50 More Crafts to Sell for Extra Cash

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From decor to cosmetic items, kitchen utility to wearables, eatables and so on, DIY crafts can absolutely redefine almost anything and give it a fresh perspective. Do you have a thing for creating out-of-the-box accessories or are always experimenting in craft? Then why not introduce your creative ideas to the world and some side income besides?

For a start, you can use these 50 uber-cool craft ideas that will be a sellout at any craft fair. You can surely add your own twists and mix them with different colors because the craft is creativity and creativity is an experiment. Open your craft stash and start working now.

50 crafts to make and sell

1. Dangle Shell Earrings

Via Amylattacreations

Selling these breathtaking beaded earrings would surely be as effortless as wearing them! You can also choose beads of a different color and personally, royal blue is my favorite.

2. Braided Headband

Via Happytogetherbyjess

Try out different color combinations for these easy to make hippy headbands you can easily sell on the stores as well as online. 

3. Strawberry Lip Balm

Via Soapdelinews

Making DIY daily utility products is actually a more challenging proposition than fancy artworks. But you can make this intoxicating lip balm in a jiffy and add some customized labels to increase its authenticity too.

4. Instagram Photo Frame

Via Gluedtomycraftsblog

Match the trend with this exciting Instagram themed photo frame. Customers can keep it for the old photos in this vintage-looking photo frame and you can a good sum by this trending design.

5. Paper quilled photo frame

Via Craftbits

Another easy to create an exciting photo frame for the group photos. You can use roses instead of the multicolored flowers to make it suitable for valentines too.

6. Yarn Photo Frame

Via Spoonfulofimagination

This DIY yarn frame has a handmade and crafty essence to it. The multicolored yarn makes it vibrant and a good choice to sell at the crafts fair.

7. Neons and Nature photo frame

Via Ilovetocreateblog

Make this exotic photo frame for those nature lovers looking to enhance their decor. It would be ideal for a kid’s room as well as to match with the natural aesthetics of the room. The exclusivity of this idea would earn you good bucks too.

8. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Via Hookedbyrobin

Mermaid tail blanket is a popular item and can surely not go unsold at any fair. Although it takes time to create it, you’ll be rewarded with a good sum for this one-of-a-kind blanket.

9. Paint Dipped Spoons


Perhaps one of the easiest DIY items to sell, these painted spoons are hugely popular among housewives and chefs alike. It won’t take more than an hour to make them but choose a variety of colors to suit different buyers.

10. Apple Candles

Via Designertrapped

The best part about DIY items is that they retain the natural touch. Stand out of the crowd with this apple candles that can earn you exponential profits because of their exclusivity.

11. Knitted cat hat

Via Littleredwindow

The cutest items are the easiest to sell and this knitted cat hat scores a 10/10 in terms of cuteness. Winter caps additionally are a must-buy for babies in the winter, so beef up your stock beforehand to earn a substantial sum.

12. Mason Jar Citronella Candles

Via Onelittleproject

Amazed by the glorious uses of a mason jar in DIY crafts? They are not done yet as these citronella candles will add to the aesthetic charm of any dining room decor in the summertime.

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13. Fall Mason Jar Craft

Via Sugarbeecrafts

These mason jar candles can add a warm glow to any room. People would buy these for their homes as well as restaurants. They can light up any snack bar and can act as the tealights everyone loves.

14. Safety Pin Bracelets

Via Redflycreations

Here is a bracelet made out of safety pins. This DIY craft would not only appeal for its uniqueness but will be a favorite among teenagers and college-goers who love to pair their casual outfits with trendy bracelets.

15. Donut Soaps

Via Happinessishomemade

If anyone denies getting attracted to this delicious donut soaps, be sure they’re lying. You can earn a huge profit by displaying these all-time favorite snacks converted to a soap bar at the craft fair.

16. Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

Via Idonthavetimeforthat

Give your customers a tasty lip gloss packed in cute little bottles. This tutorial has used Kool-Aid flavors but you can make this lip gloss from a variety of flavors and help it become a must-buy item at the fair easily.

