50+ More crafts for teens to make and sell

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Picture yourself, a creative and ambitious teen, eager to transform your artistic passions into a source of income. You’re ready to take the plunge, but where do you begin? Look no further!

In this specially curated guide, we’ve handpicked a collection of fun, unique, and engaging crafts to make that speak to your individuality and resourcefulness.

We have listed some easy to make crafts to make and sell that can earn you a good sum of money and become independent for your extra expenses.

Discover a world of opportunities as you explore these delightful projects designed for teens just like you. Not only will you develop new skills, but you’ll also learn how to market your handmade creations, turning your artistic hobbies into a profitable venture.

50+ Crafts For Teens to Make And Sell

1. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Via Abeautifulmess

Ever wondered how you can use some cheap clay to earn money? Make these beautiful clay dishes by a few easy steps and earn some easy money for your fries.

2. Faux Leather bow keychain

Via Happygirlycrafty

The keychains are easily the bestsellers among easy to make products and these cute leather faux keychains will definitely help you attract customers easily. Besides, you can sell these to your school or tuition friends too!

3. DIY Pompom keychain

Via Madeinaday

Make these cute and fluffy pompom keychains that ensure you will never lose your keys again. The raw materials you will use while making them is quite inexpensive and can help you earn good profits if you sell them.

4. Etched Glass Water Bottle

Via Creativegreenliving

Turn any $3 glass bottle into this beautiful piece of art and sell them at an exponentially greater price. Glass bottles are trending these days in a bid to say no to plastic which will further benefit your endeavors to sell them.

5. Double Infinity Knot Bracelets


Those bracelets you recently bought from the store at a hefty price were actually made for a penny. Use this creative idea to make a stupendous bracelet of your own and earn a substantial side income. Click here to view the tutorial.

6. Circle Suede Bracelets

Via Justfab

Another catchy bracelet for the hippies and the cool ones, brag them in your circle of friends and sell them to make a good sum too!

7. Multi-Strand Bracelets

Via Honeyohmy

Add a premium and minimalistic option in your bracelet store with this easy to make a multi-strand bracelet. Ideal for the parties, you can add these to your jewelry collection too!

8. Woolen Cozy Bangles

Via Mypoppet

No, you don’t need to learn the craft of threading and sewing to make these cozy and comfortable woolen bangles. You would be surprised to know how quickly you can make these and sell them in the winters at a significant profit.

9. Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet

Via Yesmissy

Ribbon and pearl are DIY essentials when you start practicing it regularly. Make these fancy bracelets in a jiffy and see your friends jostling to buy them first!

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10. Nail Polish Phone Case

Turn that boring phone case of yours into a multicolored attraction in a few minutes! This is definitely gonna be your easiest bet to make money so far.

11. Dotted Party Mugs

Via Destinationdecoration

Everyone gets bored of old and plain coffee mugs. This simple dotting technique gives them a complete makeover which you can sell at your next house party!

12. Ribbon Bookmarks

Via Sparklesofsunshine

Bookmark is an intelligent product keeping in mind the teenage customers. Display these bookmarks on your books to your classmates and I bet you’d sell a dozen in an hour.

13. Candy Birthday Cake

Via Fun-squared

Sell this sweet birthday cake to your group the next time you all are looking to contribute money to buy a gift on your friend’s birthday. It’d definitely save you the cost of the gift and make you an MVP among your friends.

14. Lush Inspired Bath bombs

Via Muffinchannel

Your girlfriends would live these luscious bath bombs that are both easy to make and sell.

15. Washi Tape upcycled Mint Tins

Via Diycandy

Bring those mint tins to good use by making these cute storage tins. Your classmates and other teenagers would love to buy these to store candies, rings, and other such small stuff.

16. Recycled Box Notepads

Via Infarrantlycreative

Don’t throw away your chocolate and cereal boxes anymore. You can create these easy yet useful notepads using these boxes as covers.

17. Photo Coasters

Via Thefrugalgirls

Photo coasters are one of the most sought after gifting options on the high school farewell and you can make a good profit by sticking group pictures and selling them to your classmates!

18. Wire wrapped Glass Pendant

Via Morenascorner

This aesthetic wire wrapped necklace is definitely going to be a sellout on your next craft fair. It’s extremely easy to make for an ornament of such beauty.

19. Metal Roses

Via Thehappierhomemaker

A modern gifting idea for the Rose Day, you’ll surely earn a handsome sum selling these metal roses to those love birds around you.

20. Burned Cork Trivets

Via Wherethesmileshavebeen

Write the most catchy phrases trending among teenagers to make for an attractive bag and shirt tag for your fellow teenagers.

21. Flower Pens

Via Livingwellmom

These adorable flower pens are suited to kids of all ages. They require a little cost to make and can earn you some good profits easily.

22. Dremel Carved Rocks

Via Lilblueboo

Customize messages for the love birds around you and earn good profit throughout the valentine’s week easily!

23. Beaded Wish Bracelets

Via Happyhourprojects

These beaded bracelets are great to sell on the friendship day. Buy a variety of beads and make bracelets of different colors to cater to all kinds of customers.

24. Feather headbands

Via Thewonderforest

Teenage is the age of the Princess and your female friends would love to buy this feather headband.

