44 More Awesome Sharpie Craft Ideas

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Did you ever think about decorating your home with crafts? Are you looking for some easy DIYs for a quick makeover of your apartment?

We have got some more than awesome sharpie crafts ideas for you. They are easy, inexpensive and so much fun to do. Whether it’s about your cabinets, tables or even fingernails, we have got all covered.

Take a look at these lovely craft ideas and gear up for some fun DIY projects.

1. Personalized Mugs

Via Abeautifulmess

Make this classic and simple DIY project with sharpies and doodle any ceramic or even glass mugs. All you have to do is design it and bake it for 30 minutes. The tattoo will hold itself thereafter. Did you plan your Christmas gifts yet?

2. Dye the Pillows

Via Artfulparent

Doodle those simple pillow covers by colorful sharpie markers. You can also spray rubbing alcohol to get a watercolor-like effect and adore it every time you see them.

3. Hand Drawn Plates

Via Alwayswearyourinvisiblecrown

If you have a small serving tray or dessert plates, sketch something freehand with sharpie pens and transform the look of the plate. You can use this one in place of your fancy china as well.

4. Customized Wallets

Via Lovemaegan

Give your leather wallets a makeover by doodling them with sharpies. You can use gold sharpie pens for a vibrant purse and use statement colors for black or white wallets.

5. Tablemats

Via Ispydiy

Why just rugs? We can doodle table mats as well. Make stenciled mat runners with this DIY idea and a sharpie marker. Put these on display during a gala holiday dinner and earn some compliments!

6. Gift Tags

Via Tarynwhiteaker

Not only gift wraps or wrapping papers, but you can also personalize gift tags with sharpies. Use colorful markers and add that extra touch to those gift tags and make your loved ones feel special.

7. Time to Doodle Ballerinas

Via Elsitatypepad

If you think that only plain, white sneakers can be customized with sharpies, you might not be completely right. Sharpies can write on any surface and we can paint our sassy and vibrant ballerinas with it.

8. Designed Umbrellas

Via Paperplateandplane

Umbrellas are undoubtedly something that could be used at any time of the year. Whether it is sunny or rainy, umbrellas are there. You can decorate them by doodling the surface with none other than Sharpie markers. The design would be perfect if you carry transparent umbrellas.

9. Customized Zipped Bags

Via Babalisme

If you want to add some sass to those transparent, zip-locked bags, stencil it away! Use colored or black sharpie markers and design them with your vivid imaginations. These are not only great for recycling but can also serve as pretty gift pouches!

10. Styling Tank Tops

Via Thesitsgirls

Are you bored with your statement tank tops? Want to add some cheek to it? Take a sharpie marker and snake print them. This could be a wonderful craft idea for the kids as well.

11. Decorated Sunglasses

Via Sayyes

You don’t have to be a professional to style your accessories. Just a sharpie marker can transform your sunglasses from ordinary to extraordinary. Say Hi to polka dots ladies!

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12. Printable Banners

Via Theidearoom

Making banners has never been this easy. All you need are scrapbook papers and some colorful sharpie markers. You can make stencils from cardboards for a better base and carry on with the fabulous job!

13. Vintage Touch

Want to add some classic vintage touch to that basic rhinestone jewelry? Use sharpies and alcohol to highlight certain portions of the necklace and give it an antique look.

14. Tea Pots

Via Thehappyhousie

Make an Asian style teapot by penning down quotes in it. You just need a pointed sharpie marker and some trendy quotes to complete this easy DIY. It could be a wonderful Mother’s day gift, isn’t it?

15. Beaded Necklace

Via Ourdesignedllife

If you need simple and inexpensive jewelry for the summer days, buy some wooden beads and a chain. Use sharpie markers to blend in your favorite colors to the beads and show off in style.

16. Stamped Utensils

Via Theidearoom

Decorate wooden spoons and other utensils by stamping words on them. You need a stamping set for this one and a sharpie marker to darken the words. This easy DIY can totally transform a simple wooden utensil to trendy cutlery.

17. Nail Art

Via Yesmissy

Ladies love nail art, isn’t it? But we do restrict ourselves from doing one because they are quite complex and can be messy. It’s time to say no to messy nails and welcome sharpies! Doodle cute designs on your painted nails and get them done in just 2 minutes.

18. Envelope Liners

Add some color to those boring white envelopes by painting them with colorful liners. You just need hole reinforcements and sharpies for this one. You can also make the holes more attractive by using crayons.

19. Colored Staples

Did you ever try to add some life to those metal staple pins? You can do that right away by painting them golden or red or black, absolutely anything you want with sharpies. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

20. Colorful Wind Chimes

Via Happyhooligans

I love wind chimes because they have this unique vibe every time they sway in the air. I have a homemade wind chime, made from coffee cans and CDs. You can make on for yourselves by painting those cans with sharpie markers and then tie them together.

21. Dink Necklaces

Via Modpodgerocksblog

Do you love to wear shrinky necklaces? Make some shrinky dink jewelry with stencils and sharpies. You can also make some colorful pieces without digging a hole in your pocket.

22. Why Not Towels?

Via Settingforfour

Since we are talking about easy craft ideas, we should try to customize towels as well. You can display your kid’s artworks of tea towels and make them feel special about it. Requirements: Sharpie markers and creativity!

23. Gift Boxes

Sharpies would never fail to surprise you when it comes to personalized gifting. From wrapping papers and gift tags, you can now use tailor-made gift boxes for your loved ones. Whether you stamp or doodle them, sharpies would make them look extraordinary, no matter what!

