21 DIY Bedroom Projects To Make Your Room Super Cozy

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A bedroom is the bedrock of a home. Every home. No matter how beautiful a house is, if the bedroom does not happen to fit the owner’s sensibilities, it puts a damper on the entire affair.

Not only is it important for a bedroom to look nice, but it is also equally important for it to feel nice, hospitable, and inviting. Heaven with all the peace and restfulness, a room that can stimulate both sleep and imagination.

However, here comes the big butfurnishings are known to be notoriously expensive. It is not always feasible to embark on a bedroom project of one’s dreams without simultaneously running up considerably hefty charges.

This is exactly the juncture where this article comes to the rescue- with a list of ingenious DIY ideas that can help transform your bedroom. Hard to believe, but entirely true.

21 DIY Bedroom Projects

1. Floral Wallpaper

Via Diaoconline.vn

Agatha Christie famously remembers her nursery wallpaper as one of her earliest childhood memories- a curling vine of poppies and cornflowers.

Floral wallpaper, generally, has a beautiful, idyllic effect on rooms- especially in how they appear against the ebb and flow of light throughout the day. Adding a floral wallpaper to your bedroom wall can work wonders, and instantly make it far cozier.

2. Mix Warm and Cool Colours

Via Designshack.net

An underrated interior designing tip, experimenting with the color wheel has been known to stimulate productivity and energy, while simultaneously vanishing stress and negativity.

Warm colors with yellow and orange undertones are known to promote well-being while cooler colors like blues and greens stimulate the brain and calm the spirit.

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3. Book Planters

Via Hgtv

Exactly what it sounds like, these gorgeous DIY book planters can be made out of old books, sheet moss, and faux or real succulents.

Minimum cost, maximum effect.

4. Map Flowers

Via Pillarboxblue.com

Another nod to the magic of floral decor, map flowers are beautiful art projects that can be strung along with a window, above a bed, or from a random corner of your closet.

They are made from, you guessed it right, old maps and look especially wonderful when clubbed with string lights.

5. Washi Tape Picture Frames

Via Burlapandblue.com

An inexpensive way to make a picture frame out of tape and paper, these washi tape frames could be made by a toddler. (Check out other washi tape craft ideas)

The effect, however, is nothing short of a custom-made art wall, built to hold and display one’s favorite memories.

6. Wallpaper DIY

Via Remodelista.com

This particular tutorial features a dotted design- one that is simplistically stylish and looks anything but handmade. And yet, it is entirely so- a careful display of little black stickers on a monochrome wall.

7. Faux Wallpaper DIY

Via Prettyonfridays.com

Another wallpaper DIY, this time made to replicate the effect of one without featuring a scrap of it. The tutorial employs a skillful use of a Sharpie, to trace designs onto a wall- to create the effect of wallpaper.

8. Gemstone Mirror

Via Designlovefest.com

Give your bedroom mirror a ritzy makeover, by outlining the edges with gemstones of a single color. The monochrome adds both symmetry and style, while the actual gemstones elevate the mirror from its formerly earthly status.

9. Crochet Poufs

Via Flaxandtwine

Poufs are a seating structure that is made for the bedroom, given their general propensity to being round, soft structures that resemble pillows.

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And what better way can there be to update one’s bedroom than by introducing DIY crochet poufs, in colors that match the existing color schemes?

10. Marbling

Via Designmom

Elegant, abstract, beautiful- those are three apt adjectives to describe marbling. Fun fact, almost anything can be marbled- paper, mason jars, bowls, diaries, books. You name it, you marble it.

The tutorial has to do with a process of marbling that involves a staple, nail polish! Minimal fuss, minimal expense.

11. Homemade Toys

Via Purlsoho

It’s time to bust out one’s sewing skills and give patchwork toys a new home. Your bedroom.

12. Painted furniture

Via Rustoleum

Painting is often considered therapeutic and with good reason. Here is a way to let down your hair while also updating how your bedroom looks, paint the furniture!

Craft or acrylic paints generally show up well against most surfaces. If you are feeling adventurous, you might even try your hand at painting the fans.

13. Washi Tape Vases

Via Acreativemint

Refurbish old bottles and mason jars by turning them into brand new washi tape vases.

14. String Table

Via Wantthatwedding

Put an old chopping board to good use by turning it into a hanging bedside table. Use a length of rope and hang the board from a hook nailed onto the ceiling.

Pro Tip: Add string lights to jazz the table up.

15. Leather Organizer

Via Designsponge

As odd as this might sound, a leather organizer can be DIY-ed using scrap leather or an old leather jacket/briefcase. It would, of course, require a fair amount of elbow grease and some careful sewing, but the rest complies general ease of manner.

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Bonus? It looks gorgeous and is a very durable item to craft on one’s own.

16. Hanging Notepad

Via Designsponge

An afloat notepad to take notes on when you are pacing while on the phone or pretending to be a teacher while you cram for your next exam.

17. Hand Painted Cushions

Via Fabricpaperglue

A fabric canvas to showcase one’s artistic skills on. The results usually tend to be more satisfactory than a store-bought cushion, owing no doubt to the authenticity the amateur hand painting embodies.

18. Acrylic Painted Office Supplies

Via Designsponge

A glitzy makeover for your office supplies, this acrylic paint DIY project jazzes up more than just the implements, it stimulates productivity.

19. Handwriting Accent Wall

Via Numberedstreetdesign

An accent wall that features your very own handwriting- elucidating favorite bits from favorite novels, inspiring quotes, or simply lines that have caught your fancy.

20. Tote Bag Cushion Covers

Via Notcot

Quite possibly the most delightfully ingenious DIY hack of the list, if not of all time, the tutorial is hardly a tutorial, it is just common sense.

Put old and new tote bags to good use by turning them into cushion covers, each as different and quirky as the next.

21. String Lamp

Via Madebygirl

A masterpiece made out of coils of string and oodles of glue, this lamp is another DIY project that is engaging, often painstaking, and always fun.

Bedroom decor is a wide arena of ideas and possibilities, each one different and astonishing. The onus to choose and execute is yours.