41 Amazing DIY Coffee Mug Holders You Can Easily Make

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Whether you have obsessive coffee disorder or coffee is the gasoline of life for you, having a collection of coffee mugs is something beyond exciting. Those cute mugs don’t deserve to stay in a messy and cluttered place, right?

Show them the love they deserve with some amazing coffee mug holders and you can put the mugs on display with pride. These holders are functional and can effectively free up space in your cabinets. So, if you want to bring organization with decor, we have it sorted!

From rustic wooden holders to dollar tree DIYs and farmhouse designs, we have covered everything. Check out 41 Amazing DIY Coffee Mug Holders You Can Easily Make and make the coffee breaks extra special!

41 Amazing DIY Coffee Mug Holders You Can Easily Make

1. Dollar Tree Farmhouse Rack

Via Simplemadepretty

Talking about efficient coffee mug holders, nothing could beat wall-mounted options. They are space-saving and they look neat and clean. You can take that up a notch and adorn a basic rack with greenery and statement frames.

This DIY oozes farmhouse feels and I am in love with it! What’s more, you can add as many hooks as you want, depending upon your rack.

2. Pallet Style Rack

Via Derbylanedreams

A big wall mug rack would be very useful if you have a huge collection of coffee mugs. Keep those cabinets clutter-free and put the colorful mugs on display on the wooden pallet.

You will need some woodworking skills to build this, and use larger-type wood pallets shaped according to your needs. Customize the rack with stains, bold letters, and frames and it’s done! 

3. Heart-shaped Coffee Mug Rack

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

This rack has a rustic vibe, but it also looks modern and perfect for city apartments. Use reclaimed wood to make the structure and once the coloring is done, use stencils for the words. Again, you can play with the hooks and place some complimenting decor pieces to complete the setup. 

4. Interactive White Board Rack

Via Arquitecasa

How about a fascinating whiteboard in the background with long, white panels to hold the colorful cups? It looks super cool and offers a lot of storage, you can keep like a hundred mugs together. Clearly, it is a perfect treat for the eyes!

You can stack some cookbooks or add some potted plants on the topmost shelf as decor too.

5. Wooden Cubby Shelf

Via Ryandurbinceramics

The cute cubbies would be perfect to store and display your exciting mug collection and you can easily make this DIY shelf. Medium woodworking skills would be enough to complete the look with cedarwood fence pickets, all the necessary items will be available at a hardware store.

6. Little House for Coffee Mugs

Via 100things2do

Show some love to your favorite coffee mugs and build a cute house for them. The DIY mug shelf looks super chic and it has a modern vibe with it. You will need wood boards for the basic structure, stain, wood filler, and primer required for the finish.

The beautiful rack can be put on display with pride and it can be housed in the living room as well. 

7. Vertical Coffee Mug Holder

Via Houseofturquoise

Take inspiration from this DIY vertical storage and ditch horizontal designs this time. Also, you would love to have a coffee mug holder with minimal effort, right? Take a flat, wooden board and fix it vertically to a wall. You just have to install the hooks later and the DIY holder is complete!

FYI, this is a very good storage hack to utilize awkward zones in your house. 

8. DIY Mug Stand

Via 100things2do

Making a dedicated rack for mugs is not always a good idea. You will need a free wall, and you must have a big collection of mugs to fill the rack. For small collections, a DIY mug stand can do the job.

It is very easy to make and it is portable as well. Much like Lazy Susans, all the mugs would be on display and well within reach. Choose the color combination according to your dinner table setup and it would look amazing!

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9. Blast of Colors and Creativity

Okay, this was done with lots of creativity and fun and you can see the results are awesome! There is a wooden pallet in the backdrop, and the wall storage has been decorated with playroom paintings and drawings. The decor is completed with colorful mugs and there’s a certain playful element here which is very appealing.

10. Farmhouse Mug Rack

Via Cottageatthecrossroads

With those stunning greenery and color combinations, the design makes one of the finest coffee mug racks. You think these are metal rods, but the entire structure is wooden. The matte finish makes it hard to believe, and you can even get the whole look with items bought from a thrift store. 

11. Coffee With Love

Via Acrazyfamily

You must show off your love for coffee with this stunning coffee mug holder and wow your guests with it. A wooden board is used as the floating rack, and the statement heading with bold COFFEE brings a rustic vibe. Install S-hooks below the floating rack and you’ll have a dedicated space to store the mugs, easy and beautiful!

12. A Scandinavian Decor

Via Livemaster

Bring the traditional Scandinavian decor right to your living room with this pretty DIY coffee mug holder. Known as the gruttersbak shelf, the beautiful and convenient storage has compartments that would keep things organized. You can color the shelf and add patterns before you store the mugs.