24. Cutting Boards

Via Theidearoom

In search of a unique gift item this holiday season? Buy a wooden cutting board and fill it with quotes or random words for a personalized look using sharpies. You can also use plastic boards but the wooden ones would look classic!

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25. Sharpie Wall Art

Via 365days2simplicity

If you have some leftover tiles resting in your storeroom forever, take them out, doodle it with sharpies and they are ready to go to the wall. Use stencils for perfect doodling and frame the tiles together to create amazing wall art!

26. Faux Glass Art

Via Happyhooligans

We know how amazing and magnificent glass paintings look, but we cannot trust them with kids. So, considering those emotions, let them try those on glossy paper and stain it with sharpies for a stained glass art look.

27. Scented Candles, Anyone?

Via Happinessishomemade

We all love scented candles, don’t we? So if you are not allergic to one and have a collection of these in your living room, customize them using sharpies. Besides smelling good, they will look good as well. Yes, yes, it could be a wonderful gift item!

28. Malachite Knobs

Via Schoolofdecorating

I don’t think I have to explain how beautiful malachite knobs look, I mean it also explains it is overpriced. To save some money, you can turn plain old knobs into malachite ones by sharpie markers. Display them on cabinets and add some beauty to your furniture.

29. Photo Paper Art

Via Happyhooligans

A superb craft idea for toddlers, this one would surely bring a smile to your kid’s face. Make them draw in glossy photo papers with sharpies and just frame them. What an amazing father’s day gift it would be!

30. Quoted Tables

Did you ever get lured by those motivational quotes in those cozy cafes? If yes, you can write some in your living room. Design your coffee table and pen down your favorite quotes with sharpies. You can have a motivational boost while sipping your coffee every morning!

31. Sharpie Hearts

Via Happyhooligans

You can make a simple and vibrant heart for your valentine this year. This DIY is like coasters only with a white shape. Stencil out a heart from milk or opaque jugs, color it with sharpie markers and use droppers to add rubbing alcohol for that magical blurred effect.

32. Jewelry Dishes

If you are an organized person and you love to keep earrings and nose pins in jewelry dishes, this one’s for you. Add some flair to the white dishes with copper trims using a copper sharpie marker. You would also need a spray sealer for a long-lasting effect.

33. Unique Doormats

Via Thediyplaybook

Personalize those welcome mats in 10 minutes with sharpies. You need to have a cut-out or stencil for perfect and then just design it! This DIY is versatile and can be used for any occasion. What are you waiting for? Try it today.

34. Fall Leaves with Sharpies

Via Happyhooligans

This one is again something that your kids would love to do. Let your kid capture the beautiful colors of the autumn with sharpies and tin foil. Display those beautiful leaf crafts in your balcony and enjoy those last leaves!

35. Cups with a Face!

Via Bywilma

Did ever think that teacups or cress cups could have a face? You can make them have one right now! You just need a sharpie marker, cotton and cress seeds. Draw cute, little faces on the ceramic surface and wait for the plant to grow!

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36. Personalized wine Trays

Via Brendid

We did talk about serving trays, so why not wine trays? They are nothing less and with some colorful doodling, they would undoubtedly look amazing. You can also design those long and elegant glasses with sharpies.

37. Skull pumpkins!

Via Brit

If it’s right before Halloween and you need to dress up really well, you can design a skull pumpkin! You don’t always need evil laughter to scare people, you can just draw a skull with sharpies and look perfect for Halloween!

38. Christmas Ornaments

Make some really cool and funky Christmas ornaments like balls and candies and design them with sharpies. You can also make small faces of Santa Claus and hang them on the holy tree. It sounds like fun, isn’t it?

39. Napkins

Via Apartmenttherapy

Following the old ways, we often stitch flowers and initials in our napkins. Why not doodle them? Use a sharpie marker, whether black or colorful, and design your creativity. So the next time you want to print initials, look for a sharpie!

40. Window Crafts

Via Alphamom

Just like those valentine hearts, you can use milk jars to create decorative items that would serve as a window art. You would need colored sharpies, hooks, scissors and paper for the perfect creation. You can either draw before and cut the extras out later or vice versa.

41. Sharpienized Mirror

Via Goodwillsp

Want to transform a plain and classic mirror into something worth complimenting? Sharpienize them! You can doodle the sides of the mirror or can even doodle little portions of the glass (only if it doesn’t cause trouble). You can use it as a decorative item as well.

42. Sharpie Bag

Via Craftycpa

If you have a whole lot of sharpies as your collection, you must keep them in a separate bag. Customize the bag by doodling it with sharpies. Tip: It would be perfect to draw a sharpie with a sharpie for better recognition!

43. Easter Eggs

Via Elisaburke

We mentioned Christmas and Thanksgiving so why not Easter? Assuming that you paint all the Easter eggs every year, maybe this year you can doodle them. Sharpies markers would be your partner for this one as well!

44. Spin Art

Via Lyndaheines

If you are familiar with spin arts, you might know that they require a separate spin art machine and work well on fabric. You need sharpie large tip markers, alcohol, fabric cutouts, and glue to complete this unique DIY. Once complete, these can be used as table mats, wall arts and many more.

Did I spoil you with choices? If yes, then that’s great. Don’t be confused about what to choose and never doubt your ability. These easy craft ideas are meant for the beginners and there is absolutely no chance for blunders.

Just be careful with the color spillings and you will surely make something wonderful. Don’t wait, start your sharpie project right away!