31 Cool Crafts Under $5 you should not miss

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DIY crafts have made a huge comeback and they are here to stay. So no matter how artistically inclined you are there is something for everyone in the realm of DIY crafts. From mothers day gift to your partner’s birthday there are loads of DIY projects for every situation.

They reflect the effort and do not always burn a hole in your pocket. And with your creativity, you can always amp them up as much as you want. And for that reason only I have curated this list of some of my favorite DIY crafts that you can make for less than 5 dollars.

So, Let’s get started.

31 Cool Crafts You Can Make For Less Than $5

1. Kitchen Wall Decor

These china wall hangings by Lovegrowswild are cheap and really easy to make. These are not just a great addition to your kitchen but can also be used by a cafe or an office that needs a little decoration.

2. Golden Magnetic Letter

This will obviously be way cheaper if you already have those Magnetic letters toy set. If you don’t have, don’t worry you can still get them under 5$ from your nearby Target/Dollar Store. But once you complete this DIY project, the end result will be so chic and classy. Here is how Inspirebychance explains the entire process in detail.

3. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Mason jars will follow you in your DIY journey. There are just so many creative ways to use them and a snow globe (surely saw that one coming). These can be just the right decor for your Christmas mantle. And the ease to make these is an added bonus apart from how pretty they look. Whipperberry has an easy step by step tutorial on How to make Mason jar snow globe.

4. Doily Bowls

Do you also have old croche doilies lying around your home? Make these vibrant bowls from those to bring a pop of color. Darice explains exactly how to make them. 

5. Recipe Holder

It is a small but cute hanger for holding kitchen recipes as you cook. If you are old school like me and still jot down stuff, it is a nice addition to your kitchen counter. This makes a great gift for your mother or grandmother as well. Make it vintage or glittery based on the personality of the receiver.

Lil Luna gives a detailed tutorial on how to make the recipe holder using an old cabinet door (you can use any old piece of wood, just be careful while handling them).

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6. Pocket Pillows

Pocket pillows/book pillows have a very self-explanatory name. Even if you are a beginner at sewing you can easily make these pillows as a cute addition to your children’s bedroom. Choose some elegant design and make one for your room too.

Sew in a loop and you have a cute wall hanging for the day and a cozy pillow to sleep with at night. Designmom has an easy tutorial on how to make these cute pocket pillows

7. String Heart Pillow Cover

A cute couch pillow for your living room that you stiched yourself just gives it so much more character. Craftbits’ tutorial for making this heart-shaped pillow cover makes it an easy craft even for a beginner. 

8. Coat Hanger Snowflake

This DIY is a great addition to your holiday home. Use old coat hangers to fit your budget. If you are like me and you like sparkles then paint them using silver or glittery white spray paint. Click here for step-by-step instructions to make your own coat hanger snowflake.

9. Spring DIY Wreath

A spring-themed DIY was coming and you knew it. Darice from blog.darice.com shares step-by-step instructions for this beautiful wreath. Although to make it in under 5$ you would need an old wooden plank lying around your home.

10. Photo Frame

This really chic, pretty, vintage photo frame can be made by following instructions from Shanty – 2 – Chic. The tutorial holds your hands through every step. And you have a really good photo clipper for your desk.

11. Photo Candles

Candle making is one of the pioneers of the DIY world. They make good gifts and there are just so many ways to be creative with them. There are many recipes for making candles, and one such recipe is shared by bit crafts for making photo candles

12. Stained Glass Bottles

This DIY becomes pretty cheap if you have some old glass bottles lying around. You can also put some fairy lights inside these bottles to light up a shelf. Abeautifulmess gives a tutorial on how to go about this DIY.

13. Valentines Day Topiary

A cute gift for your significant others than shows you care enough to spend time on making them a gift rather than just buying one from a nearby mall. This tutorial from Craftbits tells us how to use dollar tree items and turn them into these beautiful topiaries.

14. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason jars are just everywhere nowadays, they are chic and they come in quite handy. This is how you make a simple soap dispenser made of a mason jar for your millennial bathroom.