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25. Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Via Seasonedhomemaker

An ideal gift item for sewing enthusiasts, teachers, mothers as well as for home decor. You can experiment with different cloth prints as you stock up these items to sell.

26. Teacup Candle

Via Diyjoy

Vintage candles are an excellent item for home decor and for those romantic lunch dates at the home. They are super easy to make and will fetch you a good price.

27. Gold Leaf Vase

Via Thecreativityexchange

Fill this vase with fresh roses and other flowers to sell them as a gifting item at the craft fair.

28. Animal Key Holders

Image: Source

These fancy animal key holders double up as a study table decor for the teenagers. Use different toy animals or customize them on demand to make healthy profits using this simple DIY tutorial.

29. Fabric Thread on a Spool Ornament

Via Tearosehome

Christmas season is the most profitable for earning side income through DIY products as there is an increased demand for decors and ornaments for the home and Christmas tree. Make this beautiful handmade spool ornament for the Christmas season.

30. Necklace Craft

Via Lc.Pandhall

Although the finished necklace looks so intricate, it’s super easy to make and will earn you good money on selling.

31. DIY Turquoise necklace

Via Thecraftedsparrow

An interesting necklace that you can additionally pair with other necklaces, this one will become a must-have for your customers. You might become a trendsetter by selling this attractive piece.

32. Stone Earrings

Via Milllanestuio

Yes, you’ve been saving your pocket money to buy these easy to make items all these years! Turn the tables and make these items yourself to save bucks and earn some too by selling them.

33. Mason Jar Pineapple and Tags

Via Yesterdayontuesday

These are ideal farewell gifts for your friends as well as teachers. You can also fill them with chocolates or chit messages and sell these to your seniors for their farewell.

34. Pendant Tray

This pendant tray is easy to create and sell for those loose pendants and jewelry available in the market. They prove to be good packaging material for gifting. Click here for the tutorial.

35. Mineral Photo Display

Via Abeautifulmess

Help your friends pay homage to their high school friendships and their first love by hanging their memories to these soothing minerals rocks.

36. Rainbow Socks

Via Ilovetocreate

Make exciting rainbow socks that come in very handy in the winter days as well as for daily wear.

37. Glittered Tumbler

Via Theswelldesigner

Sell these vibrant tumblers to your gym freak friends and the coffee lovers. Teachers and office goers would also like to buy these.

38. Beachy Mason Jar Terrarium

Via Mom4real

Don’t waste your time on the trips to the beach and indulge in collecting some seashells and such stuff. Bottle them up in this aesthetic beauty to sell your seaside finds at a good price.

39. Textured Flower Pots

Via Momsandcrafters

Make these effortless little flower pots using inexpensive items and plant your favorite flowers before displaying them for sale.

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40. Tetris Pieces Magnets

Via Momsandcrafters

Bring back the Tetris game fashion by making these Tetris magnets on your own. Offer a game to your friends and they might get interested in buying it.

41. Element Jar Necklace

Via Momdot

These exciting element jar necklaces are for those who like to experiment with their neckpieces. Teenagers always love to experiment and this one will be a favorite between them.

42. Decoupage Paint Stick Magnets

Via Stowandtellu

Paint Stick Magnets are exciting items you can use a message board or one on the refrigerator. Use interesting themes on the boards like this one chooses a map for a travel theme.

43. No-Sew Charging Pouch

Via Thehappierhomemaker

It is a very useful product for people who don’t have support around their charging ports. You can make these despite not knowing how to sew!

44. Pizza Pillow

Via Abeautifulmess

For all those pizza lovers out there, how would you love to wake up on a pizza slice? Make this pizza pillow and sell this exclusive item at a good price.

45. Firefly Lamp

Via Muyingenioso

This lamp makes for an exciting atmosphere for lunch parties as well as a nighttime reading session for those bookworms.

46. Bottled Galaxy

Via Momdot

The Galaxy is an exciting decor as well as a gifting item. Parents can also use it to quench their child’s thirst for knowledge about outer space.

47. Tree of life with Moon

Via Craftgrrl

Make this exuberant wall-hanging following these simple steps. Although it does take some time to create these, it’s worth the time as you will earn a good buck selling this.

48. Easy Map Magnets

Via Domesticdaybook

These map magnets are exciting wall hangings. You can paste maps of people’s dream places to make this DIY product an instant hit.

49. Marshmallow Shooters

Via Happinessishomemade

These exciting marshmallow shooters attract a lot of kids at fairs as well as those in the primary school. Who doesn’t love a shooting battle, after all? These shooters are super cheap to make and can earn you a good sum quickly.

50. Cosmetic Bag

Via Thegirlinspired

This can also double up as a stationary bag for the school kids. Utility items are always easier to sell and these cosmetic bags can store all your cosmetics in one place. Choose an attractive printed fabric to sell these bags easily.

51. Popsicle Stick Bracelet

Via Craftsbyamanda

Turn those inexpensive popsicle sticks into these amazing bracelets quick and easy. You need to give special attention to the decoration of the bracelet as it should look neat if you want to sell it at a good profit.

If you think you are creative enough and have an aesthetic sense to your crafts, you can also list your items online. Many full-time DIYers earn a substantial amount by selling customized products online and you can be one of them too.

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