17. Superhero Snow Globes

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

With an array of competitors selling DIY crafts, you need to catch the audience’s imagination to stand out. Since superheroes are more popular among the kids, teenagers and even adults, why not make a snow globe that best defines their taste? Add a host of different superheroes to ensure you cover everyone’s favorite.

18. Honey Lemon Soap

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Nothing is extraordinary about this soap except that they are 100% natural. A 100% natural soap? Yes, that’s what people are after in terms of hygiene. The lemon and honey’s fragrance is also a crowd-pleaser.

19. Mason Jar Picture Frame

Via Homestoriesatoz

People but a photo frame for gifting and a bouquet is a must at parties. This mason jar photo frame-cum flower pot is a two-in-one gift that we always wanted! Add matching colored flowers of different colors or blend contrasts for variety.

20. Tie-Dye Towels

Via Joann

Add relevance to your stall at the beachside craft fair with these tie-dye towels that would come in your customer’s instant use too.

21. Starbucks Candles

Via Downredbuddrive

Please those coffee-lovers at the craft fair or in your neighborhood with these Starbucks themed coffee-table candles.

22. Safety Pin Fashion Watch

Via Kristinaclemens

A watch made out of safety pin? They won’t believe until they see it. Importantly, it’s a practical design that is tried and tested. This unique watch costs little to create but can earn you a great profit.

23. Wine Glass Snow Globes

Via Ideas2live4

What can define the Christmas season better than snow, a Christmas tree, and wine glass? Ideal to sell in the festive season as home decor items that are in wide demand.

24. Bubblegum Machine

Via Ideas2live4

This bubblegum machine is a terrific and sweet idea to sell at the fair. A lot of people would want to give this creative masterpiece to their friends. Pack it with low-calorie bubblegums to cater to all kinds of customers.

25. Lady Bug Golf Balls

Via Ideas2live4

Garden decor is sincerely hard to find at craft fairs and these golf ball ladybugs are surely going to appeal to the gardeners as well as gold players at your stall.

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26. Snow globe jewelry

Via The36thavenue

Out-of-the-box jewelry is a popular gifting item among the youngsters. This snow globe necklace is definitely going to attract more than a few eyes and make you some money at the gift store.

27. DIY Sparkly Vans

Via Honestlywtf

Turn your old Vans shoes into a glittery fashion accessory using this simple DIY tutorial. You can actually make more money selling these Vans than their actual cost because of its uniqueness.

28. DIY Studded All-Stars

Via Trinketsinbloom

Another good thing about selling reworked popular shoes is that they are rather rare to find at craft fairs. It’s difficult to come home without making a profit when you have such trendy All-Stars at the display.

29. DIY Easter confetti eggs

Via Greenweddingshoes

These colorful confetti eggs are extremely easy to create and sell, especially around the Easter season. Try unique blends of colors and give your own twist to these exciting eggs to earn maximum profits.

30. Baby Chick Cheese Balls

Via Hungryhappenings

Make these cute and delicious cheese snacks and sell some quick bites along with other crafts at the fair. They’ll be a popular attraction for the boomerangs and the photos which can further help you display other products.

31. Bunny Treat Box

Via Liagriffith

This cute bunny treat box hardly takes a few minutes and inexpensive material to create. Pack in an assortment of candies and sell these little treat boxes at a good profit.

32. Chocolate Cookies

Via Joyfoodsunshine

A classic choco-chip cookie is an all-time favorite item to sell to your friends, neighbors, at the fair and even online. Pack these in attractive boxes to turn them into likable gift items too.

33. Body Scrub Bar

Via Isavea2z

Apart from natural soaps, you can also make these natural scrub bars using lemon and peppercorn. Natural beauty products can earn handsome profits. Tie them with threads to complete a minimalistic look.

34. Working Book Clock

Via Sheknows

Bet you would have never thought your old novels can earn you money. Turn this thought into reality by following this easy tutorial. Decorate and finish the clock nicely to attract customers.

