51 Creative Washi Tape Uses – Washi Tape Crafts Ideas

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Washi tape is a durable, flexible and multitasking colorful tape. It is easily available in the market in various textures and patterns. Crafters are the main lovers of this tape due to its versatile nature and inexpensiveness. 

There’s almost nothing a washi tape can’t fix, from your boring mood to your boring room. If it involves creativity, it means washi tape! 

If you’re also hovering over washi tape and planning on to try something creative with it, we’ve collected some really amazing ideas for you.

1. Frame Your Photographs

Via Petitboutdechou

Colorful and vibrant washi tapes can be a potential frame for your favorite photographs. Yes, you can decorate your walls with these effortless frames of washi tape. 

All you need is some photographs, a variety of washi tapes, a mod podge ( or any other adhesive ) and scissors. 

2. Washi Tape Wall

Via Decoracion

Put washi tapes all over your walls to give them an offbeat look. Washi tapes do not leave a residue when we remove it, so no worries about the sticky leftover. Plus, it is easy to clean them so their maintenance is also effortless.

3. Decorate Your Boxes

Via Toriejayne

Make an interesting organizing box for your tiny essentials using washi tapes. You can use multiple tapes to decorate it. You can either use cardboard or any pre-built plastic or wooden box for this craftwork. 

4. DIY Bookmark

Via Zakkalife

Are you bored with your usual bookmarks? Here’s a trick to shoo away your boredom. All you need is an envelope, washi tapes, and scissors to make a flamboyant bookmark for yourself. You can also reinvent your existing bookmark using washi tapes. 

5. Phone Cover

Via Washitapecrafts

You can make these inexpensive and effortless phone cases for your phones. It is very simple and the results will leave you speechless. It’s important to note that you must select a high-quality washi tape for this project as it’s a matter of your precious phone. 

6. Revamp Your Hangers

Via Ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Grab your hangers and give them a fresh look. Use washi tapes to cover your old and monotonous looking hangers. This would give them a fresh new-like look and a happening outlook to your wardrobe.

7. Photobooth Strip Scrapbook 

Via Lovelyindeed

Give a washi twist to your photo booths. Firstly, prepare a photo booth of your favorite photos. Now take a scrapbook and some washi tapes and you’re good to go. This will take you a minimum of one hour but it will be worth your while.

8. Cactus Wall Art

Via Studiodiy

Give your plain wall a joyous look. Make these cactus artworks to cover up the whole empty space on your wall. You may even try different patterns of flowers and similar designs with these easy to use washi tapes.

9. Washi Tape Magnets

Via Tweeterfly

Create these multipurpose magnets with washi tapes. Take several types of washi tapes to make these magnets. For this fun project, you’ll need washi tapes, magnetic strip, marker, and scissors. You can affix these magnets on your refrigerator, cupboards or use them with your pictures as well. 

10. Washi Tape Bracelets

Via Mamamiss

You can make these lovely bracelets for yourself and your loved ones with the washi tapes. They’re easily customizable and are really inexpensive. You just need to have craft sticks that you’ll get from a nearby crafts store, washi tapes, scissors, piercing tool, and beading cord. 

11. Pinwheel Flowers

Via Madincrafts

You can’t have a plant all year long inside your room due to whatever conditions but you can surely have these artificial flowers. Create these beautiful pinwheel flowers with your washi tapes that will blossom throughout the year. Plus, they’re playful as you can even spin them with a blow. 

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12. Mini Pallet Coasters

Via Washitapecrafts

Pallet coasters are an interesting way to avoid the unnecessary mess on your table. They keep the stains away and your tables clean. You can easily make them for yourself using popsicles and washi tapes. 

13. Travel Journal

Via Momentstolivefor

How can you even think of a low-key journal book for your travel memories? Your travel diaries must be as happening as your real tour. Explore and relive those moments for real with this perfect travel journal. It is neat and inexpensive but the fun is unlimited. 

14. Flower Pens

Via Vickybarone

Customize your simple pens into their bright and colorful version. Gift these extravagant yet inexpensive flower pens to your teachers! You can even put them inside a vase and they’ll work as flowers. This sweet little bouquet will enhance the setting of your study table. 

15. Design Your Headboard

Via Modamadison

Try this quick, neat and easy technique to design your headboard. This little craftwork is perfect if you want to take a break from your everyday routine and do something productive.  