15. Colorful Dessert Stands

These very vibrant dessert stands are just what you need for a backyard picnic or an elegant tea party. And as Centstational style quoted in their tutorial “They are frugal, festive, and fabulous”. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make these.

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16. No-Sew Apron in a jar

This No-Sew apron in a jar comes with a patchwork apron and a decorated mason jar. It requires no stitching and makes such a cute gift for someone who loves cooking. Any rookie or DIY beginner can start with this project. Here is how to make this

17. DIY Christmas Tags + Gift box

Print these adorable Christmas tags using a silhouette or scallop punch. These are the ideal companion for your Christmas gifts. And the gift box is ideal for wrapping a small gift. Here is how you can make these Christmas themed DIY crafts.

18. DIY iPad Stand

This is such an elegant craft to make and makes a beautiful accessory. It can be made just for $3. And it is so easy to make too. I mean do I need to explain it, just look at this. 

This is one of my favorites just because of how handy it is. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to go about the project.

19. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

These adorable wall arts make a great addition to your craft room or any workroom let it be a fashion studio or gift for a friend. Here is how to make these using embroidery hoops and vinyl sheets.

20. Beeswax Candlestick

Candle making is a very fun activity and you can get all kinds of creative ideas with candles. But this kind of natural candle stands out in all of them. Beeswax candlesticks are made of beeswax sheets and are very easy to make. Here is how you can make these candlesticks

21. Personalized Letter China Plate

China’s plate decor is so in. Beautiful china with intricate designs are surely classy but I love personalized accessories so much and having things made to order can be pretty darn expensive. But, son shine kitchen has this perfect tutorial for people like me who love personalized stuff.

So, no need to spend money on expensive made to order things. You can use them as decor or just make some holiday-themed china for a big Christmas dinner.

22. DIY Chalkboard

Chalkboards give me nostalgia. These can be a great accessory for a child’s room or for yours too. Write to-do lists, leave notes on them, or use it as a planner. Here is a tutorial explaining how to make a chalkboard under $5

23. Vintage Style Accessory Organizer

Vintage accessories are my weak spot. From vintage bookmarks to furniture, I am in love with the antique look that these accessories bring to my home. And a vintage mirror frame hits the mark quite perfectly. But how many mirrors can you have without looking like a self-obsessive?

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24. DIY Beach Barrettes

These seashell barrettes are perfect for a summer day activity to do with your kids. Make them from sea shells you picked at sea on your last vacation or buy them from a store, decorate with some beads and you got yourself some pretty barrettes. Here is a tutorial explaining how to make seashell Barretts.

25. Turn Pegboard into Art Supply Organizer

Pegboards are generally used in the garage for organizing tools but you can also use them for organizing your art/stationery supplies. Just by adding some add-ons, you have a perfect solution for when you have a shortage of space. Here is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how you can turn a pegboard into the perfect art supply organizer.

26. Leveled Jewelry Tray

A very chic and cheap way to organize your jewelry and all you need is some plates and candlesticks. Here is a tutorial explaining how to make this DIY

27. Memory slab for $3

Pictures capture the essence of the moments we want cherish (and if I see some of my birthday pictures than moments we want to forget too). But we all love pictures don’t we and love to showcase them. You can easily make this beautiful memory slab for just $3 and keep the good old days alive.

28. DIY Boot Socks

Stockings and boot socks aren’t cheap, and I do love a good bargain. Here is how you can make a really cute pair of boot socks with an old cardigan/sweater that is an ideal addition to your winter closet.

29. Washable Sharpie Mugs

These pretty mugs can be customized and you can work your own magic on them.

Things you will need for this craft – A plain mug, oil-based sharpie, large felt/vinyl letters, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol. Here is how you make these mugs.

30. Vinyl Adhesive Mugs

This one is a little tricky but produces best, and gives competition to those pretty (also pretty costly) store-bought mugs. Here is the perfect guide for creating these mugs.

31. Watercolor Mug

These mugs are very easy to make, probably the easiest on the list. All you need is some old nail polish/drug store nail polish will also do but results can vary. Here is the complete step-by-step DIY watercolor mug tutorial.

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