35. Pot Lid Chalkboard Clock

Via Precioussister

A more professional and durable clock made out of a pot lid, you can sell this chalkboard clock at an expensive price. Clocks are an important decor item at home and a black DIY clock would add to the beauty of any house.

36. Paint Swirl Vases

Via Centsationalstyle

Make this beautiful vase painted in shades of sea blue color. Add some blooming artificial sunflowers or jasmine to sell them to your neighbors or customers at the craft fair.

37. Headband with Fabric Feathers

Via Alwaysexpectmoore

An imprinted feather headband is a likable and inexpensive fashion accessory for the youngsters. Although they won’t earn you much, they cost as little as nothing. So whatever price you sell them at, you’re at a profit.

38. Floppy Disk Pen Holder

Via Instructables

Use discarded floppy disks to make this professional-looking pen holder which will come very useful at the office tables. Sell them at the stationary, the fair or even your friends who own an office easily.

39. Recycled Crayons and Oil Pastels

Via Craftpassion

Kids love to use accessories of different shapes and sizes. Recycle your old crayons and oil pastels into these exciting star-shaped colors. The blended colors suit kids who like to mix up colors and create fascinating combinations.

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40. Bunny Holder Amigurumi

Via Craftpassion

You need some stash yarn and a crochet pattern to make this loveable bunny-shaped pen holder. If you can’t sell them yourself, these irresistible cute bunnies will sell themselves!

41. Sunglasses Travel Bag

Via Craftpassion

The traveler’s out there know how important sunglass bags are for them. They protect the sunglasses from dust but what if they have their own style statement. Make this stylish sunglass bags having their own fashion sense and see them get out of stock real soon.

42. Pop Top Lamp Shade

Via Makezine

This pop top lamp shade can spread vibrant colors and light up any party instantly. It’s making process is hard-to-believe as it requires just soda can tabs and lamp hoops! You don’t need any wires, strings or glue to create this masterpiece.

43. Polymer Clay Bear Charm

Via Craftpassion

You don’t need to be an expert at claying to create these cute bear-shaped polymer clay key charms. This simple tutorial will teach how to create it in easy steps and you can sell them to almost anyone as a keychain or a gifting item too.

44. Dreamcatcher

Via Instructables

After years of experience of going to the fairs, we have realized that dreamcatchers never go out of fad. So why not create these yourself and earn a good profit using these inexpensive hoops?

45. Triangle Pouch

Via Aspoonfullofsugardesigns

This multipurpose and unique triangle pouch will attract people of all ages. It can keep cosmetics, stationery or one can even use it as a shaving kit! You can use the cute baby pink pattern as well as other exciting patterns suited to boys and men for sale.

46. Wine Cork Keychain

Via Cleverlyinspired

Customize the message on these keychains according to user demands and sell them easily online. You can sell pre-think of creative markings and sell them at an offline fair.

47. Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve

Via Craftystaci

Coffee Cup sleeve is a popular DIY item available in a range of patterns as well as styles including reversible, velcro, buttoned and so on. This reversible coffee cup sleeve tutorial shares an easy and stylish way to create interesting sleeves easily.

48. Painted River Rock Garden Markers

Via Westvalleymom

As discussed earlier, garden decor items are rare to find and high on demand. These garden markers are extremely attractive and yet so simple to make and sell. List all the popular fruits and vegetable people grow in their yard to cater to all demands.

49. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Via Unblushing

These Wine bottle centerpieces are ideal decor for farmhouse and rustic style interiors. Restaurant owners would love to buy these. The chalkboard paint gives them a professional look.

50. Imprinted Rock

Via Villabarnes

This imprinted rock is a terrific interior decor item that you can sell online quite easily. You further customize the pictures on the rocks on demand to increase the sale as well as profit from this unique idea.

While these 50 items offer a lot of variety from which you can play, replicate or take inspiration from, the DIY craft ideas are endless. Share some of your exclusive ideas to the world and support the culture of DIY crafts that are helping many people even earn a living.

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