16. Honeycomb Wall Design

Via Idlehandsawake

These trouble-free and removable washi tape hexagons can be your next idea to design your room. They’re so effortless that even a kid can make it. Plus, they can be highly tailored due to endless varieties of washi tape available around the market. 

17. Handmade Card

Via Amylattacreations

A handmade card symbolizes the love and affection someone has for the other person. They turn out to be a great way to express oneself. Add some magic to your card and make it more lovable. It’s really simple and hassle-free. 

18. Pen/Pencil Holder

Via Thecraftblog

Organize your pens, pencils and other stationery items together inside a pen/pencil holder. Blend a twist of washi tape craft to these holders. This will make your anyway boring holders into elegant-looking cases. 

19. Washi Tape Keyboard

Via Bigdiyideas

Personalize your laptop or desktop keyboard using washi tapes ( multiple are recommended ). This will give a lively look to your keyboard. Don’t forget to ensure that all the characters are still visible once they’re being covered with the washi tapes.  

20. Washi Tape Covered Spatulas

Via Honeywerehome

Head over to your kitchen and give your spatulas a makeover using these washi tapes. Cover their handles with colorful washi tapes that can be easily removed. You can change them after a while if you wish to experiment more with them. 

21. Washi Tape Table

Via Ladycroissant

Cover the surface of your table with washi tape to give it a colorful and vibrant look. Use different patterns to make them more adorable. This cute table will now be the showstopper of your home decor

22. Hairpins

Via Consumercrafts

Make these super adorable hairpins designed with washi tapes in just a few minutes. You’ll need some bobby pins, mod podge, scissors, and washi tapes. The process is quite easy but the hardest thing is to decide which washi tape must be used. 

23. Butterfly Craft

Via Artsymomma

Want to make something unique with your washi tape? Give these butterflies a try. Their tiny little structure is super attractive. And guess what? Yes, you got that right they’re really easy to make. 

24. Make a Clock


Design the face of your clock in a fun and interesting manner. You can either modify an existing clock or just make one for yourself. This might take some of your time but the end result will surely impress you. 

25. Washi Tape Cups

Via Ajoyfulriot

Change your simple paper cups into these sweet little jars of cuteness. Simply use washi tapes and paper cups to execute this easy peasy DIY. It will hardly take you a few minutes. 

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26. Key Covers

Via Marielyvp

Have you ever thought of doing this? Honestly, I have never thought of something so offbeat. Decorate your keys with washi tapes to give them the makeover they always needed. Not only will it change their face but it will also be productive leisure for you.

27. Lampshade

Via Findinghomefarms

Craft your kids’ study lamp using colorful washi tapes. Make a lampshade that will be easy on your pocket and clock. You and your kids are going to love it. Now, you won’t have to tell them over and over again to sit down for study because they’re not leaving this table. 

28. Wrapping Paper

Via Poppytalk

If you’re always searching for something new to do with those washi tapes, try making wrapping paper out of them. Don’t know about the gift but the receiver will surely love the covering. I love them so much that I’ve saved a lot of these wrapping papers which were gifted to me. 

29. Earrings

Via Sowderingabout

Every time you visit a store and ask them to show you something colorful in earrings I’m sure all you get is a little disappointed. No need to compromise on your boho taste anymore, make these colorful and lightweight earrings using washi tapes for yourself. 

30. Light Switches

Via Cutoutandkeep

Customize your plain switchboards into high-spirited shady boards. They’re really easy to make and install on your wall. You can make them for your kids’ room only or for the whole house, the choice is yours. 

31. Let Your Washi Tape Speak

Via Agirlandagluegun

Let your washi words encourage you throughout the day. You can paste them on your kids’ lunchboxes to give them words of encouragement. Or affix these tapes on your cupboard and refrigerator so that they may inspire you each time you look up to them. 

32. Initials Pendant

Via Mintedstrawberry

Make personalized pendants of your initials using washi tapes. You can make one for your best friend and one for yourself and sync their styles. Also, you can gift them to your loved ones to remind them how much you love them! 

33. Illuminated Numbers

Via Intimateweddings

Make these illuminated table numbers using dried leaves, washi tapes and a bit of wax paper. It’s intriguing to know what you can do with these little washi tapes. They’re a great way to illuminate your room when you need a dim light setting. 