Your mug collection would be very happy to rest there! 

13. Coffee Travels Cup Holder

Mugs with maps of countries from every corner of the world—that sounds super exciting and unique, right? If you are taking inspiration from this Coffee Travels mug holder, you can also store souvenir mugs that would remind you of those memorable holidays.

It’s a huge and fascinating rack—put your prized possessions on display for your guests to check tout! 

14. A Mug Tree

Via Agnesblogja

This is so far the most stylish mug storage rack from the lot, and I am sure you will agree. The tree looks artistic and compact. The design can squeeze in minimal space and make use of weird corners like a pro. You can make this with wooden branches or make such a rack with iron.

15. Metal Wall Racks 

Via Thespruce

If you are looking for an efficient coffee mug holder, but you don’t want straining woodwork, this DIY is for you. Say hello to these metal racks that work as floating storage. The black coffee nook has been contrasted with its background and it looks amazing. Make sure you drill those S-hooks perfectly and let the mugs hang without any hassle.

16. Easy Cabinet Door Rack

Via Myrepurposedlife

The idea is to use one part of a cabinet door, and transform it into a chic coffee rack. Sounds exciting, right? Don’t forget to color the door with some bold colors that would make a statement and you can also be creative with the hooks. Finish it with a message that screams your love for coffee and it’s ready to make your mornings! 

17. Collection of Black Mugs

Small mugs resting gracefully on a giant decorative coffee cup, this one is really eyecatching! The big cup is made with hard wires that could be shaped easily and they are durable as well. Fix the nails in a creative pattern and hang those mugs.

18. Vertical Wall-Mount Mug Holder

Vertical storage shelves are always a good idea as they optimize space like nothing else. This wooden shelf has a rustic design and you can make it chic with bold letters depicting your love for coffee. The hooks for hanging the mugs can be customized and color-contrasted with the background. 

19. Aesthetic Coffee Station

Via Pinterest

Any coffee lover would like to have this attractive coffee station in their home. A nice wall-mounted shelf, a tiered tray, and many statement frames and decor are the perfect setting! If you don’t want a full-fledged coffee station, go for the shelf or choose the tiered tray to store the mugs on your kitchen counter. 

20. DIY Coffee Station

Via Myrepurposedlife

Since we are talking about home storage, I know you would have expected a Lazy Susan, and here it is. The DIY coffee station is a Lazy Susan which can rest on kitchen countertops. Recycle an old wooden cable spool and drill the hooks, that’s it. You can also stain the wood and give it a touch-up. 

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21. A Free Shelf

Via Fourgenerationsoneroof

Your kitchen cabinets are a mess and no matter how hard you try to keep them clean, they go back to square one in no time. Try out these free shelves that can act as good dividers and keep things organized. I am sure you are thinking how this coffee station is this clean, and it’s all thanks to those small shelves inside.

Keep your mugs on one shelf, coffee powder and coffee beans on another, etc. It is always better to segregate, you see. 

22. Home Sweet Home

I know it looks like a welcome sign, but you can have this anywhere near your kitchen or dining table. The pretty Home Sweet Home banner has antique hooks which make it showy and you can put some expensive mugs on display here.

23. Torched Wood Coffee Mug Rack

Via Mygift

The most attractive part about this storage is the smoky or torched wooden look. A brownish-grey color with divided compartments like cubbies, hooks, and horizontal shelves makes it a full-fledged coffee mug rack. Use this with machines and other coffee supplies and have your very own coffee station.

24. Pallet Coffee Mug Holder

Via 99pallets

A great way to utilize a pallet, this compact coffee mug holder is perfect to put those pretty mugs on display without taking up much space. You can use metal or wooden pallets for the design and choose the color accordingly. The best part here is the spoon hooks—they look super chic! 

25. Coffee Mug Organizing Rack

Via Diyadulation

Here is a mesh structure that would hold those coffee mugs with grace. The DIY organizing rack is made up of a loft bed mattress support—yup that’s pretty hard to believe. You can get that at a thrift store, and the rest is all about fixing some hooks and painting the rack for show. Fix this in your kitchen and declutter those cabinets. 

26. Rotating Mug Tree

Via Wayfair

Make a functional mug tree like this one for your city apartment using wrought iron, with around 8 hooks to hang your precious mugs. The sleek design is appealing and it can be used as a centerpiece for your dining table. You can also keep it on the kitchen counter and save the cabinet space with good organizing.

