paint each glass ball in a different color, using several shades of the same tone to adequately highlight an ombre effect.

3. Melted Crayon Bulbs

Via Youtube

Something as simple as a handful of crayons melted together can create a stunning effect. Put them(once melted) inside a clear glass ornament and watch the insides of said ornament take a sudden, gorgeous turn.

4. Mercury Glass Ornaments

Via Thefrugalhomemaker

My favorite hack to turn the simplest, plainest of glass baubles into ones with a gilded quality.

There are many different ways to achieve this effect- the simplest is to employ a canister of mirror spray paint or, even, metallic gold craft color.

5. Glitter filled Glass Ornaments

Via Mom4real

Glass ornaments, that are filled with varying shades of powdered glitter. Fun, right?

The procedure is both simple and quick- all one needs to do is purchase an adequate supply of colored glitter, and have a few funnels handy.

6. Marbled Glass Ornaments

Via Ayellowbicycle

Marbling is arguably the best effect a clear glass ornament could display, given of course, that it is done correctly.

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The process is simple and wildly customizable- all you need are acrylic paints and patience.

7. Glass Float Ornaments

Via Sandandsisal

Glass Float ornaments are clear glass ornaments, with a very light coat of paint- to still allow translucence.

8. Stained Glass Ornaments

Via Etsy

As someone whose earliest memories of Christmas are associated with the beautiful stained glass windows that most churches boast- what better way is there to herald Christmas if not to put up a few stained-glass baubles in your home?

This tutorial involves three very simple items- glue, gel-based food coloring, and masking tape for greater accuracy.

9. Swirly Metallic Ornaments

Via Thedecoratedcookie

This one is for the art enthusiasts- for the ones to whom innovation comes easy.

The tutorial is deceptively simple- all you need are paints and a metallic marker!

10. Quilted Glass Baubles

Via Sewtospeak

Give your glass baubles a protective layering for the winter.

Sewing and knitting are often neglected skills- especially in the world of Christmas decor. Here is a chance to bring them to the fore.

11. Alcohol Ink Ornaments

Via Etsy

Alcohol ink is a fun way to give glass ornaments some extra pizzaz- they are bright, they splatter with the utmost grace, and the light filter effect they create is unparalleled.

They come in different finishing effects- matte, metallic, and glossy.

12. Glass Photo ornament

Via Plaidonline

Pretty self-explanatory, this would require popping in a picture of a cherished memory.

Simple and effective, this process is hassle-free and can be kept on the shelves even after Christmas is long gone.

13. Candy Filled Glass Bulbs

Via 30minutecrafts

The holidays are all about candy. And what better way is there to welcome festivity into the household that displaying proudly one’s love for candy?

Fill clear glass bulbs with candy- the more colorful, the better. Display the bulbs in a position of prominence, and have your guests reach for the candy ‘bulb’ all evening.

14. Pearly Packets

Via Mom4real

Here is a fun way to re-use a broken pearl necklace. Put the beads into a clear glass ornament for an elegant Christmas decoration that is sure to draw unanimous approval and admiration from anyone who chances upon it.

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15. Melted Snowman Ornament

Via Occasionallycrafty

Here is an easy way to add some levity to the proceedings.

Snowmen are synonymous with snow, and snow with Christmas. Use a fake snow spray( or even some shredded white paper) to recreate a mini snowman for your clear glass ornament. Use a piece of spare fabric as the scarf, and some raisins as beady eyes. A carrot sliver as the nose is another clever addition.

16. Pom-Pom Stuffed Glass Bulbs

Via Tinkerlab

Just as simple as it sounds at first glance, this process involves stuffing glass bulbs with pompoms- of different colors, styles, and textures.

17. Ribbons in Glass Bulbs

Via Thehappyhousie

Put to use spare ribbons from gifts received and given on this festive holiday, by putting them inside clear glass ornaments. They add a lush feeling that only satin can provide, and add color to the overall atmosphere.

18. Time Capsule Christmas Ornaments

Via Thechaosandtheclutter

Make your Christmas extra meaningful by creating time capsule ornaments, clear glass bulbs that have notes, and token items that invoke memories and shared experiences of the past.

The contents are entirely up to an individual’s preference- handwritten notes, favorite lyrics, a hair clip, or a silver chain.

19. Paper pieces in clear glass bulbs

Via Homedit

Lovers of music and literature, take note.

Put together a compilation of favorite quotes, or favorite music pieces. Stuff into the glass bulb, and take them out when in a mood to reminisce.

20. Feather Glitter Ornaments

Via Metaglitter

Put a single, brightly- colored feather into a clear glass bulb to achieve an ethereal effect that little else can replicate. A liberal sprinkling of glitter only heightens the dream-like quality.

21. Faux Flower Ornaments

Beauty and The Beast Rose Kit, Enchanted Red Silk Rose Artificial Flower in Glass Dome and LED Lights Wooden Base Romantic Gifts for Anniversary Mothers Valentines Day Birthday Christmas Home Decor

An easy way to incorporate some flora into your Christmas decor is by putting faux blooms into clear glass ornaments- they show up beautifully against the transparent outer covering and add a lush, luxuriant edge to the proceedings.

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22. Gel Bead Ornaments

Via Treasurefrommyheart

Water beads, or gel beads to add to clear glass bulbs.

23. Pine Branch Ornaments

Via Theornamentgirl

Here is a fun way to add some nature to Christmas decor- by snipping off spare pine branches, or fir branches if you like.

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Accurately-sized pine cones are good ideas as well- if you can manage to get your hands on them.

24. Sequinned Ornaments

Via Foxhollowcottage

Never a bad idea during the holidays, paste some gaudy sequins to clear glass bulbs, and heighten the effect of festive cheer!

25. Washi Tape Ornaments

Via Createcraftlove

An easy and inexpensive way to dress up one’s clear glass ornaments is to drape them artistically with colorful, patterned washi tape. Check out DIY crafts using washi tape.

26. Snow globes

Via Blog.darice

Arguably the most popular way to decorate clear glass ornaments for Christmas is to turn them into snow globes- remote lands of mist and snow, with benign figures that trudge home amidst frolicking children.

27. Swan Ornament

Via Bhg

An elegant swan, made out clay and paper, for clear glass globes.

28. Wrap Gloss Globes in Yarn

Via Youtube

This one is for those who love fuzzy warm woolen sweaters but are inept at the actual craft of knitting. Fret not, here is a hack that will get you by.

Wrap clear glass ornaments in a yarn of your choice, and secure the fabric using hot glue for a snug fit.

29. Snowflake Ornaments

Via Cutesycrafts

Paper, foil, clay, thermocol- the options with which a possible snowflake could be crafted are endless.

And is there a better way to herald Christmas than with snowflake ornaments? I think not.

30. Epsom Salt Ornament

Via Yellowblissroad

Ending the article on a slightly unusual albeit interesting note is the final point. Epsom salt ornaments, yes you guessed it right, are glass bulbs filled to the brim with the miraculous, often color-changing salt.

The bonus? When Christmas has bid adieu and you are seized with the post-holiday blues, unscrew the ornament, and pour the salt into the bath.

In an attempt to conclude what was an exhaustive list, it would be fair to say that this is only the supposed end. Truth be told, there are quite possibly 31 more ways in which to festively array one’s clear glass ornaments, if not more.

The prerogative is yours, the reader’s- to decide which idea you want to adopt.