34. Phone Chargers

Via Msrachelhollis

Now when you’ve already designed your phone cases, why let your chargers stay behind in the race. Enhance their look using washi tapes as well. If you will have one of these chargers you’ll never forget to carry them with you.

35. Serving Tray

Via Lovelylittlelife

Make your guests drool over these trendy washi tape serving trays. I’m sure it will be hard for them to get their eyes off the serving tray and focus on your delicacies. You’ll know the reason once you create them. 

36. Laptop Cover

Via Solteirasnoivascasadas

Cover your laptop with this gorgeous washi tape cover. Give it your own touch with a variety of washi tape patterns. It will make your laptop stand out in your whole office. 

37. Chopsticks

Via Bywilma

Chinese cuisine makes me drool over it but what makes it cooler is the chopsticks. You can design these chopsticks into a prettier version than ever before. Cover their handling portion with the washi tapes and you’re good to go. 

38. Nail Art

Via Hellolittlehome

Want to try something new on your nails? Try this washi tape removable nail art. These are of great significance for all those who are fond of changing them within a short time period. You won’t need any acetone or thinner to remove it. Just peel it off and apply new ones. 

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39. Washi Tape Staircase

Via Hellosandwich

Change the boring staircase of your home into these trendy steps. I just can’t get over this decor idea to modify my place. Take a lot of washi tape and gear up for this amazing makeover for your stairs. 

40. Calendar Markers

Via Creatingyourownpath

Create a calendar on your whiteboard and use washi tapes to mark events on it. You can use different types of washi tapes to indicate various events. It will be easy for you to distinguish the kind of activity you sought to be performing by then. 

41. Car Track

Via Lejardindejuliette

Teach road values to your kids using this washi tape car tracks. Use different colors of tape to represent various signs. Suppose white for a road crossing, red, green and yellow to indicate traffic signs and so on. 

42. Ceiling Fan

Via Inmyownstyle

Another way to decorate your room using washi tapes is to tailor your ceiling fans. Head over towards the ceiling of the room and take off your fans for a makeover. Washi tapes with stripes patterns are recommended for this project. 

43. Personalized Bookshelf

Via Honeywerehome

Outline your bookshelf to give it a personal touch. You just need washi tapes, scissors, and cork for this project. It’s as easy as ABC and as quick as a blink of an eye ( metaphorically ) to build.

44. Washi Tape Chalkboard

Via Kellyleighcreates

Chalkboard artwork is an edgy trend these days. Draw an offbeat outline for your chalkboard. Remember to use the same type of washi tape for all the four edges. Try out a light color of washi tapes for black chalkboard so that the outline glows.

45. Popsicle Dolls

Via Mollymoocrafts

Dolls are an evergreen entity that can decorate your homes. You may craft out these wooden stick dolls for your kids as well. Just grab some popsicles, washi tapes and markers to draw these cute little dolls.

46. Hopscotch

Via Allwashitape

We’ve all played hopscotch during those old summer days. It was my personal favorite game that we used to play when my friends and I used to gather. Make hopscotch using washi tapes and relive those childhood memories ’cause why not!

47. Decorate Your Door

Via Homedit

Beautify the gateway to your abode. Your room is your happy place so let that door represent the vibes as well. Create a happy pattern with washi tapes on your door and let it reflect the feels.

48. Straw Flags

Via Athoughtfulplaceblog

Make these cute little flags for your straws. They’re simple and easy to make yet look so fancy. So if you want to add some magic to your low-key straws just try a hand on this one! You can also put these tags on food items during a kid’s party at your place.

49. Make a Wall Calendar

Via Craftyourhappiness

You can make your plain wall full of color and useful. Create a calendar using washi tapes on it and keep track of your day-to-day activities. This will help you to stay organized.

50. Tailor Small Candles

Via Adventuresinmaking

Create your regular small candles into something unique using washi tapes design. Wrap it all around its edges and see the results for yourself. The beautiful pattern of washi tapes will beautify your mundane candles.

51. Design Napkin Rings

Via Washitapecrafts

Revamp your dining look with these napkin rings made up of washi tapes. These colorful ties will not only keep your napkins organized but also be a beautiful decor item for your dining table.

Washi tape is a wonderful resource that has the potential to change the aesthetic of any material. And we can draw out several amazing things from it.