27. Cabinet Hooks for Mugs

Via Melissa DiRenzo|Aparmenttherapy

The walls of a cabinet can be utilized to the maximum if you can install some hooks on them. Just install some hooks underneath a cabinet shelf and hang the mugs. The mugs would be on the top and you can keep your beautiful china set below, it would look great! 

28. A Coffee Mug Stand

Via Cottagenest

Much like the mug tree, this pyramid-like storage has more hooks and can keep mugs organized in limited space. It can be used to store a lot of regular mugs if you have a large family full of coffee drinkers. The tower can be customized with your favorite color and patterns, and it would look great amidst all the mugs.

29. Black and White

Via Pinterest

You don’t have to own a collection of white coffee mugs, we are just here to take some inspiration from this stunning organization idea! This design is fairly is simple, you just need to buy two basic racks from the Dollar Store.

The main attraction lies in the greenery that is surrounding the storage shelf, how cool is that? 

30. Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

Via Mountainmodernlife

There is no rule to make a design rustic, I mean, it’s all about the feel! This DIY has cute metallic moose heads on the coffee holder which sets a vintage vibe, but you can go with anything. If you have some antique display items, you can replace the moose heads with them and come up with a customized version and it would still be a winner. 

31. Simple Coffee Mug Holder

Via Homedit

Abiding by the title, this DIY coffee mug holder is one of the easiest of the lot. You will need a wooden tray for the base, and use some wooden nobs instead of conventional hooks. Glue them together, color the rack and it’s done! 

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32. Farm Wood Mug Tree

We did go through many mug trees, but most of them were a bit complex and made of metal. Here is a sweet and simple DIY wooden mug tree suitable for a family of four. Save the cabinet space this time and keep those regular-use mugs on the table or counter.

33. Pegboard Coffee Mug Holder

Via Thecleverbunny

Hands down, pegboards are so far the best and cheapest wall storage hack. You can add plenty of hooks to hang the mugs and the presentation looks good as well. Keep this DIY storage attached to a kitchen wall and you can also use it to hang everyday essentials like spoons, spatulas, etc. 

34. DIY Coffee Mug Display

Via Shanty2chic

I have never seen something this organized and beautiful. The long pallet can hold 12 mugs without cluttering and that’s huge. Again, you can be creative with the pallet colors but make sure you use stylish hooks for the mugs. The design would also look good as a wall decor piece. 

35. Carousel Rack for Coffee Mugs

Via Theinspiredroom

Smart homes are getting popular with each passing day and why not? They can squeeze lots of stuff into limited space without cluttering. This iron coffee carousel would also do the job without occupying the counter space and you can make a functional coffee station beside it. It sounds exciting and it’s perfect for city apartments. 

36. The Traveler’s Mug Storage

Via Designsponge

We checked out travel-themed mug storage where there were country maps printed on mugs. Here is something customized for all the unique and beautiful souvenir mugs you have collected. This wooden cubby storage can have as many cubbies as you desire, and don’t forget to add a fascinating wall map above it.

37. Drying Rack and Holder

Via Bakedbree

You don’t want the hassle of woodworking, neither do you want to install expensive storage shelves, I get it. Let’s try out a cheap drying rack to put those mugs on display. You can get this rack at dollar stores or simply make it out of old metal rods. The hooks are simple, and the rack is lightweight and hence, portable!  

38. Wine Barrel Stave Mug Rack

Via Ofloinndecor

A handmade coffee mug rack in your breakfast nook would surely feel good when you are waiting for your breakfast. The wine barrel stave is durable and heavy and it can hold 5 mugs vertically. You can also make it larger, for example, expand it horizontally to hold more mugs. You can also pair it with other coffee supplies and nail the warm look.

39. DIY Coffee Mug Holder

Via Simplymindy

Making a simple coffee mug rack without any power tools would be bliss for most of us. This DIY wall-mounted holder is inexpensive and compact, perfect for breakfast nooks or kitchen countertops. The sleek black design makes it eyecatching and appealing. Moreover, you can pair it with greenery and other coffee supplies to complete the decor.

40. Kitchen Wood Shelf

Probably the easiest of the lot, you just have to install chic hooks below the last shelf in your kitchen cabinet. Hang the mugs and they are well within reach! Store your french press, coffee beans, and coffee powder right above them.

41. DIY Industrial Pipe Mug Hanger

Via Hein&dandy

Here is a rack with metal pipes that would act as an efficient coffee mug holder. If you have limited wall space in the kitchen or you want a functional mug holder above the counter, go for this one. You will need S hooks and industrial pipe parts for the base structure. A basic hardware toolset would be enough to complete this DIY. 

We know how important coffee mugs are and they deserve some extra care when it comes to storage. Think no more, choose your favorite from the lot and get to work!